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    Confession Time

    So time to take a quick break and provide a distraction to the loaded regional and SS talk. My son is new to the sport...it was a little over a year ago that he decided he wanted to give wrestling a try. Something about watching kids under the lights at Bankers Life in 2015 provided that spark. So as a 5th grader he started on his journey. After a bit of research, we learned about Red Cobra and he’s been in that sweat box ever since...and most nights I’m also spending a few hours listening to Coach Red bark instructions to all the kids. Now true confession time...I never wreslted myself and frankly thought wrestlers were an odd bunch growing up. One dude I knew in Junior High covered his singlet in deer attractant as an “advantage”. Another kid claimed to rub onions on his pits and “area”. I was a basketball player and that was my love...I wasn’t tough enough to wrestle even though I considered myself a tough guy. So needless to say, I knew next to nothing when my kid started and know just a tiny bit more now. More recent confession, during our first few meets man some parents were going insane during a match while I just saw some kids leaning on each other. My inner monologue said “dude, what’s those people’s issue? They’re some real nut-jobs.” Fast forward to today, and a solid year of Coach Red training has not only helped my kid but also his old man that’s been sweating profusely on the other side of the partition while Coach Red instructs like only he can. What I didnt know is that I was getting C-Red Trained too. Now I find myself automatically and instinctively barking stuff like “Get Your HEAD UP!!!” And “UP AND OUT!!!” Or “GET THAT TIGHT AND SQUUUEEEEZE!!!” Or “God gave you two hands SO USE THEM!!” Its like I can’t control it. So to all you parents before that I was secretly being real judgey towards in my head, because y’all were losing your minds (or so I thought)...my bad. To all you beginner parents wondering why the big dude in purple is losing his mind in the future....you’ll get it one day. One thing I’ve learned while my boy has really embraced and taken to this sport and the process...if you’re the parent of one of these high schoolers that’s putting it all out there in the coming weeks, then really be proud of it and where you are. Make sure to take a moment and take it in. Be proud they’re there regardless of outcome. Unlike any other, wrestling is an awesome sport that requires some real courage to even walk out there on that mat. Sometimes it takes the eyes of a newbie to bring the obvious into focus. Good luck to all competitors and teams as each step gets a little tougher. I’m glad I’m here...and I’m glad my son has chosen to be a wrestler. <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny #PainTrain #PoundSign
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    Confession Time

    Just want to chime in on this sport can take a hold of you and make you a fan for life. I wrestled in high school , joined the army after graduation and got married. I would go watch the local schools wrestle as well as local touneys that I found in the newspaper. I came home in the mid nineties and jumped right back to supporting my old school. I have three daughters none of whom wrestled, but would come watch with me and then became stat keepers in middle school and high school, the youngest did it in college. I'm now an empty nester, but my wife and I can still be found in the stands every saturday and even some sundays when we can. State is our weekend getaway, and some people call us crazy sometimes, but they just don't understand that once you are a wrestler the love for this sport stays with you for life.
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    Wrestlebacks Poll

    Who voted no? Show yourselves,heretics!
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    “Automatic” State Champs

    In my opinion, Jesse Mendez will be a lock 3 out of 4 years if not all 4, but obviously Freshman year can have its obstacles (what weight he goes, experience, etc.). Don't get me wrong he has the experience on the national scene and has beaten many high school kids. He is very humble, has a gas tank that doesn't seem to go to E, and I am sure has every intention of setting a goal of being a 4 timer. Put all that together with the coaches and partners he is going to have at CP and that gives you the ingredients to make a recipe for a large pot of whoop ass chili. I am looking forward to seeing him the next 4 years. #Regionstrong
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    Confession Time

    Glad your son is taking up the sport, congrats and good luck to him! As for the parents you're absolutely correct, we're all a little crazy it just seems the dads' hold it in better, I personally can't say the same for the mothers out there. LOL
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    “Automatic” State Champs

    I thought the same thing...not as phenomenal as Parris, but a young kid under the radar at a small school. As a freshman at a big-guy weight, was arguably the 3rd or 4th best guy last year based on the high placers he beat--just lost his first match of the year at exactly the wrong time in the semi-state quarters. He will absolutely be a force the next two years and could be on that "lock" quality trajectory with how hard people are saying he works.
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    I’m normally just watching but time at home with a sick kid gave me the chance to put something together here. Yes, Harrison should dominate again in winning this Regional for the 6th straight year. But, if they don’t show up, it could be closer than expected with an improving McCutcheon hungry for greater success. The Lafayette Sectional is clearly the stronger Sectional in this “weak” regional. I predict 8 rematches from the Lafayette Sectional this weekend. There may not be a lot of entertainment until the finals in Logansport Saturday as the best wrestlers are clearly the best. The most likely chance for early round excitement comes at 145 as the bottom half of the bracket is evenly matched (Merkel(Har) vs. Ball(NW), Phillips(Mc) vs. Saavedra(Rens) and the winners). Other first round matches to watch: 126 Atkinson(BC) vs. Wade(Har) 152 Ruiz(Har) vs. Johns(NW) 182 Pugh(TL vs. Younker(Har) Predictions: 106 Reagan(Front) over Hein(Har) – Reagan just too much for Hein but they both waltz to the final. 113 Armstrong(Win) over Patrick(LJ) – Patrick may be more battle tested and still could take him. 120 McCartney(Har) over Hickman(Rens) – McCartney’s experience wins out in a close, calculated match. 126 Burge(Mc) over Watson(Del) – Burge looking really good in a rematch of last week’s final. 132 Betourne(Har) over Worley(LJ) – Betourne is the absolute lock for the weekend again. 138 Linder(Mc) over Fauber(WL) – Fauber not himself in the finals last week but is really no match for a focused Linder. 145 Douglass(Att) over Merkel(Har) – Will Merkel have anything for Douglass after a very subpar performance in the final last week? 152 Ruble(Mc) over Kerr(Att) – The upper half of this bracket has the best three wrestlers (Ruble, Ruiz, Johns) after Dodt(TL) pulled the upset in winning last week. 160 Conklin(Har) over Adkins(LJ) – Conklin has found a way to own Adkins having beaten him all three meetings this year. 170 Lopez(Mc) over Fair(LJ) – Fair has a tough semi-final match with Franklin(Log) but Lopez prevails either way. 182 Lambeth(Fa) over Pugh(TL) – Faith gets their first ever champ and semi-state qualifier here. Lambeth bounces back after being upset in the semis last week and takes down Pugh who he pinned earlier this year. 195 Ford(BC) over Stallings(WL) – Ford is definitely the crème of the crop here and just too much for Stallings. 220 Scheering(NN) over Kidwell(WL) – A complete toss-up so I’ll give the experience nod to Scheering. 285 Crider(Har) over Trent(WL) – Crider just too much for Trent. Williams(LJ) in the semis is the tougher match again for Crider.
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    I switched to the dark side this year! Reffing has brought a whole nother meaning to the sport for me. (This is the reason I have not ran my mouth this year). I see us getting a 6#er through, McCartney, Hickman has a shot. Gonna be wild to see how we draw out on the 120 weight class. The loser of this weight could get the better draw. Betourne looks solid this year. Ford from bc punches a ticket FO SHO! CRIDER DOES HIS THING.
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    Confession Time

    Glad your son chose the right sport. You were correct about wrestlers being an odd bunch. Their is always an exception to the rule, but for the most part they are odd and usually the better they are, the weirder they are. As for us parents, we are all mad here, some just hide it better than others. Welcome to the weird, wild and wonderful world of wrestling.
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    Sectional recap and Regional Preview
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    Wrestlebacks Poll

    I would enjoy hearing the logic against wrestlebacks.
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    Master of the Move 2018??

    "Gadzhimagomedov" - say it 3 times real fast
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    Confession Time

    It's crazy the kind of things we do as parents once our kids get involved in something. I dabbled with wrestling in high school, but coming from a small school in Ohio, there wasn't much push back then. So when my kids started wrestling a few years ago, I wasn't exactly sure what we were committing to. Now that they have shown great interest and are starting to have some success, I've become that crazy wrestling dad too. Fast forward to now and I'm like a sponge, listening to everything our club coaches say, learning as much as possible, getting bronze and copper certified, etc. Heck, even somehow got volunteered to serve on our club board. This sport is amazing and I'm so glad my 3 boys have decided to be involved. Thanks for posting this thread............much needed reminder that we all come from different places, but in the end our love and passion for this sport is what drives us!
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    Ok. I'm sorry but I'm hooked on this show. So many questions..and granted I didn't watch it all and had sound down a bit... 1. WTF is the dude in the protective neon yellow jacket doing outside the studio with his flash on the cell phone? Is he doing a traffic report..with no traffic? 2. Dedelow...what's with the ear muffs (and I apologize if it's a health issue)? Does he have cauliflower ear and wears it to cover it up for the camera or to aid the pain from friction from the headphones? 3. Y2 you need to send him an IndyMat headband to wear during OTR's segment. 4. Yeah, OTR's pic is an improvement. Now it just needs an underneath caption. "OTR-IndyMat Rankings King" or "2001 Regional Runnerup" maybe (I kid..)! I can't believe this hasn't been picked up by one of the Chitown stations. I look forward to next week..and listening to this entire show on the way home. Is this on podcast??
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    106-Moran, Cruz, Rodriguez, Dominguez 113-Hegedus, Russi, Gosa, Maldonado 120-Triana, Peele, Azpeitia, Pejovski 126-Poynter, Mora-Diaz, Schammert, LeNeave 132-Rodriguez, Maldonado, Luna, Gomez 138-Rumph, Ursery, Watts, Tyrka 145-Mcintosh, Cervantes, Turley, Pope 152-Washington, Griggs, Hunter, Tirado 160-Colza, Hoover, Snook, Nugent 170-Fattore, Crary, Guerrero, Streck 182-Washington, Lockett, Torres, Groover 195-Fowler, Bondon, Weston, Hogan 220-Sreck, Perez, Swopes, Lewis 285-Atria, Beehn, Mitchell, Martin Portage will win team title with 5 champs followed by Merrillville and Hobart in a tight race for 2nd. 4 to 6 State titles coming from this region.
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    Predictions for Penn regional ?

    106: Alexander (WAWA), Sinkovics (MISH), Smith (PLYM), Boynton (PENN) 113:Light(PENN), Penrod(SBR), Mark (MISH), Shumpert (TRIT) 120: Schuller (WAWA), Sparrow (PENN), Hardy (SBW), Coleman (CMA) 126: Alexander (WAWA), DeMien (PENN), Devalt (PLYM), Zahl (SBA) 132: Brooks (WAWA), Bryant (CMA), Weeks (MISH), Hill (PENN) 138: Davis (CMA), Risner (PENN), Stuckman (WAWA), Felke(LAV) 145: LaPlace (MISH), Banks (PLYM), Pack (CMA), Faurote (WAWA) 152: Calhoun (PLYM), Walker (MISH), Brook (CMA), Williams (SBW) 160: Kensinger (MISH), Deadmond (BRE), Sheley (SBR), Harris (SBW) 170: Trefren (CMA), Snyder (TRIT), Brown (PENN), Ortiz (WAWA) 182: Boland (CMA), Castro (WAWA), Chaffee (PENN), Davis (PLYM) 195: Hurley (PENN), Rodriguez (WAWA), Walters (CULC), Sandefur (MISH) 220: LaFree (PLYM), Berta (PENN), Hatter (LAV), Conery (SBSJ) 285: McWilliams (SBW), Faulkner (MISH), Cartwright (LAV), Tipping (WAWA)
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    Richmond Regional

    None of us are totally knowledgeable, I have been lucky enough to see a large percentage of these guys wrestle once or twice . But the only thing I am totally sure of is the fans will be the biggest winners , there will definitely be some great match ups & it will be very exciting to see some of these guys give it all they have to make it to the top of the podium. Good luck to every wrestler competing this Saturday. I look forward to seeing some great wrestling.
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    The Ticket round, where dreams come true or it's a boulevard of broken dreams.
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    Parkinson beat Deters early in the year at the Jasper 5 way.
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    Genius Ratings 2018

    Come on, that's just untrue. They determine what regional 4th placer doesn't score for his team while a phantom fifth placer does. Incredibly misleading for you to say they have nothing to do with the qualification process.
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    Don't sleep on Mejia...that dude will be a tough out.
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    “Automatic” State Champs

    There are so many young studs coming up that this discussion will be re-visited in the next few years. I am not putting their names down now, but if you look at @Sig40 list of young talent MS wrestlers you can figure several of them out. The top guys are really the top guys for sure. This issue being discussed is a huge testament to the training and academies around the state for sure (Contenders, Red Cobra, MCWC, RWA, Bulldog Elite, IN Pride, CIA). These places have taken IN wrestling to a new level and depth vs. a few guys being standout studs. Keep up the good work coaches and eventually ISWA Team IN teams will be competing for titles at all levels !!!!
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    State Series Idea

    Did some heavyweight hurt you previously in life? I feel like half of your posts complain about heavyweight matches
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    Jay County Regional

    Way to make the best of your first post
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    States Without Wrestlebacks

    I was talking to someone last night and he said something that stuck in my head. They don't seed the basketball tourney at all because of the good old Milan Championship and the great movie Hoosiers. (Which it is great) So that system is even messed up and we suffer because they compare us to their same flawed system. What I am saying is we don't have wrestlebacks because of Gene Hackman!

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