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  2. I have one spot available. Let me know if interested. Bob Freije Freijer@maconaquah.k12.in.us 765-210-3876
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  4. Congratulations to Eli Hilger from Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger for signing with Indiana Tech. Projected to wrestle 157, 165. View full signing
  5. RTC at Franklin will continue to run!! Dont miss out. Free live, Free prep for Team Indiana trips, Free Technique with Team Indiana coach. Coach Tonte has had lots of Fargo All Americans in his programs and looks forward to continuing the tradition of helping kids compete in the summer. This Wednesday, live night for Central Regional prep. Come wrestle LIVE Wednesday night. 6:30-7:45 all ages who can handle hard workouts. Come in door 21!! Lets get after it!!!!!
  6. Rest in Peace Elder, from Coach Tonte and family
  7. R.I.P to a real legend! My condolences to his family and friends.
  8. That's a huge compliment right there.. I like his interview after he won FS nationals, very few words and all business.
  9. See Attached 2020-2021 Spring Clinic Meeting Minutes.docx
  10. Well run tourney! 5 rounds, out by 3:00. Thanks for hosting.
  11. We have an opening if anyone is interested. Please let me know, 765-602-2118
  12. chambers.... not sure what your questions is.... stated some facts about the Winamac team and that they should have been highly considered for the 11th spot to 1A team state..... now Winamac will come out in December and show all the voters and decision makers why they belong at Team State..... not sure if I covred your question but there you go...
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  14. Tuesday 6-7:30 door 18 at Hobart High.
  15. The late lat drop for the win was a joke in reference to his win this year. I wasn't actually suggesting Baumann would toss him. I'm sure it would be a very entertaining match.
  16. Once again, totally agree wrestlebacks would be a priority and want them at semi-state and state for sure. I do also agree the semi-states cycle and wouldn’t want to redistribute all the time, but I can say with about 99% confidence that the Indy area will always be strong. There are too many training opportunities not to. I just think Indy is over saturated and sending 3/4 of that area to one semi-state is not only rough on each other, but also the smaller schools in the Semi-state. Redistribution, even a little, would help even it out. It’s also
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  18. True. It currently wouldn't solve that problem, but the semi states all go in cycles and we cant redistribute every time the cycle shifts to balance them out. It's at all levels of wrestling right? I wouldn't think that NCAAs gets the best 33 kids in the bracket every year because not all conference Champs are equal. But we can at least get the best 16 that can come out of the system vs what we have now. But at a minimum because of how we crown a team champ, there has to be true wrestlbacks at state. Just my opinion.
  19. We replenished some of the bigger sizes of the grey shirts and the lightweight hoodies! Get them while they are hot.
  20. There are not enough words to adequately give Dick credit for all the contributions he has made to INDIANA wrestling but he surely recorded all that happened. What has always impressed me has been his style. Conversations with him were always a treat.
  21. That's great news to hear, You guys will make a great run for that team state dual title IMHO... Thrine works so hard and it's the most humble kid and told me Clark was one of the strongest kids he wrestled this season and had nothing but good things to say about him... It was def a war and came down to getting off bottom and pulling off the W and staying in good position.. Wood is fun to watch and expect some state medals for him as well.. I'll be watching for y'all this season and wish y'all the best of luck and appreciate the hard work I see going on in JC.. I'm a wrestler at he
  22. Congratulations to Elijah Chacon from New Haven for signing with Indiana Tech. Projected to wrestle 141, 149. View full signing
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