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  2. I hate reading this. Hope you have smooth recovery, General.
  3. I do have an inside “Track” on who is running the tournament. And the rumor is all points are to be added this year from each round. And that is how the scoring is showing when looking as a viewer!
  4. As soon as the match In the finals is completed, it will be archived on Track via the TW camera angle!
  5. 126, 160, 170, n 182 are a nathty combo for 1s n 2s..n i no a ting or 2 about combos
  6. There is a GPA cut-off. Therefore anyone meeting that criteria is in. More the merrier!
  7. The Haines boys are not eligible as I understand it. Should be a lot of good matchups though!
  8. Wow. Stuff got real pretty quick. Best wishes on a speedy recovery, GenHH.
  9. Am I reading this right that 146 are first team and 175 are honorable mention? Did they used to limit the number per weight class?
  10. Bates is only a Junior. I would have to consider KERVIN- FC @ 152. Yes that is a solid Line up!! 220- maybe Willman- NoPo or Dodson- Mville
  11. The last few years, when they scan your ticket, they stamp your hand, at least in the lower level suites. To get in the suite after the initial scan, you need the stamp and the ticket.
  12. @GenHeavyHandz so sorry buddy. Terrible post on my part. I thought it all was a part of the banter and fun. Had no clue it actually happened. Best wishes to you. Get better quick! Matt Brewer
  13. My best bet would be CG edging out Brownsburg. Can Preston wrestle in it?
  14. Before the college conference and post season begins I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has been contributing to this forum. For many years this place had been pretty sparsely used, with many results threads being hijack. I’m glad to see the consistent traffic this forum has received this season. I’m amazed at the effort by several posters to highlight wrestlers from multiple programs and in all division. And I’m pleads this forum is finally being used by most posters as a place to highlight the achievements of these hard working young men rather than as a avenue to spawn negativity. Keep it going Indiana. There is life beyond HS wrestling and I’m glad more quality posters are interested in talking about it.
  15. Love the consistent updates. Keep it coming. Much appreciated.
  16. Wow, this is unbelievable even without the match in grandpa division match. But what about the other guys who committed to signing up to wrestle at the ISWA...you guys still down???
  17. I’m following doctors orders from now on: appreciate it Mike
  18. Get well thoon Gen...Mike's pwayin 4 ya! 💯!!! I tink your banter on IndianaMat ith amazin
  19. Basically just make sure anyone wanting in the suite had a ticket when they go to hallway leading to it. That basically gets you past the ushers. So if you are trading out who sitting in it, just have those leaving pass their ticket onto someone else at a designated meeting spot in concession areas. As long as it’s not chaos in the area the ushers don’t get to worried as long as the ticket is ready to show as you get to the hallway.
  20. I wrestled in the big8 back when G.S was a part of it and seeing him in 96 thinking I need to see his birth certificate cause he was GIANORMOUS like his ears had muscle it . I watched him tight waist a guy with one atm while standing it was crazy
  21. I thought they scored the first round at semi-state this year. That's the way it looked to me following Fort Wayne's scores on Saturday.
  22. Seymour’s gyms fine after you get past the the crowded mess of the opening round. The issue is they have a huge set of bleachers but a big section of the bottom set has to be left in to accommodate the mats and tables. That same crowdedness is the same with the other locations too, the south is just spoiled by the nice Ford Centers accommodations now. It not exactly southern most but I always thought if the Ford Center dropped SS then maybe Indiana State’s gym could work. But, I’ve never seen it in person to know how the space would work. IU’s gym would also work but that’s if the basketball people can deal with giving it up.
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