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  2. Can’t figure out what is going on in your video.
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  4. Still training for duals, Fargo, AAU scholastics - Franklin Community will continue to run RTC. Come learn and scrap. Wednesday nights clinician IUs Bryce Lowery 4 time IHSAA State placer Roncalli High School 2024 IHSAA State Champion 2024 Indy Star Wrestler of the year Current Big Ten Wrestler at Indiana University Enter door 21. 6-7:30 pm
  5. Marian All-American Wrestling Camp Six Sessions When July 20 & July 21, 2024 9:30am – 3:00PM Where Marian Wrestling Room 3200 Cold Springs Road Indianapolis, IN 46222 FEATURING CLINICIANS · Sam Osho · Brett Johnson · Colton Gonzales · Brandon James · Elliott Rodgers · Blake Mulkey 3rd -8thGrade Cost $75 per day $125 for both days Pay at the door Cash (preferably) or Check Bring Snacks, Lunch, Water Bottle, Change of Clothes Daily Sessions Doors Open at 9:00AM Session 1 9:30AM-11:00AM Session 2 11:30AM-1:00PM Session 3 1:30PM-3:00PM To Register . . . Send Email or text to: Coach Art Canales acanales@marian.edu 317-955-6785 (O) 512-470-8988 (c) 2024, Marian All-American Camp.docx
  6. Due to summer transitioning, Fishers RTC has concluded this season. Thank you everyone that participated in our RTC and all of the clinicians that taught endless opportunities!
  7. yeah girls and guys practice together already will have to get creative if we get a full girls squad
  8. Batesville has an opening for a head wrestling coach. https://app.hirenimble.com/jobs/BatesvilleCommunitySchoolCorp
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  11. The Team Indiana 14U National Duals team has a couple openings for our teams traveling to Pennsylvania in June. Anyone interested should contact the Team Leader, Steve Livingston 812-821-4878. OPEN SPOTS 187 Freestyle 187 Greco-Roman Possible open spots 92 Greco-Roman 149 Freestyle 149 Greco-Roman
  12. The Team Indiana 14U National Duals team has a couple openings for our teams traveling to Pennsylvania in June. Anyone interested should contact the Team Leader, Steve Livingston 812-821-4878. OPEN SPOTS 187 Freestyle 187 Greco-Roman Possible open spots 92 Greco-Roman 149 Freestyle 149 Greco-Roman
  13. Great opportunity with lots of numbers and brand new wrestling room.
  14. I argued with LC that they should honor SQ or state placers. Instead they went with Indiana Illinois which included some senior semi state 103 guys over placers.
  15. North Central (Indianapolis) Boys Head Wrestling Coach position open. You can apply below or contact Andy Elkins, athletic director at either aelkins@msdwt.k12.in.us or 317-259-5359 #45300. Interested coaches should apply by May 31. APPLY HERE
  16. While this is clearly true. It is still a much better way of determining who the top athletes in the state are verses merely being selected by coaches & AD's. As the football, baseball & basketball All-State players are. Every year, 8 wrestlers in each weight are officially recognized by the IHSAA by receiving medals. Those clearly are your "All-State" wrestlers in the eyes of the IHSAA. Now if individual schools want to celebrate others athletes that meet some alternate criteria (such as State Qualifier) by putting them on their "Wall of Fame", then so be it. There should be nothing that stops a school from setting their own criteria for such recognition.
  17. Evansville Reitz has at least one opening for an assistant coaching position. All interested parties should inquire via email to scott.ferguson@evsck12.com Coaching responsibilities etc will be explained further upon request.
  18. Does swimming and track have some official document from their coaches association to acknowledge all-state athletes? I'd be asking your AD to furnish the documentation where those sports are claiming all-state to see how they justify it and not just his word. Basically those sports are all saying anyone that receives a medal is all-state, which would equate to wrestling state placers as being recognized in the same way as they receive a medal.
  19. Per what I know about his school, they have a "Wall of Fame" where they put up "All-State" athletes and only have wrestling state champions. So if somehow it was recognized officially more wrestlers would be on the wall.
  20. In some regards, yes, it's not going to grow the sport as a whole. Wholeheartedly agree. BUT, when I have young athletes walk into our athletic entrance and see the wall of fame on their way to club practice, I want wrestling to be well represented up there so they see the track record of success. The more kids we can hang on that wall, the better for building our program and making kids want to be Royal Wrestlers. I'm okay with top 8 as well, just laying out the argument I make to get them to include qualifiers in addition. You're correct though, we're splitting hairs. It ultimately isn't that huge of a deal.
  21. State Qualifier = All-State or Top 8 = All-State. Either is sufficient. But in general wrestling community tends to label placers as all-state. Seems like making a mountain out of a mole hill. Not sure how the "all-state" label will grow the sport. If it is about recognition then qualifying for state and placing top 8 at state should speak for itself as a significant accomplishment.
  22. HSE has just approved a full stipend for a Head Girls' Coach and an Assistant here just north of Indianapolis in Fishers. If you have interest in running a program in the first year of IHSAA sanctioning, HSE has a team that should put quite a few into the finals and win some medals. We have 3 girls on the team who have already qualified for state the past 2 years and 2 others who were a round away last season and should be in the mix as well. We need a coach who is willing to put in the time and effort to build this program the right way and help our girls find as much success as they can. Personal opinion, or possibly even matter of fact, I doubt any program will be paying their girls coach as much as HSE is going to and you could build upon a strong foundation, setting your own schedule, training regimen, etc; If this sounds like a good fit, please reach out to Coach Brobst either on here or via email at nbrobst@hse.k12.in.us so we can get you some more info, but understand it would be your program, not mine, I'd just be a resource for you. Once the board officially approves this next meeting, there will be a job posting and interview process. If you're an educator, there are a few opportunities within the district. Check out www.hseschools.org on the Human Resources tab to see our ever evolving list of opportunities. Additionally, if anyone wants to coach other sports, especially at the JH level, we have several opportunities in the district.
  23. I think recognition of outstanding performers is important to these athletes and to programs in order to leave a legacy and build. At HSE/Fishers, the Wall of Fame is currently those wrestlers that qualify for state or better. There have been some discussions of having to medal in order to be on the wall as track and swimming do, but my argument is there is no such thing as a "bad draw" in those sports. We can all count the individuals in our programs that have been in the top handful of athletes but due to our tournament, get put out at semi-state or first round of state. In track, if you're the top 9 fastest, it doesn't matter if the other 8 all came from the same Regional, you still medal. In wrestling, if you're the 5th best guy in the state, but the other 4 are in your semi-state or 3 are and you draw into 4, you're just outta luck. Obviously, upsets happen and so some kids make our wall of fame that aren't as talented as some who do not, but you have to have a criteria. If we had wrestle-backs, I'd be all for it just being top 8 finishers. But that's a topic for another time.
  24. As others have pointed out. We already have All-State wrestlers, they are referred to as State Placers.
  25. But why does it matter? It's just an additional label to our state champions and/or placers, which already is the highest distinction we have. All state is just adding words to guys we have already determined are best in the state.
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