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  3. Buchanan is going back to Michigan. Same high school he was at his sophomore year.
  4. If I had to guess it would be Coldwater, Ohio. We used to see them at the ECIC at jay county.
  5. The way I looked at it was that if fix made the finals then that’s great for the USA because imo and from what I heard fix realistically is looking at bronze at best. So I’ll be rooting for micic as well.
  6. To go with the strong ties you have to the state or support the goals of your nation. Man that type of decision once divided families on the battlefield in years past. But at least for this one I think we all come out as winner if they both just make it to the finals.
  7. Looks like this list confirms some of the kids moving around. Matt Lee listed as homeschool, is there a definite plan in place? Is he currently in PA or what is he doing? As Sig said, Sergio Lemley to Mt Carmel. And it looks like Nick Buchanan is on the move too, says his school is Coldwater.
  8. That's a question that's been on my mind a lot. Fix is wrestling for team USA, and I want team USA to win every match. But Micic is one of my favorite wrestlers who I watched win 3 titles in Indiana that feels more personal since I've been watching him for so long. Super tough, but I might be rooting for Micic.
  9. Yes, the talent coming out is great. But the kids just wrestling in high school...what about those kids? Or is that not even an issue since they don’t continue after high school? We spend a lot of time focusing on the lifers, but they’re not the ones who will ensure the sport endures for decades to come.
  10. Fix vs. micic in the world finals?🤔 hypothetically say they wrestle, who do you root for??
  11. Just in case you would like to see all the entries at the Super 32 Challenge. https://www.super32.com/page/show/2909947-entries
  12. I totally forgot about Micic wrestling for Serbia. He got a GREAT draw. He'll be a clear favorite in the first 2 rounds and then in the quarters would most likely have the Turk that he beat 6-5 in a heart stopper at Euro's. It's a loaded weight class but most of the talent fell in the opposite side. Here's hoping he can take advantage and pick up a medal!
  13. Human Nature is to always say things were harder yrs ago and not just in wrestling but all aspects of life.....the truth is the kids nowadays wrestle a lot more across the country in bigger tournaments and Duals from a very young age. So IMO I think the sport of wrestling with talent coming out of Indiana will be just fine
  14. 01/04/2020 09:00 AM
  15. She pinned the Brazilian at Pan Am's, she's in a solid spot from my (less than) expert view.
  16. Thank you very much LFish8 for your reply. We will travel your way on Thursday, December 12.
  17. Proof that the FW semi state is improving Hamm vs Brooks Fall Brooks 6-0 Que Vs Teush Teush Dec 9-0 Carroll Vs Beasley Carroll Dec 9-3 Poynter Vs Watts Watts Major 13-3 Barroquillo Vs Gimson Gimson Fall 19-3 Jackson Vs Gimson Jackson Dec 19-6 Meska Vs Macklin Macklin OT 22-6 Hiestand vs Hicks Hicks Dec 25-6 Lefever VS Ruble Lefever Major 25-10 Lefever Vs Fielden 28-10 Fielden Dec 31-10 Bratcher Vs Winner Bratcher Dec 31-13 Neff Vs Agnew Neff Dec 31-17 Thatcher Vs Leffers Thatcher Major 31-21 Meyer Vs Parsons Meyer OT 31-24
  18. And even more broadly, when we attend random invitational x during the year, there are far more teams with less than a full line up. And there are far more of the spots being filled by guys who are just learning the sport. Again, maybe it's just our area, but overall wrestling quality does not seem what it used to be.
  19. I guess that is where we differ in our assessment of "tough." When I think of tough, I think of tough to get out of. The best guys are always fantastic, just to varying degrees year in and year out. However, actually qualifying from regional to semi-state i.e. winning in the first round doesn't seem like as tall an order as it used to be. Maybe it's just a "glory days" type of thing.
  20. The Fort Wayne semi state is as tough as ever.
  21. Decatur Central HS is looking to expand our dual tournament on Saturday 12/7/19 from 8 teams to 12 teams. If you are interested in joining or would like more information, please contact Coach Schlueter (ASchlueter@decaturproud.org)
  22. Contenders Wrestling Academy is looking for the following age divisions and weight classes to be filled for West Penn Duals November 16-17 in Monroeville, PA. 6th Grade and Under 84(2), 88, 92(2), 100(2), 110(2), 130(2) Plus 1lb allowance Middle School 92, 100, 210 Plus 1lb allowance If interested in filling a spot please contact: Holly Cochran henryha@myips.org 317-473-9714
  23. Yes it is. Would have been tougher is cernus and the other Culver boy would have stuck around.
  24. Miracle's draw is out. She'll be virtually right up tonight at 1am in an unlucky rattail vs Uzbekistan. She'll have the 2 seed Brazil in the round of 32 if she wins.
  25. Elite Athletic Club is filling spots now for: Fall Dual Championships Olivet MI, October 26/27 HS Duals *10/27/19 187, 220, & Hwt 12U Duals *10/26/19 54, 62, 66, 74, 82, 112, & 125
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