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  3. Coaches, I apologize for the delay in getting these certificates to you. This is a Marines program which the NWCA assists on. I just spoke to Nate Naasz at the NWCA today and he is trying to get an answer from the Marines on when these will be delivered. I will keep you informed when I hear something back. Dave Cloud NWCA rep-Indiana
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    James Brimm
  5. Yes. Nasir was very closed off and backed up for 5 minutes and 39 seconds. All the action was on the edge and kept getting whistled dead. Finally Jesse just finished a slam anyways and was hit for a point. When Nasir finally moved forward to take a shot Jesse scored and would have had a fall, but time expired. Once HS starts and he can get in a gym again I fully anticipate Jesse putting on some weight and hopefully being big enough to go 138. For now he will keep training and go 60 kilos at Junior Worlds, probably needs to get a little bigger for that to.
  6. No I did not. Mendez control the match?
  7. You must not have actually watched the match then.
  8. Just saw on Flo this was in Hammond. Looked like some IN wrestlers in it. Mendez looked to have a close match with that freshman, soon to be soph, from IL that won state last year at 120, Bailey. Anybody see any of the matches. Looked like some good talent. Haas vs. Tabor in the finals at 220.
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  10. This is what I have. 20200711_075505.pdf 20200711_075812.pdf It’s blocking me from putting the 3rd one up.
  11. Congratulations to Eli Pack from Culver Academies for signing with Army West Point. He is projected to wrestle 197. View full signing
  12. That's great, Thank you! Did you type all that out? That is some effort there. Thanks
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    Ben Hoover
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    Ben Hoover
  15. Breakdown and get Twitter. IU and Purdue post a lot on Twitter. As a bonus... you can see Trump rip the fake media! Lol
  16. I’ll just go to my buddy in Greenwood Mall that does all custom #TeamGarcia stitching 🧵. I Retired my yellow Contender Skull hat when I added 3x (2019) IHSAA State Champ. Gotta start a new tradition with a different color Contender Skull hat and add my lil’guy accomplishments for the rest of his HS career . Change is Inevitable. #ItsComing
  17. ISWA, IHSWCA, Coaches, AD's, and Central Regional Leaders, Hey all! I know things are tough now, but in all fields, education is what improves us! The more educated we are, the better we are. We owe it to our kids, and wrestlers to be the "best versions of ourselves that we can be!" Congratulations Indiana! Super proud to be a part of a state that wants to learn. During COVID, USAW made their Bronze and Copper certifications FREE! (they still are free at themat.com ). Currently Indiana LEADS THE COUNTRY with 270 Certifications during COVID with the next most in any state being 180. This says alot about yourself, our state, your staffs, and clubs. I want to share with you four upcoming learning opportunities that I will be taking part in. I challenge you to take part in 1..2... or all four!!! The crazy part is, I have been a part of all four of these events before, and I make sure I attend them as often as possible. I hope you will take a look, and do the same! They will surely improve the way you coach and teach! First item: UNITED WORLD WRESTLING - ACADEMY AND COACHING CERTIFICATION Years ago I got to get my UWW Certifications in Greco Roman Wrestling. You used to have to fly to a destination to work with the worlds best. But now, the worlds best have come together to make this certification available online! After more than a year of development United World Wrestling has launched its innovative online academy for assisting wrestlers, coaches, referees, and administrators with programs aimed at education, certification and career advancement. The first version of the site includes the Online Rule Test, the Ready to Wrestle Program, the Introduction to Coaching course and the Level 1 Coaches Course. Coaches interested in anti-doping instruction can also access WADA’s "Coach True" program."The launch of UWW’s Academy has taken incredible energy and I think that right now is the perfect time to introduce it to our community," said United World Wrestling’s President Nenad Lalovic. "The IT and Development departments have created this online resource to assist with remote learning and as an opportunity in the middle of this unprecedented pandemic for coaches and referees to complete additional certifications."In addition to the programs listed above, the Academy’s site will also offer informative lessons including the Wrestle4Fun program, scientific journals, and videos covering techniques and strength and conditioning exercises. This link will allow you to set up your UWW Academy Personal Account. Please click the following link to the United World Wrestling Academy: https://academy.unitedworldwrestling.org/ Second Item: NWCA Virtual Convention - July 20-31, 2021 I attend this convention most years, and get so much out of it!!! I believe you will too! Take a look at the speakers. It really is an amazing lineup. Know that it is $99 dollars, but $25 of that will be donated back to the IHSWCA. Personally I am speaking on 7/30 at 11am, love to have you on with me talking about recruiting and retention of athletes! To see a lineup of speakers and schedule, and to register: http://www.nwcaonline.com/2020-nwca-convention-schedule/ Third and Forth Items: Currently there are two awesome In person educational, in person, clinics in the works: ISWA Annual Meeting and NEWLY FORMED, Program Development Clinic September 13 -Gary Mayabb - Greco Coach from the Olympic Training Center will be one of our speakers! IHSWCA Fall Coaches Clinic October 15-15 (more information to come on both these awesome events!) --------- Hope to see you at one or more of these events. Danny Struck IHSWCA Vice-president ISWA State Coach USAW National Coaches Council USA GRIT (Greco Roman Initiative Team)
  18. Stanford has decided to put the axe to 10 sports, wrestling is one.
  19. I do use the wrestlestat site, and that is kind of my point. Why doesn't Purdue on their University site have this info , or IU's site? It surely would be more accurate right? Most reports ,that come out about Indiana basketball, on the main stream sports sites are directly taken from IU press releases. Meaning I had the information first hand before ESPN. I do and a lot of others here look at Indiana and Purdue's universities sites more often than wrestlestat. I just think it would generate more interest if this stuff was included.
  20. The coaches all keep that stuff close to their vest. With that said... the best breakdown that you will be able to find is the wrestle stat website. It has a depth chart for each team (somewhat accurate), rankings, wins, losses, season records, career records, and eligibility breakdown. It’s a really cool free site. The site does reflect redshirts. If it’s for a medical reason, most of the time they mark it as so. https://www.wrestlestat.com/
  21. Regulator, I'm sorry I don't have most of the scores and some of these may be inaccurate as they are all handwritten but here you go from my old semi state brackets. The only scores written in the old brackets were the semifinals. Apologize for any errors or misspellings New Castle 2004 (Records from brackets in parenthesis) 103- Round One Frank Martinez FF (29-8) Bye Jon Lloyd WC (37-2) defeat Patrick Cohen Cath (26-10) Brice Cleland Pike (35-3) defeat Scott Allen AH (19-5) Hal Huynh BA (24-12) Bye Joshua Leppink LN (38-8) Bye Josh Sung HSE (37-4) defeat Tom Hahn GB (24-17) Chris Vawter CCen (20-2) defeat Paul Segrist SD (42-5) Ethan Harris BG (32-4) Bye Quarter Finals Lloyd WC over Martinez FF Cleland Pike over Huynh BA Sung HSE over Leppink LN Harris BG over Vawter CC Semi-Finals Lloyd WC dec Cleland Pike 9-3 Harris BG dec Sung HSE 9-2 Championship and 3rd Place match Lloyd WC over Harris BG Sung HSE over Cleland Pike 112- Round One Jake Fleckenstein EC (37-6) Bye Tyler Pino LN (28-1) defeat Ronard Pike Pike (31-9) Travis Banks PM (39-5) defeat Jason Higbee Tip (31-10) Felipe Perez FF (34-2) Bye Danny Coyne BG (32-2) Bye Gary Black NC (43-8) defeat Seth Einterz ZV (13-21) Devin Lane CP (33-4) defeat Anthony Ridge HG (35-7) Cody Tappan And (26-7) Bye Quarter Finals Pino LN over Fleckenstein EC Banks PM over Perez FF Coyne BG over Black NC Tappan And over Lane CP Semi-Finals Pino LN dec Banks PM 5-2 Coyne BG dec Tappan And 11-8 Championship and 3rd Place match Pino LN over Coyne BG Banks PM over Tappan And 119- Round One Patrick Turner PT (38-3) Bye Michael Pittman GB (28-6) defeat Zach Leffel LC (24-17) Tim McGinley Cath (37-3) defeat Joey Hollstegge EC (21-7) Alex Foster NM (32-1) Bye David Gans LN (41-0) Bye Zach Meyer WF (32-7) defeat Tommy May PM (28-13) Peter Carleton Car (35-8) defeat John Coffey BB(27-14) Garret Baker FCoun (30-6) Bye Quarter Finals Pittman GB over Turner PT McGinley Cath over Foster NM Gans LN over Meyer WF Baker FCoun over Carleton Car Semi-Finals McGinley Cath over Pittman GB Gans LN over Baker FCoun Championship and 3rd Place match Gans LN over McGinley Cath Baker FCoun over Pittman GB 125- Round One Kyle Murphy GB (30-8) Bye Michael Beltrame Cath (31-6) defeat Jacob Davis TR 39-2 Ben Hiatt WF (28-12) defeat Daniel Schroeder NoC (19-16) Kevin Clem PM (40-2) Bye Scott Kelly Car (40-2) Bye Ronald Sampson WC (27-14) defeat Randy Gibson CC (33-6) Nick Miles MV (32-3) defeat Adam Louge UC (43-4) Reece Humphrey LN (45-0) Bye Quarter Finals Murphy GB over Beltrame Cath Clem PM over Hiatt WF Kelly Car over Sampson WC Humphrey LN over Miles MV Semi-Finals Clem PM dec Murphy GB 4-0 Humphrey maj dec Kelly Car 13-5 Championship and 3rd Place match Humphrey LN over Clem PM Kelly Car over Murphy GB 130- Round One Zach Aspling LN (35-8) Bye Josiah Wagoner ZV (31-11) defeat Andrew White Pike (34-7) Jarret Mahurin TrCen (38-3) defeat John Degler HSE (34-7) David Lockwood EC (29-8) Bye Nate Cravens SM (31-3) Bye Matt Durham LC (38-6) defeat Tyler Jones Cen (32-6) Dedrick Harrison Cath (35-6) defeat Mark Mathews UC (44-7) Randy Smiley WC (33-7) Bye Quarter Finals Aspling LN over Wagoner ZV Mahurin TrCen over Lockwood EC Durham LC over Cravens SM Harrison Cath over Smiley WC Semi-Finals Aspling LN dec Mahurin TrCen 10-6 Durham LC over Harrison Cath Championship and 3rd Place match Aspling LN over Durham LC Harrison Cath over Mahurin TrCen 135- Round One Nick Walpole PM (40-4) Bye Jason Kelsey SM (22-6) defeat Bryan Jansen EC (31-13) Jared Tribbett Craw (32-3) defeat Daniel Sutton NC (40-9) Michael Albert LN (36-10) Bye AJ Bryson UC (40-9) Bye Blake Kenney NoC (33-10) defeat Nate Schiller RC (25-13) Mark Huser Cath (31-6) defeat Steve Logan NP (37-4) Bryan Gaskill Car (39-3) Bye Quarter Finals Walpole PM over Kelsey SM Albert LN over Tribbett Craw Kenney NoC over Bryson UC Huser Cath over Gaskill Car Semi-Finals Walpole PM over Albert LN 5-4 Huser Cath over Kenney NoC 8-7 Championship and 3rd Place match Huser Cath over Walpole PM Albert LN over Kenney NoC 140- Round One Ben Hoover HH (32-1) Bye Ron Wilger SD (30-5) defeat Patrick Hilton ZV (28-6) Brett Weigel BA (22-13) defeat Matt Malcolm WF (31-9) Bobby Slaymon FC (33-2) Bye Clint Cory TR (36-4) Bye Thomas Johnson LN (34-5) defeat Ryan Esselborn Ronc (22-6) David Barnes NoC (35-6) defeat Brad Herman PT (35-3) Michael Bennett NC (43-4) Bye Quarter Finals Wilger SD over Hoover HH Slaymon FC over Weigel BA Johnson LN over Cory TR Barnes NoC over Bennett NC Semi-Finals Slaymon FC maj dec Wilger SD 11-1 Johnson LN man dec Barnes NoC 9-1 Championship and 3rd Place match Johnson LN over Slaymon FC Barnes NoC over Wilger SD 145- Round One Zach Steven HSE (27-7) Bye Wayne Bond PH (27-2) defeat Matt Carter NC (28-7) Rodney Stearns Cath (38-1) defeat Cody Walker Shen (23-15) Eric Aue PM (40-4) Bye Danny Busch EC (39-4) Bye Cory Boyles FF (32-3) defeat Carson Coons FC (22-9) Chris Combellick Car (32-6) defeat Cahamalan Porter BD (30-14) Corey Schneider LN (44-2) Bye Quarter Finals Bond PH over Steven HSE Aue PM over Stearns Cath Busch EC over Boyles FF Schneider LN over Combellick Car Semi-Finals Aue PM maj dec Bond PH 10-2 Scheider LN dec Busch EC 7-4 Championship and 3rd Place match Schneider LN over Aue PM Busch EC over Bond PH 152 Round One Jerry Gordon LC (37-0) Bye Jessy Walley NP (35-6) defeat Cory Garrard NC (36-6) Tom Fish MV dec Pat Pattmore NE (11-6) Donny Bryant FF (33-4) Bye Steven James Pike (36-2) Bye Calvin Beamon Man (41-6) defeat Paul Wrighton HSE (28-11) Marcus Young Cath (32-5) defeat Alex Mukai NV (23-5) Joey Gibbs UC (47-2) Bye Quarter Finals Gordan LC over Walley NP Fish MV over Bryant FF James Pike over Beamon Man Young Cath over Gibbs UC Semi-Finals Gordon LC maj dec Fish MV 16-6 James Pike maj dec Young Cath 16-3 Championship and 3rd Place match James Pike over Gordon LC Young Cath over Fish MV 160- Round One Chris Barnhizer UC (46-1) Bye Kenny Jordan Leb (31-3) defeat Bart Bridge PT (35-9) Allen Eldridge PM (37-7) defeat Ryan Hatch Car (26-8) Chaz Ervin LC (34-2) Bye Keith Hodges BD (40-2) Bye Daniel Head TrCen (37-4) defeat Denver King Cen (33-7) Johnny Hughes NC (37-9) defeat Zach Webb AH (29-5) John Cramsey Craw (19-0) Bye Quarter Finals Barnhizer UC over Jordan Leb Ervin LC over Eldridge PM Hodges BD over Head TrCen Cramsey Craw over Hughes Semi-Finals Ervin LC over Barnhizer UC 3-2 Hodges BD over Cramsey Craw 5-1 Championship and 3rd Place match Ervin LC over Hodges BD Cramsey Craw over Barnhizer UC 171- Round One Bryan Jennings NP (38-1) Bye Brad Wiley PH (30-11) defeat Brendan Davitt Car (34-6) Cody Martin FF (31-2) defeat Matt Cosgrove LN (30-9) Chris Owens NC (35-6) Bye Jeremy Nunemacher Tip (37-3)Bye Damon Roessler BG (17-9) defeat Steve Thompson Shen (31-5) Ryan McElwain FC (31-7) defeat Tony Armogida (BA) 25-5 Patrick Turner HSE (30-5) Bye Quarter Finals Jennings NP over Wiley PH Martin FF over Owens NC Roessler BG over Nunemacher Tip Turner HSE over McElwain FC Semi-Finals Martin FF dec Jennings NP 3-2 Roessler BG dec Turner HSE 11-4 Championship and 3rd Place match Roessler BG over Martin FF Turner HSE over Jennings NP 189- Round One Danny Goff ZV (37-2) Bye Derek Dunn WC (28-6) defeat Jake Wagner Tri (33-6) Casey Caldwell UC (40-3) defeat Mike McIntyre BG (32-6) Clark Tebbe Tip (30-5) Bye Jonathan Kolb FCoun (24-3) Bye David Chandler LN (32-14) defeat Jordan McGaughey NM (26-5) Scott Tidwell TR (37-6) over Paul Crimmins LC (12-11) Sam Elmore Ritter (31-0) Bye Quarter Finals Dunn WC over Goff ZV Caldwell UC over Tebbe Tip Kolb FCoun over Chandler LN Elmore Ritter over Tidwell TR Semi-Finals Caldwell UC pin Dunn WC Elmore Ritter maj dec Kolb FCoun 18-4 Championship and 3rd Place match Elmore Ritter over Caldwell UC Kolb FCoun over Dunn WC 215- Round One Chad Singer Car (35-3) Bye Matthew Peterson AR (28-11) defeat Tyler Hayes RI (28-9) Robbie Helton UC (40-6) defeat Dusty Miller LC (26-10) Tim McElwain Pike (34-4) Bye Arik Wolfe UC (36-0) Bye Matt Whyde MV (36-5) defeat Ryan Gibbons Sher (18-1) Nick Clifton RO (28-3) defeat Josh Lee FF (28-8) Josh Locke LN (38-11) Bye Quarter Finals Singer Car over Peterson AR McElwain Pike over Helton UC Wolf EC over Whyde MV Clifton RO over Locke LN Semi-Finals Singer Car pin McElwain Pike Wolf EC dec Clifton RO 8-3 Championship and 3rd Place match Wolf EC over Singer Car Clifton RO over McElwain Pike 275- Round One Sean Foley WC (28-8)Bye Mike McNelis CH (34-4) defeat Jeremy Redd CO (24-11) Justin Bischoff FCoun (23-10) defeat Brandt Hollander NC (24-8) Christian Hall CCen (21-3) Bye Maurice Gunn LN (45-1) Bye James Wood Car (32-5) defeat Chris Robinson Pike (20-10) Chuck Robinson ZV (36-3) defeat Andrew Quintana MV (32-9) Jordan Caudill MI (39-2) Bye Quarter Finals Foley WC over McNelis CH Bischoff FCoun over Hall CCen Gunn LN over Wood Car Robinson ZV over Caudill MI Semi-Finals Foley WC pin Bischoff FCoun Gunn LN dec Robinson ZV 3-1 Championship and 3rd Place match Gunn LN over Foley WC Robinson ZV over Bischoff FCoun
  22. Greenfield Junior High School is looking for a head coach. Our junior high serves 7th ad 8th graders. It is a solid program with good numbers. There is a stipend and some possible job opportunities in the corporation including virtual teaching. See link below: https://www.applitrack.com/gcsc/onlineapp/ If interested contact Joshua Holden @ 317-460-8289 Thanks.
  23. Redshirts are something that aren't generally announced, but more figured out when they aren't wrestling in duals. Injuries are tougher due to HIPPA laws and coaches don't really want to reveal that stuff either. Recruiting is getting better with promotion, but teams can only comment after a wrestler is signed. Coaches and teams can "click, not type" on social media posts about verbally committed athletes.
  24. 21st Century, Disco....welcome to it. Embrace the technology. I'm a D3 guy so @TeamGarcia and @Mattyb etc can provide you their go to D1 and IU sites if their so inclined. BTW how are you going to change that Contender icon hat emblazoned with #TeamGarcia from gold to #PainTrain purple?
  25. I don’t use the social media sites at all, Facebook. Twitter and do on. But, Do I need to use all the avenues?To stay up on the latest goings on with the instate D1 schools? Recruiting, who’s redshirting, who’s injured, who’s wrestling at what weight this year? All the stuff that keeps people interested in the teams. Seems like the university releases are old news and vague to me.Maybe the coaches need to have a student assistant keep us up on the inside of what is happening with PU and IU, for the university releases. I am interested in the depth chart of the weight classes, who’s moving up or down in class, I know a lot about the athletes on the football and basketball rosters, not so much of the wrestlers.
  26. It’s sad this generation of children will never experience the amazing world of Geocities sites. I mean look at all the color, the animation, the content. How could someone let this resource fall apart.
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