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  3. Current list of teams: Belmont (OH) Blue River Valley Coldwater (OH) Fairbanks (OH) Fostoria (OH) Hillsboro (OH) Huron (OH) Ponitz (OH) St Xavier (OH) Springfield Central Catholic (OH) Stebbins (OH) Stivers (OH) Troy (OH) Wayne (OH) We are still accepting teams if anyone is interested.
  4. Won’t be ready until closer to Nov 1st
  5. I purchased the digital version earlier today and received an email stating that is ready to download. When I went to the download section, the 2022 version is not available yet. Is there somewhere else I need to check or was the email incorrect and it hasn't been released yet?
  6. 4 per semi-state per weight class?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Dates 12/1, 12/13, 12/20-22 If interested contact Coach Schoettle mschoettle@perryschools.org
  9. Looking to test your team or a few wrestlers before the holiday? Check out The Carnahan at Crown Point High School. We have 15 teams and several state place winners, champions, and nationally ranked wrestlers. Contact me if you have any questions or need more details. We are at 15 teams, and we are looking for one more team. It is a 16 man bracket, double elimination, one day tournament. Here is the list of teams already in for the 2022 Carnahan Lafayette Jeff, Graham (OH), Hebron, Arrowhead (WI), Wheeler, John Glenn, Brownsburg, Elyria (OH), Lowell (MI), Homewood Flossmor (IL) St. Edward (OH), Davison (MI), Marmion Academy (IL), Legacy Academy (OH), Crown Point (IN) Have a great season! Coach Lorek blorek@cps.k12.n.us
  10. Illiana Christian is close to having locked in its 6 girls tournaments (all of which require pretty substantial travel). Before we finalize that schedule, I'm hoping to hear from other coaches in the greater Calumet Region whether there has been any discussion of hosting a local tournament or duals nearby. Getting some dates closer to home would be great! We have about 12-13 girls that have shown up for the callouts and the half of them that are not in fall sports have been participating in pre-season conditioning. All but two of them bring absolutely zero experience. Even a few "friendlies" where we shift some weights around to get matches would go a long way to helping everyone get more experience. Let me know if there's anything brewing up here in the Region . . . we'd love to come out and play.
  11. Last week
  12. I would love to see this at the Warren field house. They do not offer the number of seats, I am not sure that many places do, but they can fit 14 mats on the floor, with some temp bleachers. Still not enough seating, but it would allow all the mats to be in one area. Or they could place the 4A in the main gym and keep the other classes in the fieldhouse.
  13. My son knew that he had it great at Warren Central. I am not sure of the number since he graduated long enough ago that I am now very old. But they have a full wresting room with 3+ mats, its own temperature control, a locker room and an office. It was when he started to visit colleges that he saw how great it was in High school. I hope all of you get the rooms you need and deserve.
  14. I will be there, I will be sure to be watching. Our office manager has a few grandkids attending there.
  15. Lol I’m not changing it now. I was in the middle of writing a south adams story and I think I had Starfires on the brain
  16. For those considering joining us for this event, I'd like to offer a glimpse of who will be attending and what will be offered. -Dean Pantazi from Fort Wayne's ABC affiliate, WPTA, will be present and looking for feature stories for the upcoming season. -A member of the WANE sports team (Channel 15.1 CBS in Fort Wayne) will be there to interview coaches. -Your Indiana rankings coordinator, Mike Reiser, will be in attendance to learn about the guys from your team that he should put on his radar. -Our Fort Wayne Semi-State rankings coordinator, Caleb Spires, will be there to help shape his watch list for 2022-23. -Members of the IHSWCA Team State Seeding Committee will be there to learn more about the teams who are already in this year's event, but also the teams who are hopeful of winning a final spot in this year's Team State. -Y2 will be there. -Pat Culp will be present and taking questions and offering advice when it comes to various big tournaments on the horizon and what information coaches will need to submit over the course of the year. She is also a great point of contact for girls wrestling in Indiana. -Representatives from college programs, RTCs and private training facilities will also be in attendance. -This event is also going to be a great way to mix and network in terms of building a JV schedule, filling your varsity schedule and sharing information. I am going to attempt to build an attendance list as people officially RSVP. Attending Coaches Eric Myers-Jay County Andy Oberlin-Homestead Ethan Hirschy-FW North Side Jesse Gaskill-South Adams Brett Smith-South Adams AJ Bradley-Muncie Central
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