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  3. I think I've gone every year for at least a day since this tournament started. It's crazy to look back at the kids who placed at it the first few years and see how many ended up at state or placing in the IHSAA finals. Haven't done the math, but it's a who's who of HS wrestling. A few thoughts overall: -Sheridan has a couple young big boys in Johnson and Cross that are going to make an already tough sectional even tougher at those upper weights. -Owen Valley really impressed me. I haven't seen too many OV singlets the past several years, but they not only came out in full
  4. Also Tristan Sellmer from Campbellsville University is in at 157lb
  5. You speak truths here. I grew up in a very small community. My HS size was 500 kids now 19 years later it is closer to 400. I can't name one single sport varsity athlete at my old high school. I played 4 sports football, wrestling, track/baseball. I literally had 1 week off between sports. Summers were spent busting my butt working in the melon fields (80-100hours/week). I know many small schools kids can be phenomenal athletes and achieve great things but without quality partners in the room it really makes it hard to succeed and I don't think large schools will every under
  6. Unfortunately you will never get people on the same page on this debate. The biggest reason is not enough people have experienced the realities of small towns and small schools. Without giving my opinion on if Id like to see a classed state I will give you some of my personal truths of coaching at a large school vs a small school (which I have done both) Lets start with obvious ones we call can agree with: 1. Less partners in the room make it harder to get better 2. Less quality partners in the room make it hard to get really good 3. More kids in the school directly equat
  7. Lack of personal understanding (or preference) doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered. Also, why does classed track make sense? If you are fast, you are fast regardless of school size. Or if you can jump, then you can jump. And anyone can train by themselves sprinting or running, right? They don’t need teammates to get better since it is an individual sport.... maybe the larger schools have better resources to help those track athletes run better? Like better access to elite coaches and better weight rooms. But then again, why class anything ever? Don’t rule out potentiall
  8. Interesting idea, but I don't see them even entertaining the idea to be honest. Not a bad idea, but I personally like to see other ideas happen before this. Also what are the stats on how many of those teams in each class can fill at least 7 or more weight classes to be considered a team? The biggest change is that we need to eliminate the 18 duals +1 tournament.
  9. Middle school is a lot of coaches trust kind of thing. Weigh-ins aren't required and there really isn't a quote 'rulebook' or even set weight classes. Im ok with skin checks and even weigh-ins at that level, but if a coach has a kid with a skin problem and wrestles him without weigh-in scheduled... I blame him. Middle school is kind of like the wild west. Athletic trainers also did skin checks for the first half of the season. Coaches had to have doc along with weigh-in sheets. If athletic directors scheduled a weigh-in or skin check I'd show up and do it, but they don't want to be
  10. As a parent myself, I couldn’t fathom the pain the family is suffering right now. My Thoughts and Prayers to the family which includes his wrestling family. RIP young men.
  11. Brownsburg Junior Blaze Garcia is missing Honorable Mention 3.43 GPA
  12. Yesterday
  13. Even if it’s only looking over the exposed skin (what’s outside of a singlet) it seems like a skin check should be done even if the MS doesn’t have official weigh-ins. It boggles my mind how much of the wresting rules are already “pick and choose” at the MS level, but spreading a problematic skin disease shouldn’t be something skipped for the coaches convenience/time.
  14. I would say the biggest weakness of the Indiana State tournament is that you dont truly get the best 8 due to the randomness of the draws, some guys just get lucky. Throw wrestlebacks into this format, and I think you would be closer to the top 8.
  15. As a ref, weighing in singles covers a lot of stuff. Middle school gets pretty bad sometimes because they don't weigh in before matches. I've caught some on the mat while wrestling and told the coach about it... not sure how to feel about doing weigh-ins that way yet. I had ringworm a couple years back and couldn't kill it, so I'm always looking hard at weigh-ins.
  16. Oliver is very solid. My son lost to him in the semifinal 7-6. His defense is tough to penetrate. Beck, New, and Harris all had great runs at 220 as well. Great group of under classmen that will be fun to watch the next couple of years.
  17. CHO CHOOOOOOOOO Starting this week - March 4th. Thursdays at 6pm! Enter door 15 at Brownsburg High School. Leave mask on until practice starts. Please stay home if symptomatic. Room will be full of current and future hammers of all weights. We will continue with the same format that has worked so well in the past - some elite technique and then the gloves come off for a lot of live! First clinician is some random dude I hired after watching him wrestle a dog in an alley over a scrap of pork chop. The dog won but I was impressed with his effor
  18. I don’t understand the class wrestling argument. Look at the number of small schools that dominated the 1-8 spots on all weight classes at the individual state tournament. School size doesn’t effect our sport as much- football, basketball, and track I get, but it will only hurt wrestling in Indiana.
  19. That's awesome, hopefully he's a 2 and they give him his due!
  20. Well put together. Would like to debate. A wonder I get from this is: we all want to grow interest in Indiana wrestling, yes true. But would this new way of doing things actually do that though? Would more kids wrestle for small schools now, than the number of kids that would drop from big schools because now it’s hypothetically harder? It feels like you argue with your stats and your pie chart that essentially it’s not fair for small schools because they are disproportionately represented at state and they don’t have enough competitive parity, but: -wo
  21. Congratulations to Jeremiah Henderson from Lawrence North for signing with Marian. He is projected to wrestle 133. View full signing
  22. Johnson of Center Grove and Burgett from Hamilton Southeastern both very impressive at 285.
  23. There are several Warren Central kids missing also.
  24. Wow thats awful, condolences to the Prairie heights community.
  25. This kid is fun to watch. Has a lot of different attacks on his feet and do not go upper body with him. Saw several nice throws including one that took out the score board on Sunday.
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