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  2. Apparently Track had them listed to come out 430pm on Saturday. There is also a post that said the IHSAA told their employees they were releasing Saturday as well.
  3. Here is a snippet taken from the Tribune Star in Terre Haute on the pin, no pin. Trailing Tell City sophomore Chase Stephens 6-1 entering the third period in the final match, Cowden rallied with a takedown and a three-point near fall to tie the score. With 1:07 showing on the clock, the official slapped his hand to the mat to signify that Cowden had pinned Stephens, causing Northview wrestlers, coaches and fans to celebrate. But then … The official changed his mind and ruled that no pin had occurred before ordering both grapplers to resume action. Neither scored for the rest of the period, forcing a one-minute overtime, during which Stephens followed through on a takedown with 26 seconds left to secure the victory.
  4. Sunday afternoon is when they will come out, why do you people think the IHSAA will do them after Regionals?
  5. Last year I think they came out Sunday afternoon.
  6. Sectional alternate Glen Baldwin from Peru stuck number 1 seed Liam Baumgardner to advance to semi-state. Great day for your boys @GBaldwin
  7. #18 Joey cline over #14 hunter Douglas 2-0. Douglas is a very tough freshman
  8. Dadmarz pins Javaheri. Dadmarz is really good, and he’s only improving.
  9. Are we taking a shot every time we refresh the page and the brackets aren’t there?
  10. No brackets are built yet so I don't expect them anytime soon...
  11. Today
  12. Yousefi loses to Ghasemi, sad to see him like this. Mirzazadeh is currently the better wrestler, and our best medal chance
  13. Uhhhh that would be his uncle that smoker actually coached. He graduated in 2005
  14. Brackets…. Where they at girl ? Go find them Lassie ….
  15. Absolute Stud Freshman who is very dangerous in all positions. So many good freshman from 106 to 170 making real noise this season. 5 Freshman still undefeated with Ty, Huyvaert, Horn, Richards, and Baylor.
  16. FWSS Cooper Baldwin #3 over #7 Tyson Kendall by pin Cooper Baldwin #3 over #5 Robert Dinn by Dec 11-6
  17. Considering with how New Castles luck started off at regionals with Maidens DQ, I am pleased to say that when with losing their leader Maiden, The Trojans had 4 champs at 126 Ty Thrine,138 Whitehead,145 Big Thrine and 170 Jonboy Eberhart! Then we had a our freshman 182 Nate Schafer pull the upset and punched his ticket to SS with a 4th Place finish, along with 195, 3rd place finisher Luke JopTop Joplin with another workmanlike finish! Being a Sr.Captain leader going 18-4 on the season and punching his ticket to the NCSS! 4 CHAMPS,3rd and 4th and 6 Total SSQ is the best we have had in a few years and I'm so proud! And it should have been possibly 5 champs 7 total SSQ but I have to get over it, and support Maidens job in supporting his team mates that he'll be helping prepare for next weekend! NC winning sectonals and turning around and placing 2nd to EAST CENTRAL. With 134 being the Magic number that won it for the EC with NC having a respectable 108.5 in their best Regional finish in 7 years with a solid runner up effort! Had Maiden annoyed good Max 24 team points that Team race would've came down to the last half point lol
  18. @126 NCs freshman Ty"The Hammer Valen" Thrine not only moved to 34-0 pinning his way through the Regional in hardly 5 minutes combined beatingNcSS Ranked/state ranked for most the season , and a very talented stud Jesus Aquino who was 38-4, pinning him for 2nd time this season in the semis up big. Ty Goes out and pins 16U ISWA triple crown winner, 2x IHSAA State finalist and Reigning 126 State semi finalist taking 4th last year, in Blake wolf for the 2nd time this season as well!! The EC SENIOR, Wolf is a sparkling 144-12 all time in HS, and has beaten some of the very best in the state over his career, so Ty pinning him in the 1st period is def a huge feather in his Cap! To top it off Tylin has 33 pins and only #7@the time State finalist Sr. Griffin Ingles has made it to the final whistle with Thrine this season, still getting the major Dec at 15-7! Also want to give a huge shout-out to the most humble hard-working gentleman in my life, TYs big bro AK40-Brevan Who picked up his 3rd regional title beating The always tough EC Lengerich NcSS/8 who upset 33-3 Phillips in the semis! Until then Phillips 3 losses were all to Brev! Brevs really honed in on his past weaknesses and really turned the corner on his offense and overall and most importantly he's having FUN! after his early season loss to Todd, he's reeled off 30 straight wins and being dominant doing so! love these boys and am so proud of the Trojans and coaches
  19. Looking like the only semi state anything that we getting is a Semi-state of conciseness waiting on these tricksters!
  20. I completely agree, im taking my power nap and i will hopefully not wake up disappointed
  21. I know it was not only are crappy way to end a high school. But two years in a row, he was unjustly robbed of what he worked 4!
  22. St this rate we better take a power nap,they messing With our emotions!
  23. The ss brackets must have taken the Spartan Classics place on the bracket or lack there of list!
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