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  2. Brandon Villafuerte i believe is 40-0 at 285
  3. bsweet


    Dylan Stroud
  4. Yes Jake … thank you brother. I see the top teams on the state flexing their depth!
  5. Want to thank Jake O'Neill and Warren Central for putting on a great tourney. We feel blessed to have this type of event to give our guys an opportunity to wrestle great competition and continue to get better. Was ran perfectly, refs were top notch and we were out with 4 duels in very good time. Columbus East really appreciates the opportunity and Jake it was nice getting reacquainted, its been a lot of years since we were competing and yes we do have a few more grey hairs. Also, Congrats to Brownsburg on taking home the title! Great day of wrestling.
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  7. AJ


    Muncie Central
  8. AJ


    Muncie Central
  9. It's time we recruit Michigan & Ohio to match those Illinois & Kentucky kids. St Paris Graham can send a few up our way.
  10. Just call it the Adams County Athletic Conference in football
  11. Sectional Saturday at noon. Didn’t help the Indiana wrestling community any with that scheduling.
  12. Take CP or Brownsburg against any of the semi states. It’s kind of fun to look at
  13. Jenderas Tishner Ruble Sprague Bahl Mendez Tattini Goin Goodwin Shepherd Veazy Clark Heyerly Villafuerte
  14. Facts the true wild west. I have 7 kids wrestling this weekend that have wrestled twice this past week. In middle school it's all about mat time
  15. Who wins and why is it CP? 106 -#5 Jendreas v #7 May 113 - #14 Nowaczyk v #5 Tishner 120 - #16 Cruz v #4 Ruble 126 - #1 Frazier v #3 Sprague 132 - #4 Bahl v #7 Stroud 138 - #1 Mendez v #5 Gerencser 145 - #6 Tattini v #4 Arthur 152 - #1 Goin v #4 Currie 160 - #3 Goodwin v #9 Myers 170 - HW White v #3 Shepherd 182 - #2 Cruz v #3 Veazy 195 - #6 Clark v #10 Behm 220 - #20 Clark v #4 Heyerly 285 - #11 Ruess v #5 Villafuerte (I just took the top state ranked FW guys for the team)
  16. How about Evansville North finishing second in the SIAC?
  17. Yesterday
  18. wrestlingfan9802


    Chance Harris
  19. Critchfield(EMD) over K Farmer(Mem) via fall remains unbeaten
  20. Don’t really see that being an upset. You will see Gabe get stronger down the final stretch
  21. Sollars(EMD) knocks Purdy(Ca) out the unbeaten ranks via 9-4 dec they’ll see each other again
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