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  1. Our plan that we submitted to the board of health is basically this. Three sessions with approximately 250 athletes in each session. We'll have a Saturday evening session(5-9pm), Sunday morning session(9am-1pm), and a Sunday afternoon session(1-5pm). Each session should be about 4 hours in length. Each athlete will be allowed to bring in two guests(parent, coach, etc) and they will obviously need to pay. We are doing away with the coaches passes just to make it easier on our staff for this year. Which means "anyone" can coach. Obviously it is highly likely that facial coverings will be required for everyone unless you are warming up or wrestling. I am anticipating a response very soon on our status.
  2. I hope more parents are as understanding and do this. I know we are submitting our plans soon and we will likely restrict attendance. With an individual event it is a little tricky, so we hope that if you don't need to be there you stay home and watch the stream. Plus you can drink a cold beverage at home without getting in trouble.
  3. We have found a venue and are looking to finalize everything early next week. We are going to wait to make sure we get department of health approval before moving forward with registration. Just a note we will likely have 3 sessions of wrestling, Saturday evening, Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon. That way we can limit the number of athletes and coaches/parents as much as humanly possible during the event.
  4. Congratulations to Isiah Levitz from Prairie Heights for signing with Indiana. He is projected to wrestle 165. View full signing
  5. We are still holding off until we can be more confident we will be able to host the event. Right now venue is one of the biggest obstacles as hosting an event of this size will be difficult at a school.
  6. Congratulations to Holden Parsons from Indianapolis Cathedral for signing with Indianapolis. He is projected to wrestle 285. View full signing
  7. Do they really have that sport at Bellmont? I thought they banned it.
  8. Probably one of the smartest things @Mattyb has said... I'm gonna run his IP address to make sure he wasn't hacked.
  9. I'm all for having a "normal" season as much as possible. This would be interesting at the smaller schools where kids would need to make the choice. The biggest factor that would come into play would be national level events such as trials for world teams and then on top of that the qualifications for Fargo and such. If this gets us a normal competition season then I'm in on it, but as it seems now normal is not going to happen no matter what.
  10. It's hard to tell what will go on next week let alone in 4 months.
  11. Y2CJ41


    James Brimm
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