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  1. However @The Professor Morgan is only rated a 2.5 as an Uber driver.
  2. Parris was the first wrestler from Indiana to win a world title at any age group. He has a seat at the table of the greats and has very strong arguments for best ever from Indiana.
  3. Knowing more of the situation that you do, the IHSAA looked at the situation and deemed it an illegal transfer. The biggest obstacle with getting into Crown Point is that it is a closed district and you must live or rent within the district to attend school. Sometimes the schools are more lax on that than the IHSAA.
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    Lucas Davison
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    Mason Parris
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    Jesse Mendez
  7. Congratulations to Logan Farnell from Maconaquah for signing with Indianapolis. Projected to wrestle 165. View full signing
  8. He killed it all weekend, such a great accomplishment to get to the big show in only six years of being an NCAA ref.
  9. That would be a question for Jason Bryant. You can find him with a little Google search.
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    Tanner Adams
  11. Can Rocco get on the travel ball squad? He'll get walked every at bat.
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  13. Redshirting I talked to a DI coach this year and asked how his boy was doing knowing he was close to being a freshman. He said he was a freshman and was very undersized for the weight. I asked about redshirting him and he said they presented the option to him and he wanted to stay in the current grade. It was interesting hearing that from a DI coach. On the other hand another DI coach's son took the year off to "find himself" or whatever, aka redshirt. The point is that until the IHSAA changes something people will continue to do it because they feel it will help them. I'm personally not a fan of holding a kid back for athletic reasons, but there really isn't much that can be done at the current time. Transferring While no one enjoys seeing good kids go to the same school it is more and more common. Go back the last 10-15 years and find me state champion teams that didn't have at least one if not a few kids that were originally out of district. There are reasons kids want to go to these schools. They train with each other during the off-season and form friendships off the mat and want to continue to train together. They also train under those coaches and want to continue doing so, especially when their home school coaches aren't around in the off-season. One other thing to realize is most of these schools are closed districts so most of these families are moving their WHOLE family into the district and likely purchasing a new home there. That is an extreme commitment to this whole transfer scenario. Whether you like it or not, people will continue to give their kids great opportunities to succeed. I know personally we moved 8 years ago for our kids and the school district was VERY important to us. In five years if my son is good at something and another school is a better fit I know we will look into the possibility of him going to another school. In the end as a parent you always look out for what is best for your kid and want to put them in places where they will thrive.
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