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  1. Wrestling_Wrestler16


    Logan Mosser
  2. Wrestling_Wrestler16


    Logan Mosser
  3. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    1 pound allowance @ state **Confirmed**

    We need conformation!!!!!!!
  4. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    Jay County Regional

    Way to make the best of your first post
  5. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    Jay County Sectional

    Yeah he was having knee issues
  6. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    Jay County Sectional

    Did you just pick every one seed except Hvw?
  7. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    Jay County Sectional

    106 - Miller (SA) 113 - Zadylak (NORW) 120 - Mosser (AC) 126 - Lawson (BELL) 132 - Liter (AC) 138 - Fiechter (SW) 145 - Ruble (BELL) 152 - Macklin (AC) 160 - Winner (JC) 170 - Freidt (BELL) 182 - Collier (AC) 195 - Berlanga (AC) 220 - Schumm (AC) - should be a really good match between Schumm and Hare 285 - Hughes (BLUF) I don't see a whole lot of upsets as far as champs go.
  8. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    ACAC Conference

    I guess Jay County would know a lot about that.
  9. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    ACAC Conference

    Well we have at least one kid that can ball up so if you want to get learned a lesson in two sports bring your sneakers.
  10. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    ACAC Conference

    If Adams Central shows up to wrestle they'll win!
  11. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    Favorite Excuses

    Well after more interrogation we found out he also had a pulled pork sandwich, a very big pulled pork sandwich.
  12. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    Favorite Excuses

    Our heavy weight left practice Friday night 2 pounds under and came back the Saturday morning 1.6 over. He only had "1 gatorade".
  13. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    When a kid makes weight he's beating the scales so if he ends up getting a forfeit the win should still count because he made weight and "beat the scales"
  14. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    Notable win 1-6

    120: Logan Mosser (Adams Central) dec. Ethan Kaiser (Chesterton) 11-4
  15. Wrestling_Wrestler16

    MatBoss pros and cons

    Adams Central uses Hudl and it works pretty good

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