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  1. I believe it is for weight management tracking purposes only.
  2. Well if we had wrestlebacks, I assume we would be having threads about throwing matches like this one they are having on the Ohio forum. If you aren't aware Ohio has Sectional, District then State. This is about throwing matches at Districts. http://yappi.com/forum/index.php?threads/throwing-a-match.339398/
  3. @ghughes1974 You are more than welcome to come into East Central Indiana and schedule some duals and see how you do.
  4. What if, in a 3 class system we had 3 state tournaments held on different days. 1A on Thusday, 2A Friday, 3A Saturday. Those could rotate days every year. We would have 3 chances to see championship matches under the lights. Or in a two class 1A on Friday and 2A on Saturday.
  5. This happened to one of our parents too. Ridiculous.
  6. My favorite part was like the last minute. I’m taking a stand and will never get Dane nachos.
  7. Does a current sophomore that was a state qualifier last year but exited at regional this year need to do a qualifier?
  8. I believe you are correct. It doesn’t look like the bonus is figured into these scores.
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    Tony Wood
  10. bwoodjc89


    Tony Wood
  11. I would imagine that is the path that it will go once interest grows and there is an expansion of quantity of teams participating increases. Elementary state duals are classed using their teams high school class used in IHSWCA Team State duals.
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    Tony Wood
  13. For example: Your kid is a middle schooler and also a Cadet and their conference tourney is Saturday. If you look on Track there are many county tournaments and conference tournaments this weekend.
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