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  1. Casey get his 2nd win in the UFC with a unanimous decision of Manny Bermudez!
  2. Casey is also doing a meet n greet and the Jay County Fair on Friday I believe. I think Short Jay could confirm. Y2, we leave Mr. Patriot in the gym so all is safe.
  3. It has been pitched pretty recently as a regional that would qualify a wrestler for state. It was turned down at that time but I don't think it has been ruled out for the future. I'm sure someone that really knows the details could give you more info.
  4. We are planning on doing at least one next year.
  5. Would it help if one of your required qualifiers had to be in your section? I'm guessing that would be relatively tough to track and I'm not sure how much it would help. Just a thought.
  6. Casey is finally getting his shot! Former Jay County wrestler and two time placer is fighting this Saturday! https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/3/26/18282150/lfa-double-champ-casey-kenney-steps-in-to-fight-ray-borg-at-ufc-on-espn-2
  7. What are the main issues we are trying to resolve in Indiana high school wrestling? Rules changes should be directed towards fixing those issues. Reducing FF by removing opportunities seems like it is contrary to growing the sport of wrestling.
  8. He would have had to win a match to earn any points for being the alternate.
  9. Mason Winner - missing loss to Trey Sizemore, Cincinnati Lasalle 5-2
  10. It's the highest score for each SS in this scoring system that gets the auto bid. Not the actual tournament score.
  11. He goes by the name "Mr. Patriot".
  12. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Enrollments & Classifications/Enrollments 19202021.pdf
  13. send me your email address in a message on here and I will get you some info.
  14. Parkway has been to several over the last couple of years.
  15. "rivals night" is actually Rival League night. It is basically a friendship type of event setup to get kids mat time. It's not a bracketed tournament by any stretch. It is for beginners and less experienced kids and parents. They run two hours and done on Friday nights. It's a great way for kids starting to get some mat time. It can be a little chaotic as there are no brackets and it literally is just getting kids matched up and out on the mat. It has worked well and all of the clubs that are part of the league have benefited from it. We started it with 3 or 4 clubs and it has grown to include around 7-8 clubs, with some surrounding clubs that don't host an event that compete in it as well.
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