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  1. Interested to see some picks data. Like picks by percentage by division.
  2. I would imagine that is the path that it will go once interest grows and there is an expansion of quantity of teams participating increases. Elementary state duals are classed using their teams high school class used in IHSWCA Team State duals.
  3. bwoodjc89


    Tony Wood
  4. For example: Your kid is a middle schooler and also a Cadet and their conference tourney is Saturday. If you look on Track there are many county tournaments and conference tournaments this weekend.
  5. @graham LOL, the success factor! Hopefully we can keep performing at this level! @Dmsmelby Our MS coach did inform me of this after he saw me post this. I thought it would be good for discussion so I left the post up.
  6. @JMILL What are the future plans for Middle School Team State Duals? Will this eventually be classed similar to Elementary Team State? What was the demand to get in, were there many teams on a wait list to get in? Thanks for putting on a great event! We had a great time! Jay County boys showed up ready to roll!
  7. Jay County 113 - Ethan Reiley Jay County 182 - Mason Winner Then the rest.
  8. Speedy recovery General! On a positive note, tomorrow is Friday.
  9. Can you show us some examples of what these top 5 states do to support this or is the speculation?
  10. When things like this are said it is being looked at as is the current status. We don't know what our depth would look like if it was classed. This is what the argument is for class. Add numbers create depth. I love our current IHSAA state tournament. I'm not sure it would be as cool to watch with more than one class. I'm just not sure it's best for Indiana wrestling to stay single class. My son is an 8th grader and does not like the idea of classing for the same reason as most single class proponents.
  11. RE: Georgia. While 7 classes seems really high and really watery. Check out the team scores for Fargo 2019, this is from Flo. This is combined Cadets and Juniors. Georgia is on the rise nationally. Why? I'm not sure it's because it has 7 classes but it certainly isn't hurting them. Also funny that Minnesota is 2nd here as they have 7th graders winning state. Link is where I pulled from: https://www.flowrestling.org/results/6529893-2019-usmc-cadet-and-junior-national-championships/26737 Team Scores (Champs, All-Americans) Pennsylvania: 61 (2, 12) M
  12. Have you looked into Beat the Streets? Maybe that organization can help you get started? https://beatthestreets.org/
  13. This is my favorite Mattyb post in the history of Mattyb posts. LOL
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