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  1. Larocca and hawkins in the same bracket makes 29 pretty exciting 116 lost some studs
  2. 190 could be really interesting, 215 he would be behind those guys in preseason but 190 he is in the mix for sure
  3. the CG top weights I am sure will be tough schott and Johnson possible both 285 and both are probably top 10 guys. Returning so much talent!
  4. Looking at some of the IHPO weights I thought I would put together a quick top 5 for discussion and as always criticism 106 1. Brady Byrd Washington 2. Cameron Meier Bloomington South 3. Julianna O'Campo 4. Mason Jones Lake Central 5. Jensen Boyd Delta 113 1. Revin Dickman Brownsburg 2. Nathan Rouix Avon 3. Ayden Bollinger Delta 4. Jalen May Kokomo 5. Teigan Newell/ Logan Haney Crown Point 120 1. Charlie LaRocca Center Grove 2. Preston Haines Brownsburg 3. Gavin Jendreas Crown Point 4. Luke Rouix Avon 5. Isaac Ash Monrovia 126 1. Eddie Goss Center Grove 2. LT Hawkins Crown Point 3. Tanner Tishner Western 4. Neal Mosier Delta 5. Braylon Reynolds Avon 132 1. Jake Hockaday Brownsburg 2. Tylin Thrine New Castle 3. Clinton Shepherd Crown Point 4. Isaiah Schaefer Mater Dei 5. Angelo Vargo Penn 138 1. Brady Ison Brownsburg 2. Kyrell Leavell Warren Central 3. Tony Wood Jay County 4. Zar Walker Mishawaka 5. Gavyn Whitehead New Castle 144 1. Reese Courtney Center Grove 2. Jeffery Huyvaert New Prairie 3. Parker Reynolds Brownsburg 4. Easton Doster New Haven 5. Christian Arberry Warren Central 150 1. Wyatt Kresja Center Grove 2. Michael Major Carmel 3. Dillon Graham Cathedral 4. Wesley Smith Plymouth 5. Tommy Gibbs Brownsburg 157 1. Waylon Cressell Warren Central 2. Hunter May Floyd Central 3. Mitchell Betz Western 4. Silas Stits Center Grove 5. Beau Brabender Mishawaka 165 1. Benjamin Smith Crown Point 2. Brenton Russall Warren Central 3. Duke Myers Bellmont 4. Brant Beck Rochester 5. Chase Leech Garrett 175 1. Anthony Rinehart Crown Point 2. Anthony Cashman Warren Central 3. Aiden Costello Hobart 4. Kyle Harden Cathedral 5. Julian Weems Center Grove 190 1. Luke Penola Zionsville 2. Gunnar Henry Brownsburg 3. Noah Clouser Center Grove 4. Vinny Freeman Penn 5. Laish Detwiler Goshen 215 1. Will Clark Crown Point 2. Cole Chicone McCutcheon 3. Kaden McConnell Center Grove 4. Devin Kendrix Mt. Vernon 5. Brandon Johnson Lawrence North 285 1. Paul Clark Crown Point 2. Armis McNutt Highland 3. Brady Beck Rochester 4. Nate Johnson Center Grove 5. Anthony Popi Plymouth Thoughts??? counting down the hours to the kick off of the season
  5. Always a great Event to see the incoming freshman compete and create some buzz for the upcoming season Jensen Boyd Delta 109 Teigen Newell Crown Point 116 Peyton Hornsby New Pal 141 Gavin Lewis Crown Point 123 some freshman who can make some noise early Then guys who could have been in the mix last year Landon Hawkins 129 Tommy Gibbs Brownsburg Evan Stanley Mt. Carmel Guys Like Noah Clouser Center Grove who was really injured in the post season its good to see him back and at 193 A couple 8th Graders in the field too looking to make some noise Cesar Salas Merrillville Collin Strayer Crown Point
  6. Coach Tsirtsis and the Mt. Carmel Caravan are getting another great wrestler from the region! I saw on social Media that Evan will compete in Illinois. He will do great things for those guys and with CP continuing to wrestle Mt. Carmel it will be great to see Evan wrestle some tough Indiana guys! Good luck Stanley Family hopefully 4x illinois champ!
  7. Hearing rumors this is the 2023 line up CP, Brownsburg, Homewood, Arrowhead, Lowell, Davison, Bishop Watterson, Bishop McCort, Cleveland, Lakeshore, Dundee, Marmion, Springsboro OH Mount Carmel St Paris Graham Lakeshore Mi Joliet Catholic IL
  8. Lots of good tacos spots in the Region…no good venues to host state
  9. Don’t sleep on the AM Crunchwrap
  10. Tough to say I think both would medal, Rinehart was in the line up and beat some guys who medaled. I don’t think he beats Lowery. Hawkins has wins over multiple guys who have medals but doesn’t have wins over Joey, Ison, Kyrell Or Maldonado. Griffen was a SQ for Cp at 32 so they had a solid guy there. They get both back next year it will be interesting to see where they fit in the l line up. CP had a solid day Newell winning 16u 113, Sessa winning 16U 126, Hawkins champs in juniors and runner up at 38, GVT 5th at 152, MJ staples 3rd at 52, Rinehart Champ at 170 juniors, Reading champ at 95, The younger Clark brothers both medaled and Brooks was 3rd Bburg is adding some studs Rojas over Goldberry at 82, Brewer up at 220, Gunner at 195, Fugate won it at 285 cadets. I am not sure what schools the smaller weights will be at I think Huddleson is a bburg kid and Bridge and Bell are Avon(who is stacked down low) Boyd will be a nice addition to Delta to go with Bollinger mosier and Kaid Jackson
  11. Rinehart missed weight at the regional. The exact amount would only be speculation. He talks about the Cut in the CP movie around the Iron man time Hawkins was disciplinary unfortunately kids make mistakes it was good to see him on the Mat this weekend. We covered it on Gorilla radio around the time it happened.
  12. Tommy Gibbs is the real deal that was a good match. cadets was tough, a lot of really good matches
  13. Pretty impressive Landon Hawkins won Juniors with out giving up an offensive point. I think he will look to double up tomorrow with a cadet title. weight jumps are always interesting, how the incoming freshman compete with established cadets is always exciting
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