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  1. Man Indiana is ontherise pun intended. These guys coming in to high school and the next wave of middle school guys are tough! This group showed they are not afraid of tough competition and showed out. That takes guts, great job! so CP-BBurg-Mater dei battling out for a title.
  2. How about these 2 non high school studs in the field both training partners Hawkins and Stanley
  3. Calumet and Griffith a bunch over 2 years, (harvest, triacoff, dual, lake county, conference duals, conference individual, sectional, regional) Tony didn’t wrestle him ever time but wrestled him a lot. Like all of Alex’s opponents in high school, my brother was winless against him.
  4. Had to reach out to a Cathedral historian he shot me this text. Cathedral has a pretty strong squad. 1992 Jason Terry 2X Champ, 4 Time placer at 103/106. 1998 Eric Sakon 1995 Pleak lost like 10 matches and placed 4 times. Andy Cope was an undefeated heavyweight champ. So many more. Darrick Brownlow. Gene Boyd. Missing a bunch of champs.
  5. Also 120 looks like a really good weight all of the medal round matches look like guy I expect to get State medals the next couple years
  6. @138 Clouser vs McConnell freshman/sophomore state blood round. coach Swain is going to have to get some of those eating and lifting they are 2 and 3 deep at some of those weights. With strong wrestlers
  7. I had heard Rumors that Saturday was Coach Jolls last ride! What a story if he could have pulled out a Title. Congratulations to coach Joll on a great career. Chesterton is returning a lot of talent 113-Demarco 120-Lemley 132-Torres 195- Demarco just returning medalist. I am hearing some names but nothing concrete. You don’t always see a state power with a job opening https://www.applitrack.com/duneland/onlineapp/default.aspx?all=1&
  8. County vs region Indianamat sponsored event With a middle school undercard
  9. @TysonNisleyyou beat me to it! CP regional had an amazing showing
  10. Congratulations to Jace on an outstanding career! You are correct Jesse is a great wrestler and even better person.
  11. Going for that Blake Maurer bigger 4x, I think possibly 132/126 to start finish at 152/60 kid is legit and he is a work out freak! Landon Hawkins also a 7th grader is going to be the real deal. I think he will be 4x contention
  12. Alex had an amazing run under the lights runner up to Moran nationally ranked runner up to cernus nationally ranked beat 2x runner up Schoeff for a title beat 2x runner up Ruble for a title congratulations to the Cottey family! Good luck to Alex at the next level
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