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  1. Cp add some Studs smashes their record. BBurg also breaks Cp old state record
  2. Sounds like Calumet College in the region is cutting its wrestling program. They had an All American Last Year in Nick Fowler and they sounds like they had a solid recruiting class coming in. A pretty unfortunate turn
  3. Good day for Larocca winning junior Folkstyle
  4. Both were in the mix, the list contains a lot of guys who have qualified for the state finals or mixed in with guys who won freshman sophomore state. Clay Guenin d Noah Clouser at fresh/soph Larocca had a decision over Gabe Bragg, then Gabe Bragg won fresh/soph If we missed any wins over the guys ranked ahead of them please let us know, I am sure we will be updating these again before the season
  5. Local 219 films followed Mendez going for his 4th title and Crown points journey to a state title.
  6. East Chicago on the bounce back!
  7. Getting that Penn talk going, I see what you are doing here and I like it. The weights are decent, a little lower on a couple guys then I am but a very solid squad. Maybe a high level move in
  8. Penn always has a solid squad. It will be interesting to see where some of the guys in the middle land.
  9. I think you are right about comparing eras. I think you need those guys to set the bar for the next 4xer. The list of Jesse has beat along the way is pretty amazing
  10. With taking post high school success out of the equation, did Jesse mendez just put together the best high school career in Indiana history?
  11. There are not a lot of coaches with 100 SQ’s Coach McGinley and staff look like there could cross 100 medalist next year. That is amazing
  12. It helps Mt. Carmel to have Alex Tsirtsis there, guys want to wrestle for him.
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