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  1. ontherise219

    Eli Pokorney

  2. ontherise219

    3a seeding for team state

    MattyB you lied to us!! I agree starting 12-0 in any dual is difficult. I said In the past if you are a 3a team and you can not bring a full line up you shouldn’t be allowed in. I am pulling for pools match ups. Yoh know I would love to see Avon-roncalli in the same pool. Portage-carmel teacher vs the student
  3. ontherise219

    3a seeding for team state

    Mater Dei and warren should be really good both squads solid top to bottom. I think a team who declined(Merrillville) would be right in the mix also.
  4. ontherise219

    3a seeding for team state

    I think the top 4 are correct. Probably flip flop EMD and warren. A team like Carmel is interesting because we haven’t seen them at full strength yet. I agree with TG portage should be a top 8. I think 6 is high for Avon based on results. Unless there is something I am missing.
  5. ontherise219

    The illustrious Spartan classic..

    Crown Point is at Al Smith now
  6. ontherise219

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    I think the team rankings look good. I will be interested to see where Carmel falls. They lost to roncalli at Westfield but now have some football players back and are down a weight 195-170. That should be a interesting dual. EMD is solid 106-170 no holes. Plus they have the ability to bump with arguably the best back ups in the state with Baumann and fitts. It looked like Perry had a couple guys out of the line up. 120 for sure not that result changes. I think it will be a interesting dual
  7. ontherise219


    Yea just send that info to your semi state ranked or to me and I will try to relay it. Also post the result to the semi state ranking forum post
  8. Should have some exciting matches tonight
  9. ontherise219

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    Hook amazing write up.
  10. ontherise219

    East Chicago Semi-State Rankings #2

    Coach Burvan did a great job there. They have 1 but he is listed as Lowell by mistake. In Aidan Sneed at 170. Lake station/river forest have a could kids who are really talented. I wouldn’t be surprised to see get Lake station get a kid back to Indy. Aj has a younger brother not in middle school yet. So it will be some time. The Fowler’s have rewritten the calumet family wins record and I would guess if they have a family tackles record for football also. Nathan, Noah, Nick, Kobe(wrestled half a season) Aj and then Kade
  11. ontherise219

    Avon vs. MD

    I pulled all off the personal attacks off of the post. There is no place for that. Like TJ posted above talk to him face to face. If that is not how you want to handle it post your social media platform w/name and people can follow your Rant there. I usually respect your post on the board tonight I do not Mike

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