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  1. A great family and even better kid. These dudes are athletic freaks
  2. ontherise219

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    138: Tyson Nisley Laporte d Cade Johnson chesterton 145: burford d Maldonado 4-2
  3. ontherise219

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    106: Roberson vs hall 2 OT Roberson won 113: moran d Cruz 120: bettich p Tolin 126: mendez d peele 6-0(0-0 after 2) 132: hegedus maj taylor CP
  4. ontherise219

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    Started at 12:45
  5. ontherise219

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

  6. ontherise219

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    106 #6 Stephen Roberson-CP #8 Malik Hall-Merr SS#8 Johny Cortez-LC 113 #1 Jacob Moran-Portage #6 Martin Cruz-Merr #14 Chris Merrill-Ches SS#5 Chris Tattini-CP  120 #3 Riley Bettich-CP #12 Danny Tolin-Ches #14 Ty Haskin-Portage 126 #1 Jesse Mendez-CP #5 Brock Peele-Portage SS#7 Juan Maldonado-Merr 132 #11 Ricky Hegedus-Portage SS#7 Ethan Kaiser 138 SS#3 Christian Ponce-LC SS#4 Tyson Nisley-LaPorte SS#6 Cade Johnson-Ches SS#8 Anthony Rivera-Merr 145 #8 Jake Burford-CP #14 Jacob Maldonado-Merr #16 Daniel Park-LC 152 #8 Brock Ellis-Ches SS#4 Jacob Beehn-Portage SS#6 Noah Hollendoner-CP 160 #1 Donnell Washington-Portage SS#6 Nick Taborski-CP 170 SS#5 Colin Kwiatkowski-Valpo SS#6 Jason Streck-Merr SS#7 Josh Warmick-Portage 182 #5 Evan Bates-Ches SS#5 Noah Perez-LaPorte SS#6 Khris Walton-Merr 195 #14 Seyi Akinwami-Merr SS#3 Ethan Potosky-CP 220 #13 Drew Bailey-Merr SS#6 John Wilcher-MC 285 #3 Anthony Atria-Merr SS#6 Nick Garcia-LC 
  7. ontherise219

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    The DAC is still going on for today . I will post the link for the finals. If your tournament was canceled and you are looking for your wrestling fix check it out.
  8. ontherise219

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    Pretty exciting possible matches
  9. ontherise219

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    285 Who is still undefeated going in to the last 2 weekends of the season? 106- Alex Cottey Perry Merdian 106-Elijah Anthony Frankfort 106- Garrett condo Milan 113-Ben Dalton Monrovia 120-Brayden Littell Center grove 120-Kade Zadylak Norwell 120- Blake Boarman Mater 120-brayden Lowery roncalli 126- jesse mendez Crown Point 126-breyden Curtis Yorktown 132-Matt Gimson Jimtown 132-Chris schuller Central noble 138-Gabe Phillips centerville 138-Dylan Goudy Western 145- matt Lee mater dei 145-jordan Douglas Attica 145-Jordan fulks booneville 152 - Tyrus Ragle New castle 160- 170-nick south Columbus east 170-graham calhoun Plymouth 170-cody Klettheimer Frankton 170-Josh Lowe North Montgomery 182-Carson brewer Avon 182-jacob laplace Mishawaka 182- Lavon Bellamy Edgewood 182- Triz carson Danville 195-Silas Allred Shenandoah 195-Ewan donovan Hebron 220-jacob Bolte Columbus East 220- andrew irick Hamilton southeastern 220- Micah Dodson Martinsville 285 -Jamicheal watts north central 285-Hezzy Devault penn 285-Muhammad Sidibe Ben Davis 285-alex Cartwright Laville 285-Adam Bowman Maconaquah
  10. ontherise219

    Cathedral vs Perry LIVE!!! Tonight!!!

    Does cathedral have their own theme song?
  11. ontherise219

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    The biggest upset of the day. No curtis at 26 today. No Watts/Curtis match so the loser is the fans.
  12. ontherise219

    College Wrestling On HS Mats

    awood- you are correct you posted your opinion I countered with my opinion. I am not angry and never was. What I don’t want is the forum to be a place to bash officials, with you being a former offical you have agree with that. Friendship aside I could care less about his feeling. I am critical of him all the time. We took down the state finals post critiquing officials calls at the state finals last year. Being an offical is a difficult job openly bashing them on a forum is a bad look. We do not need to take it down. If we stop posting on the topic it will fade like all other topics. MR
  13. ontherise219

    3A Team State

    I believe it will be via track wrestling
  14. ontherise219

    College Wrestling On HS Mats

    😂😂 and I am supposed to be the one with hurt feelings. Keep posting maybe someone will eventually agree with you.
  15. ontherise219

    College Wrestling On HS Mats

    First I am not sure I even know you. I don’t want you to take that as disrespect. I am aware of you because some one told me Saturday but I was really busy. We are letting this topic go in a direction I don’t like. I view a lot of the officials there as friends and would have defended their style of officiating the same way. The way you presented the situation you knew other officials and coaches would know who you were referring to which by your own post is wrong. Do I agree with every call I see no, absolutely not. But these men are humans and will call matches different let. I agree to disagree

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