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  1. Underwood will be wrestling for Coach Maldonado at Calumet College in Whiting, Indiana
  2. ontherise219

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    Really? I hope not I try to take time off for softball the possibility of that match brought me back to the board
  3. I am hearing there could be a match between 2 state champs from this year. One wrapping up an amazing career and one just getting started. Obviously this is a rumor but it a match I would love to see!! Iswa sounds like they are streaming the event which would be great because I will be in Illinois.
  4. Raymon Torres commits to wrestle for Coach Maldonado at Calumet college http://www.inkfreenews.com/2019/04/29/warrior-duo-sign-the-dotted-line/
  5. Both very good and would be great pick ups this summer
  6. Region sports network aired their Dutch farms wrestler of the week show. Thanks for letting me get some air time https://www.facebook.com/groups/872413189625992/permalink/1318747518325888?sfns=mo
  7. Rsn is not doing the coverage. But it sounds like there will be some coverage
  8. ontherise219

    NAIA championships this weekend

    Overall a good indiana showing early.
  9. Indiana is out to a strong start. Going to have a indiana show down in the quarters at 125 sawyer miller and Hayden lee.
  10. ontherise219

    Asa Garcia

    Thanks for the tag in the memory. I also remember those conversations.
  11. ontherise219

    Impact freshman

    Pretty good job by @Sig40 on last years rankings
  12. ontherise219

    Impact freshman

    Top 25 Rank/ Name/ Grade/ Projected High School/ Current Weight/ Projected HS Weight 1. Jesse Mendez--8th grade--Crown Point/Mount Carmel--126--(120-126) Champ 2. Zeke Seltzer--8th grade--Cathedral--115--(113-126) 2nd 4. Matthew Koontz--8th grade--Cathedral--123--(113-132) 6. Griffin Ison--8th grade--Brownsburg--150--(152-170) 9. Brody Baumann--8th grade--Mater Dei--102--(106) 10. Kamariyon Nelson--8th grade--Harrison/Reitz--102--(106-113) 6th 11. Hayden Watson--8th grade--Greenwood/Roncalli--102--(106) 13. Ashton Hayhurst--8th grade--Castle--110 16. Gabe Sollars--8th grade--West Vigo--136--(138-145) SQ 18. Drake Buchanan--8th grade--Center Grove--135--(132-145) 19. Kade Law--8th grade--Jennings County--135--(132-145) SQ 20. Logan Miller--8th grade--Brownsburg--85--(106) 5th 25. JJ Conway--8th grade--Charlestown--116--(113-120) SQ HM. Isaac Ruble--8th grade--Bellmont--95--(106) SQ HM. Nathaniel Lommock--8th grade--South Vermillion--160--(145-160) HM. Elijah Anthony--8th grade--Frankfort--90--(106) SQ
  13. ontherise219


    Happy birthday to the best dressed guy on Friday night of state
  14. ontherise219

    FROSH/SOPH State - Any Predictions?

    I would want to see the brackets. Some state qualifiers usually show up. So that will change it. I saw Hayhurst and baumann wrestles 26, fits will be in the mix. This is a look at the future of Indiana wrestling a lot for guys wrestling Saturday night had won it brewer, Allred and Fowler for sure
  15. ontherise219

    NAIA National Qualifiers with Indiana ties

    Good night for the fowler family

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