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  1. I always appreciate you coach! Listening to the people and trying to make the adjustment. You sir are a great leader
  2. 😂😂145 In 2001 now 220. I doubt I would ever be 145 again
  3. He hasn’t wrestled for awhile i Don’t expect him to be in at the DAC. If I hear anything different I’ll add him back in.
  4. Mendez did have a pretty impressive weight last year. I really believe Jesse is a kid who really loves to wrestle and would welcome any and all tough competition.
  5. Sorry yea it supposed to be Nick Tattini. Hopefully you have a speedy recovery
  6. ontherise219


    Nathan Willman
  7. Always a great day of wrestling. I wonder when the brackets will be released
  8. ontherise219


    Ben Dalton
  9. following on track it looks like a lot of guys are out and a lot of forfeits
  10. It looks like all of the lake county teams plus wheeler and Rensselaer. Both teams have some really tough wrestlers. also it looks like Crown point is sending some guys who could be in the mix for championship. Bahl, tattini, carter and Taborski. lake central And gavit also have very strong teams with a bunch of guys who can contend
  11. I think the team race will be between Hobart and Merrillville. Do they do the seeding meeting day of? I know RSN will have live coverage of the finals
  12. Yea I flipped it this time. It was real close match at the harvest. Dancy was up in the third and hezzy got the fall in the 3rd.
  13. One of the best Rivalries in the Region going on tonight at Merrillville high school. Region Sports network will have the broadcast I will be on the call with Larry Babcock.
  14. Rankings are reflection of past accomplishments not predictions 2-7 have had really nice seasons
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