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  1. The EC semi state ranker is being lazy and not gave them a update. Unacceptable
  2. Michael larocca center grove I believe is at 26 but behind McConnell center grove has crazy depth down low Anthony Walker was injured sam Allen is at franklin community but they are so good up top it is tough to make the line up.
  3. 4A No love for warren central. Guys have been winning. It will be interesting to see if the Burg has their full line up. I think they are a tough match up for mater dei. It looks like chesterton filled one of their forfeits which will help them. Perry looks to makes some weight changes that could be game changing plus cathedral always finds a way to win tight duals. 3A that brickies/Mishawaka match to start now will be exciting. I think we are over looking east central but I am going with Franklin vs CE final. CE looked really good at Perry meridian 2A- Bellmon
  4. It’s going to be tough. I think Y2 has some tricks up his sleeve
  5. Sounds like Joe and I will be going live!
  6. Always in a big dual there are key matches and I think 160 was it. That could be a state finals preview
  7. The dual is on the RSN Facebook page. Unfortunately these 2 will not wrestle a dual again this season. I will say this Catherdral is the champs and they find a way to win. It is pretty amazing the way they get their guys to step up.
  8. Hmmm Gonzalez might be a podium kid, Roberson has been on twice. 70 uransky gets more then a major against a returning SQ parker decisioned CP’s back up 82 because their 95 didn’t wrestle. So Parker majors Willems who is their varsity? 220 Guhl I thought would be bonus 126- Zeke should major a returning semi finalist? Who beat a pan am champ in the 3rd/4th place match CP tied with out Cruz at 6(who just went sudden victory with Bailey) Goin at 126 who is a returning medalist that just wrestled Wagner to a decision and
  9. 132 Stephen Roberson (Crown Point) over Luke Gonzalez (Indianapolis Cathedral) (TF 22-7 5:43) 0 5 138 Jesse Mendez (Crown Point) over Jackson Edwards (Indianapolis Cathedral) (Fall 0:50) 0 6 145 Cody Goodwin (Crown Point) over JJ Braun (Indianapolis Cathedral) (TF 21-5 5:58) 0 5
  10. I disagree I do think bahl beats Reyes, Frazier beats graham and I would say Cp left points on the board at 32,45 and I don’t think Dickey pins Cruz IMO
  11. A really exciting dual ending in a tie. Cp being up a weight 113-126 with Goin being out. Cathedral showed why they are the champs saving some falls and winning toss up matches
  12. I will have to go back and listen to the broadcast I didn’t catch that. I am not sure if you are being sarcastic or real. But today I will take it as a complement and say thank you. I think everything that has been built at Bburg is great and I think I have always had a pretty positive out look on the program. Thanks for watching and good luck! I appreciate the kind words Mike Reiser
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