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  1. Looks like a solid field in beautiful Fort Wayne Indiana this weekend. Good luck and defend the state!
  2. That was clutch! Congratulations Jesse!
  3. That’s why he is one of the best rankers in the game
  4. @MScholar ready for rd 2 on the mic
  5. Man I think more trash talkers it’s hard for coaches to try talk
  6. Y2 and I are thinking about doing 16 regional shows giving insite to that specific area who do you guys think would be the best regional representatives?
  7. We gotta see the mascot match I got Yohan by maj
  8. I heard there was a handful of unhappy people in the northern part of the state that are unhappy about the selection and challenge process I thought the team looked pretty tough but the region thinks I am part of the south bias
  9. Contenders is killing it. Based off of state where their wrestlers win the first 5 weights and middle school state some of the best wrestlers in the state are in that room. In the region you have a couple NCAA champs running practices Howe- Andrew Howe, Jon Morrison and Bobby Joe Maldonado that is a a great group of coach’s RWA- Jason and Alex Tsirtsis, Kique Escobedo and Paul Petrov who are all great coaches congratulations to Mt Carmel on winning Illinois state Bulldog Premier and Elite Athletic club do a great job also further east Midwest Training Center has All American Chris Fleeger towards Fort Wayne The Fort had 3 guys who won state championship training there warrior rtc at Indiana tech is doing a great job!
  10. 4 nominations a year representing your semi state a 5th if that rep comes mooresville semi state
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