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  1. I wrestled from '76 - '79 and 2 went from sectional to regional.
  2. I agree that this proposal doesn't fix the real problem and having 16 or 32 less state qualifiers in Indiana each year is a move backwards instead of forward.
  3. I think this would encourage schools to not schedule teams that can't field a full team. It also might encourage some cases of teams suddenly not having a wrestler at certain weight. This creates the opposite direction that we would like to take our sport.
  4. The only problem with adding weight classes is that we already have too many forfeits and adding weight classes increases forfeits.
  5. I think probably yes. However, the in season practice room at Avon and their top notch schedule is a factor as well.
  6. ...a little more to that story. The High School would not give us our varsity letters because we were in Jr. High and didn't attend the high school. We had to contact the school board/superintendent to get the school to release our varsity letters while we were still at the Jr. High. Off topic a bit, but I thought you might find it interesting.
  7. In the mid 70's when I was a Freshman, it was the same deal that we had Jr. High that was 7th, 8th and 9th grade. I did wrestle on the varsity but there were very few Jr. High 9th graders that participated on any High School varsity teams. My memory is a little blurred, but as I remember, I wrestled, 1 girl was on the varsity gymnastics team and 1 guy was on the varsity basketball team and we were the only freshman competing with the varsity. It was difficult as I remember, because I had to walk from the Jr. High to the High School after school every day for practice. Most athletes participated on the freshman teams, however we did not have wrestling in our Jr. High at the time.
  8. I think, if I'm not mistaken, that many schools and maybe even an IHSAA rule during this time frame that freshman didn't compete on varsity teams. I bet the Ancient Elder could give us more accurate information about this.
  9. I guess it will be hard to argue with that!!!!
  10. Clearly he was pinned because that's what is says on the official record of the match!!!
  11. The best way to keep it out of the ref's hands is to stay off your back. I'm quite sure there would not have been a fall called if he didn't get put on his back.
  12. If I was going to cut across on US 30, then I would catch US 31 in Plymouth and take it down to Indy.
  13. Zach, Baron and Steven Rieker all advanced to semi state but only Baron and Steven advanced to state.
  14. Number 1's wrestle number 4's and number 2's wrestle number 3's but we wont know which regionals are paired for each weight until probably Sunday or later.
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