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  1. brodygrant

    class wrestling

    Good, I don’t want to see this thread again. Enjoy tonight and tomorrow fellas!
  2. brodygrant

    State predictions?

    I predict there will be talks of wrestle backs, class wrestling and refs after the State Finals are complete.
  3. brodygrant

    Prayers Needed for Garrett Wrestling Family

    Sorry for your loss! Prayers for everyone affected by this!
  4. brodygrant

    Upsets, surprises and great matches

    Grant Goforth (Indian Creek) over Jaden Sonner 7-4! Great match!!!
  5. brodygrant

    Upsets, surprises and great matches

    Same here, he was looking very good. Pray that you get good news on Monday.
  6. brodygrant

    Upsets, surprises and great matches

    Great match!! Great heart shown by Carson...
  7. brodygrant

    New Castle semistate preview

    Awesome preview! Good luck to everyone trying to punch their ticket tomorrow!
  8. brodygrant

    Confession Time

    Glad your son is taking up the sport, congrats and good luck to him! As for the parents you're absolutely correct, we're all a little crazy it just seems the dads' hold it in better, I personally can't say the same for the mothers out there. LOL
  9. brodygrant

    Moorseville Regional Talk

    Looks like the brackets are finished now!
  10. brodygrant

    Pick the Champs (Pre-sectional)

    106-Moran 113-Curtis 120-Watts 126-that kid from the "The Pit of Misery" Garcia 132-Rooks 138-Combest 145-Hunt 152-Lee 160-Mappes 170-Brewer 182-Allred 195-Davison 220-Parris 285-Pokorney Good luck to everyone!!! Favorite time of the year for me is coming up this Saturday...
  11. Awesome job Mike! We definitely need to see more of this, just with a better picture next time!
  12. brodygrant

    Prayers needed for Great young man

    Prayers sent!
  13. brodygrant

    Best and Worst Sectionals

    Maybe I took it too serious, back to my boring self!
  14. brodygrant

    Best and Worst Sectionals

    Just messing with you man, don’t take everything to heart!
  15. brodygrant

    Best and Worst Sectionals

    Make the hashtag movement stop!!! We are all adults here, right? I kid, I kid!!!

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