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  1. Congratulations to Duke Myers Congratulations to from Bellmont for signing with Michigan State. Projected to wrestle 174. View full signing
  2. Y2CJ41


    Sarah Hildebrandt
  3. Y2CJ41


    Nick Lee
  4. Per my records yes https://indianamat.com/index.php?/history/worlds.html/
  5. This only works if you come onto Gorilla Radio and go on a rant.
  6. Y2CJ41


    Mason Parris
  7. Y2CJ41


    Stevan Micic
  8. Probably tomorrow, Nick has to get them to me
  9. Two sessions Weights will be split with half being on one side of the arena and the others on the other half. They will converge as the tournament sessions wind down. Same mat all day is not a good option for tournaments of this size with wait times and dead mats towards the end..
  10. Streaming will be on TrackWrestling/FloWrestling. No watching here just a list of seeds prior to weigh-ins.
  11. Go to Rokfin to view the full list of seeds https://www.rokfin.com/ranking/3378/Indiana-Hoosier-PreSeason-Open-Seeds Lots of great matches going down in da Wayne on Sunday.
  12. In 2021 I believe Jamarcus Smith had quite an evening.... Made weight in the afternoon then wrestled the 5pm session and ended just after 9:30pm Session 1 109 Jamarcus Smith's place is 3rd and has scored 19.0 team points. Prelim - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won by fall over Alexander Denkins (Perrysburg) (Fall 0:29) Champ. Round 1 - Gavin Jendreas (Region Wrestling Academy) won by decision over Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) (Dec 4-1) Cons. Round 1 - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won by major decision over Levi Johns (Bluffton) (Maj 16-4) Cons. Round 2 - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won by decision over Donny Pigoni (Marmion Academy) (Dec 1-0) Cons. Round 3 - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won by decision over Kye Callahan (Red Cobra Wrestling Academy) (Dec 5-3) Cons. Round 4 - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won by fall over Luca Poeta (Team Poeta) (Fall 0:54) Cons. Round 5 - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won by decision over Joseph Baisley (Darkhorse Wrestling) (Dec 3-1) Cons. Round 6 - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won by decision over Luke Rioux (Avon Wrestling Club) (Dec 1-0) Cons. Round 7 - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won in TB-2 by riding time over Isaiah Schaefer (Maurer Coughlin WC) (TB-2 (RT) 4-3) Cons. Semi - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won by fall over Colyn Limbert (Arsenal) (Fall 1:38) 3rd Place Match - Jamarcus Smith (Beat the streets detroit) won by decision over Tanner Tishner (Red Cobra Wrestling Academy) (Dec 5-2)
  13. In response to the weight cutting it wouldn't eliminate it, but could help prevent some of it. We have all seen kids cut way more weight than they should to get into the lineup. If the school allowed multiple entries in a weight class they could definitely see that they'd be able to still wrestle the important tournament, but at a better weight. This would also help with kids wrestling up a weight class or two as they too would be able to wrestle a natural weight class for the state series.
  14. I guess my opinion was mainly based on the 5 match maximum per day. Now that wrestlers can wrestle in 6 matches it would appear that you could do two rounds of one and done and still have an 8 man full wrestle-back.
  15. I don't disagree at all, I just think that it would be harder to get done with a higher likelihood of having a bracket with 17+ kids in it. That would require some protocols in place to prevent that or determine which schools get to enter their extra kid at that weight class. For instance: 1. Coaches needing to volunteer to withdraw a wrestler to get back to 16 in the weight 2. Random "picking" of the teams that get to enter in an extra in that weight It honestly would mean coaches would all need to be looking to help each other at a seeding meeting. That is quite a task to say the least!
  16. Allowing 16 total entries would benefit the stronger programs a lot. Having 14 entries with the option of having up to two wrestlers per weight is a good start to get things rolling. Many of the teams with 10 or less kids will have one or two that end up being JV and get very few matches. With them having that ability to dangle the carrot of wrestling at sectional they would be more likely to stick around. Another positive is that there would be a lot less likelihood of having over 16 wrestlers in a bracket at sectional. More than 16 would create chaos that we don't need. There would still need to be protocols as any sectional with 9 or more teams could possibly run into an issue. As far as a coach dropping a starter for someone else at sectional. That is a coaching decision and a part of the job. Other coaches have these types of decisions all of the time. Wrestling is almost too easy in that sense. I have no issues with either scenario having everyone score points. At the NAIA level they have rules in place for when wrestlers from the same team face each other. I believe they do not give bonus points in those matches so a kid doesn't "throw" a match. If I were to guess, the IHSAA would be much more likely to allow up to two entries with a total of 14 than allowing 16 total entries.
  17. The IHSAA has recognized it and this is a provisional period. They are to follow ALL IHSAA rules and regulations in order to become an official IHSAA sport. That was direct words from Robert Faulkens and Gary Myers.
  18. Congratulations to Wyatt Krejsa Congratulations to from Center Grove for signing with Purdue. Projected to wrestle 149. View full signing
  19. Per the IHSAA they need to abide by all the IHSAA rules as a part of the emerging status.
  20. I see Penn and Hamilton Heights for the girls division. However, I believe the IHSAA does not allow athletes to participate on Sunday.
  21. Congratulations to Charlie Larocca Congratulations to from Center Grove for signing with Air Force Academy. Projected to wrestle 125. View full signing
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