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  1. When our travel rule recently changed, Ironman had already been closed for new entries for a while. They made an exception because of the late rule change in Indiana. Our ultimate goal is to bring our entire team. I agree with Joe on not bringing someone who is not ready, though. Crown Point has several more returning placers than us and beat us multiple times last year. That got them their whole team in, which we completely understand. After some discussion and negotiation, I got our number to 7 with the understanding our goal is to bring our entire team in the future. We saw at least a couple teams at Disney that I believe are bringing their entire team to ironman. We did well against both. We honesty just appreciate them working with us to get some of our guys in given the late change! Snyder
  2. Just wanted to jump in here. The rules for Community 1 and 2 are very clear. 17 wrestlers on your roster - 3 can be from another school system. We all have to load weight certification sheets to show school system and lowest permitted weight class. For middle school guys, I have to get a letter from middle school AD saying what middle school they attended and that it is a feeder to Brownsburg. No clue about other team’s situations but I believe they check paperwork. I’ve heard numerous stories from coaches about being called out if paperwork doesn’t seem legit. Doesn’t mean someone isn’t getting away with it. Just mean paperwork is required. Lastly, Disney isn’t about a “vacation” and matches for many of us. I’m not saying it’s Fargo, but it also isn’t playing with Mickey Mouse as I’ve heard some say. Many teams take it very serious. We will have fargo representation, but for the last couple of months at Brownsburg our guys have been training to win the Disney Duals. We took close to 20 Brownsburg Wrestlers there. The last two months we have had the best “open mats” we have had since the regular season. Our guys were motivated and we got better. I’ve never found any camp or tournament in over 20 years to better motivate my entire team than the Disney Duals. Snyder
  3. Joe, everything Kyle said is untrue. The match is in the works. I’m working with his agent. Most likely “the match” will be at the end of practice. Kyle, give the people what they want!
  4. Don't miss this Thursday! The ink isn't dry yet, but we are close to locking down a match to end our RWO. 3X State Champion Kyle Joseph Ayersman VS 4X State Champion and D1 National Champion Jason Tsirtsis Ayersman has been relentless in drilling that sweep single lately! Snyder
  5. Next Thursday at 6pm we have Jason Tsirtsis coming to Brownsburg at 6pm!!! Enter door 15. Too many credentials to list so I’ll keep it short: 4X STATE CHAMPION DI NATIONAL CHAMPION IU Assistant Coach I think we could all learn a few things next Thursday. Come get better and learn from one of the best to ever do it! Snyder
  6. Just so there isn’t any confusion: The last chance qualifier in Brownsburg is at Contenders Wrestling Acadmey and not Brownsburg High School.
  7. Room has been packed the last several weeks. Thanks to Coach Welch and Coach Aven for showing great technique the last couple of weeks. We are back at it again next Thursday. Come…get….BETTER!!
  8. Another great room last night. Thanks to Landon Boe for showing some great technique! Next week we have Carlos Champagne coming in for technique: 2X IL State Placer - 2nd Place as a Senior 2X All-American at Wabash - 2nd Place this year Come get better! Snyder
  9. Room was POPPIN tonight! Thanks to Coach Bradley for some elite technique. Then, there was lots of outstanding live. We are back at it next Thursday at 6pm! Come…get…BETTER! Here was the room tonight:
  10. Party is back on this Thursday from 6-7:30pm! We have Coach Bradley as our clinician. 3X State Champion NJCAA National Runner-up Marian University Head Coach Enter Door 15 Snyder
  11. Let me check with my AD and see if he has an exact number. All I can tell you now is it was a big crowd and the finals was absolutely electric. Snyder
  12. Thanks for the explanation coach!
  13. Is there an issue with having 4 locations - one for each class? We have loved hosting 4A the past couple of years. We would wrestle in a barn in the middle of the woods to compete at team state. However, we feel the experience for wrestlers, teams, and fans has been significantly better with less teams/classes in one location. Everyone can easily see all the mats….fans are kept upstairs with a great view In our case. No long lines for concessions or bathrooms, etc. This is the overwhelming feedback we have gotten the last couple of years. Could we add 1A or 2A and run it same day as 4A Team State? Maybe but that would be 10 mats instead of 4. Would mean possibly different locations for wrestling…overcrowded floor, restrooms, and concessions. I don’t mean this to be rude or sarcastic, but what am I missing for the reasons to have 2 locations instead of 4? Thanks to all who make this event happen! Just wanted to share our perspective. Snyder
  14. Hair was closer to first picture. Also, we would love to have some Kentucky wrestlers in the room!
  15. Another successful RWO last night! Thanks to Blake Mulkey for showing some nasty misdirection. We will still be working out over break, but will not host another RWO until Thursday, April 7th! Snyder
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