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  1. Brownsburg doesn’t talk and make guarantees or backhand compliments about coaching staffs or feeder programs. I would put my staff and our feeder programs against about anyone in state. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that And we don’t need marketing. Have a large, passionate fan base and people seem to talk about us a lot...but thanks and good luck.
  2. I thought Brownsburg was going to get destroyed by a list of a dozen schools beginning last year? Something about how something of ours were going to get eaten. We weren't interested by the way. Throw out your backhand compliments. We are often criticized. It has worked out okay for us. When contenders are mentioned, we seem to always be in the conversation....unlike someone else, we didn't make a guarantee of winning or list all the schools that were going to beat another school. We just show up and do work. ...and to bring up feeder schools?!?!?!!?!? ? HAHAHAHAHAHA....both of our middle schools are strong. Our Elementary Dual team consistently competes at a high level. Yes, we have strong feeders. I know our coaching staff could never compete with that of Indy Schools, but yeah Smiley was an okay addition. Ayersman guy did okay. HWT coaches took a beginner to a state championship. I have a had a tad success here and at Mishawaka, etc. etc. Keep talking and we will keep working. Snyder
  3. Brownsburg is happy to announce we will be adding Brian Smiley to our staff! Brian was a State Champion and 4-year letter winner at Indiana University. Incredible credentials, but we are most excited because we have seen him in action as a coach and it’s impressive! Snyder
  4. Florida team that beat Avon is Lake Highland Prep. #6 team in country. Not just a normal Florida team. We have watched them. Impressive.
  5. Another great workout last night! Thanks to Kyle Hatch for showing some sick funk to score from a Russian Tie. Nasty stuff. Next week will be our last RWO. After next week, we are going to turn our attention towards preparing for the Disney Duals. We are going to use that Kyle Ayermsan guy we found walking around Brownsburg...he won a few State Championships in Indiana, but did lose TWO times in high school - half of his losses were to my wrestler - just saying...wrestled in the Big 10...that's okay, but it's not the CCIW... Take a ride on the #PainTrain next Thursday in the #BoneYard Snyder
  6. Another packed room last night! Thanks to Coach Smiley for showing some excellent technique. Next week we have Kyle Hatch: Multiple time State Placer 2X All-American at Wabash (and still two years left!) You never stay at the same level. You either get better or get passed. It's that simple. Come chase your dreams with us next Thursday at 6PM! #PainTrain Snyder
  7. Another awesome room last night! Lot of current and future bangers laying the hammer. Get to the next level and don't live with regrets! We have another incredible opportunity for you to get better next Thursday. Our guest clinician will be: Brian Smiley State Champion 2X Junior National All-American 4-Year Starter at Indiana University You just might learn something! Get some elite technique and then lots of live with tons of partners. #PainTrain Snyder
  8. Absolutely packed tonight. 70 hammers banging it out and getting closer to their dreams. Great technique from Indiana legend Kyle Ayersman and then lots of live. Next week we have another excellent clinician for you! Daniel Del Gallo 3X Maine State Champion National Champion at University of Southern Maine Do NOT waste the off-season. Come train like a champion next Thursday at 6pm! Room from tonight:
  9. Almost TiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiME! Thursday 6PM - Get some technique from one of Indiana's greatest and then lots of live. Anyone who takes Ayersman down while he's looking gets a free t-shirt. Won't be easy, though. Rumor is he is feeling good and has been getting in shape for this challenge. #PainTrain Snyder
  10. Another chance to get closer to your goals this Thursday at 6PM! This week we have some random guy we found on the streets of Brownsburg... Kyle Ayersman 4X State Placer 3X State Champion 193-2 in High School Starter at Purdue University National Runner-up He was pretty good! #PainTrain Snyder
  11. It's going down tonight! Come get some elite technique and live goes with a ton of partners. Room will be filled with current and future hammers! #PainTrain Snyder
  12. We are ready to roll again next Thursday at 6pm in the #BoneYard! It has been packed every week and we expect the same this week. We have another UNDEFEATED STATE CHAMPION coming in for you: Carson Brewer Placed 3rd at Flo Ranked 14th in the Country Come see some elite technique. Then, the gloves come off with lots of live. There will be plenty of hammers of all weights. #PainTrain Snyder
  13. We are back at it Thursday at 6PM. Come learn some outstanding technique and put the smack down with lots of live. This Thursday we are excited to have Brayden Littell showing technique! Undefeated STATE CHAMPION Fargo Placer Super 32 Placer Learn from someone who just did what you are trying to do!...then, you will have a ton of options for live partners. Snyder
  14. Room was absolutely packed last week! Awesome technique from Silas Allred and then we laid the smack down with lots of live. We have another chance for you to get better this Thursday! Our clinician will be.... Cody LeCount 3X State Finalist, 2X State Champion High School Record 183-2 Fargo National Runner-up
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