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  1. Darrick Snyder

    58th Annual 2018 Brecksville Holiday Tournament

    I was told they will avoid Sundays to keep Indiana teams. That was a little while back though. Definitely going to be checking on that and hoping they don’t do a Sunday!
  2. Darrick Snyder

    Toughest Regular Season Tourney

    Brownsburg is excited to be included at Brecksville. I know it’s out of state, but check it out. Team García gave you an idea, but holy heck it is no joke. Nasty as it gets. You have to beat the best, to be the best. Snyder
  3. Darrick Snyder

    Carson Brewer of Avon commits to

    Here’s what I’ll say about Carson: He is the nicest kid I have ever met when he comes over to shake my hand or give me a fist bump after absolutely smashing my guy. Lol. Seriously, such a great young man. He does work and is fun to be around. Great job mattyb and brewer family on raising such a great young man. That being said I will not he sad to see him go! 😬 Snyder
  4. Darrick Snyder

    Avon & Brownsburg HS Schedules

    The opponent portion didn't translate, but you get the point. lol
  5. Darrick Snyder

    Avon vs. MD

    By the way, I thought you were from Mater Dei in my first post. I was saying don’t sell yourself (mater dei) or others short in beating the favorite.
  6. Darrick Snyder

    Avon vs. MD

    IndianaWreslinfgGuy, More than willing to talk to you anytime if you want. Not trying to have an “ego”. I’m saying there are coaches and teams this year and every year that won’t be happy without Team and IHSAA State Titles. I’m sure Mater Dei is one of them. Brownsburg definitely is. If Cathedral smokes everyone, great for them. We and several other teams are still chasing our dream this year. If that offended you somehow, know it wasn’t my intention. Snyder
  7. Darrick Snyder

    Avon vs. MD

    IndianaWrestlingGuy, don’t give anyone a championship. I’m not a golfer, but remember when Tiger Woods was at the top of his game. Phil Mickelson said everyone needs to stop crowning him and elevate their game. There are no points for second place. A lot of coaches in the building teased me last year. Said dude you got it locked up. I knew better and told them that. Cathedral got it done. No program has the tradition of excellence that Mater Dei does. We are trying to build that here as many other schools are too. Don’t sell yourself or others short. Many schools, including us and your school, will only be happy with a Team and IHSAA State Title. If it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen, but I always tell my guys we won’t cripple them with low expectations. Snyder
  8. Darrick Snyder

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    Not sure at 106, but they weighed in a 220 and HWT. Bumped their 220 to HWT
  9. Darrick Snyder

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    Matt, I want what is best for your boys. It has nothing to do with what is in our best interest. I think Carson should take the rest of the year off. Just let him rest up for college:). Your younger one I’ve heard would be a stud basketball player or swimmer in the winter. Think about it! 😂 Great and fun dual. Competitive and heated, but all love for our brothers down the road. They will be a nightmare to deal with all year. It would help us a lot Matt if you consider my suggestion! Snyder
  10. Darrick Snyder

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    We have a walk-out song for our guys during our home duals. They love it. It creates some energy and excitement in the stands too. Definitely, mostly edited version of some rap song I don't understand, but kids are going to have fun and be themselves. We have had guys come out to country, Mortal Combat Theme Song, and I think it was Brayton Lee that one time chose a Christmas Song and generally went with a Christian Band. #GrowTheSport
  11. Darrick Snyder

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    It’s a great rivalry, but one full of friendship and complete respect. I’m thankful to be a part of it. Snyder
  12. Darrick Snyder

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    Technology not my forte. Lol. El Seymour working on it.
  13. Darrick Snyder

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    lol Ayersman! I am sure both staffs are considering many potential lineup shifts. I also think we need to promote our sport, though...and pointing out some great possible match-ups could only help. Based off of rankings and early season results some awesome match-ups could be: 120 - #6 Montgomery of BHS State Placer vs #14 Conley of Avon - SQ 126 - #7 Lawhead of BHS vs. #5 Rioux of Avon - State Placer 132 - #3 Campbell of BHS - 2x Placer vs. #1 Garcia of Avon - 2X State Champ Then, it gets interesting boyzzz. (And girlzzz). Handful of ranked guys in here, but we and they have wrestled at different weights... Kreitzer of Burg #4 Reynolds #10 - Avon Other Reynolds Beat two ranked guys - Avon #5 Conley - Avon Asbury #10 - Burg Brewer #1 - Avon Aiken #3 - Burg Williams #11 Anyone who knows me knows I love a great dual. Don't miss this Thursday! Snyder
  14. It's going down Thursday at Brownsburg! Want to see one of the best duals of the season? Watch some of the top ranked guys in the state bang it out? See some of the most dedicated athletes around? Enter Door 14 at BHS. JV will start on two mats at 6:30PM. Varsity action we hope to start by 7:15PM. Yes, we are going to put on a show and plan to pack the house. DJ, Spotlights,Tunnel, Fog Machine, throw some shirts out...and of course, I have new wrinkle to add some excitement to the dual. #GrowTheSport Can't make it to the meet? Sucks for you!...but you can watch online: Go to www.bcsc.tv and click on picture of event that says watch live. Guest commentator is Isaac McCormick. Isaac was a State Placer and member of our Dual and IHSAA State Championship team. He is #2 in career takedowns behind some dude named Brayton Lee. #PainTrain Snyder

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