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  1. Brownsburg RWO is a GOOOOOOO for tonight! Come get some technique from STATE CHAMPION Alex Cottey. Then, the gloves come off with lots of live! Snyder
  2. WOW! That is impressive. I think it would come down to a vote, but great shot at a T-shirt with that mullet! Cottey better bring his A game!
  3. Room was popping tonight! We have another incredible opportunity to get better next Thursday at 6pm! Our clinician will be: Alex Cottey 2X State Runner-up Fargo All-American STATE CHAMPION Anyone with a better mullet game than Cottey gets a free T-Shirt. Good luck with that!
  4. Tick tock....tick tock Almost time for the first Brownsburg RWO -Thursdays at 6PM! I forgot to mention anyone who takes down Silas while he is watching gets a free t-shirt! Snyder
  5. It's going down...again! Brownsburg High School Enter Door 15 Thursdays - 6-7:30PM We get rocking next Thursday, March 5th. Get some elite technique and then bang it out live with a room full of current and future studs. Our first guest clinician: Silas Allred 2X State Champion Folkstyle National Champion Super 32 All-American Fargo All-American Ranked #2 in the country Committed to the University of Nebraska Don't miss this opportunity to pass your competition!
  6. That’s what I thought. Thanks for the response!
  7. Does this factor in out of state competition? Just curious. Discussing it with my staff. We saw 4 nationally ranked teams in Michigan earlier this year. Didn’t go so well for us. Lol
  8. Anyone who knows me, knows I love the dual part of wrestling. As I give an opinion, keep in mind I’m at Brownsburg. We don’t have a dog in the fight. We will be largest division regardless. Our goal is to win so it doesn’t matter if 8 or 12 teams go. Those that have an issue with the new system, would Joe’s suggestion/compromise take care of this - 4A and 3A have 8 teams. 1A and 2A have 12 teams. Is there a schedule or space concern I’m not aware of? If this is best for 1A and 2A schools, I’d say do it. Just my 2 cents. Thanks to everyone who
  9. @BBURGMatfan If you are a fan of us, you know we don’t care about seeds or rankings. I’ve always said rankings and seeds mean nothing, but they are great to grow the sport. “Hey we are ranked or seeded this”. It gets people talking about wrestling, which we need and Is great. Last year we were 4 or 5 seed at team state. No complaints from us. I would never in a million years want to seed this tournament. Our goal is to win. Doesn’t matter to us who we have when. We are either good enough to win or we aren’t. I don’t think any of the top teams hang 2nd or 3rd p
  10. Good luck to the Cavemen! The Dogs are rooting for you! Note: No disrespect to Penn, but still a lot of love for the Cavemen.
  11. UncleJimmy, BHS TV streams pretty much all our home meets. We are at Avon tonight so we would need to hear from them on livestream.
  12. What I really like about this tournament is that by the end of the day we get 5 duals against Ohio teams. Personally, I really enjoy getting out of Indiana some during the season. At Mishawaka, we used to dual a couple Michigan powerhouses - Lakeshore and Lowell. At Brownsburg, we are better off financially and can travel more. Ohio last weekend, Michigan this weekend, and Illinois over break. As far as Harrison, OH tournament, most Ohio teams were down this year. Chad Dennis the Harrison Head Coach told me that himself about his own team. Regardless of dual scores and there
  13. Brownsburg doesn’t talk and make guarantees or backhand compliments about coaching staffs or feeder programs. I would put my staff and our feeder programs against about anyone in state. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that And we don’t need marketing. Have a large, passionate fan base and people seem to talk about us a lot...but thanks and good luck.
  14. I thought Brownsburg was going to get destroyed by a list of a dozen schools beginning last year? Something about how something of ours were going to get eaten. We weren't interested by the way. Throw out your backhand compliments. We are often criticized. It has worked out okay for us. When contenders are mentioned, we seem to always be in the conversation....unlike someone else, we didn't make a guarantee of winning or list all the schools that were going to beat another school. We just show up and do work. ...and to bring up feeder schools?!?!?!!?!? ? HAHAHAHAHAHA....both
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