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  1. Someone had to do it, so I’ll kick it off! 106: Ruble, Brooks, O’campo, Sprague 113: Teusch, Boots, Bertch, Litchfield 120: Zadylak, Beasley, Robinson, Humphrey 126: Watts, Curtis, Currie, Shepherd 132: Mosser, Gimson, Schuller, Cottingham 138: Gimson, Buchanon, Fiechter, Schoeff 145: Macklin, Jenkins, Rasler, Morrisett 152: Hicks, Hiestand, Levitz, Prater 160: Ruble, Pettigrew, Sailors, Parrish 170: Bates, Summersett, Fielden, Fletcher 182: Lone, Winner, Rosman, Leech 195: Gray, Chapman, Agnew, Mossholder 220: Leffers, Elwood, Berlanga, Durben 285: Bowman, Muncie, Parsons, Yoder *Absolutely no bias going on here (;*
  2. Illegal in the grandest proportions. Furthermore, it is absolutely pathetic that neither referee really even knew what was going on. Until schools stop hiring guys that only show up to collect a check, things like this will continue to happen. It really sucks that a great match ended that way; here's to seeing it again this week at Regionals.
  3. Kudos to freshMAN Mason Winner. Set himself up super well for a finals run.
  4. 106: Curtis, Herring, Flores, Buchanan 113: Watts, Schoeff, Schuller, Just 120: Stephenson, Mejia, Wright, Liter 126: Gimson, Cottingham, Byman, Demarco 132: Hunt, Mosser, Gimson, Moore 138: Hiestand, Macklin, Gutierrez, Macias 145: Rasler, Barr, Bates ( ), Young 152: Kerrn, Reed, Weimer, Rutter 160: Laughlin, Busse, Levitz, Potter 170: Goering, Baumgartner, Rader, Johnson 182: Gray, Graber, Blakeley, Nix 195:Eli, Hankenson, Hart, Herrera 220: Maddox, Fox, Kilgore, Bixler 285: Ellis, Rhodes, Lawson, Conner
  5. I can definitely agree with what my orange bearded friend has to say here, however it is very unfortunate that he is, in fact uglier in person than his profile picture. Some guys just don't have any luck.
  6. Wish you guys would go back to the old viewing format. Much better for watching matches.
  7. 106: Curtis, Rupp, West, James 113: Mosser, Miller, Todd, Robinson 120: Stephenson, Liter, Perry, Schliessman 126: Curtis, Fiechter, Sanders, Hale 132: Hunt, Mosser, Ruble, Schliessman 138: Macklin, Hiestand, Gutierrez, Jones 145: Winner, Barr, Bates, Mounsey 152: Rutter, Torbush, Leonhard, Green 160: Laughlin, Busse, Hemmelgarn, Bell 170: Baumgartner, Pease, Hayden, Smith 182: Gray, Freidt, Chapman, Goodson 195: Hankenson, Baumgartner, Maxwell, Watson 220: Maddox, Hare, Brunner, Campbell 285: Shaw, Rhoades, Schoeneman, Dunn You heard it here first
  8. May be a little biased, but Tony Currie of Adams Central. Qualified, 2nd, 3rd. Owned numerous wins by fall over TJ Hays of Bellmont. Losing on a takedown in his Junior season with about 10 seconds left in the match to Pete Kinect.
  9. Idk if Chad Red and Nick Lee were his only problem after the Rumph match. That kid will be a force.
  10. This should warrant prison time.
  11. It's pretty neat to see such a small area be as good or better STATISTICALLY than the larger portions of the state. Adams County is without a doubt a wrestling county.
  12. Jay County features Bellmont, Yorktown, Delta, and AC. Definitely not a cakewalk as far as an individual standpoint goes.
  13. Thanks to everybody and whoever said wrestlers had no brains? (;
  14. Better be another year of "Barry jr. 's Jay County Regional preview" in the works!
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