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  1. Returning live to the double eagle! When are you going to open the caller lines?
  2. The voting has been pretty lopsided in the lance ellis region. The estill Ritter region has some interesting first rd match ups
  3. Some thoughts On the current votes UFC guys not getting a lot of love Brooks and Elkins trailing. Some tight 1st rd matches macke over Farrell in a overtime voting Tommy cash over Brayden Bailey check out the updated brackets
  4. Mostly swimming in the regions Lake Michigan beaches. But for real there is a lot of good food places there. If you like BBQ hit up bombers on ridge road in Munster pretty legit. 3 Floyd’s brewery it about 15 minutes away. Or stop on 41 and get some tacos at fuerte or some house of pizza. Or head north and hit up el taco real if you are looking for a diverse food selection I think the iswa made the right choice.
  5. The facility is really nice and well built. I am sure this is their first wrestling tournament there. Maybe Y2 and I will have an emergency gorilla radio so you guys know the proper etiquette for the region.
  6. That is great for winimac. I know in the comments of some of the gorilla radio shows. They said the program was struggling to get get numbers and with the idea of making the ihswca event has rejuvenated their program
  7. It looks like Center grove has a really good freshman class to add returning Watson, Buchanan and rust brownsburg looks to have some solid incoming freshman to add to Miller, Haines, Montgomery, street and Jones chesteron will return Bates ellis Torres, Kaiser layman and demarco then it looks like they will have some solid incoming wrestlers too I am not sure what Crown point has coming in but with Goin, Frazier, Roberson, mendez, tatttini, Cruz returning adding in a possible high placer in Goodwin and Bahl who had multiple wins as a back up they would have
  8. Calling @FCFIGHTER170 I believe this message is for you
  9. Jeffery Bailey also. 400 plus In the high school/cadet
  10. Thanks man, I really try to be cool with everyone even when I get angry emails. Hopefully you are doing well!
  11. 120 cole solomy Kankakee valley 120 Dominic heath busco 152 Tyler Jones Lawrence central(4 over 1) 152 Anthony Walker greenwood(4 over 1) 285 andrew Hines Plymouth(4 over 1)
  12. I would say portage has had a good run recently. I might be missing a couple kasper Macintosh Minnesota John Moran Iu jake moran IU Dj Washington IU collin poynter Air Force kris rumph wartburg brock peele portage Cornejo Marian hegedus Marian gaige Torres indiana tech latrell Lewis calumet college bam Lawrence grand view
  13. Thanks @UncleJimmy that would be awesome! Like I am sure y2 would tell you the Ihsaa would need a bigger time slot for all of the different directions the show would go and the half hour of fanboying I would be doing with coach Goebel. I love that the show uses the rankings as a base I think it would be really cool if they had the rank on the bracket so everyone can see where the ranked matches up are and i think it would help greg. Overall I love the show and think it is an amazing idea! I know some programs were doing watch shows for the release which is awesome too. I’ll tr
  14. Still undefeated in spike ball through the semi state
  15. Pretty good breakdown. New castle is always a semi state with wild ticket round matches. Which one do you think could be on upset alert?
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