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  1. nosoccermomhere

    200#+ wrestler needed

    Thereally is a high school dual this saturday at IU and one of the teams is in need of a hwt. HWT for this dual is 200# & up. If anyone is interested please text me asap. Brandi Cash 317-281-3678
  2. nosoccermomhere

    Confession Time

    Glad your son chose the right sport. You were correct about wrestlers being an odd bunch. Their is always an exception to the rule, but for the most part they are odd and usually the better they are, the weirder they are. As for us parents, we are all mad here, some just hide it better than others. Welcome to the weird, wild and wonderful world of wrestling.
  3. nosoccermomhere

    Evansville Semi-State Pre-Preview

    Love the props at 113# but Cash has been at 120# all year.
  4. nosoccermomhere

    Sectional Surprises

    He was told at the beginning of the year that he only had half a season and it had to be the first half. So, he hasn't wrestled since the Christmas classic. It's too bad, he was fun to watch and a good partner in the room.
  5. nosoccermomhere

    Sectional Surprises

    Brett Smith wasn't too old. He moved from California and due to illness starred his sophomore year and then was out of school the rest of the year. He came back and had to repeat his sophomore year, but his clock of eligibility had already starred. You have only 4 years once you start high school. The IHSAA only granted him the 1st part of his senior year, so was not eligible after Christmas, although age wise he is still 19.
  6. nosoccermomhere


    Have to agree with Y2. I know a good math tutor that would be happy to help with that calculation. I think if all plays in the notrhs favor at best 6 but in reality I see 2 solid golds and 4 that could pull off a gold heist at the bank. If I was a betting person I would go with 3 because even the solid golds aren't always as solid as you might think. Anything can happen and as you know there have been a lot of robberies in the vault at the bank.
  7. nosoccermomhere

    High School Wrestling Participation up

    I don't think the increase necessarily has to be a product of just one cause. Not only has the uniform started to change, and no matter how much i hate the 2 piece im sure their are a lot more kids willing to wear it, but we have also seen a huge increase of the number of girls that are joining the teams since the girls state was introduced. Then we had at least 2 or 3 schools that added wrestling to their school this year. I'm sure all of these have played factors in the increase. Now with that being said, I've seen a lot more ff this year than ever before. I don't think dividing the compitition into large and small schools will help anything. If a kid wants to be good, he will find a way. I think there is a validity to some of the better kids at small schools transferring to larger schools. It just makes since that the smaller the student count, the smaller the numbers in the room, which means it will be less likely that there would be another kid at their skill level around their size to push them during practice. So, the better kid transfers to have partners in his room. I think we can lower the chances of the kid transferring, if the IHSAA would do away with some of the rules about where and with whom a kid can train during the season. We are one of the few states that have these strict rules. If they can train with other schools kids, which most likely will be the same kids they train with in the off season, then not only will we see a continued increase in talent through out the season, but it will lessen the need for higher caliber kids to feel they have to go to a larger school. Yes it is a wrestling TEAM but like it or not its still an individual sport. " whend you're out their wrestling with someone stronger and faster than you, there's not a whole heck of a lot a team can do for you". Sorry, couldn't help myself
  8. nosoccermomhere

    Dodging matchups

    Just let the kids wrestle. We have had 15 matches so far this year and 6 were ff and most of those teams had kids at that weight. You don't ever dodge a match. Heck you can be 0-40 going into sectionals and earn your #1 ssed for regionals and so on. You should always want to wrestle the good kids. A good example is, Tommy's freshman year he was undefeated going into the finals match at semi state. He ended up losing to Nathan Boston 1-0. He came off the mat with a big grin. His coach says," Tommy, why are you so happy, you do know that you just lost, right?" Tommy responds with, " yep and that was fun!" Let the kids go out there and have fun. It's ok to lose. These kids are learning a lot more than wrestling from this sport. Personally I would rather my kids learn that anything can happen if you just go out there and try instead of your not good enought so why bother going out there.
  9. nosoccermomhere

    mat mayhem 14 open weights

    still need a 160# and HWT. spots go to first come first serve. please contact me asap!
  10. nosoccermomhere

    mat mayhem 14 open weights

    yes 115 is still open and now we also need a 160# and heavy weight. If interested please contact me asap 317-281-3678
  11. nosoccermomhere

    mat mayhem 14 open weights

    We still have some open weight classes for this tournament. If you know anyone who might be interested in filling one of the open weight classes please contact me ASAP 90#, 115#, 122#, 143#, 166#. All weight classes have an additional 2# allowance. 317-281-3678 Brandi Cash
  12. nosoccermomhere


    Lawrence North
  13. nosoccermomhere

    mat mayhem 14 open weights

    There are not 14 open weights. Its a 14U team. But I am posting from my phone and it won't give me the edit option. Also its the weekend of Jan 9th-11th.
  14. nosoccermomhere

    mat mayhem 14 open weights

    There are not 14 open weights. Its a 14U team. But I am posting from my phone and it won't give me the edit option. Also its the weekend of Jan 9th-11th.
  15. nosoccermomhere

    mat mayhem 14 open weights

    We will be taking a team to compete in the mat mayhem nuway duals on the weekend of Jan 10th-12th. The team is middle school 14 & under. If interested contact me asap. Brandi Cash 317-281-3678 There are not 14 open weights. Its a 14U team. But I am posting from my phone and it won't give me the edit option.

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