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  1. 113lbs Jacob Moran #10 Portage 120lbs Braden Littell #19 Center Grove 160lbs Donnell Washington #19 Portage 170lbs Nick South #17 Columbus East 195lbs Silas Allred #7 Shenandoah 285lbs Eli Pokorney #7 Chesterton -On the Bubble- 113lbs Zeke Seltzer Cathedral 126lbs Jesse Mendez Crown Point 132lbs Asa Garcia Avon 138lbs Alec Viduya Roncalli 170lbs Joseph Walker Mishawaka 182lbs Carson Brewer Avon -Prior Indiana Notables- 113lbs Colton Drousias #9 (Illinois) 145lbs Manzona Bryant #14 (Ohio)
  2. Perseverance

    -Shamrock Duals- Dec. 1st

    Hector.......just hustle up, push some paperwork and transfer to Doah for the season. Problem solved. 😏
  3. Perseverance

    -Shamrock Duals- Dec. 1st

    Tons of great match-ups on the horizon to take place at Westfield High School on Saturday. Just a couple to look forward to in our opening pool from a Shenandoah perspective include....... 145- #13 Pugsley vs #9 Freije And a possible 160 bout of.....#7 Lohrey vs #7 @ 152 Hiestand. Just some early thunder to start the convo! Look forward to hearing others thoughts of potential matches of interest. There’s plenty! 😏
  4. Perseverance

    Kyle Cornwell of Elwood commits to

    Congratulations young man!
  5. Perseverance

    Lifting in season

    Jason.......as FCFighter indicated, everyone responds differently. Especially when factoring body types, genetics and other variables that should accompany any type of strength training regiment (in or offseason). Specifically......sport specific exercises, diet, additional supplementation, tons of stretching, and most importantly adequate rest. For my son Silas.....continued in season weight training has worked well. However, we really transition from heavier lifts, to sets of no more than 60-70% of his max for higher reps. We’ll also only do so 2 days a week.....in contrast to a full 5-6 days during National Season. With Silas being young for his class (literally a grade ahead of where he could be).....strength gains were essential early on to ensure he didn’t get bullied on the mat. So we began the summer before his 8th grade year and haven’t looked back. We started supplementing with 100% whey protein in 8th grade to assist recovery. That’s still a staple. He began utilizing creatine his freshman year.....but we’ve switched to a supplement called Mass Impact (Advocare) which consists of a healthy/safe mix of creatine, glutamine and other essential amino’s. His body has responded well. Eating clean and allowing at least 48hrs rest between training muscle groups has been what’s worked best for him. I’d highly recommend tons of plyometrics, agility/footwork drills, and medicine ball circuits to well round and help translate new strength towards technique. I can assure you that there’s no “secret sauce” for wrestler development or success. A young athlete just needs to embrace the philosophy of “nobody will outwork me” and apply it to every facet of their life to become the best version of themselves possible. It sounds to me like you and your son are on that similar path. So just allow his body, as well as his mental motivation and overall drive to be the determining factor of when to push harder.....and when to ease up. It has to stay enjoyable. Because with the amount of pain a young man has to endure to become elite....the perspective of “why” has to be a daily reminder. For instance.....It’s not conditioning, it’s 3rd period preparation. It’s not about wins & losses, it’s about becoming the best “you” possible. If you train the psychological side equally as hard as the physical......the winning will take care of itself. And in doing so, you’ll build in your son the type of attributes that will make him a champion at life.....not just a champion at wrestling. This is the dynamic that’s worked well for us. Hopefully some of this info can help you and your son inch closer towards your own mutual goals as well.
  6. Perseverance

    Nick South --Progress and Growth

    Just seen that he hit the Adidas rankings at #16. Well deserved. Flo will follow suite.
  7. Perseverance

    Nick South --Progress and Growth

    For whatever reason, 160lbs has yet to be updated. Not sure if it’s a clerical error.....or maybe just due to that much shifting in the rankings. The date directly above the ranked wrestler list shows when it was last updated. For 160.....it’s still showing Oct 9. All the other weights appear to be updated last night. Like yourself.......I fully anticipate South on the board.
  8. Perseverance


    Silas Allred
  9. Perseverance


    Silas Allred
  10. Perseverance

    Best looking coaching staff in the state

    Your opinions are weightless, and completely offensive. Unless this conversation can be “classed”, it’s completely unfair and biased towards larger schools coaching staffs. 😜
  11. Perseverance

    Jacob Moran of Portage commits to

  12. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    Final Results Seltzer 6th Viduya 6th Noehre 5th Calhoun 9th Allred 2nd (Lost 8-2) Plenty to be proud of for these studs. But more importantly......plenty to work on before getting redemption at S32 in a few weeks! We don’t lose......we learn.
  13. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    Viduya 3-1 wrestling for 5th Seltzer 3-1 wrestlingfor 5th Noehre 3-1 wrestling for 5th Calhoun ? wrestling for 8/9th Allred 4-0 and into the final. #9 Allred vs #2 Cardenas via Flo rankings All these young men have beaten some VERY legit opponents!
  14. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    -Update- Noehre 1-1 in pool has 1 more in pool Zeke 2-1 in pool (still alive for placement) Viduya 2-1 (1 bye) (still alive for placement) Calhoun ? Still trying to track down results Silas 3-0 (1 bye) (in semi-final)
  15. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    Coop wins! Earns birth into tomorrow.

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