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  1. Looks like they're back up and as shown on the IHSAA show.
  2. Looks like they'll be on track at 6 ET.
  3. There is a pretty clear difference in these two teams, in that one can mathematically qualify for the event and the other cannot, and one can mathematically win a dual against a full team while the other cannot. You are using IHSAA logic with the "best team" garbage. Narrowing the classes makes the event better, I think it's pretty hard to debate that. As much as I disagree with you every year on these topics, I, and I'm sure others, appreciate that you are one of the few that actually posts the logic behind your votes on this stuff.
  4. I don't know if I haven't paid enough attention or if it's not been posted here, but this seems like a pretty good compromise. It's silly regardless to include teams that can't win a dual. It's unfortunate that the committee doesn't make their reasoning public on these topics, and instead rely on you to be the middle man.
  5. At Fort Wayne 152 #17 Fielden (Garrett) vs #9 Macklin (Adams Central) in round one with the winner likely seeing #6 Stroud (Elkhart Central) in the ticket round. Ouch.
  6. Which is the biggest flaw in the system, very few actually know how it works and casual fans have little chance at grasping it.... But it's the best we have.
  7. Fair enough. I just don't see any way that it makes sense to include teams in the classification process that will not have programs in the year being qualified for.
  8. Still interested in your "argument issues" here...
  9. I wasn't going to say that, but I was thinking it. I think it's pretty clear I posted first.
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