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  1. 106: Goin(CP) over Cortez(LC) 113: Frazier(CP) over Doan(LC) 120: Bettich(CP) over Hall(Merr) 126: Roberson(CP) over Torres(Ches) 132: Mendez(CP) over Ponce(LC) 138: Kaiser(Ches) over Tattini(CP) 145: Ellis(Ches) over Cruz(CP) 152: Johnson(Ches) over Willems(CP) 160: Dinger(CP) over Hegwood(Portage) 170: Layman(Ches) over Neff(LP) 182: Walton(Merr) over Kwiatkowski(VP) 195: Williams(Merr) over Demarco(Ches) 220:Bates(Ches) over Streck(Merr) 285: Dancy(Portage) over Sparks(Merr) Crown Point as several guys out in the upper weights that will hurt their overall score. I think Chesterton wins(234) over Crown Point(214).
  2. If you wait a few years and look back at 126 in 2019 you might have the deepest. Potentially 4 state champs if Rioux wins 126 this year.
  3. Tulsa Nationals deadline is tonight. Hopefully we see some of the kids mentioned above test themselves at one of the toughest youth events in the country. Champs in the 16U division usually turn out to be nationally ranked kids.
  4. Sig40


    Jacob Carter
  5. Sig40


    Stephen Roberson
  6. Sig40


    Logan Frazier
  7. Sig40

    Crown Point vs. Hobart

    Crown Point
  8. Even though Alex is a huge reason why Jesse has been successful, Jesse would never leave Crown Point. The coaching staff at CP is amazing. The only scenario where he leaves CP early is if he decides to go to the OTC his senior year, but it sounds like he wants to try and win state with his teammates. Plus his mom and me would like to keep him around a few more years.
  9. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  10. Mater Dei is definitely scary in dual or tournament format. I am just glad they have to go through the meat grinder called Evansville semi state, which might thin the herd.
  11. Sig40


    Kyler Bills
  12. Sig40


    Brock Hueber
  13. Sig40


    Seth Willems
  14. Sig40


    Ulrik Urasky
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