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  1. When is the magazine dropping? I feel like it is normally the 2nd week of October or right after Super32.
  2. No, Jesse decided to go out for the cross country team late. CP has a great team and I anticipate them running every Saturday in October. Crown Point will have about half their roster at Super32 this year. Excited to watch them wrestle.
  3. I feel like there wasn't much discussion on either of these events. Here are a few things I saw from our Indiana guys. IHPO 105: Reed Egli wrestled well losing to Michigan state champ Wertanen. CP's Bahl beat state qualifiers Cortez and Brady Evan Dickey beat AZ state champ and finished with 4 wins Brady beat incoming freshman Courtney 5-4 and Egli in sudden victory Haines beat Seng in SV and finished the tournament with 5 wins taking 4th. Toby Billerman beat Cortez 8-4 Courtney beat Seng 1-0 116: Gilbert lost in semi finals and finished
  4. Not sure what hoops they would have to jump through, but if they move I am sure its possible.
  5. Anthony Ashnault just started a channel on Rokfin(Mobbin Media) and he put out a pretty accurate national ranking list. Indiana had several kids make the list. Alex Huddleston #3 at 64lbs Revin Dickman #2 at 80lbs Parker Reynolds #6 at 105lbs Kyle Harden #3 at 140lbs Miguel Rojas #7 at 140lbs De'Alcapon Veazy #6 at HWT Indy has a nice crop of wrestlers coming up.
  6. As Noah said he is at Mount Carmel. I don't think the 2 younger Bailey brothers are coming either. They also had Carroll as a freshman coming to CP. He is a sophomore going to Penn. I am sure if IL cancels their season or if they move it to the summer then there will be a bunch of these guys moving to Indiana. Little over a month and we will know what IL decides.
  7. it was worth a shot You could even announce guys in petition and the process of selecting them. Give some final tips about the venue and how bouts will be ran. We need some Caprino/Reiser time.
  8. Joe I know you are probably super busy putting this event together, but a gorilla radio tonight with Reiser discussing brackets would be great. or maybe Reiser and Brewer. Really just looking for some wrestling discussions.
  9. Approximately 150 spots left, don't sleep on possibly the toughest IHPO ever. Some huge brackets with 109lbs at 76 and 123lbs with 66. Also noticed that Indiana will have a few new faces to start the school year. Welcome to 1 class Indiana Sergio Lemley, Javen Estrada, and Robert Major. Anyone want to throw out some early predictions based off the registration right now?
  10. Probably closer to 6 if the 3 i am hearing about come. Several others not ranked that are probably on the watch list. I wish this season had more clarity, but it doesn't so I won't start rumors and put it on here.
  11. Could Indiana become the best wrestling state overnight?
  12. Yes. Nasir was very closed off and backed up for 5 minutes and 39 seconds. All the action was on the edge and kept getting whistled dead. Finally Jesse just finished a slam anyways and was hit for a point. When Nasir finally moved forward to take a shot Jesse scored and would have had a fall, but time expired. Once HS starts and he can get in a gym again I fully anticipate Jesse putting on some weight and hopefully being big enough to go 138. For now he will keep training and go 60 kilos at Junior Worlds, probably needs to get a little bigger for that to.
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