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  1. Sig40

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    #14 Colten Drousias- Hanover Central(if his dad was still the coach there, they may have formed up a power house) I know had an offer on a house in that school district right up until they let Mike go. Noah Mis- Griffith Rehan Uribe- Crown Point Robert Bowman- Griffith Nick Mishka- Lowell I believe Miles Hoey- possibly Lake Central
  2. Sig40


    Stephen Roberson
  3. Sig40

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    DCC beat Mount Carmel by 1. Mount Carmel I believe had 5 Indiana kids in their lineup for that dual.
  4. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  5. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  6. Sig40


    Stephen Roberson
  7. Sig40


    Stephen Roberson
  8. Sig40


    Stephen Roberson
  9. Sig40

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    If they use head to head and records for seeding I think the finals should look like this. 106: Roberson vs Hall 113: moran vs Cruz 120: Bettich vs Tolin 126: Mendez vs Peele 132: Hegedus vs Taylor 138: Nisely vs Ponce 145: Burford vs Maldonado 152: Ellis vs Hollendoner 160: Washington vs Taborski 170: Kwiatkowski vs Streck 182: Bates vs Perez 195: Potosky vs Akinwami 220: Bailey vs Wilcher 285: Garcia vs Atria I have Crown Point edging out Merrillville behind 5 champs. I have Merrillville making the finals in 6 or 7 weights so this prediction could change quickly. Portage has a couple horses, so it will come down to those guys getting bonus points if they want to finish on the top. Wouldn’t be surprised if Chesterton snuck in top 3 as well. Either way I am excited for some DAC wrestling.
  10. Sig40

    Crown Point vs. Michigan City

    Crown Point
  11. Sig40

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    DAC 106 #6 Stephen Roberson-CP #8 Malik Hall-Merr SS#8 Johny Cortez-LC 113 #1 Jacob Moran-Portage #6 Martin Cruz-Merr #14 Chris Merrill-Ches SS#5 Chris Tattini-CP 120 #3 Riley Bettich-CP #12 Danny Tolin-Ches #14 Ty Haskin-Portage 126 #1 Jesse Mendez-CP #5 Brock Peele-Portage SS#7 Juan Maldonado-Merr 132 #11 Ricky Hegedus-Portage SS#7 Ethan Kaiser 138 SS#3 Christian Ponce-LC SS#4 Tyson Nisley-LaPorte SS#6 Cade Johnson-Ches SS#8 Anthony Rivera-Merr 145 #8 Jake Burford-CP #14 Jacob Maldonado-Merr #16 Daniel Park-LC 152 #8 Brock Ellis-Ches SS#4 Jacob Beehn-Portage SS#6 Noah Hollendoner-CP 160 #1 Donnell Washington-Portage SS#6 Nick Taborski-CP 170 SS#5 Colin Kwiatkowski-Valpo SS#6 Jason Streck-Merr SS#7 Josh Warmick-Portage 182 #5 Evan Bates-Ches SS#5 Noah Perez-LaPorte SS#6 Khris Walton-Merr 195 #14 Seyi Akinwami-Merr SS#3 Ethan Potosky-CP 220 #13 Drew Bailey-Merr SS#6 John Wilcher-MC 285 #3 Anthony Atria-Merr SS#6 Nick Garcia-LC
  12. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  13. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  14. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  15. Sig40

    Portage vs. Crown Point


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