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  1. Buchanan is going back to Michigan. Same high school he was at his sophomore year.
  2. I am going 38-26 for 2016 with them taking 8 matches. 2019 gets overwhelmed by Joe, Paris, and Streck’s falls.
  3. Preseason top 3(lets see how this shakes out) 106: Goin, Miller, Hooper 113: Cottey, Nelson, Diaz 120: Seltzer, Bettich, Freeman 126: Littell, Lowery, Roberson 132: Mendez, Rioux, Heath 138: Boarman, Bailey, Campbell 145: Viduya, Reynolds, Koontz 152: Rodgers, Coleman, Hall 160: Dickens, Noehre, Wagner 170: Walker, Calhoun, Ruhlman 182: LaPlace, Parkinson, Lone 195: Allred, Bates, Farrell 220: Irick, Erb, Webster 285: Devault, Parsons, Keys Brownsburg, MD, Cathedral, CP
  4. This topic is about Indiana state. Cole will definitely be in finals at IHPO this weekend.
  5. My guess is 3 state champs from these guys. 126/132/138
  6. I was told that it wouldn’t work this year bc of the schedule they have in place, but that we would get in next year if we make the cut.
  7. I think it was easier for me to do Mater Dei's lineup then our own. Lots of question marks where kids weights are... hopefully we get a full squad at IHPO to get an idea where they will fall. 106: Goin/Bahl 113: Frazier/Goin 120: Bettich/Frazier/Roberson 126: Roberson/Tattini/Carter/Bettich 132: Taylor/Mendez/Roberson/Tattini 138: Mendez/Taylor/Tattini 145: Goodwin/Cruz 152: Cruz/Goodwin 160: Willems/Hollendoner 170: Hollendoner/Willems 182: Taborski/Ayala 195: McElroy/Ayala 220?285?
  8. Since the region is the furthest point from MD I probably have the best chance of guessing the lineup. lol 106:Seng/Egli 113: Cole Ross 120: Alec Freeman 126: Ashton Hayhurst 132: Blake Boarman 138: Brody Baumann 145: Kane Egli 152: Eli Dickens 160: Scott Fitts 170: Gabe Sollars 182: Parkinson not sure about upper weights, but just this right here is going to be a title contender
  9. We love the idea. Gives Jesse a chance to avenge a loss from last year at Super32 to Jack and then wrestle another amazing wrestler at same event. Giving Jesse a shot at 2 extremely tough matches in one day is totally worth it. Side note: Willie asked Jesse if he was ok with making it a 4 man bracket and he said he was down to wrestle anyone. It is definitely the hardest way to defend his ranking, but I am really excited to hopefully watch him wrestle twice at Carver Hall.
  10. Thanks for the breakdown Joe. Definitely hard to find anything on these other countries. Jesse told me yesterday he has never felt better for any tournament. His training and preparation is on point, now he just needs to cash in.
  11. I looked him up, he was a freshman last year. I was going to add him. lol He lost to Malik Hall 3-2 Friday night, so he is pretty legit.
  12. I made some changes based off Fargo, cadet duals, and few other descent duals.
  13. Jesse was scored on 4 times. Dalton Huffman got a takedown, Ethan Kaiser got a reversal, JJ Conway got a takedown, and Watts scored on Jesse in the semi finals. Jesse’s only match against Serrano was the win at Akron(7-7 criteria win).
  14. Congrats to Brock Bobzein winning a Greco National Championship. Brock moved out of Indiana a few years ago... it would have been nice to have kept him and his younger brother in state.
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