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  1. I knew 113, 160, and HWT were swing matches, unfortunately we lost all 3. I was really hoping we could rely on the big dogs to get falls, but they both got TF’s instead. Oh well I guess we will see them at team state... oh wait we didn’t accept the bid again.
  2. Ranked Guys and Predictions *not wrestling 106(Light weight killer Campbell will have little trouble, giving Ohio a champ here) #1(Flo #10, Rokfin #9)Dillion Campbell(LC) #2 Jeffrey Bailey(RF) #3 *Preston Haines(BB) Campbell(Legacy Christian, OH) over Bailey(River Forest) 113(this should have been one of the toughest brackets, but concussions and contact tracing will give CP their 1st champ of the day) #1 *logan Miller(BB) #4 Anthony Bahl(CP) #6 *Eli Campbell(LC) Bahl(Crown Point) over Schultz(River For
  3. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  4. Sig40

    Crown Point vs Portage

    Crown Point
  5. Not at all. Jesse had to work pretty hard to put weight on for WNO, so he wasn’t giving too much weight up to Vandervere. 61 kilos would have been a perfect weight with the original 2 day weigh ins setup. But with the plus 2 kilos and day before weigh in 59 works out pretty good. Jesse is pretty excited to test himself against all the established college guys.
  6. That quad will be awesome. Some of my favorite wrestling parents to hangout with as well.
  7. Yea it doesn’t help when Portage keeps jumping the gun for the rest of DAC teams. Sports are still a go. Our entire team was on E-learning anyways. #goingred #gettingbluerings #someonehastohashtag
  8. I received several text messages asking about CP and Portage canceling winter sports. So I am just trying to shut down the negative energy. I hate all the people who fall victims to the fear. Portage did go to E-learning until Thanksgiving and they have been consistent in over reacting to covid. Their school colors are red like ours, but they seem to be more blue during the pandemic.
  9. I’ll set 10 minutes to the side. I don’t need much if any. Monica Monica Monica purchased me my own set for my b-day. Mendez family will have 1 member in all 3 top teams.
  10. Also our Holiday tournament is now a quad with Perry, Center Grove, and Warren Central. Making the best of a bad situation.
  11. Sorry to disappoint, but Crown Point will be wrestling this season. #bluerings
  12. Sig40


    Javen Estrada
  13. Sig40


    Javen Estrada
  14. Sig40


    Javen Estrada
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