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  1. 1 DOZEN Nationally ranked wrestlers at this tournament!!!! I am sure there will be several more after IHPO and Super32. Paris Graham-OH #1 in D2 106: Flo #3-- #1 Beric Jordan-10th grade-2021-1st 113: #8 Brogan Tucker-9th grade 126: #11 Bryce Kohler-9th grade 145: #1 Nolan Gessler-12th grade--2019-3rd/2020-NS/2021-1st 152: #14 Eli Jacks-10th grade 160: #4 Luke James-9th grade 170: #3 Gunner Cramblett--10th grade--2021-7th 182: #4 Zack Burroughs-12th grade--2021-8th 195: Flo #17--#2 Carter Neves--10th grade--2021-2nd 220: #5 Evan Lykins-12th grade-2021-SQ 285: #2 Nolan Neves-12th grade--2021-3rd Legacy Christian-OH-#1 in D3 106: #1 Eli Campbell-10th grade--2021-2nd 120: Flo #13-- #1 Dillon Campbell-10th grade--2021-1st 126: #2 Logan Attisano-12th grade--2021-4th 132: #1 Cam Lacure-12th grade--2019-3rd/2020-NS/2021-1st 138: #5 Brayden Brown-10th grade 145: #6 Boede Campbell-11th grade 152: Flo #20--#1 Gavin Brown-12th grade--2019-1st/2020-NS/2021-1st 160: #9 Ethan Cooper- 11th grade 170: #3 Nick Alvarez-12th grade-2021-4th Davison-MI-#1 in D1 113: #9 Aden Williams--12th grade-2019-2nd/2021-6th 120: #1 Justin Gates--10th grade-2021-1st 126: Flo #7-- #1 Caden Horwath-11th grade--2020-1st/2021-1st 132: #4 Cameron Freeman-12th grade--2021-4th 138: #8 Brendan Maybee--12th grade--2021-5th 145: #2 Evan Herriman-- 11th grade--2020-4th/2021-2nd 152: #10 Owen Payne-- 12th grade--2021-5th 170: Flo #2-- #1 Josh Barr--11th grade--2020-1st/2021-1st 220: #1 Jimmy Colley--12th grade--2019-3rd/2020-3rd/2021-1st Homewood Flossmor-IL 126: Flo #5 Vincent Robinson--11th grade-2020-2nd 132: Flo #2 Nasir Bailey--11th grade-2020-1st/2021-1st 138: Flo #19 Jaydon Robinson--10th grade 220: Justin Thomas--12th grade Marmian Catholic-IL 106: Flo # 10--#1 Jameson Garcia--11th grade--2021-1st 113: #HM Danny Pigoni--10th grade 120: #HM Tyler Aters-11th grade--2021-SQ 152: #HM Jaden Morga--11th grade Brownsburg-IN 106: Jake Hockaday--9th grade 113: Preston Haines--10th grade 126: Braden Haines--12th grade-2021-8th 138: Brady Ison--10th grade-2021-3rd 145: Gavin Garcia12th grade-2021-SQ 170: Caden Brewer--9th grade 195: Gunner Henry--9th grade 220: Isaiah Street--12th grade--2020-SQ 285: Flo #12 Leighton Jones-11th grade--2021-3rd Lowell-MI(maybe coming) 120: #10 Ramsy Mutschlec-12th grade-2020-4th/2021-4th 132: #10 James Link-12th grade-2021-5th 160: #4 Carson Crace-11th grade-2021-2nd 220: #4 Carter Blough-12th grade-2021-3rd Crown Point-IN 106: Gavin Jendreas-9th grade 113: Kaptur Nowaczyk-10th grade 120: Evan Cruz-10th grade-2021-SQ 126: Logan Frazier-11th grade-2020-3rd/2021-2nd 132: Anthony Bahl-11th grade-2021-5th 138: Flo #1 Jesse Mendez-12th grade-2019-1st/2020-1st/2021-1st 145: Cody Goodwin-11th grade 152: Sam Goin-11th grade-2020-5th/2021-4th 160: Nick Tattini-12th grade-2021-SQ 170: Orlando Cruz-11th grade-2020-SQ/2021-5th 182: Seth Willems-11th grade 195: Will Clark-10th grade 220: Paul Clark-10th grade 285: Jack Ruess-11th grade ***still putting in rosters
  2. Bouzakis was supposed to wrestle Crookham until he was injured last year(no match). This year they wanted nic and Jesse to wrestle for the number 1 P4P spot, but Nic is having surgery after Worlds. So 132 will not be contested either. Last year Van Ness was in a 4 man so they just tweaked it. There was always supposed to be another match, but Van Ness would never agree to one. Every year there is a handful of weights that are not contested.
  3. 2019 126 had 5 as well. 4 on the top side of the bracket.
  4. The scale took out 2 potential state champs in Logan Miller and Cody Goodwin. It also had a huge effect on potential team champions.
  5. I think he means bc briar pinned everyone very quickly and had tons of time for activities. Impressive
  6. When Jace beat Gavin, I told my wife that it was going to be Jesse and Jace in the finals. Sad that he didn’t get to finish the tournament. Hopefully he is doing better today. Jace was the first kid that made Jesse want to train harder. Definitely a dangerous and fun wrestler to watch. Thank you for the nice post.
  7. Middle school undercard might overshadow the HS boys. Lol The next crop of 7th/8th graders are going to be really really good.
  8. How does the team scoring work? Are they using Friday night?
  9. I knew 113, 160, and HWT were swing matches, unfortunately we lost all 3. I was really hoping we could rely on the big dogs to get falls, but they both got TF’s instead. Oh well I guess we will see them at team state... oh wait we didn’t accept the bid again.
  10. Ranked Guys and Predictions *not wrestling 106(Light weight killer Campbell will have little trouble, giving Ohio a champ here) #1(Flo #10, Rokfin #9)Dillion Campbell(LC) #2 Jeffrey Bailey(RF) #3 *Preston Haines(BB) Campbell(Legacy Christian, OH) over Bailey(River Forest) 113(this should have been one of the toughest brackets, but concussions and contact tracing will give CP their 1st champ of the day) #1 *logan Miller(BB) #4 Anthony Bahl(CP) #6 *Eli Campbell(LC) Bahl(Crown Point) over Schultz(River Forest) 120(Frazier will help CP go back to back) #3 Logan Frazier(CP) #5 Logan Altissano(LC) #12 *Braden Haines(BB) Frazier(Crown Point) over Altissano(Legacy, OH) 126(Goin vs Lacure would have been a slugfest, but with Sam injured and Lacure wanting to text himself at 138 we will see CP freshman trying to shock Ison of Brownsburg) #1 Camron Lacure(LC) #3 *Sam Goin(CP) Ison(Brownsburg) over Washington(Crown Point) 132(this will be the toughest bracket and closest finals match. I see this coming down to the last second for a 3rd time) #3 Kysen Montgomery(BB) #4 Stephen Roberson Jr(CP) #14 Brayden Brown(LC) Roberson(Crown Point) over Montgomery(Brownsburg) 138(Lacure should be Jesse’s first test this year. Excited to watch to former Scorpion Dynasty wrestlers go at it) #1(#2 Flo, #1 Rokfin) Jesse Mendez(CP) #12 *Gavin Garcia(BB) Mendez(Crown Point) over Lacure(Legacy, OH) 145(match of the night. I am calling for an upset over nationally ranked Ohio State commit Gavin Brown) #1(#17 Flo, #16 Rokfin) Gavin Brown(LC) #2 Cody Goodwin(CP) #8 *Blaze Garcia(BB) Goodwin(Crown Point) over Brown(Legacy,OH) 152(Estrada will continue his dominance in Indiana with a title) #2 Javen Estrada(CP) #13 Ethan Cooper(LC) #14 Nick Cicciarelli(BB) Estrada(Crown Point) over Cooper(Legacy, OH) 160(both wrestlers made the Carnahan finals last year. Cruz will be too tough and mean to be denied this year) #4 Orlando Cruz(CP) #13 Griffin Ison(BB) Cruz(Crown Point) over Cicciarelli(Brownsburg) 170(Ison will walk away with a title here against Tattini or Ramos of Fairhaven) #2 *Nick Alvarez(LC) Ison(Brownsburg) over Tattini(Crown Point) 182(Willems will try to give the CP their 8th title of the night with some tough leg riding for a big guy) #13 Seth Willems(CP) Willems(Crown Point) over Adamczyk(Hebron) 195(the ingots will get their 1st title of the night and possibly move into 3rd place in team points) Paceley(River Forest) over Hoffman(Hebron) 220(Streets will see another Fairhaven wrestle in the finals, but will be too strong for him) #6 Isaiah Street(BB) Street(Brownsburg) over Schreiber(Fairhaven Christian) 285:(Predicting that this won’t be Jones last title under the lights this year) #3 Leighton Jones(BB) Jones(Brownsburg) over Ruess(Crown Point) Team Champs: Crown Point-289 2nd-Brownsburg-218 3rd-River Forest-157 4th-Fairhaven & Legacy each with 126
  11. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  12. Sig40

    Crown Point vs Portage

    Crown Point
  13. Not at all. Jesse had to work pretty hard to put weight on for WNO, so he wasn’t giving too much weight up to Vandervere. 61 kilos would have been a perfect weight with the original 2 day weigh ins setup. But with the plus 2 kilos and day before weigh in 59 works out pretty good. Jesse is pretty excited to test himself against all the established college guys.
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