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  1. Sig40

    Impact freshman

    I did an updated rankings when I found out the Ohio kids were coming, where I had Cernus number 3(state champ) and Donahue Number 4(runner up). So top 4 produced 2 state champs and 2 runner ups. #dreamteam2022
  2. Sig40

    Last Year vs This Years Champs

    For sure. He just won a state title on Saturday as well.
  3. Sig40

    Last Year vs This Years Champs

    Nic Vafiadis. Yes, Jesse wrestled him twice. Jesse beat him for a super32 title and then lost to him two months later. The Virginia refs hit Jesse with a fleeing the mat call to lose the match when the kid pushed him straight out. Stall maybe, but fleeing definitely not. Vafiadis is top notch.
  4. Sig40

    Last Year vs This Years Champs

    Jesse definitely wanted to cut him. You clearly see Jesse look at coaches twice and then hear them say stay on top, he does not get a point. I later asked the coach and they confirmed that they did not want him to give up a point. I talked to Jesse as well and he wanted to keep working towards bonus points. Although Jesse has never wrestled Ty Mills, he did beat Patrick Noonan(Super32) who gave Ty his last high school loss(FloNationals).
  5. Sig40

    Mendez vs. Watts

    Across the country Jesse has beaten 31 high school state champs.
  6. Sig40

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    I did not see a link to edit picks in the email.
  7. Sig40

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    Facundo won WNO and is one of the most explosive wrestlers in the country. Didn’t realize their final was 5-3. Wow
  8. Ok so who earned the EC spot?
  9. Sig40

    Top Middle School Wrestlers 2018/2019

    Can you post records for all the Indiana kids that were there, so rankings can be adjusted. From Facebook photo I saw looks like 4 or 5 Indiana kids were on the championship team. Congrats to these kids seeking out the best competition.
  10. Sig40

    Most Falls - Season

    Drew Hughes senior year pinned everyone except his opponent in quarters or semis at state. He should be pretty high up there. Nasty on top.
  11. Sig40

    State draw

    Where do we have to go on this site? I don’t see it.
  12. 106: Cottey, Chundi, Perry, Anthony 113: Seltzer, Pierson, Simone, White 120: Lowery, Stewart, Eldred, Moseley 126: Wagner, Walendzak, Wilkerson, Slivka 132: Viduya, Bailey, Johnson, Naselroad 138: Freije, Smith, Wilson, Wilkerson 145: Hall, Warren, Mosconi, Graves (this weight can go 4 different ways) really tough 152: Rodgers, Noehre, Fair, Otto (top 2 can be switched) 160: Davis, Lohrey, Slivka, Lowe (another insane weight that can have 3 different champs) 170: Saez, Coffman, Mahan, Klettheimer (again a stacked weight with many possibilities) 182: Bacon, Farrell, Morgan, Sterrett 195 Allred, Roudebush, Lane, Bynum 220: Irick, Webster, Cornwell, Campbell 285: Watts, Harris, Kunkleman, Keller
  13. Sig40

    Evansville Semi- State

    I know Miller will claim that the 6th grade state championship run with Brownsburg gives them some sort of rights over Jesse... so maybe
  14. Sig40

    EC semi state prediction

    *Couple things about each weight 106: roberson vs Cernus is semi finals will be a big match for team scoring 113: 2nd quarter bracket will be the most interesting Tattini vs Armstrong and then winner vs Fogarty 120: both semi finals will be great matches 126: top side quarters can go either way and Peele vs Mendez in Semi finals will drop one of them to a 3 seed causing a potential Friday night match vs Curtis or Watts(FW's runner up) 132: one of the nastiest blood round matches in all semi states Moreno vs Rodriguez 138: Nisely vs Alexander should be a fun semi finals match 145: 2 tough first round matches Hollis vs maldonado and Park vs Watts 152: first round match Hollendonner vs Turley(winner I believe can grab the 4 seed) 160: Washington should navigate the bracket with ease 170: top quarter bracket can go a few different ways with Sneed, Pack, and Streck fighting for a ticket 182: 2nd worse blood round match is Bates for LaPlace. and potentially some revenge matches Castro vs Donahue and LaPlace vs Donahue 195: Akinwumi draws a tough blood round match vs Donovan. Snyder vs Potosky I believe will decide who makes the finals vs Akinwumi/Donovan winner 220: Another great Fowler Bailey rematch is in order 285: 2 tough blood round matches Garcia vs DeVault and Atria vs Austgen
  15. Sig40

    Evansville Semi- State

    As a Region Rat I can not be a Homer, so here are my picks. 106: Freeman, Miller, Garcia, Newman 113: Watson, ,Nelson, Ross, Dalton 120: Littell, Montgomery, Boarman, Conley 126: Rioux, Egli, Conway, Clark 132: Garcia, Campbell, Boe, Fuqua 138: Rooks, Kreitzer, Mayer, Sego 145: Lee, Burdon, Kervin, Koontz 152: Dickens, Conley, Schoenegge, Ross 160: Pruett, ,Deters, Ruhlman, Ashbury 170: South, parkinson, Blubaugh, Jean-baptist 182: Brewer, Bellemy, Carson, Nix 195: Nunn, Wampler, Willham, Carrier 220: Bolte, Aiken, Williams, Howell 285: Sidibe, Keys, Biddle, Gentry 7 Avon wrestlers advancing, 9 Brownsburg, and 8 MD MD, Avon, CE, and CG all with 3 champs each.

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