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  1. I thought finals were on IHSSA network.
  2. 88' graduate here. I remember us as a team talking about the Thundercats cartoons together then doin the Thundercats mantra after warm ups.
  3. just realized there is no Lake Station on your amazing stats
  4. yes. I posted on another thread, but seriously who is announcing on mat 2 cause he is hilarious.
  5. I hit refresh and it worked for me
  6. Tsirtsis V. Cash @ the Traicoff was like watching great movie trailer that year.
  7. I want to know is announcing mat #2. I want to give him some bananas!
  8. I remember in the early days of the internet ( at least my early days) there was a video of a wrestler winning matches at high school nationals with an inside trip to that song as a mash up,
  9. Dedication, as well any sport in my opinion.
  10. yes, but I was just naming my fav. in 96
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