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  1. Thanks for everything leroy. Enjoyed watching you on the mat as well as in the chair.
  2. How do you lose by half a point? 😁
  3. Josh Warmick from Portage. Don't recall his JV record last year, but sectional and regional champ this year
  4. I can say that my boss does not like this discussion board. When he looks at my computer it is usually always up on one of my pages. He has come to know when wrestling season has started even though he doesn't even know what the sport is.😁
  5. Congrats Jacob, all the best for the future
  6. I'm just trying to get my posts up so I don't stay a regional qualifier forever.
  7. I agree it's not a big deal, was just wondering
  8. Has anyone looked at where the venues would be if it went to a class system? I'm not arguing either way I was just curious as to how far a 1A school would have to travel for each round, again just curious, I understand that wrestlers travel a lot anyway
  9. Just want to chime in on this sport can take a hold of you and make you a fan for life. I wrestled in high school , joined the army after graduation and got married. I would go watch the local schools wrestle as well as local touneys that I found in the newspaper. I came home in the mid nineties and jumped right back to supporting my old school. I have three daughters none of whom wrestled, but would come watch with me and then became stat keepers in middle school and high school, the youngest did it in college. I'm now an empty nester, but my wife and I can still be found in the stands every saturday and even some sundays when we can. State is our weekend getaway, and some people call us crazy sometimes, but they just don't understand that once you are a wrestler the love for this sport stays with you for life.
  10. "Gadzhimagomedov" - say it 3 times real fast
  11. tyquhp13


    Friday nite @ 126 is gonna be worth the price, no matter the placing at semi state
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