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  1. MOWrestler

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    Unfortunate press for IU as Angel takes over. However, as a Boilermaker fan, this sort of IU behavior is not surprising in general. I jest of course.
  2. MOWrestler

    NFHS Wrestling Rules Update

    Spoiler ALERT! This was already posted @Ch1StyleZ84
  3. MOWrestler

    Best Incoming class

    True, though the probability is higher for some than others.
  4. MOWrestler

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I agree with you. I think we get close on the top 10 and I think the system likely places the top 4-6 well. After that there will always be arguments about the system or where the cut line should be. From the standpoint of parity within a class, it is nice that there are teams from 15-25 that could still be competitive with teams who make the top 12.
  5. MOWrestler

    P4P king of ‘19

    CMA Wrestling FB page has an exciting announcement about their new schedule. Looks like a significant improvement. Triacoff, Detroit Catholic Central, MI, Olentangy, OH. This kind of competition could really improve their readiness for the state tournament series.
  6. MOWrestler

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I have not seen anything official either. So I'm uncertain where the information comes from. I did see in another post and on FB that CMA is beefing up their schedule as well. This has been another challenge for the team over the years since they've had some really talented kids who truly need the competition, but also had 3-5 weights with really novice wrestlers. Hard to have tournaments that meet the needs of both.
  7. MOWrestler

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I see your point. CMA had some 'gaps' in their line-up (be that FF's or very novice wrestlers). With the 3 seniors graduating there are some openings in the middle weights and still 2-3 spots in the lower weights and 1-2 spots in the upper. So, I guess it will really depend on the incoming class and how they fill in. In another post Sig40 indicated 5 new guys coming in from OH? It will be interesting to see how they fall into the line-up among the returning guys. CMA will lose 3 Seniors next year as well who were 1 SSQ and 2 RQ from this season. The lack of a feeder program is tough for consistency.
  8. MOWrestler

    Warren RTC 4-18

    Could everyone who is being sarcastic write in italics? I'm trying to discern between these two posts.
  9. MOWrestler

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Where did you find the numbers for these again? I can't seem to find the old post with the team points. I am a little surprised CMA was not in the mix for a vote-in. They beat Rochester head to head in a dual last year (which I realize isn't a criteria and lost a close dual with New Prairie with a couple of kids out of the line-up d/t injury). CMA must have had 9 RQ, with 6 SSQ, and 2 SQ. Not doubting the calculations, just wondering.
  10. MOWrestler

    P4P king of ‘19

    CMA doesn't have a feeder program, so starting from scratch with a kid in 9th grade (unless he's Kris Rumph) is pretty hard. 5 starters would be a boost if they're all in the line-up. CMA's JV was thin at best this year. They had a couple of weights with novice wrestlers and they lose 3 key seniors: State Placer, 2x State Qualifier, 4xSSQ, 4x Sectional Champ: Adam Davis (138) 2x SSQ ticket rounder, 3x RQ, Sectional Champ: Michael Boland (182) 1x SSQ, 3x RQ: Aaron Brooke (152) Also 2xSSQ Dante Dalmaso (missed most of the year d/t injury and doesn't have another year of eligibility left) Depending on where these new guys fall in with the returning kids, CMA will at least be equally tough as a tournament team and maybe more formidable as a dual team.
  11. MOWrestler

    Warren RTC 4-18

    What about the fun of dominating and imposing his will on others. Sounds better than a crummy medal anyway. Glad he wrestled well. Hope he can take some joy in that.
  12. MOWrestler

    P4P king of ‘19

    Is that Peyten Kellar? Maybe Peyten Kellar? His most recent weigh-ins on Track Wrestling are @ cadet 120 (same as Mendez).
  13. MOWrestler

    P4P king of ‘19

    Will be interesting to see who ends up at this weight: C. Rooks (126 this year; could bump clear to 138?) Mosconi or Bryant (132 this year 2nd and 3rd; doubt either stay at 132; do they go 138 or 145?) M. Lee or C. Gimson (138 this year, While they were 7th and 5th they did well in a weight packed with some heavy hitting seniors.... Can they still make the weight?)
  14. MOWrestler

    What if IN kept talent in state

    @MattM this is very true. It is why coaching at this level is about so much more than just being a great wrestler, technician, motivator, recruiter etc.... You've really got to manage a whole program and you've got to get the fiscal backing to make it happen. Your point about building DEPTH in the coaching staff is a great one. I am personally more of a Purdue fan, but I am pulling for Angel none the less. I hope he gets the support he needs to make some real changes.
  15. MOWrestler


    I do think Rumph would have been the champ. Glad to see he will be wrestling #7 Cole Matthews of PA for Indiana's Dream Team. Based on Rumph's weight, looks like he could have gone 132 for the Dream Team and faced #2 Real Woods of Il.

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