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  1. 12 points
    2013-14there were 22 kids on the Garrett squad 2019-20 we started with 51 and are 49 or 50 now 16-17,17-18,19-20 we made it. Felt we were snubbed one...maybe two years. We knew we were close though. Funny thing is that we were a “bubble” vote in team this year yet we got 2nd. We’ve been seeded 5th twice and placed 2nd both of those years. Unseeded to 7th another year. We knew we could win it this year or compete before we were voted in. In 18 we knew we had a shot as well and came close in a runner up finish. This has definitely attracted kids! Believe it or not...our success has improved our feeder system and we have good wrestlers coming up. ......I’d bet that the same exists for other programs who are excited for the opportunity to win team state.
  2. 12 points

    It’s Time

    I am pretty sure if you have more than one state champion, by the laws of mathematics it makes you less of a state champion.
  3. 8 points
    Hall of fame coach Bob Read was honored as he coached his final home dual after 40 plus years at Plymouth high school. It was a special night watching past wrestlers come from literally all over the country to honor him. Coach hates any attention on himself but this was well deserving. I’ve known this man over 40 years and I can honestly say I’ve never met a man with more class, ethics and integrity in my life. The video tribute showed countless former wrestlers share how they have become the husbands, fathers and men they are because of the time and care coach poured into their lives. He’s had numerous state qualifiers, placers and champions but the mentoring he has poured into people is what last. I’ve never met a man who hates to lose and loves to win more but it’s the lessons in life that leaves the greatest marks on his wrestlers. He is a man that is driven by his faith, his family and simply pouring into young men’s lives. I felt like I was peeling an onion all night! Thank you coach Read for all you’ve done in this great sport in Plymouth and in Indiana. Well deserved.
  4. 5 points
    The Berne Witness

    ACAC Wrestling Tournament Webcast

    The Berne Witness will webcast the ACAC tournament this Friday night beginning at approximately 7 p.m. Our broadcast will be available on our website (bernewitness.com), on IHSAAtv, through our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page. This is the beginning of four straight weeks of wrestling webcasts for us. We'll also have the sectional and regional tournaments at Jay County and the Fort Wayne Semi-State.
  5. 4 points

    The Mendez effect

    I’m guessing none of these young men seen Vision Quest
  6. 4 points

    Mat side weigh ins

    I am more concerned with logistics of doing it at a tournament or multi-dual event. If you are eating a regular diet your weight will fluctuate a great deal during the day mainly depending upon how much you drink.Making weight multiple times in one day seems a little over the top and redundant.
  7. 4 points
    Guys when’s the next screw the central board meeting? Bw3s again?
  8. 3 points

    Red Vs Lee ?

    Can I like my own post?
  9. 3 points
    120 - Cole Solomey
  10. 3 points
    When will this be airing in Ridiculousness?
  11. 3 points

    The Mendez effect

    My dad could beat up your dad.
  12. 3 points

    Semi state template.

    Not every year! 😉
  13. 3 points

    Mat side weigh ins

    That could be very cool. Have Scale built into floor like they have at amusement parks. Wrestlers walk in stand on scale the weight pops up on a big jumbo tron then they run to mat.
  14. 3 points

    Indiana All-Decade Team

    Shawn streck is the no brainer at heavyweight. Only 2x champ was a 4x placer at heavyweight which is un heard of. Lost 1-0 to Winfield his freshman year. He also didn’t give up an offensive point his last 2 years.
  15. 3 points

    4 Time Spartan Classic Champions

    Wouldn’t be Adam Doherty of Jeffersonville. I beat him there in a placement match at 103 his freshman - my sophomore year in probably the highest scoring match I ever had. Something around 24-19. Cathedral’s Scott Weaver won the weight class that year over J. Collis. Collis had beat Doherty earlier to put him in the consols.
  16. 3 points
    182 is ridiculous.
  17. 2 points

    Hoosier Heritage Conference

    Hopefully he's back for sectionals.
  18. 2 points
    Coach Humble

    NE8 conference predictions

    It’s a shame that the SAC only wanted Carroll and Homestead for the so called, “revenue sports.” However, whether you dislike purple, it should be noted that according to a study a few years ago, purple was the most used color of Indiana schools
  19. 2 points

    Red Vs Lee ?

    I am going out on a limb here, but I will go Lee with a major decision. What will be most interesting to me is to see is how Red deals with Lee's offense. No one has come close to stopping him when he takes a shot (which is often) in college or in the Sr Open (with the exception of Jordan Oliver). While he has not wrestled anyone with even remotely the defensive skills of Red yet in folkstyle this year, he certainly did so in freestyle at the Sr. Open. Of course, the caveat is freestyle does not equal folkstyle. Meanwhile, Red can re-attack or turn your offense into his offense with the best of them. All of that is another way of saying I am really looking forward to Friday night.
  20. 2 points

    JV State Duals

    Pool A Cathedral Perry Meridian Carroll Pool B Evansville Mater Dei Columbus East Avon Pool C Brownsburg Franklin Jeffersonville Pool D Warren Central Bloomington South Pendleton Heights
  21. 2 points
    Chad Red handled Max Murin tonight, 6-2. Mason Parris vs. Gable Steveson Sunday as well as Nick Lee and Penn State vs. Rutgers.
  22. 2 points
    Caleb Spires

    The Mendez effect

    Making predictions = slimy individual. Got it. Time to discontinue the pick em contest.
  23. 2 points
    Wrestled between 145-160 from eighth grade to senior year(2014). A year and a half ago I would have been wrestling 220, but now I’m back down to the 170 class, and could make the cut back to 160 pretty easily.
  24. 2 points
    The rule is you gain 15 pounds once you get married and an extra 10 for every kid. Its like the game of life, but instead of getting little yellow pink and blue pegs to put in your car, you get fat and larger clothes.
  25. 2 points
    😂😂145 In 2001 now 220. I doubt I would ever be 145 again
  26. 2 points

    DAC talk / predictions

    The tournament is seeded after weigh-ins. Given the travel distance for some teams, this was more ideal given that it is an eight team tournament with most kids having head to head already and avoids a seeding meeting on an alternate day. I am personally selfish and miss the free meal I get attending the seeding meeting however!
  27. 2 points

    Team State Qualifying

    Most schools have to set a schedule and how they will use their current year competition points more than a month or so in advance. It’s just not feasible for the current year teams when the event is held in the middle of the season. We would all love to see it be based on the current years success and likely near the end of the season, but the IHSAA isn’t on board with that yet.
  28. 2 points
    Coach Brobst

    It’s Time

    Sorry. Don’t want you to get what I’m saying twisted, I think Alexandria is doing an OUTSTANDING job of doing things the right way! Every time I go to a youth event and see 30-45 little Tigers out there and all the parents getting into it, I get excited for what that town has coming up! My entire family minus myself are Tigers, and you are absolutely doing fantastic things! just pointing out how you (and others in your boat) could have more immediate success at the HS level of it were classed and the work would be lessened. Burn out in our profession is very real. And many small towns don’t have another guy to take up the torch when one leaves due to it. Keep up the great work! No doubt we’ll start seeing maroon and gold Tigers at Bankers life soon!
  29. 2 points

    Updated Rankings #4

    Anyone can add individual results. https://indianamat.com/index.php?/individual_result.html/
  30. 2 points

    It’s Time

    I understand the whole concept of ONE state champion, but in the best states (IA, IL, MN, OH, PA) you see three in all of these minus PA. Having more than one state champion doesn’t make you any less of a state champion. If that’s the case, put every college in one division and see how they fare.
  31. 2 points

    Mat side weigh ins

    This is a problem coaches, parents and athletes need to deal with internally and responsibly..I don't think there's any certain way to nullify cutting across the board..it starts with the proper way of managing your weight and a system with your ppl.. if everybody did their part and looked out for their wrestler it wouldn't be near as bad..we have to get out out the mentality of depriving ourselves in order to have a ill advised never guaranteed advantage.. In MMA fighters are starting to realize that their natural weight and proper strength training will suit them better than cutting to the lower weight.. especially with Welterweights 170 that were cutting to 155.. they started started fighting at 170 and their careers began to skyrocket at the once thought 2aw too big they was running from...It doesn't make sense to stunt a kids growth while their naturally growing.. Proper dieting, training and clean living will go a long way especially compared to long nights doing damage to their bodies and organs.. I've cut 30 pounds in 6 days in 2007 for a fight and a few other bad cuts led me to realize I was so wrong and being detrimental to my growth and self.. I've never encouraged my guys to be "cutters" and never will.
  32. 2 points

    Top 10’s?

    It's on the agenda to discuss on Gorilla Radio, just haven't gotten to them. I like to do them live so people can hear our thought process on them.
  33. 2 points

    Team State Draw Show

    Cathedral was ranked fourth on December 15. New rankings will be out in morning
  34. 2 points

    3A team state seed discussion

    Thanks for the info Cricket. That's good news to MD fans.
  35. 2 points

    3A team state seed discussion

    Im sorry my friend but it will not even be close. No one touches MD in a dual meet this year! Las Vegas would have the Wildcats at +15 pts
  36. 2 points

    Al Smith Predictions

    106: sam goin 113: Alex Cottey 120: zeke seltzer 126: jace Alexander 132: jesse Mendez 138: Logan Bailey 145: Brock Ellis 152: Garrett stuckman 160: Elliot Rodgers 170: graham calhoun 182: joe walker 195: jacob Laplace 220: David guhl 285: Holden parson
  37. 1 point

    TRC and CIC Predictions?

    I totally agree. The only other reason I wouldn't mind an individual tournament is runner ups ect... Those kids don't get the recognition of finishing 2nd in the Conference.
  38. 1 point
    Can't top @littlevito but 98 in '86 as a sophomore, 135 as a senior, now 205
  39. 1 point


    East Central is very dominant with only three Seniors in their lineup.
  40. 1 point
    I wrestled against EC when they had Holstegge, Fleckenstein, and the Merks, and I'd probably take this years team over them from top to bottom.
  41. 1 point

    DAC talk / predictions

    Always a great day of wrestling. I wonder when the brackets will be released
  42. 1 point

    Mat side weigh ins

    The state talks about safety , even if a kid isn’t cutting weight and weighs in 5 times on a Saturday and has to maintain that weight all day that means he can barely eat or drink all day ! And safe is that for a child ? People who make these rules or even think about it apparently didn’t wrestle at any level . They don’t realize u drink a normal bottle of water and u just gained 1.1 pounds . So in between matches if u decide to eat a sandwhich and drink a bottle of water that before u wrestle again u have to go run the hallways and cut 1.5 pounds .. makes no sense at all to weight in multiple times.
  43. 1 point

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    You win Caleb. I’ll never ask about the Semi-State rankings again.
  44. 1 point
    Tough loss at the end for Sollars. Parkinson only wins 8-0. MD needed more points from him
  45. 1 point
    With the team state seeds being released on New Year’s Day live from the double eagle. My seed prediction 1. Evansville mater dei(MD invite champs) 2. Indianapolis cathedral(Al Smith champs) 3. Brownsburg(2nd at flavin lost to a Wisconsin team) 4. warren central (north Montgomery champ) 5. Perry meridian(3rd at al Smith) 6. Carmel(mooresville champ) 7. ??? 8. ??? Roncalli (3rd at mater dei) mishawka 4th at Al smith beat penn in a crazy dual. Avon- 2nd at MIT in Ohio Penn 6 at al Smith columbus East 9th at al Smith carroll(Fort wayne) 12th at Al Smith Some of these squads haven’t been at full strength
  46. 1 point
    Don’t know but here’s my list and why Ross(EMD) not only did he beat Pan Am Champ Gilbert in a very good match, but also took out Ky #1 Eckman(UC. Konderhadt(BW) don’t think he gave up a single offensive point in route to a title that he lost last year via DQ to Ross. Solid wrestler Peterson(Father Ryan)- 3 1st period falls and a Major in the finals 10-0. Wow
  47. 1 point
    The bias against central Indiana schools just showed in the 182 finals match. Warren gets called for stalling after attempting a snap down yet Walker can sit in top riding hips for almost 3 minutes with no stall call.
  48. 1 point
    What a match at 106 to kick things off! Coy Hammack dominated Reed Egli for the first two periods and had a 6-0 lead into the 3rd. Egli could do nothing on bottom and had been taken down twice and chose top. He was able to work Hammack and get him turned for backs and eventually got the fall. Egli looked a good bit smaller than Hammack but the kid battles. Hammack is good. Expect to see him deep in the consolation bracket taking a run at 3rd Place.
  49. 1 point

    4 Time Spartan Classic Champions

    Yup, I’ve seen a few dads walking in with bigger families turn to wife an ask for her purse to dig deeper. It is what it is, I’d follow along if it was possible. I’m now in Pa, doing my best to keep notice of In wrestling as best I can.
  50. 1 point

    Notable wins/ upsets 12/21

    #2 Brock Ellis bumps up to 152 and decisions #8 Tyler Turley 4 - 0
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