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  1. What happened with the Lowery/Olson match? Was watching mat 2 and just noticed a DQ.
  2. You know that we have to social distance. Don't want them young athletes spreading any germs on the podium.
  3. It would be real interesting if Bburg had Haines, Miller and Street in there.
  4. DeMarcus was a very well grounded kid that was as nice as the day is long.
  5. I can't remember for sure but wasn't there some real stud out of Tech, light weight, back in the late 70's?
  6. One of the most entertaining matches ever.
  7. This is going to be one of the best State Finals for 285 that I can remember. Hopefully everyone will stay and watch them this year, it won't disappoint.
  8. If my memory serves me correctly, Warren was down a couple and tried a throw and got caught on his back. I think Warren was in it the whole way and it was a split second thing that happened. He definitely was not getting dominated in the match.
  9. Looks like a D1 football player for someone.
  10. Shafer over Alexander by fall. Heavyweight is going to be awesome this year at State. Studs from all four semi states.
  11. Yeah they look like they have one ref from ZZ Top and another from Metallica today.
  12. Major with the major 9-1. Looked like Pendoski and McGinley were getting ready to wrestle there for a second.
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