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  1. Did he wrestle Mahan this weekend? I must have missed this match.
  2. TRUDiabetic


    Wow you posted that at the exact same time as me XD
  3. TRUDiabetic


    How has mentioned Smiley? This kid has one of the best gas tanks in the state. This weight class is insane! Going to be an interesting Friday night.
  4. One of the hardest things to do in sports is to beat an opponent twice. I didn't watch the match last week, but I know that this is a good match-up.
  5. I could see Fries getting the upset over Below at 182.
  6. This is very true about Alec, I've had the privilege of wrestling with him for the last 2 years. He really does work his tail off and is a great kid.
  7. Nick Ellis (Roncalli) spladled Blake Strawsma (Benton Central) Friday night in 2015.
  8. 106- Lowery 113- Viduya 120- Meija 126- Rooks 132- Reitz 138- Black 145- Lee 152- Lee 160- Laughlin 170- Webster 182- Davison 195- Davison 220- Parris 285- Ellis
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