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  1. I honestly believe what might appear as weaker depth below the top level guys is actually misleading. I think what we are seeing is that the top level guys are getting so much better and therefore the gap to the mid-level guys is simply becoming too much to over come. The sheer quantity of quality D1 talent that is now coming out of Indiana supports this theory.
  2. This is a tremendous 2nd chance for young Mr. Streck. Hopefully he will have the maturity to take full advantage of it. If John Smith is unable to get him on the right track then odds are no-one can.
  3. Yianni is undoubtedly impressive. The only thing that will be surprising going forward is if he doesn't some day become a World Champ.
  4. OK, I was on a mini Spring Break vacation & just finished watching the tourney last night (thank goodness for DVR's). Someone please correct me if I am wrong, Micic (3rd @ 133) and Lee & Red (5th & 8th @ 141 same as 2018) were the only Indiana wrestlers to obtain AA status. JMO but Micic did not appear to be 100%. That is a shame as I believe he would have won if 100% healthy. BIG10 dominance was is full effect. 6 of 10 Champs, 3 all-BIG10 finals (149, 157 & 197), & only one final without a BIG10 participant (184). Speaking of 184, how about some love for Drew Foster! Never wins a state title in HS & wins a NCAA title in college as a senior - NICE. Not sure what this says for being a multi-sport athlete in HS. Did it keep him from winning an individual wrestling title? I'm still very much is favor of kids being multi-sport athletes but is that just the old-school in me & because that is just what we did back in the day? Lastly, some love for Mekhi Lewis 'The BIG10 Slayer'. He beat Marinelli, Wick & Joseph in successive matches to win the 165 title. Awesome freshman, if he stays healthy he will be tough to beat for the next 3 years.
  5. I agree to a certain extent. In the two matches McKenna has won, he is slowing down in the third but has just enough left to hang on for the win. In the one win for Lee, as you stated McKenna had nothing at all left in the 3rd. Your theory about the weight cut definitely has some logic & isn't far fetched, but I'm not to sure that what you're calling silly mistakes by Nick (takedowns at the end of periods) isn't Mckenna earning those points purposely at a timely moment. All 3 of their collegiate matches have been extremely similar. Let's hope Nick can find a way to win at this most important time. He has proven he can.
  6. I disagree that Lee controlled their dual meet match. Mckenna lead the entire match but was completely gassed in the 3rd period when Lee was able to come from behind for the win.
  7. It did seem odd that McKenna was so gassed at the end of their first match, so the illness theory seems to make sense anyway. And he (McKenna) had missed the previous match or two before the PSU meet. IMO, McKenna seems to control their matches more than Lee does, but it is close enough that Lee can definitely get it done.
  8. Nice evaluation maligned, that really demonstrates the parity of the HWT's this year. I think Steveson, Cassar & White are all at a level beyond this next tier of guys though. Not real sure about Dhesi, did his loss to Parris have a lot to do with it being his 1st match of the year? Does he deserve to be listed in the tier with the top 3?
  9. You're actually missing a match there. His 1st match is against Pengilly(STAN). If he wins then he'll face the winner of Thornton(PUR)/Harding(UNC). If he moves on he'll have whoever emerges from Desanto/Russell(APP) & Guillen(Ohio)/RBY in the quarters. If he makes the Semifinals, it will likely be Suriano but Lizak, Wilson(NCSt) & Terao(AMER) among others could also emerge from that bracket. Hope he is good to go because making a run at the title at substantially below 100% will be difficult at best.
  10. Injuries are apart of all sports, but this is a real shame because Micic had an excellent shot at a National Title. Not that he can't still do it, but there are some quality opponents that will be tough to beat if he is not 100%.
  11. Anyone know anything? A google search results in absolutely nothing in regards to his status. The NCAA has a pretty good article on the Big10 tournament, breaking it down by weight class. The article mentions about 6 different wrestlers at 133 but left out Micic.
  12. I agree... But how about Cassar? Couldn't even secure a starting spot last year at 197, transforms his body into a HWT in the off-season & wins a Big10 title. This is the kind of guy I wouldn't bet against.
  13. Great breakdown SWINfan. But I can't help it. Gable's last name is not pronounced Stev-en-son or Steph-en-son. I initially thought his name was Stev-en-son as well, but it is Steve-son. I only know this because of BTN & BTNplus.
  14. Awesome! Good luck to Carson. Let him know that if he feels compelled to continue his PB&J ritual, that I won't hold it against him😛
  15. By if the seeds hold do you mean through the final seeding meeting? Because with the way the seeds are currently, Carr gets a 1st rd bye & if Red beats Lipari then he faces Carr in the 2nd round. And I agree, Red certainly has the skills to upset Carr. He got as good a draw as could have been hoped for being opposite Lee & McKenna (the 2 best at this weight IMO).
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