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  1. Good point, will be interesting to see what happens.
  2. As long as it is a school in Indiana, I'll be happy.
  3. I suppose you are right, but it is also simply a matter of optics. If the Olympics get cancelled, the NCAA will have to consider how it appears for them to hold a huge event like you are talking in essentially the same time frame. I like the idea, but I'm afraid it is very unlikely for several reasons.
  4. Not that I don't like the idea. But if the Olympics, which are scheduled for July 24 thru August 9, get cancelled then I doubt it is likely the NCAA would deem it OK to hold any events in early August.
  5. In your last post you Quoted me as saying something that you said. I'm not sure how you even managed that, but please refrain from attributing something to me that you posted.
  6. Becoming interesting simply whether or not Nationals even take place. Almost a certainty now that if it does it will be without an audience.
  7. Saying "he don't show all his cards", "saw him step it up", & "when it counts more" does indeed insinuate that he was not giving 100% in those earlier dual meet matches. That he wasn't willing to give his very best effort until there was an individual title on the line. I know that as a competitor &/or coach, I want teammates/athletes that are willing to give 100% every time. Because you never know what you will get from those that don't.
  8. I'm all for Red & Lee finishing 1-2 at Nationals. I'd be ecstatic no matter which one finished on top if that happens. But are you suggesting that winning an individual title is more important than team wins? In both of the earlier matches his team was in the middle of a tightly contested dual. How is his teammates & coaches supposed to take it if he only gives his best effort when an individual title is on the line? It is one thing if an individual peaks at the right time. It is another if they only give their all when individual titles are on the line.
  9. After the weekend, Intermat has 141 as: 1 - Pletcher 2 - Lee 3 - Woods 4 - Parker 5 - Demas 6 - Red 7 - Murin 8 - Heil 9 - Moran 10 - McKee We will just have to wait & see were the NCAA puts them all.
  10. Well, I hope he ends up either the 4, 5, 8 or 9 seed. N.Lee is almost certainly going to be the #2 seed & I would rather see Nick & Chad in opposite sides of the bracket to potentially see an all Indiana Final!
  11. Well things didn't turnout as hoped but the following is a list of Indiana guys who placed. If I missed anyone please add them. 141: N. Lee - 2nd Red - 3rd 149: B. Lee - 4th 165: Hughes - 7th 174: Lydy - 3rd 197: Davison - 5th 285: Parris - 2nd Maybe each can improve at Nationals. At 141 Nick should be the 2nd seed, with any Luck CJ will be in the other half bracket so we can have the possibility of an all Indiana final.
  12. Lee really controlled the match for the first 2 periods, but Red had a lot of fight left in him in the 3rd. He's got to find a way to turn that on sooner.
  13. That's cool but luckily I am always now a Big10+ subscriber during wrestling season.
  14. Going to be a fun semi-final either way. Indiana is in a no-lose situation with this one
  15. How awesome would it be to have multiple Big10 champs from Indiana this year? N. Lee/Red at 141, B. Lee at 149 & Mason all have decent chances. Lydy & Davison are both long shots, but that is why they wrestle the matches - they have a shot. Has Indiana had multiple Big10 champs in the same year before? And/or how many times has it happened & when/who?
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