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  1. SIACfan


    Stalling is a judgement call, thus it is going to vary from official to official. Should a wrestler be called for stalling for being on his knees? I think like all stalling calls it depends. Is the wrestler trying to avoid contact with his opponent or is he using it as an effective strategy to make it harder for his opponent to attack his legs while still engaging his opponent from a position in which he can attack. There is a difference between a wrestler who is on his knees & toes and one who is on his knees with his shoe laces flat. A wrestler can attack from his toes, but it is next to impossible to attack from flat shoe laces (which is what we saw from Graves). I'm still not certain it should be classified as avoiding contact though. While, IMO, Graves was in no position to mount an attack, he was presenting himself in the middle of the mat for Lee to attack. I believe (again my opinion) that avoiding contact means constantly backing up, circling &/or any other movement that is an attempt to keep your opponent from being able to engage you. My biggest issue with stalling calls or lack there of is why is something that isn't called in the 1st period, the second period and even the first half of the 3rd period is suddenly called in the last minute of a match? You see wrestlers who employ the strategy of circling & backing away from a attacking opponent for the first two periods to keep a match close & not get any stalling calls. Then in the last minute when they are trailing by 1 or 2 points & are now pressing the action themselves, and suddenly their opponent who pressed the action for the bulk of the match is now hit with stalling calls. If it is stalling in the last minute then it should be stalling in the first two periods as well. With all that said, an officials job is extremely difficult. And for the most part I believe the officials this weekend have done an excellent job.
  2. Thanks! I would be interested in learning more about the history of the scoring system over the years. There has been little to no change in scoring since my day, but learning that in the 1920's to the mid 1930's there were no points (only falls & riding time) makes me curious to know how scoring evolved from the 1930's through the 1970's.
  3. So it appears that the Castle regional began in 1976 - would that be the 1975/1976 season or the 1976/1977 season? Also, just this past weekend I had the pleasure of sitting with a gentleman who has a few years even on me. He mentioned that he liked it back in the old days when there were points awarded for riding time in HS. I told him there weren't any when I wrestled (late 70's/early 80's). Do you know if this is true? If so, what were the points that could be gained & when were these points eliminated?
  4. Interesting article but there is some incorrect info regarding regional sites. It lists Evansville Mater Dei being a regional site from 1976-1980. I know for a fact the regional was wrestled at Castle from 1978-1982 & I'm pretty sure it remained there until a couple of years ago when it moved to Evansville North. I don't know when they started the regional at Castle but it was definitely there by the 1978/1979 season.
  5. With all this discussion about the size & strength difference between guys that weigh 125 to 133 to 141, I can't help but go to the idea that college wrestling needs another weight class between 197 & 285. Yes we just witnessed Snyder win 3 national titles as an under-sized HWT, but he is the exception not the rule. 197 is too much of a cut for guys that naturally weigh in the 215-230 range. And having to compete with guys that weigh 255-285 is just unreasonable normally.
  6. SIACfan

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    Brewer looked as good as anyone at EVV SS. But to get an alternate on Friday night & it is someone with the pedigree of LaPlace - Friday night at the Indiana State Finals WOW!
  7. I'm not sure I agree with this assessment. I remember Micic looking really young as a senior & even his early years in college (at Northwestern correct?). It has not been until the last couple of years that Micic has matured into the man physically that we see today. The way I remember it, it was Micic's quickness & technique that beat Lee back then (JMO). But just look at the match this weekend, there was a noticeable size difference but Micic actually looked quicker or just as quick anyway as Riviera. I think Micic would at least give both McKenna & Lee a battle if not beat them.
  8. SIACfan

    Georgia State Finals

    So, In 7A 1 in 4 wrestlers make the state finals In 6A 1 in 3.375 wrestlers make the state finals Why not just give everyone a participation metal?🙄 This is why being able to call yourself a State Champ in Indiana means something. It appears to me it is probably often harder to win a title in the smaller school division since there are probably hundreds of schools in the tournament instead of 54 or 32.
  9. A couple of weeks ago I would have completely agreed, but after Nick's wins against Storr & McKenna I now am not so sure. A Lee/Micic match would be great to see, but as MD92 pointed out - unfortunately it ain't happening this year.
  10. SIACfan

    Saving Seats

    Bed sheets & caution tape are way past common etiquette. When an event is GA and you want a good seat then show up early. Seat saving should go no further than you sit in one & place your coat over another. Thus if you need 10 seats you then need 5 people there to save them. PERIOD! Last week in E'ville, I arrived at 8:40 am. One particular team had about 6 students (they appeared to be wrestlers who didn't qualify) trying to save about 6 rows in the middle of the stadium. When I sat down, one of the kids came up & politely said this was their schools section. I simply pointed out that it was GA & schools didn't have appointed sections. The encounter ended there but I did witness him convince others to move on successfully. The area they were saving never got over half full.🙄
  11. Yeah, I think we have found a true challenger for Steveson. Shaping up to be real interesting.
  12. SIACfan

    Nick Lee takes down #2

    What a huge win for Nick, & all good observations here. It will be interesting to see McKenna's game plan next time considering the way this match went & how gassed he was in the 3rd. But the Big10 is loaded at 141 (Lee, McKenna, Carr, Storr, Moran, Red, McKee, Muran) & there is no guarantee they will meet again. Loved seeing the interview with Nick afterwards, & it was interesting to learn that Lee & McKenna have a long history going back to when they were very little guys.
  13. SIACfan

    semi state draws

    Many of us would love to see wrestlebacks and yes they would make the draws less impactful (but would not eliminate the effects of a blind draw completely), but that topic is superfluous to the discussion within this thread. Wildcats2020 made the statement that the entirety of the South Dearborn wrestlers who qualified for SS got favorable draws & insinuated that the brackets were intentionally manipulated to achieve this. The statement of favorable draws is simply incorrect & the insinuation is ludicrous.
  14. SIACfan

    semi state draws

    While most people on this forum would love to see the IHSAA adopt full wrestlebacks, I'm not sure exactly how relative that thought is in regards to someone insinuating that the SS brackets were manipulated in favor of a certain school?
  15. SIACfan

    semi state draws

    To say their whole team that qualified for SS have good draws is at best an uneducated opinion while at worst is simply a jilted/biased opinion. At 132, their wrestler got the toughest draw possible. He must beat the #2 ranked & former State Champ Alec Viduya to advance. At 120, their wrestler got the 2nd toughest draw. He must beat the #5 ranked & fromer State Placer Carson Eldred to advance. At 220, their wrestler got the 2nd toughest draw. He must beat the #16 ranked & then the #4 ranked & former State Placer Kyle Cornwell to advance. At 145, their wrestler got the 2nd easiest path. But as a Regional Champ, he earned his draw & still must beat the #20 ranked Terrell Leavell to advance. At 106, their wrestler seemingly got the best draw possible, but he must still beat the #9 & #10 ranked kids to advance. This weight is simply stacked at NC & there is no easy draw. Lastly at 152, their wrestler drew the easiest path. But again as a Regional Champ, he earned his draw. I feel it is 152 that has you jilted about the South Dearborn draws, since this wrestler beat your wrestler in SV in the semifinals at regionals. Then your wrestler got the toughest draw at 152 in the SS & both these kids are seniors. If the 152 Franklin County wrestler is your son I feel for you, but 'death draws' happen every year at every SS. Just in the bracket that the 152 Franklin County wrestler is in, the #4 ranked Brice Coleman must beat the #2 ranked & 2-time former State Placer Elliot Rodgers to advance (if he gets past your wrestler).

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