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  1. We are looking for one team for a 10 team super dual on December 21, 2019. A team just dropped this week. You can either email me chershberger@phm.k12.in.us or call me 574-274-8694 here are the teams participating Penn, Mishawaka, Zionsville, Jimtown, Edwardsburg, Springboro Oh, FW Snider, Niles Mi, Huntington North
  2. You can also reach out to Coach Harper at Penn. I know we are taking a team to VB and Disney. Here is his email bharper@phm.k12.in.us or you can PM me Coach Hershberger and I can put you into contact with him.
  3. We might as well go 6 classes everyone qualifies, 3 day tournament. I think that would make everyone happy. HAHA We will never be happy in Indiana, we have tried to make changes with the IHSAA and they continue to veto everything. We will have to live with no wrestlebacks after sectionals. Four qualify from regionals, 4 from semi-state, and one and done on Friday. Yes hearts will be broken but it is the way of the IHSAA.
  4. Noah Brown Penn 3 losses to Jacob Laplace, 1 loss to Bates, 1 loss to Bellmont 182 Yehezquel DeVault 2 losses to Cartwright
  5. Absolutely nothing wrong with Pickleball. If I could start a Pickleball team the Region would rock the Indiana Pickleball world. I love my pickleball! I spend more time going to pickleball tournaments in the off-season then I do going to little kids tournaments anymore.
  6. Uncle Jimmy beat me to it! Not like he anything better to do, since he cant be at the Lake!
  7. Zack Davis and Jacob Davis from Penn both went to State same year Zack 106 Jacob 126
  8. Here we go BRACKET GATE 2019. Be careful or the state will change the draws by the weekend!
  9. Have not heard from any schools yet? As soon as I hear I will post. Coach Hershberger
  10. I would throw in Bo Hunt from Bremen as well as one of the greatest 1A athletes to come out of Indiana
  11. Well since I have some extra time on my hands I figured I would give everyone some reading material during the Artic Blast of the century! 106 Brennen Cernus CMA (27-2) #1 SS #2 State Ryan Purvis Penn (23-4) #9 SS Dylan Tom Wawasee (26-7) NR 113 Brodie Fogarty Mishawaka (28-5) #6 SS 120 (WOW!!!!!!!) Trey Finnearty CMA (21-1) #2 SS #8 State Vince Sparrow Penn ( 17-4) #5 SS #15 State Jace Alexander Wawasee (24-8) #6 SS #16 State Jodan Bonk- Mishawaka (23-13) #9SS 126 Logan Hill Penn (18-9) #3 SS #20 State Brandon Mark Mishawaka (28-5) #5SS Andrew Sinkovics CMA (8-0) NR Trevor Penrod South Bend Riley (17-8) NR 132 Geremia Brooks Wawasee (29-1) #1SS #4 State Nate Hadary Penn (11-5) #7SS 138 Braxton Alexander Wawasee (28-1) #1 SS #4 State Gabe Weeks Mishawaka (30-9) #2SS Droshawn Lewis- South Bend Riley (25-10) #7SS Alex Slates Penn (18-11) #9SS 145 Jeffrey Harper Penn (17-5) #6SS #13 State Garrett Stuckman Wawasee (21-4) #8 SS 152 Jessiah Marsh- South Bend Riley (21-5) #10SS Drew Mason Mishawaka (20-9) NR 160 Braden Welch CMA (24-7) #5SS Michael Garcia Penn (14-7) #9SS Brandon Estepp- Warsaw (22-8) NR Dylan Deadmon Bremen (32-6) NR 170 (WOW!!!!!!) Graham Calhoun Plymouth (31-0) #1SS #2 State Joe Walker Mishawaka (24-2) #2SS #4 State Eli Pack CMA (26-5) #3SS #12 State David Sheley South Bend Riley (23-10) #10SS 182 (WOW!!!!!!!!!) Jacob LaPlace Mishawaka (37-0) #1SS #2 State Andrew Donahue CMA (30-1) #2 SS #4 State Noah Brown Penn (16-3) #5SS #15 State Alejandro Castro Wawasee (24-8) #7SS Ethan Forrest- South Bend Washington (36-5) #9SS 195 Rockne Hurley Penn (26-1) #2SS #6 State Damien Rodriguez Wawasee (15-3) #8SS #14 State Jacob Trefan CMA (18-0) #9SS James Snyder Triton (24-1) #10 SS Brock Huber Warsaw (24-8) NR Colin Fee Mishawaka (18-5) NR 220 Jonathon Thomas South Bend Adams (29-2) #4SS #15 State Adam Berta Penn (25-6) #5SS #18 State Garrett Sandefur Mishawaka (13-3) #6SS Anthony Hatter LaVille (30-1) #10SS Isiah Tipping Wawasee (24-9) NR James Kuhl CMA (16-9) NR 285 Yehezquel DeVault Penn (34-0) #1SS #2 State Alex Cartwright LaVille (22-0) #2SS #5 State
  12. I'm a big fan of 2012.... Stevan Micic- #1 NCAA 133 Nathan Boston- 149 National Qulifier Hayden Lee- NCAA Qualifier, NAIA Champ Tommy Cash DJ Smith Kayla Miracle- 4x NWCA Champ, Multiple JR. SR level wins Zach Davis- 1x NCAA Qulifier Connor Knapp Jacob Brown Jacob Cottey Sawyer Miller- NAIA Multiple placements Sorry if I screwed up anywhere
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