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  1. The entire Penn Regional should go to Ft. Wayne. Need to add some larger schools to the Ft. Wayne Semi State.
  2. Congrats to Drew Hildebrandt as well for his 4th place Finish at NCAA's last weekend in St. Louis. He is also a 2x MAC Champion, and a 3x Academic All-American. Great work Drew! Coach Hersh
  3. Former Assistant Football and Wrestling Coach Greg Smith passed away yesterday in a tragic accident. Greg Smith was a great friend, teacher, mentor and role model for me growing up. He will truly be missed by all. https://www.southbendtribune.com/news/local/gregg-smith-mishawaka-high-teacher-and-former-football-coach-dies-in-tragic-accident/article_bf8bdf4e-80eb-11eb-afcf-9b6225ecd0f1.html
  4. I am sorry but Greco is boring and the rules are confusing. If I would every evaluate anything would for NFHS and the NCAA switch to Freestyle and then allow overtime. As for the ladder system no way. If you want to challenge yourself as an athlete and you want to be the best, go up a weight at a tournament and challenge yourself. I watched a lot of really good wrestlers move up a weight to wrestle the opposing teams best. If you win the the Rankings guy sees it. If you lose it hasn't hurt you in anyway what so ever. You are challenging yourself. The only change to the system with State Serie
  5. I totally agree with this. In the past we have prepared for certain matches and then get moved even the day of. I know this has hurt a lot of wrestlers in the past, when they have a great draw then get thrown to the wolves and a death draw.
  6. Wow, Harper is hurt. That is news to me since I see him everyday in the room. Wrestlewatcher01 like to to know where you are getting your info from? You have an inside source in to the Penn Wrestling Room? Or do you just like to sir the pot?
  7. Uncle Jimmy, my favorite person. Man miss having you around. ECC just released ticket link for 1500 tix first come first serve. Going to make a lot of unhappy parents when they are not able to check their email while at work. Save tix for parents of the wrestlers. Wrong approach by ECC!!!!! I think I will buy as many as I can and sell them on Indianamat for Joes bananas!
  8. Not a lot of time this week to really break the Penn Regional down, but there should be some good matches if everything works out. 106- Dylan Bennett Penn 19-5 #5/#20 Gavin Shambaugh Tippy 19-7 #9 SS Adriel Macedo Riley 11-2 #11 SS -Bennett and Shambaugh possible Semis match 113- Bryce Denton Penn 14-4 #5/#21 Hunter Miller Wawasee 15-0 #6SS 120- Zar Walker Mishawaka 22-5 #4/#17 Maxx Scuzx Clay 20-1 #12 SS Drake Montelongo Tippy 24-2 #3/#20 Dyaln Tom Wawasee 13-3 #8SS -Scuzx and Montelong
  9. All the talk about regional brackets is exciting...... Don't know if the Indianamat servers will be able to handle the release and waiting game of SS brackets. The best time of the year is right now! Good luck to all.
  10. Cross bracket the two sectionals that feed into the regional. for example Mishawka sectional and Plymouth sectional feed into Penn regional so top bracket Mishawaka 1 vs Plymouth 4 plymouth 2 vs mishawka 3 bottom bracket mishawka 2 vs Plymouth 3 plymouth 1 vs mishawka 4
  11. Dentons 4 losses are Loss by Decision 5-2 to T. Schammert #12Loss by Decision 5-2 to H. Demarco #10Loss by Pin 4:55 to I. Ruble #3Loss by Decision 7-4 to Z. Walker #18 @120 Vargo only loss to #1 Lemley Harper only loss to #3 Torres Grange undefeated with big pins throughout the year. Ill take my Kingsmen to the end of the world and back any day of the week. Guess we will find out tomorrow!!!!!!
  12. I’ll drop 1500 bananas on Exposed Noses for the out of know where win.
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