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  1. crosstownrivals

    Penn vs. Wawasee

  2. Carroll(Fort Wayne)
  3. crosstownrivals

    Avon vs. Penn

  4. crosstownrivals

    Carmel vs. Penn

  5. crosstownrivals

    Brownsburg vs. Penn

  6. Springboro(OH)
  7. Henry Wilk Classic Results Round 1: Springboro, OH vs Mishawaka 22-47 Penn vs Ft. Wayne Snider 40-24 Edwardsburg vs Huntington North 45-30 Zionsville vs Jimtown 30-40 Niles, MI vs Wabash 45-29 Round 2 Springboro, OH vs Zionsville 54-23 Penn vs Edwardsburg, MI 39-33 Mishawaka vs Niles, MI 54-26 Ft. Wayne Snider vs Jimtown 28-31 Huntington North vs Wabash 52-30 Round 3 Mishawaka vs Ft. Wayne Snider 54-24 Penn vs Springboro, OH 22-53 Zionsville vs Wabash 48-35 Edwarsburg, MI vs Jimtown 33-31 Huntington North vs Niles, MI 27-48 Round 4 Niles vs Springboro 21—57 Penn vs Huntington North 60-24 Zionsville vs Mishawaka 25-53 Jimtown vs Wabash 27-44 Ft. Wayne Snider vs Edwardsburg 35-42 Round 5 Springboro vs Edwardsburg 68-9 Penn vs Zionsville 46-30 Mishawaka vs Huntington North 55-21 Niles vs Jimtown 33-45 Ft Wayne Snider vs Wabash 39-37 Undefeated Wrestlers 4-0 or 5-0 106- Mikey Robles- Niles 113- Ryan Purvis Penn 113- Jamison Zimmerman Niles 120- Preston Teusch- Huntington North 120- Brodie Fogarty- Mishawaka 126-Conner Kleinberg- Springboro 132- Hudson Harreld- Niles 138- Mason Kleinberg- Springboro 138- Reakus Shelton- FT. Wayne Snider 145- Landon Buchannon- Jimtown 152- Cody McCune- Huntington North 152- Shane Bates- Zionsville 160- Jacob Wertz- Jimtown 170- Will Coffield- Springboro 182- Joe Walker- Mishawaka 195- Jacob LaPlace- Mishawaka 195- Chad Wyatt Jr- Wabash 220- Garrett Sandefur- Mishawaka 220 Grant Warmuth- Wabash 285- Yehezquel DeVault- Penn 285- JT Tomas- Mishawaka
  8. I will have all scores and pens matches in tomorrow
  9. Penn JV is looking for a JV tournament or small varsity tournament Jan 4, 2020. If you have any openings please let me know. Chershberger@phm.k12.in.us
  10. No we wrestle 5 matches on Saturday. We don't wrestle conference opponents or if teams already have a dual against each other. I sit down and give everyone the best five matches possible. Our goal is 16 teams and run it similar to Calumet. I have also run the scenario of 4 pools take all four 1st and group them in mini tournament, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Waiting on 16 teams!
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