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  1. Call Coach Harper at Penn. I think we have 20-25 currently.
  2. Tentative Schedule Let's hope we can make this happen. The closer we get to the day I will have a preview. Round 1 Mat Team Team Score 1 Penn Huntington North 2 Zionsville Wabash 3 Mishawaka We
  3. The spot has been filled. Unfortunately with Governor Holcombs announcement yesterday we have to cap our Tournament at 6 teams. I will have a waiting list if you are interested. Henry Wilk Super Dual Teams 1. Penn 2. Mishawaka 3. Zionsville 4. Westfield (New Team) 5. Huntington North 6. Wabash I will post the schedule in the next week or so. Let's hope we can make this happen.
  4. Penn just had three teams drop our Dec 19th tournament at Penn. I am in need of 1 team and could make three work with my admin. If interested please let me know chershberger@phm.k12.in.is or call me 574-2748694 Coach Hersh
  5. Penn JV in need of tournaments on the following Dates 12/5, 12/19, 1/16 email Coach Hersh @ chershberger@phm.k12.in.us or call me at 574-274-8694 and let me know
  6. Unfortunately due to the circumstances we will not be able to have a hospitality room that day. But we will be having some XTREME matches. Round 1 Harper vs Caprino- Xtreme founder vs xtreme returning coach of the year Hersh vs Cook- I already forfeit I’ve seen his videos and the scouting report doesn’t look good in my favor round 2 Harper vs Cook- xtreme frozen yogurt vs xtreme headgear caprino vs hersh- xtreme tournaments vs xtreme bracket maker ( this may end in a partnership) round 3- let’s hope we are able to make these duals happen it
  7. Harper- XTREME Camps Xtreme Ranch Caprino- XTREME Tournamnets Cook- XTREME COVID Wrestling Training Videos
  8. You and Harper will have to battle for that title. Might as well throw Cook in as well. Battle Royale!
  9. It had been finalized. Penn Quad on Jan 9th is set. Penn Bloomington South Ft Wayne Carroll Hobart If you are interested let me know we can hold a spot if a team has to drop.
  10. I have an opening for a quad on Jan 9th let me know if you are interested.
  11. I know the Elkhart tournament is still looking for a team on the 5th. Want to come to a quad on 1/9
  12. Still looking for two teams on Jan 9th. Let me know if you are interested
  13. They will host a Superdual according to my AD. Penn has accepted the contract for that weekend.
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