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  1. crosstownrivals

    Penn vs. South Bend Adams

  2. crosstownrivals

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    Yehezquel Devault- Penn 26-0 with 21 Falls
  3. crosstownrivals

    Emergency Event Openings

    Penn is looking for a JV tournament this weekend or a small varsity tournament for our 2nd team. Please email me or PM if you have an opening. chershberger@phm.k12.in.us
  4. crosstownrivals

    Penn vs. Elkhart Central

  5. crosstownrivals

    Penn vs. Wawasee

  6. crosstownrivals

    12/15 Notable wins and upsets

    Rockne Hurley did not wrestle that match. It was Penn backup.
  7. crosstownrivals

    Huntington North vs. Penn

    Huntington North
  8. crosstownrivals

    Niles(MI) vs. Penn

  9. crosstownrivals

    Penn vs. Springboro(OH)

  10. crosstownrivals

    Penn vs. Edwardsburg(MI)

  11. crosstownrivals

    Henry Wilk Super Duals @Penn 12/15/18

    Here is a quick overview of this weekends action at the Penn Palace: Ranked Teams: Jimtown, Mishawaka, Penn, Bellmont, Niles, MI(7th), Springboro, OH (top 10) Ranked Wrestlers in action: 106: #10 Preston Teusch- Huntington North #1 (103) Jamison Zimmerman- Niles #16 Isaac Ruble- Bellmont 120: Vince Sparrow- Penn (#11 126) #4 (119) Ryan Franco- Niles 126: #2 Hunter Watts- Jimtown #7 (125) Noah Tinkham- Edwardsburg 132:#4 Matt Gimson- Jimtown #8 (130) Jacob Reece- Edwardsburg #13 (OH) Mason Kleinberg- Springboro, OH #15 Logan Hill- Penn #16 Kyle Lawson- Bellmont 138- #2 Connor Gimson- Jimtown #8 (140) Jackson Hoover- Edwardsburg 160- #12 Jon Ruble- Bellmont 170- #5 Joe Walker- Mishawaka #13 (OH) Jake Stamroff- Springboro, OH 182- #2 Jacob LaPlace- Mishawaka #10 Caden Friedt- Bellmont #14 Noah Brown-Penn #5 (189)Dawson Bruckner- Niles 195- #2 Rockne Hurley- Penn #4 Charlie Agnew- Huntington North #6- Garrett Sandefur- Mishawaka #9 (OH) Jacob Kowalski- Springboro, OH 220- #10 Adam Berta- Penn 285: #8 Yehezquel DeVault- Penn If I missed anyone I apologize. Wrestling starts at 8:30am
  12. crosstownrivals

    Penn vs Mishawaka

    I would like to second that. Tim Creason does a great job with wrestling when he has the opportunity to cover wrestling. He is very limited in what he can cover. I know he will be at Penn on Saturday to cover Henry Wilk Classic. Let’s not forget about Steve Krah former writer for South Bend Tribune as well. He also does a wonderful job covering wrestling and writes some very good articles for this website.
  13. crosstownrivals

    Penn vs. Mishawaka

  14. crosstownrivals

    Emergency Event Openings

    Penn is looking for a JV tournament this weekend. Email coach Hershberger or call me at 574-275-8694 chershberger@phm.k12.in.us
  15. crosstownrivals

    Dual Results (No Details) WHAT!!!

    Maybe we want to keep our dual team a secret. At Penn we like to keep our team hidden until the end of the year!

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