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  1. Great info, thanks Y2. Should be a great weekend for Indiana wrestling fans!
  2. Westforkwhite

    Indiana Pride

    Thank you very much.
  3. Westforkwhite

    Indiana Pride

    Does anyone have contact information for Indiana Pride? Couldn't leave a message at the phone # I found and I've been unable to track down an email address. Thanks in advance.
  4. Westforkwhite

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

  5. Westforkwhite

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    No doubt, floarena is the poopy flavored lollipop of the bracket world. Getting to it is no picnic either. That said I love the video and for the last year or so the streaming has been good. You have to keep in mind Flo doesn't promote wrestling they just sell folkstyle/freestyle crack to those already addicted. Addicts are willing to endure great pains to get their fix. Flo is testing your fortitude with floarena
  6. Westforkwhite

    Chad Red

    Powerline, like Thor, I'm failing to follow your logic path. I'll just say congrats to Red and Lee for their second straight AA (both 2 for 2) finishes at 141! Which was a very good weight this year as well.
  7. Westforkwhite

    NCAA Wrestling TV ratings

    Lol. Nothing like staying current.
  8. https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/press-releases/espns-record-setting-ncaa-wrestling-championship-coverage-reaches-millions-of-viewers/ There was a 40% increase with online viewership. The total number of households on the TV broadcast were still pretty small. Interesting to see some of the southern cities represented in the top 8. Maybe they just leave the TV on ESPN all day, or there is growth in interest in places like Birmingham.
  9. Westforkwhite

    Chad Red

    141 definitely wasn't tougher 1-6 than 133. You could make the argument that 141 was better 1-16, but 133 was pretty dog gone good this year.
  10. Westforkwhite

    Let's Hear Your Best Recruiting Moves!

    Those are some excellent ideas to enhance both numbers of kids and the overall quality of experience they have with the sport. Here are a couple of thoughts I'd add: The first idea would be indirect recruitment via increased interest in the meets. Reach out to non-sports departments like the band director, art teacher, drama/theatre club, and cheer coach (I know this is technically a sport). Getting the pep band to perform at matches adds energy and excitement as well as putting additional parents and friends in the stands. Drama club for lightning up the mat, creating showy entrances and adding additional flair, making the meets fun events. Those kids would have parents and friends too. Art teacher for potentially making a class project of creating promotional posters for individual home meets. They could be like WWE or Concert posters or whatever the kids come up with. The art kid would suddenly have an interest in attending an event they did the promo poster for and there folks would too. All are low to no cost options to utilize the resources available, and give kids opportunities to apply their skills doing what they enjoy in a practical environment. All this creates ownership in the wrestling program from the various groups that are contributing in their way to grand event. The greater interest in the meets will make it a lot easier to recruit kids out for the team.
  11. Juxtapose the officiating in Cael's match vs Stoll Parris. These are officials at the same tournament. I know you are supposed to adjust to the way the match is being called, but with that much variable on how stalling is called it can be tough on the athletes. I believe stalling should be called on guys who dont open up on their feet or refuse to make any offensive effort. (Pushing a guy out of bounds after he just turns to face from an escape isn't the precursor to offense its jobbing the rules)
  12. Westforkwhite

    NCAA DI Championship Starts Thursday!

    Perry wanted that count, but Hughes appeared to have a wrist. Drew hanging on at the beginning of the 2nd was quite a feat. Not many wrestlers stay on top there.
  13. Westforkwhite

    NCAA Championships - Day 1

    He is definitely less than 100%. He techs that kid in 2 periods 3 weeks ago. Micic was the clear #1 all year it's just a shame he isn't fully healthy right now.
  14. Westforkwhite

    NCAA Championships - Day 1

    I know Parris deserved a couple of those stall calls, but that was silly. Stoll didn't take 1 shot, never attempted to turn, only pushes, and is rewarded with 4 points. That is just encouraging ugly no offense wrestling.

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