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  1. Surely that's not a pic of him from HS @ 112lbs
  2. I'm not commenting on Michigan's program quality in football. I'm only saying that, at worst, Mason is a star at Ball State, at best a lower-tier Big 10 (think IU) player.
  3. Most of that is because Mason is a more well-rounded athlete and participates in other sports. Since neither the thread title or opening post clearly mentioned wrestling, you could also consider Mason's accolades in football and T&F.
  4. Kid's built like a brick s*&%house, too.
  5. As good as he is, he's not U of M "good" at football. Wrestling only
  6. I'm curious where I can find more information about middle school kids coming into their Freshman year. I never know who the incoming studs are that we should be keeping on our radar. Edit: Duh..."Youth" forum
  7. I'd rather see falls than constantly cutting opponents loose.
  8. My vote would go to Parris. Three sport athlete, three state titles and a 3rd, record for most career falls in the state tournament, #1 ranked nationally. Hard to argue against Lee, but he missed state his freshman year and is a one-sport specialist. That's about the only difference between his and Mason's resume.
  9. At a catch weight, or at 195; Parris could probably lose 25 pounds with relative ease. I just think Davison is the only guy in the state outside of some of the 285 behemoths, that could at least make an interesting match with Mason. Not saying he would win, I just think it would be a fun match to watch.
  10. Would love to see a match between Davison and Parris...
  11. He had to show some form of assertiveness tonight...he certainly didn't in the match with Hunt. Sour grapes, I know...
  12. On top of his great sportsmanship, he beat the #2, #3, and #4 ranked wrestlers in his class to capture the title.
  13. I know he meant "weak". My response was tongue-in-cheek; I was being facetious.
  14. Anyone know what time the stream starts?
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