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  1. Quinn, you did a great job at Cascade, we are proud of you!
  2. Crown Point and Avon were the 2 best teams. Crown Point beat Avon by 8 in a very good duel. Crown Point beat the 3rd place team by 70 and the 2nd place team by 38. Avon did have to FF 80 all day. Avon did win all of their other matches. Now to be fare, Brownsburg was missing 5-6 of their best MS kids who went to wrestle somewhere else that weekend. Avon may have only been missing 1? Not sure if Crown Point had all of their top kids? It is a great Tournament, just hard to seed. Crown Point and Avon met each other in the first match.
  3. Avon Athletics pays for a State Championship Ring and a Runner Up Ring. Blue and Red. They are very nice.
  4. I agree. We are a large school. Had 1 true wildcard at 130. The rules allowed it so we did it. Our other wildcard is an Avon kid who is at Kingsway, in Avon. He has always been an Avon kid. We had other Avon kids recruited away to wrestle for other teams. I am with you. No wildcards from other schools. If you are a resident of your town and the private school is in the same town, hard for me to count that as a wildcard. I am not sure how Mater Dei counts its kids? Private schools can draw for everywhere.
  5. Avon 76 Terre Haute 6 Avon 59 Center Grove 16 Avon 63 Bloomington South 18 Avon 66 Perry Meridian 18 Avon 39 Crown Point 28 Avon 50 Mater Dei 17 My boys have been in several of these. Gunnar was in the first one. Griffan in the last 4. They have all been a great experience. The place was packed this year. It is such a great sport! Thanks to everyone involved with putting it on. Also the food at the concessions was awesome!
  6. Hunt, Harvey, McCormick, Laughlin and Larson. All 5 wrestled in the Patriot Open at George Mason University on 12-7.
  7. We had a very good team in 2017 that beat a very good Illinois team
  8. 106 - Cottey PM 113 - Moran P 120 - Littel CG 126 - Rioux AV 132 - Garcia AV 138 - Rooks CE 145 - Lee EMD 152 - Conley AV 160 - Washington P 170 - South CE 182 - Brewer AV 195 - Nunn C 220 - Webster NM 285 - Watts - NC
  9. Army is sending Cael McCormick and Gunnar Larson.
  10. Mason was my vote. Everything mentioned before and winning the Mental Attitude Award as well. It counts as a career achievement.
  11. Tough Regional. Finals Predictions: 106 Montgomery over Dalton 113 Conley over Petro 120 Rioux over Campbell 126 Garcia over Mills 132 Kreitzer over Reynolds 138 Miranda over Mulkey 145 Conley over Preutt 152 Lee over Schrader - 1st, most sure of 160 Mappes over Osho 170 Brewer over Willham 182 Walton over Conde - 2nd, most sure of 195 Spears over Stine 220 Hammond over Aiken 285 Peterson over Corner - 3rd, most sure of Brownsburg wins Avon second. Good luck to all of the wrestlers competing Saturday. It is such a great sport. Fun to cheer for the wrestlers.
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