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    Wrestling Results posted

    Good morning coaches. Please allow me to help with the posting of results -- if you email me a picture and/or text listing the results of your matches I will make sure they got posted on the website in a timely fashion. My email address is agentowner@gmail.com -- this will help the whole wrestling community and promote wrestlers for their achievements on the mat.
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    It's going down Thursday at Brownsburg! Want to see one of the best duals of the season? Watch some of the top ranked guys in the state bang it out? See some of the most dedicated athletes around? Enter Door 14 at BHS. JV will start on two mats at 6:30PM. Varsity action we hope to start by 7:15PM. Yes, we are going to put on a show and plan to pack the house. DJ, Spotlights,Tunnel, Fog Machine, throw some shirts out...and of course, I have new wrinkle to add some excitement to the dual. #GrowTheSport Can't make it to the meet? Sucks for you!...but you can watch online: Go to www.bcsc.tv and click on picture of event that says watch live. Guest commentator is Isaac McCormick. Isaac was a State Placer and member of our Dual and IHSAA State Championship team. He is #2 in career takedowns behind some dude named Brayton Lee. #PainTrain Snyder
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    greatest ting since sliced bread

    Well da ole rat finally broke down and subscribed to Flo wraslin. Can't believe it took so long to get it. Bein a efficando of the great sport of wraslin Im in heaven. Watched wraslin all weekend. Being retired I do have a little more time on my hand. Especially since its cold outside - I ani't laying on da ground doin a brake job or ball joints. Side work slowed down a little - just in time for wraslin. So when da misses is watching grays anatomy or da voice da rat is watching Flo. You young bucks can learn a thing or two.
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    We have a walk-out song for our guys during our home duals. They love it. It creates some energy and excitement in the stands too. Definitely, mostly edited version of some rap song I don't understand, but kids are going to have fun and be themselves. We have had guys come out to country, Mortal Combat Theme Song, and I think it was Brayton Lee that one time chose a Christmas Song and generally went with a Christian Band. #GrowTheSport
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    Kyle Ayersman


    106 Chris Doty 5-0 (some kid we pulled out of the hallway) 113 Ty Mills 1-4 (had 7 ranked kids) 120 Brayton Lee 1-4 (only win was a forfeit, may not be in our lineup on Thursday) 126 Blake Mulkey 2-3 (didn’t know how to be in a stance before we taught him the last match) 132 Nathan Walton 3-2 (2 of 3 wins were forfeits) 138 Darrick Snyder 0-5 (solid kid, stayed off his back, watch out for him when he’s a senior 145 Chris Seymour 4-1 (lost on a last second takedown in overtime) 152 Johnny Forfeit 0-5 (gave up 6 every match) 160 Jeffrey Bye 0-5 ( gave up 6 every match) 170 Jon Doe 5-0 (cutting him down from HWT. He looks huge) 182 Kyle Ayersman 3-2 (I started peaking toward the end of the tournament) 195 Billy McStud 5-0 OW (Best wrestler I’ve ever seen) 220 Alex Skipper 1-4 (South Bend Adams Transfer) HWT. Rick Thompson 5-0 (has old man strength and fought in the War of 1812)
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    Congratulations to Brock Peele from Portage for signing with Wabash. He is projected to wrestle 125, 133. View full signing
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    Congratulations to Brayden Curtis from Yorktown for signing with Cumberlands(KY). He is projected to wrestle 125. View full signing
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    2018 Al Smith

    Crown Point and Perry Meridian are both new teams in this year.
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    Im letting this guy take over as annoying Logansport regional expert.
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    Walkout songs for state finals?

    I was sitting down talking to a few kids parents and another coach and came to the conclusion that one thing that our state finals could improve on is.. the introductions of each kid coming into the finals. Set it up just as how the ncaa finals go on. Wouldnt that be cool to have introductions songs, smoke machines lazer shows?
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    Lol I’m a idiot
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    Jenny, Jenny call 867-5309
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    Steven Sandefer

    2018 Al Smith

    Going to be a legendary year at the Al Smith!
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    Well we decided to actually give our hangouts a real name and actually start treating them as podcasts. We are going to have our first one tomorrow(Monday) starting at 8:30pm. Our goal is to have it streamed on YouTube and our Facebook page. I'll post a link when we get it. If you have any questions, post them here and maybe we'll answer them...or maybe not.
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    Warren Central Jeivan Ross Story

    https://fox59.com/2018/11/15/the-man-upstairs-has-a-plan-for-him-warren-central-wrestler-survives-shooting-succeeds-on-national-stage/ A really great and inspiring story about one of our own here at Dub-C of something really crazy that happened over summer. Hope everyone watches and enjoys!
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    It’s a great rivalry, but one full of friendship and complete respect. I’m thankful to be a part of it. Snyder
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    10 years ago today....

    Anything involving the Gen HeavyHandz/Major Ursula/Commander Wayne.
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    10 years ago today....

    You got to move to da region and take a course in rat
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    You think IndianaMat should??

    Anytime you say to yourself I wish Joe would do it this way, or why does he have him on there. As I moved to the Show Me State I realize even more how nice it is for being connected for FREE!!
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    You think IndianaMat should??

    Michigan charges $75 a year or $12 a month for their rankings and articles.... That surely makes the magazine look like quite a bargain.
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    Cody LeCount

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    I love this idea! We do it at our home duals too and all the guys enjoy it. Its quite comical when one of our guys runs out to I knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift, but the kids enjoy it and that what it is all about!!
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    10 years ago today....

    BracketGate 2015..the site releasing the formula and “alleged” brackets and IHSAA dropping the hammer and changing them to prove who’s boss. The 45 page ISWA 2 FS State qualifier thread the first year they tried to secretly implement it.
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    -Shamrock Duals- Dec. 1st

    Hector.......just hustle up, push some paperwork and transfer to Doah for the season. Problem solved. 😏
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    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #1

    With that all said, I don’t know much about Bellamy. Seems like a really good athlete. Hopefully my favorite guy gets a shot to wrestle him. I’m sure it will be a great match! I would like to welcome him to our state. Lots of respect for the Escobedo family!!!
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    Big Matches/Duals 11/19---11/24

    Ok it is Winter time in Indiana. You can always tell cause HS Basketball & Wrestling kick off! Edgewood for many years now have held this early season Wrestling Tourney that is well worth the $ of Admission. We have some Newcomers to this yrs group of 10. The Evansville SS is well represented here today , 3 different Regionals & 5 different Sectionals. Today looks to be Highlighted by 2 returning SQ looking to get back under the lights: N.Gardner-Edgewood and G.Alstott- Fl. Cent. Other on the Stud list are J.Cash- BL. North, J.Orman- Edgw, Mikulich Brothers- Bl. N, J.Kervin- Fl. Cent, A. Heckman Edgw, B.Wathen- Jen Cty, J. Kriete- Seym, M.Archer-Edgw, M. Dodson- Mville, J.Hussung- Fl.Cent, K. Corrales-Seym A. Tavassoli- BD and G. Ramirez-Seym. These wrestlers stood out cause they either had wins at ESS or made some noise to get attention. I believe that each team has about half of their roster returning. which will make for some Great Wrestling today. So set back go to the great concessions there and enjoy the show. In closing Good Luck to all the young men & Coach today. Top teams today are Edgewood, Floyd Central, Seymour. PS: Watch the kid named Bellamy he has some great Bloodline to other Indiana Greats!!! Could be 6/8 at Bankers Life from this tourney alone , Thanks and Happy Holidays to all. BT19

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