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    Kyle Todrank

    Not my greatest wrestling memory but I tell the story of getting booed out of Rec Hall. I was wrestling heavyweight at 205 and lost 6-2 to 2 time AA and MMA fighter Pat Cummins. I was just trying to survive and stalling a lot. I can still here those boos and that wasn't in their strongest years.😂😂 I'm sure he will one day tell the story because it is a good story. The other funny part of that trip was when Greg Schafer and I were in the van together he said "Sisson I liked you when you were wrestling 184 but the minute you started wrestling heavyweight I hated you. I hate all heavyweights!" My feelings would have been hurt if the giant Mt Dew I was drinking and Doritos I was eating at the time didn't taste so good.
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    I would like to see a riding point. If you ride a wrestler out for an entire period, 1pt will be added. You can only earn 1pt in a match. No need for riding time clock. A wrestler should be rewarded for a ride out. Most of the time the are called for stalling at some point.
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    Coach Holden and I are proud to announce that we will be taking our rivalry to Hoosier Gym, the home of the fictional Hickory Hoosiers in the iconic 1986 film Hoosiers. The date is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The gym last regularly hosted meets in the late 1960's before Knightstown moved to their current facility. The Panthers have wrestled Eastern Hancock in the facility in recent seasons. NineStar will help us make history by doing the first ever telecast of a wrestling meet from the facility. Coach Holden and I are working on some ideas to make the event even more special. Hope you can join us for this special evening. Stay tuned for future announcements.
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    I have always only attended the IHSAA State Tourney, whether it was to watch as a youngster or wrestle in it. This didn't really give me much perspective on the class system and all the ins and outs of how it is ran at the state tournament level in other states. I recently moved to Colorado about a year and a half ago and began coaching at a 5A school in the Denver Metro Area, where I not only had the chance to experience it first hand, but also had the chance to speak to others on their thoughts on how Indiana runs it. I definitely got a lot of 'wow! no wrestle backs'...'if you lose first/second round at semi state or 1st round at state, you are done? what if you wrestle the champion first?'...but the overall thing they all stated was 'I really wish it was just one class like IN, CA, NJ, etc.' I didn't want to judge it based on just their opinion, so I had to wait until the post season rolled around for the State Tournament, and fortunately I had a State Qualifier, so I can have added input. After going through it, I can express my thoughts. Colorado has 4 classes (2A-5A). I know a lot will say we wouldn't do 4 classes and would do 2 or 3. The concerns I have still pertain to what I saw, but who knows maybe it would be way better with 2 or 3 vs 4. My issues with the class system starts with the amount of division that causes between the state. They had 10 mats out but ran 2a/3a together and 4a/5a together making it two entirely different tournaments on the thursday, friday, sessions. They would make you leave multiple times within the tournament if your session wasn't going. Even though we ran our 5A session with 4A, there was no association at all. 4A was on mats 1-5 and 5A was on mats 6-10. and I guarantee if you were associated with 5A, you will have no chance to see the 4a matches across the event center with 10 mats going. Let alone the 2a/3a you werent allowed to stay for. This boils down to the recognition factor for these young men pouring their hearts into this Sport that will in turn grow the sport. There were 4 individuals going for their 4th state title. 3 achieved it. one was 2a, one was 3a, and one was 5a. Im sure you can assume the only one I was able to watch the whole time I was their. I wish I had the chance to watch Andrew Alirez ranked #1 in the nation at 152) in route to becoming a 4 timer, but he was in 3A. If you have affiliation with a certain class, you wont be able to watch others. There is too much going on. I did get to watch Cohlton Shultz capture his 4 timer status though, and keep his #1 in the country and #1 pound for pound status in tact. They keep everything separated and I dont see how that would be a good fit for the state of Indiana. I personally like seeing all the schools in the same tourney on the Individual side. A side note from talking to all of the individuals is the ones in the higher classes just talk down about the smaller classes and say 'everyone knows 5A is the only one that matters' and I know we say Indiana wouldn't say that, but I think over time it would trickle down and everyone would view the bigger class as more meaningful. Most of the people that were pure fans would only come for 5a and would not care one bit about the other classes. Even if I didn't have a wrestler in the 5A competition and went as a fan, it would be way to hard to watch multiple. My conclusion and my stance after experiencing it first hand (Granted Colorado may be an anomaly) is for the individual tournament for Indiana to stay 1 class, but we need to have wrestle backs at least at semi state and definitely state. I think the class system is perfect for team state, but the amount of people that weighed in that they wish their was a true champion rather than crowning 56 state champions was unbelievable. I think what draws me into keeping it one class is the amount of division between classes there is. I get why they call it 'States' now cause its as if there is multiple different state tournaments going on at the same time and you can't associate with multiple. So even if we class the individual tournament and a small school gets more state champions, they will be a state champ, but most will only be watching the bigger classes anyways. I couldn't tell you one thing about any 2a school in the state of Colorado. Name of the school, names of any wrestlers, how many they qualified/placed, etc. Because it is all separate. And I don't want that to happen to Indiana. I like being familiar with every school. I know chances of making it are harder, but Indiana is a hard state to qualify in. Just my 2 cents. It's mostly theoretical and we would never know until applied. One thing's for sure. I am sure missing that Indiana atmosphere when it comes to the post season.
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    Asa Garcia

    Asa got it done when it mattered the most... the battles between Ty and Asa were both awesome and gut wrenching as a parent. Those two were battle tested when it came time for the State Series and it shows with their results. Neither had any fear when we saw each other in the Dual, County, Conference, Sectional, Regional, Semi-State and State! @TeamGarcia and I would just smile at each other win or lose because there is no better way to get better than to see that type of competition week in and week out. Do I wish a couple of those red rings were blue, absolutely... but I am extremely proud of those two boys since seeing them battle it out when they were 7 or 8 in the CWA room, partners in MS and rivals in HS! Congrats to Asa and his family on an awesome HS Career!!! Now, we're gonna prepare to flip the script when it comes time for the NCAA's!!! 😃
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    Chase Wilkerson has signed with UIndy to continue his wrestling career. Chase is the first wrestler in over a decade to sign to wrestle in college from Mt. Vernon (Fortville). He ends his HS career as the schools all time wins leader at 143.
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    Mat-side weigh ins. You said I'm czar for the day. Haha. As a process guy in my "professional" life, the whole idiocy of weigh-ins days or hours before actually wrestling defeats the purpose. It would literally take a few seconds per match. You miss weight, it's a forfeit. All the sudden you have eliminated your issue of kids cutting too much and people will wrestle their true weight.
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    I've put together a list of former Hoosier HS wrestlers in college. Attached is a listing of all I could find with records where I could find them. Info on DI and DII was pretty easy. DIII and NAIA were a bit harder. I learned there are A LOT more still wrestling in college than I would have thought. The spreadsheet has 4 tabs at the bottom separating the divisions. Please PM me if I missed anyone or any schools, or if you have updated info on any that don't show records, etc. Note: The records do not include those wrestling today in the NAIA Championship. I also posted this within the Hoosiers in College - Results/Updates 2nd Half thread on the college board. For discussions on post season action, a new thread has been started here.... Hoosiers in College - Post Season Results/Discussions College Wrestlers.xlsx
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    Indiana becoming a state that allows middle school wrestlers to compete on high school teams. This may help avoid FF's, especially with small school programs. I believe other states that allow middle school wrestlers to wrestle on high school teams are Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Iowa=traditionally strong college programs?? I may be incorrect with the states listed, but if memory serves me correctly I thought some states at least allow 8th graders?? May not be a reality for this to happen in Indiana. If it is taking place in other states, why not Indiana? I imagine we can all argue that some 8th graders if not 7th graders could stand on the podium at Bankers Life......
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    Riley McClurg

    Best Teams

    2013 Perry Meridian Wrestling Team - 102.5 points scored w/o scoring Friday Night (started scoring Friday Night the next year) 106: Brett Johnson SQ 113: Jacob Cottey 5th 126: Brandon James: 5th 132: Cody LeCount: 1st 138: Nick Bova: 7th 160: Riley McClurg: 1st 182: Jake Masengale: 2nd HWT: Donte Winfield: 1st Not saying it was the best team, but I'd throw this squad in the mix. 4 in the finals with 3 champs. Just think - if James doesn't lose that heart breaker to Welch on Saturday morning.. or if Cottey doesn't drop a heart breaker to Davis, who he had beaten earlier in the year, on Saturday morning.. pretty solid team. Grateful to have been apart of it. ALSO - won the IHSWCA 3A State Duals 57-13 over Cathedral (Quarters) 40-15 over Penn (Semis) 46-11 over Franklin Community (Finals)
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    Asa Garcia

    Miss those days bro, wish we could rewind time do it all over again going all the way back to MS days when it was not so hectic . Actually watched a few of the battles on huddle a couple days ago . 2015-16 was some of the best back and forth wrestling . Asa would win one, next weekend Ty win. They wrestled each other 6x that year, I believe that Ty won (4), Asa (2) . Round 1,2,3,4,5,6 Not going to lie that year I was worried, Ty coming off his Runner Up 106, I text you later that year in 2015 right before season. We’re going 106, I was thinking to myself maybe he’d say 113.... text ..... you said so are we. You said there can only be 1 State Champ coming out of Hendricks County at 106. I said damn it ! Laughed, then so be it . Lol. After they lose to each other they drop in the Rankings . I kept telling @ontherise219 i’d keep them where they started the year. Did he listen nope. Dropped them both cause they was beating the hell out of each other. I think he learned a lesson that year . Lol Good times & great memories. College match... ? Guess there can only be 1 NCAA Champ from Hendricks County to huh ?
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    Wabash's Darden Schurg pulled a rabbit out of a hat and won himself a National Championship tonight in Roanoake VA. A two-time Indiana HS State Runnerup at Crown Point, Schurg was down 3-1 in the final period and tied the match via a stalling penalty point and an illegal move/hold penalty point (think it was grabbing the headgear). Jairod James from Mt. Union got in deep on a double leg shot in sudden victory, but Sshurg rolled him through, elevator style, and came out on top for the winning takedown. 174 lb. Final Score: Darden Schurg 5 Jairod James 3 SV1 Congratulations Darden!
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    No time limit. First Headlock wins.
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    Congratulations to Jacob Burford from Crown Point for signing with Wisconsin-Parkside. He is projected to wrestle 149. View full signing
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    Kyle Todrank

    anybody ever think he was just excited he scored on one of the greatest wrestlers of this era? who cares if he did something silly... it's him out there getting hammered and competing not us so who are we to judge?
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    Kyle Ayersman

    Kyle Todrank

    He did reverse Nolf and he was wrestling up two weight classes, give the kid a break. It was not meant as a taunt, again he was just trying to have fun with the sport (talked to him personally). Also, as someone stated already, he shook hands and was not disrespectful at all.
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    OK, time to play rules czar for a day. What rule/rule change would you propose to make the sport better? To save everyone some time, there will probably NEVER be one foot in bounds for a takedown. The safety concerns from the NFHS will always trump added benefit from more scoring at the edge. With many gyms having inadequate space, it would be difficult to have a uniformly enforced rule. Here is my proposal: Four point near-fall after a four count. Rationale: More scoring equal more excitement. Also, easy to understand: two count in danger equals two points, four count equals four points. More reward for scoring should encourage more mat wrestling leading to fewer out of bounds situations, speeding up matches. Also, bigger scoring opportunity could lead to more comebacks from deficits. Ideally, faster matches might even lead to NFHS someday approving six match limit instead of five. A 16 man bracket with full wrestlebacks to third could then be done in one day. Let's hear your thoughts on this and your ideas for a rule addition/change. New proposal period for wrestling rules opens June 1, 2019
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    Brian Burelison

    Head Coach Needed

    Eminence Community Schools (1a school located in Morgan County) is beginning a brand new wrestling program for the first time in school history. The AD is a former wrestling coach and the new coach will have full athletic support. We are looking for someone interested in building a brand new program. A mat has already been purchased and a wrestling room is being renovated. Students have been on a new strength and conditioning regiment this school year, a new weight room/wrestling/cardio room is being renovated, schedule is currently being built, tons of athlete interest from students and the community, the school is joining an athletic conference next year, and AD is currently having open practices in future preparation. Please contact and send resumes to bburelison@eminence.k12.in.us if intereted.
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    I guess we’ll disagree, I do not like step out idea at all.
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    Add another weight class between 220 and HWT to give 15 classes so that "normally" number of matches won would be the only tiebreaker needed. Make HWT just be 290 with no allowances and have the added class be 255.
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    Strap get Ollie and measure the mat circle. How far? 28 feet. I think you’ll find that’s the exact same measurements as the circle of our mat back at Hickory.
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    Before IndianaMat...

    The EZboard days were the good ole days
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    Best Teams

    Until a team comes up with 600 pts, like the 49 Bloomington. There shouldn’t be a an Argument
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    If anybody wants to get ready for this thing. Multiple state champs will be training hard at Red Cobra until the event. Mondays and Wednesdays 6-8 tuesdays and Thursdays 7-8:30. Make your way to TheCounty and get that work in!
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    The step out isn't judgmental, it's pretty simple...if your foot steps out of bounds no matter the action the other guy gets a point. It's actually the easiest rule out there to interpret.

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