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  1. The rule is you gain 15 pounds once you get married and an extra 10 for every kid. Its like the game of life, but instead of getting little yellow pink and blue pegs to put in your car, you get fat and larger clothes.
  2. Its done by a random draw. They have some random selector for each weight class where each regional is assigned to another regional.
  3. I always joke that I wrestled 167 in HS, and I can make 67 again, but that would have be 267. 100 lbs is a lot of weight. Makes you wonder though, how about all us guys that used to cut weight then we'd binge, if that has had some long term affect on her eating habits and health. Or maybe just older guys just get bigger. Im with you on the weight room, I do hit the weights 4 -5 times a week and a majority of my gain is muscle mass. On the flip side, my wife complains every week the last 23 years that she gained a pound or two, but with all that weight gain she weighs exactly the same amount when I married her. The math doesn't add up.
  4. I think in Indiana wrestling, If a team monopolizes and dominates a class, they will self select to move up the ladder. Just curious, can a team self select to move up to any class for example from 1A to 3A or do they bump up to the big class like Cathedral and EMD?
  5. I suppose in 1984, 220 lbs would have been the HWY class. Im also a lot stronger than HS, but Im not saying im in better shape. I could run forever then, but cant do 5 mins now.
  6. A less serious topic just to create some laughs. The Scholar is doing some unscientific research and requesting that you post your high school weight class (the one you primarily wrestled or senior year) and then compare it to your current weight class. Reference the year of your high school weight that your using Lets be a honest, as I see you guys out there, and we've put on a pound or two. I'm hypothesizing that this will be interesting and that most guys will be up 3 to 4 weight classes. I also think there's a small percentage of guys that stay really fit and could still wrestle there old weight class. I bet a few guys haven't been on a scale in 10 years. Since this is my proposal the scholar will go first. Lets see who will play along. I say the reward whoever went up the most weight classes gets 100 bananas. I think they might need the carbs. The guy still at that same weight class as HS only gets 10 bananas. My weight class in HS was 167 lbs class of (1988). Current weight class HWY. I've been bulking up by hitting the weights. The good thing about being in HWY is you don't have to list weight Thanks, The Scholar
  7. That's almost as good as the 3/5 compromise made during the constitutional convention. Brilliant. Was that guy Jebadiah Caprino that signed the constitution you're great great great grandfather or at least an uncle.
  8. The 1A wrestler generally has a disadvantage for not having workout partners, resources and stronger competition. But looking at a small sample size, 7.1% of state championships were won by 1A wrestlers last year compared to that 10.1% of the enrollment comes from 1A schools. So not that much of a disadvantage.
  9. Ok, to put in percentages. You're correct that approximately 13% of the team 3A and 4A will get bids, but the 1A and 2A will only get 9% of their teams receiving bids. Another perspective: 3A and 4A make up 71% of the enrollment, but only get 50% of the bids. Where 1A and 2A will also get 50% of the bids even though there enrollment totals 29% of the total enrollment. Ill admit that I overstated that the bottom 3 teams rarely finished in the winners bracket, so Ill admit my mistake. But a majority of the time the last 3 teams in don't make it to the winners bracket. The 1A and 2A teams results seem to deviate more from the prior year tournament points scored under Maligned's system. The consequence would be having a team like Garrett in 2a that significantly outplaced their score, wouldn't be able to participate. Ill add its a shame all teams don't have a shot to wrestle there team in the current year, and only have their circumstances based on the prior year state tournament results, but you still can help your team next year by doing well in the current year state tournament. The system works and by expanding the current system by 4 teams, more wrestlers will have a shot to participate.
  10. I think you're correct that 1A and to some degree 2A are much more unpredictable then 3A, and that a schools performance in the prior year state tournament is less indicative how they'll perform in the subsequent year.
  11. Yes, 1A and 2a will lose 4 spots going from each class, but the number of teams in each class will be reduced proportionately. So if 36 teams joined the new 4A class pool, wouldn't the number of teams in each class (1A, 2A, 3A) decrease by 12 teams, thus making it easier to get one of the 8 qualifying spots. For simplicity sakes, say we had 300 teams eligible (which is close) due to having enough wrestlers to meet the criteria. Then the prior qualifiers to total teams ratio would have been 12 to 100 per each class. Now it would be 8 qualifiers to 88 teams for classes 1A,2A and 3A. So its not fair to say the small classes are loosing 4 sports exactly In another way, previously there was 1.2 spots for every 10 teams, under new calc there would be .9 spots for every team. Doing the math we can quantify this, and the results are class 1a and 2a are only losing 3 teams each and not 4 as previously reported. A few teams might be shifted to a higher class, but that's not that a big of deal. With that said, almost always the last 3 teams in that previously qualified rarely had an impact on the championship and normally finished in the losers bracket. That's logical due to that we predicted them to be not as competitive. I'm sure Maligned can statistically confirm this. I think the 8 team per class format is much more balanced and enables the tournament to run easier without a large amount of byes. Under the new format, we will have more competitive matchups and a more fluid tournament, less sitting around and more schools and wrestlers participating. Sounds like a win win, with only losers being small school bubble teams that know they do not have a realistic chance at winning the championship.
  12. Based on my quick analysis. The potential beneficiaries or winners of this new change in policy would be the now designated larger 3A schools with solid wrestling programs. Say theoretically if this change went into affect last year, and based on the rankings: schools like Hobart, WL Harrison, Franklin Community, Columbus East and Mishawka would all have had a very contending legitimate shot at the 3A title this year. I assume Brickfor6 is excited about this change and would be rejoice at the opportunity to talk some Hobart 3A smack. Again, assuming no serious drop off in those programs, these schools likely would be the contenders next year. And they wouldn't have to compete with the Old Indiana Blue Blood gauntlet. Is Roncali also going to play the "Were a private school and too good to be in an inferior class than 4A" because they could contend for a 3A championship? Also, Harrison has some talent coming back, but there window is small as they're pushing 2K, Tippy county is the fastest growing county in the state, and they're approving a 1900 home subdivison next to the school ( which on a side note could hurt the Scholar"s property value). But I digress, this would be an unforeseen opportunity for coach Henry.
  13. I didn't know, but that was interesting enough to google. I did find this pic in the South Bend Tribune of him complaining about $.50 mayonnaise. I bet he was involved in the Thespians club instead of being on the wrestling team. But you never know.
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