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  1. So how does Russia select their team? This whole weight class setup was interesting in it self. I suppose its some criteria, but why did Snyder get the better seed over Cox and get placed straight to the finals? I guess it was the prior Olympic Championship carries more weight than Cox winning the last World Championship and placing 3rd in previous Olympics. Cox has done more lately than Snyder, I suppose there's Criteria that favors Snyder.
  2. I still think USA wrestling screwed up on this. There obviously was some form of miscommunication. I really think the smart thing to do would have the tournament director make an arbitrary exception and give J'Den a few more minutes to weigh in. Ive seen lots of times were weve had exceptions to weigh in times because a bus driver showed up late or a kid showed up a little late to a sacnticoned tournament. I dont think anybody would have complained under the circumstances. I bet Snyder was even disapointed he didn't get the chance to wrestle Cox. IMO, You look at it, of all th
  3. Thats pretty substantial evidence. Always two sides to a story, but at any level, weigh in times are pretty important and most people double check and are aware. Just doesnt add up. Its very unlikely he gets some recourse out of this. One of the best things about wrestling is you control your destiny, it doesnt matter what everybody else thinks, you beat the guy, you go forward and it doesnt come down to a vote or decision of a coach. A wrestle off with Snyder would go against that concept. I suppose you could say were lucky for our qualifying process in wrestling when you com
  4. Thats messed up that Cox was so close. Its sounds like the bell has been rung, and how do you unring the bell. Lets say hypothetically J'Den could prove he got the wrong times from USA wrestling, could there be some recourse? I know unlikely, but if his appeal worked, could they do something like the 2012 Beat the Streets with the Shawn Bunch vs Coleman Scott match. Maybe it was a 3 way tournament were Reese Humprey barely lost to Scott. They had it in New York after the Olympic Qualifier because Bunch and Humprey were at an Olympic Qualifier and couldn't wrestle the Trials.
  5. Biggest surprise of the tournament. I read J'Den's coach Kevin Jackson (1992 Olympic champ) got the wrong times for the weigh ins and that created a big problem. Was this was a mistake on Jackson or if the tournament administrators screwed up. As J'Den was saying there was some missed communication. I kind of curious how that went down and if J'den was close to weight and if he had a little more time, he would have been good. Kind of a shame as he's been wrestling well and is in his peak. Not sure if he would have gotten Snyder but those are two juggernauts. This is un
  6. Good point Uncle Jimmy, He is from Carmel. Lets give him a test to see what type of Car he drives and how much his average mixed drink cocktail costs? Then we'll know?
  7. I would say the biggest weakness of the Indiana State tournament is that you dont truly get the best 8 due to the randomness of the draws, some guys just get lucky. Throw wrestlebacks into this format, and I think you would be closer to the top 8.
  8. Greg, I like this idea and i think the report and presentation you made helps sell this idea. Ive actually mentioned something similar to this in prior years on the board. I called it the "Grand State" concept. I got the idea back in my home state of KS. Back in the 70s, they actually got the KSHAA to buy into this for a few years from 76-78, and they had a "Grand State" extension to their tournament. Of course Kansas implemented classes back in the early 70s, but their State tournament concept was just an individual state tournament with four classes that took two weeks. For th
  9. If you look at some posts earlier in the thread, it was established on reliable data that California wrestling participation has been seeing a consistent decrease in participation.
  10. This is the most ironic statement on the whole thread. This has become become the most complex post on the thread. Actually the simple answer, is lets have wrestle backs instead of trying to quantify how unfair it is to not have wrestlebacks.
  11. I think its admirable what small schools like Rensalear Central, Bremen, North Posey, Garrett, Prairie Heights and others i might have had missed. Obviously there's some positive leadership there with coaches that energy and great knowledge. But on the flip side, Ive seen some small school programs be built, then the coach becomes very marketable to ADs looking for a good wrestling coach at a big school. The coach most often leaves to the bigger program. Cant blame them. A lot of times the small schools are stepping stones. I wont name names, but look at the resume's of the successf
  12. We kind of mentioned that earlier that we need to engage and corroborate with the Class Tennis, Class Golf, Class Track, Class Cross Country and the Class Swimming community to change things. I suppose the question is there really a subset of people in these communities that would be strongly interested in changing the format. I know some tennis people that arent happy with the current format and would be up for change. Does anybody know people in the Track, Golf or swimming that would change this. My thought on swimming is that most small schools dont have facilities to
  13. From my analysis of your very colorful and pretty charts, the two states with the most marked decrease are California and Indiana (both single class states). The other states with class wrestling seem more stable.
  14. I dont think they limited at Southport last week. There were a lot of people in the stands. Probably the same this week.
  15. Im glad to see some tennis players on the list with 4. Tennis players surprisingly make good wrestlers. My son was a tennis player and wrestler. He once mentioned in a wrestling practice that a coach was unhappy with theteams effort and criticized them that this wasn't a tennis practice. My son was pissed. Tennis players have to be intense and fit. Tennis players are some of the worlds most fit athletes and extremely mentally tough.
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