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  1. Wrestling Scholar

    Event Changes for 1/14-1/19

    Team Garcia,. Did this screw your plans to see big IU vs PU match at Mackey. I thought you might have a vested interest.
  2. Wrestling Scholar

    Chad Red

    Coach Manning sure seemed to develop "Jordan Burroughs". As a coach, has been in the top 10 in NCAAs 9 times out 18 years including the last 4 and should be this year. I think college programs in Indiana would take his success rate at developing all-Americans. Wrestling in college is tough and a lot of reasons why kids don't get to the AA status. Its a mental marathon, kids are used to being the Alpha wrestler and get to college and you're just one of the guys. Finding your way to motivate yourself can be extremely difficult. Some kids peak earlier and some get girlfriends and see other distractions. Lot of cool stuff going on at colleges also like learning, maybe some kids just don't dedicate their whole life to it. Chad Red Jr is still top 20 so still doing pretty good. Look at the ranks of Mannings upper classman. Maybe Chad Red is still going through his system to get him there.
  3. Wrestling Scholar

    Escape or No Escape?

    Im saying escape. Red hit the switch and faced opponent immediately attacking the leg. At that point that's loss of control. Offensive wrestler later throws in the whizzer but after separation. I could see ref holding off to see if the defensive wrestler came up with reversal, but E1 should have been awarded when out of bound.s
  4. Wrestling Scholar

    Ron Masanek Fairfield (OH) Invite

  5. Wrestling Scholar

    Winton Woods(OH)

  6. Wrestling Scholar

    West Carollton(OH)

  7. Wrestling Scholar


  8. Wrestling Scholar


  9. Wrestling Scholar

    Lakota West(OH)

  10. Wrestling Scholar

    Lakota East(OH)

  11. Wrestling Scholar


  12. Wrestling Scholar

    Upper Arlington(OH)

  13. Wrestling Scholar

    Oregon Clay(OH)

  14. Wrestling Scholar

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    DCC must be stacked. Thought match would be closer.
  15. Wrestling Scholar

    Free tix- Purdue vs Marlyland tonight at 6PM

    I guess if that was the case, they wouldn't have made much money in the Purdue vs IU game, because not many points where scored in on them in that game.

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