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  1. So would the format be freestyle or collegiant?
  2. Its amazing how predictable wrestling can be, seeds are almost spot on. But pretty par for course. I would say the biggest bright spot is Aven getting 8th.
  3. They do things to facilitate more matches in a shorter period of time. 1. Most tournaments don't have pre-defined weights. You show up and weigh in and they group the brackets by closest weights to get an even distribution of wrestlers. They don't waste time trying to seed. They don't have huge overloaded brackets that slow a tournament down and they avoid the super small brackets with 1or 2 guys in a bracket. 2. They used modified wrestling rules. If you go out of bounds or have a whistle, you start in the neutral position all the time. It really improves the flow of the tournament. 3. the best thing is they schedule age groups with time allotments. 6 -12 for example wrestle from the slot of 8 to 11. So youre there for 3 hours and done. Then the 12 to 18 years wrestle from 11 to 2pm. You're only at the gym for 3 to 4 hours. Its much more manageable. 4. You don't have to buy a USA wrestling card. No offense, I never bought a card in Ohio because the tournaments weren't sanctioned. And that was fine. It gives you more flexibility.
  4. I think Ersland is making small incremental steps and doing a good job. I think he had the best dual team in years. I hope he keeps the momentum going. But last weeks BIG 10 tournament was disappointing. Still waiting for that break through season to get in the top half of the conference. But I hope that was a blip. Would be nice to see Ersland get his first All-American. Maybe Lydy, Bruner or some else from the cast can step up.
  5. ISWA format doesn't work well in my opinion and think partially responsible for high turnover rate. I still remember the last ISWA tournament I took my son to. Weigh ins were at 6 AM, my son wrestled only 3 matches that day and was on the math for about 5 minutes. We didn't get out till 5PM. 5 minutes wrestling for taking up 11 hours of his and my time. Its just plain stupid, and I quit going to tournaments after that. And keep in mind I was a hardcore dad. Wrestling has to figure a way to schedule it so kids get can compete in a 3 to 4 hour window. Parents just don't like sitting in the stands doing nothing and spending on unhealthy concessions. And theres competition out there from other sports, need to find a better way. Ohio does a much better job of this than the ISWA.
  6. Sometimes in the late 90s they stopped letting d2 and D3 All Americans from competing in the D1 tournament. Im not exactly how high you had to place or how one would get into the D1 tournament, maybe it was just the finalists. I just think it was too complicated, and maybe the D1 coaches didn't like the look of having D2 and D3 guys beating there studs. I remember a guy I used to wrestle a lot in college. His name was Joe Wypisinski from Univeristy of Nebraska Omaha. He was a 3 time D2 all-American at 177 and think in 1991 he took 2nd in D2 but he also placed 7th in the D1 tournament.
  7. I know you mentioned scapula/shoulder being down for the pin. But the middle of the back should be also included for the pin. You still cant ascertain the exact view the ref had, but from the picture the lower part of back looks "pinned" to me. Kind of looks like the scapula is there also but not sure.
  8. We shouldn't be talking about if Viduya was pinned or not, we should be talking about the filthy move that cradle was. Filthy dirty cradle. Reminds me of a J Jaggers shin cradle special. Didn't Jaggers pin a guy in the NCAA finals with that move.
  9. 1st lets keep It that way. To the Chagrin of Galagore, this is the year without a major class wrestling debate. Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall a major discussion. Probably a good thing because it gives the dead horse a chance to recuperate. Anyway, Im saving all my "A" material for next years debate just in case.
  10. I saw video, and he looked pinned. I now the guys in the upper sections have good eyes, but you cant complain. I agree it was kind of quick, not a full two seconds. But, the timing of pins is like a strike zone, Its very common to have refs call it that quick. Nobody complains about It all season, so why complain now. Im sure Viduya has benefited from quick pins in his career. Garcia got him on his back, its done.
  11. The obvious con of having instant replay would be the cost and logistical problems of doing this. To do this you this you would have to have an official videographer at the site, and this would include a official replay screen along with some type of uniform sanctioned software to replay the video. Also, you would have to have a trained replay official at the site. Note the cost of this as just added two more people to the expense of hosting a meet along with hardware costs. Note there would be additional training for referees, coaches and ADs. You're looking at significant costs to running an event. Note there is a shortage of referees and I think they're underpaid as it is. So add another element requiring more referees and more support people. Its not sustainable, especially when you apply a rule, it has to be uniform. Just imagine if you had to apply this to every HS event at every HS. You could never get that done. I suppose you could make it optional, where a few more affluent schools might be able to pull it off. But I don't think that would be good to have an optional rule of when to apply this.
  12. Donnie Crider was like a good fisherman, when he had an opponent on the hook, he didn't let them get away. I roughly remember a number at 164 Pins for his career. Harrison wrestled a lot of super duals and he had over 50 matches every year maybe exception of his freshman year. Is that the record?
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