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  1. Now what are we going to watch while were cooped up in our quarantined sites? I only can watch so many episodes of the office. How am I going to get my sports fix? Im going to need psychological help. This is depressing
  2. Kansas is ranked #1. So they get the vote in championship if everything is cancelled. Maybe a subtle motive to quit playing while they're ahead.
  3. Iowa University- National Champions- Since its highly unlikely that were going to have a National Championship now thanks to NCAA freaking out. So I guess we got to go with the polls. Here's a pre-emptive congratulations to the Hawkeyes. Also, I suggest we go with seedings for the Individual All-Americans. Banner year for Purdue with 4 All-Americans. Congrats Purdue. I think the Fred Hoiberg drama last night was the straw that broke the camels back that will cause cancellation of everything in NCAAs. Thanks Basketball, you get to screw wrestling again. Yea, and don't tell me Fred Hoiberg wasn't feeling good yesterday afternoon prior to the game. Have some common sense. He could done just as well with his last place basketball team with an asst coach coaching. Here's Fred Hoibergs quote: "Please let it be known that I would never do anything that would put my team, family or anyone else in harm's way," Hoiberg wrote.
  4. With No fans allowed at the NCAA basketball tournament, its almost a certainty they wont allow fans in Minnesota next week. I hope they don't cancel the whole tournament. Its possible.
  5. Better than no tournament at all. I would also like to get an expert opinion from @regionrat1 about the affect of the wonderful smelling regional air would have on the Coronavirus.
  6. I just start on with my qualifications. Im an expert because I have "Scholar" in my avatar name and I read a lot of stuff on the internet. I also took a biology course in college and played high school football. Maybe the problem is worse because we have 264MM more people in the US. If the death rate is 2-3% which is likely overstated but, keep in mind that's still 200% to 300% more deadly than the flu. And that's a lot more people that can get infected and die in the US. Compound this with this with the fact that we have so many more people who are uninsured and underinsured, which is going to result with a lot of people not going to the doctor when they should because of the fear the cost. Also, the US does has a shortage of ICU beds. Compound that with the incompetent way our govt has responded to the pandemic already. Also, it bothers me when were saying its the media's fault. I respectfully disagree on that comment, maybe its better for the media to be giving us too much information. As compared to our govt not being transparent and lying to us that we have under control so you can stop pulling money out of the stock market. Postponing/cancelling ISWA state this weekend is unfortunate. I did hear they're looking for alternate sites. I think were reacting too early in this case, because its barely here and in my opinion the risk is low at this point. I was thinking of Warren Central's motives: Was it fear of a lawsuit if somebody came down with the Corona Virus, or are they worried about thousands of people running around their school spreading germs for the kids when they came back, or maybe they were worried about the potential criticism of being the school that brought a large group of people together. Im really concerned the NCAA nationals next weekend in Minneapolis. This is potentially could be cancelled or at least for the fans. It will be driven by the NCAA's choice to run basketball games for March Madness. What ever the NCAA decides for basketball, the NCAA will follow. That's a lot of cash for the NCAA to lose. Concerned.
  7. Congrats to the Boilermakers 5th place finish. 2 Finalists and 8 national qualifiers is outstanding. This was a hell of a tournament for Purdue. Im predicting, Purdue will end the All-American drought in two weeks. I think 3 or 4 All-Americans at NCAAs. I guess it takes some break through the ceiling, but Ersland did that this weekend. His first 5 years looked like the same old Purdue, near the bottom of the Big 12. I kind of expected the same status quo. But this year they look formidable. They were just behind a down Penn State, but the Boilers were competing with the Nitany Lions, and that's saying something. I hope Ersland leverages this success in the recruiting process.
  8. So you're saying a high school in Indiana will have its own gym with really good seating for wrestling fans , and not have to share a basketball court? What you talkin about Willis?
  9. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-02-27/ncaa-reveals-qualifier-allocations-2020-ncaa-di-wrestling With the allocations, what are Purdue's wrestlers chances of making the NCAA. Possibly 7 or even 8 on a good day wrestling. Lydy, Bruner, Schroder, Coleman would get wild cards and are locks. Penola probably would get wildcard too. Fillius, Parriott and Lyon all are going to have to wrestle to get in and cant afford an upset. Should be a fun day.
  10. Hope about giving the small town coaches a chance to win a championship and having there wrestlers a chance to win a championship. That might keep them around..
  11. That's a good point. They wrestle the same Indiana schools and don't join the IHSAA do to some religious beliefs. Since this is not an IHSAA event, why exclude them. I guess on the flip side, they don't state sectional, regional and SS points so makes them difficult to compare. But could you make an exception on the vote in.
  12. Possible compromise to get best of both worlds: The Grand State Compromise method Back in my home state of Kansas, a well known "drink the class wrestling cool aid state", actually once upon a time came up with a method to have a one class champion like Indiana and have individual class champions. It was like having your cake and eating it to. They did it as follows: 1.They had their normal state championship with 4 divisions (6A, 5A, 4A, 321A) and took two weeks to wrestle. They placed 4 places in each division. Each class had its champions and placers, so business like normal. Yes, they had wrestle backs. 2. In week 3, the 16 state placers from all four divisions were invited to a "Grand State". The format was the 4th placer finisher drew a 1st place finisher from another division. I think the divisions were randomly drawn Like the 6a state champ would wrestle the 1-2-3A 4th place finisher. (It was 4 vs 1 and 2 vs 3). When tournament was done, you had your Kansas state champion (unclassed). I believe they did it in 1976 and 1977. It was quite popular, but the reason it failed was it was the coaches felt it was too much time and money to put another week in the season and the additional travel costs to travel to a central location. Indiana could do this and get it done in the same four week schedule they currently have. I know a knew paradigm. I know people would say it fair proportionally to have 4 wrestlers from the big class and 4 from the small class. Maybe a compromise would be top 5 go from the big class and top 3 from the small class. The Scholar is submitting ideas as solutions, not complaints.
  13. 1. There are a handful of cases, where some varsity B/JV kids that could qualify for state. The Blue Chippers like Brownsburg, Cathedral, Warren, EMD are deep and there 2nd string could make state. But rare. I do recall about 5 years ago, Penn had a good kid behind Osborne and other state quality level kids and the kid wrestled Varsity B all year. But next year was wrestling on a college team beating state placers. @UncleJimmy or @M109R know the kid. 2. Back to the original point, if a rule allowed for schools to enter two kids. The big programs would have a lot of varsity B kids placing at sectional and regional and would squeeze out the small schools. Maybe the elite wrestlers small schools would make it through, but this would take out tons of 1A and 2a regional and SS qualifiers. Check the scores of the Varsity B teams and they end up wrestling small programs and win more than they lose.
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