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  1. Seeing(1989) Porter of Roosevelt and Dwone Williams of Wirt makes me wonder if we will ever see a champ from Gary ever again?
  2. The Brinks truck made it to Fort Wayne? I thought it unloaded in Delaware County????
  3. I don't think he's been on the staff for a couple of years. He's a really good guy though.
  4. It appears the loss to Rumph at regionals really motivated Black. Black tech'd Rumph at SS and Major'd him tonight.
  5. I would be curious to see the results if someone broke down the scoring for the 4 semi states based off of placing. And kudos to the FW semi state on getting 7 guys into the finals. Wrestling looks like it's getting stronger throughout the entire state.
  6. Been a blast watching this rivalry. I'm sure tonight will be another barn burner!
  7. Thanks Y2, just about everything a fan could need all in one link!
  8. FILA needs to send some guys from the region out to lobby with the IOC. Guys like Region Rat know how to get things done behind closed doors. Very simple, problem solved
  9. That's what it's all about. Thanks for sharing SW
  10. 5 would be nice, especially considering the fact that the region was down in several weight classes this year.
  11. He's so under the radar I didn't know he was no longer at River Forest! How did he end up in the villes lineup?
  12. I'm just glad Caldwell's back healed up enough after injury time that he was able to do a flip.
  13. That was a very good Hobart team from top to bottom. If I recall correctly, they had to scramble to find a 215 after the starter suffered a season ending injury late in the year? 10 of those guys from that lineup were state qualifiers at one point in their careers. Even the guys who weren't state qualifiers were dangerous. Guys like Hurst and Rayner owned plenty of wins over well known wreslters. I recall Rayner knocking off Fred Joseph in a meet at Hobart. Frankie Debusk was very dangerous and was capable of pinning anyone. He placed 5th at state that year and had several big wins via the con
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