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  1. Seeing(1989) Porter of Roosevelt and Dwone Williams of Wirt makes me wonder if we will ever see a champ from Gary ever again?
  2. dkg1

    metcalfs reaction to losing

    I'm just glad Caldwell's back healed up enough after injury time that he was able to do a flip.
  3. That was a very good Hobart team from top to bottom. If I recall correctly, they had to scramble to find a 215 after the starter suffered a season ending injury late in the year? 10 of those guys from that lineup were state qualifiers at one point in their careers. Even the guys who weren't state qualifiers were dangerous. Guys like Hurst and Rayner owned plenty of wins over well known wreslters. I recall Rayner knocking off Fred Joseph in a meet at Hobart. Frankie Debusk was very dangerous and was capable of pinning anyone. He placed 5th at state that year and had several big wins via the controversial "slop drop" move he used to use. Weber was a 2 time placer as was Rodriguez. Cantu placed 7th or 8th that year. Ramos was a 3 timer. Definitely the best Hobart team ever.
  4. dkg1

    Biggest upset at State?

    i thought that was the biggest upset i think the problem with dillion this year was who did he face all season before tourny time no competition and when he finally did he fell through and didnt know how to react when he was down.. He won the Mishawaka Invite and he finished 5th at state last year so it's not like he's never seen elite competition. Give the kid from Castle some credit too, he brought his "A" game Friday night.
  5. dkg1

    Braggin' Rights?

    While this is true many of the area's strongest wreslters do not compete in this event. Congrats to all those invited. right, i was just answering the question of which is Illinois strongest region
  6. Speaking of junk, they have their share of junkyards in Snake Nation
  7. dkg1

    Braggin' Rights?

    Definitely the Chicagoland area
  8. dkg1

    congrats bill hawkins

    Congrats to Bill and Jennifer. It's been a pleasure watching Anthony grow and mature into the person he is today, a testament to his parents and coaches.
  9. Is that horse representing the Evansville Semi State?
  10. dkg1

    2009 state champs vs 2009 state champs

    I'm as big of a Porrass fan as there is, but to say anybody would "stomp" Tsirtsis is absurd. I also think it's hard to judge who would win a match by common opponents.
  11. Let's continue to beat the dead horse and examine the Merrillville SS success: Last year: 6 champs, 4 2nds 07: 7 champs, 5 2nds 06: 8 champs, 2 2nds 05: 4 champs, 7 2nds 04: 7 champs, 5 2nds 03: 7 champs, 1 2nd If you look over the last 6-7 years, Seven champs coming out of the Merrillville SS is about the norm. Not a bad run!
  12. dkg1


    Is Harper going to give it a go this weekend? Too bad Mishawaka and CP are on the same side of the bracket.
  13. dkg1

    Break Down of Semi-States

    How many years has it been since another Semi State was more dominant than the Merrillville SS at state? With 4 of the 7 champs from Merrillville returning next year, coupled with the fact that there weren't as many stud seniors in the Region as in the past, look for Merrillville to continue it's domination. What does the Rat think of this?
  14. dkg1

    congrats to frankie porras

    A well deserved State Championship for one of the classiest kids I know. I'm also happy for Steve Balash, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

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