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  1. Good on Mishawaka for streaming! I’m out of the loop as far as intriguing matchups but I do enjoy watching some wrestling as I’m hunkered down riding out the impending rain/ice/snow storm! Safe travels for teams/fans. Good to see more teams/networks streaming and Facebook living wrestling. Welcome to the 21st century. Go Penn!
  2. MS - 275 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Holden Parsons of Yorktown MS #5-285(7th@285) 2nd Place - Tate Johnson of Schmucker MS Tate Johnson recently signed with Auburn for football after moving out of state.
  3. Congrats to three IN guys claiming D3 #1 rankings...Champagne, Rumph, Hatch. Several others right there with nationals on the horizon. https://www.d3wrestle.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Ranking_7_20200114.pdf
  4. Yeah, so kinda like Johnny Wrestler from Podunk High who doesn't really have a shot at an individual state title now..yet class wrestling supporters are clamoring and advocating for class so he can get his title shot in 1A/2A!!! So let me try to understand, as I'm getting confused...take away Podunk High's bids and deny them the chance for "growing the sport" due to their participation in team state (notice I didn't say winning) and that's fine cuz they don't have a realistic shot at winning...but then the same poster is gonna say how we need to class so Podunk High can have a state qualifier/placer/champ and thus promote wrestling in/for his school and grow the sport??! This is not a shot at you, Scholar, just the hypocritical justification on here about taking away bid numbers from the smaller classes to go to larger schools for team state (notice I didn't say percentage..I agree that is about the same) yet then advocating for individual classes to provide more opportunity and growth. To me, limiting team state chances are worse because you have a "team" of 8-20 kids going to the event then back to school talking to their buddies about it as compared to one Johnny Wrestler going back and saying he participated/placed/won at an individual classed state tourney. Where's the Grow the Sport class supporters rancor? Beside boomer and WoodJC...and I"m not even a class supporter but I do feel the classed Team State is fantastic and I do support that. #Confused
  5. This is a valid point. No I don’t wanna start another class thread but as it pertains to team state I think it’s spot on. Hopefully I’m just missing something ..
  6. Wabash update. Lotta top guys out yesterday but lotsa young guys getting great experience. Of note, Kyle Holman of Carmel defeating a national champ. https://sports.wabash.edu/news/2020/1/11/wrestling-wabash-places-fourth-at-nwca-national-duals.aspx
  7. Your Wabash update. Next up National Duals Friday in Louisville. Good luck to all the IN dudes in all divisions.
  8. Broke that not day drinkin' resolution after 3 days. Congrats! Trust this was not the bandits original post..but good on him for editing.
  9. @JMILL will probably facetime you on his phone for a free T-shirt...he's probably down to XXXL now. He's consuming the calories his kid isn't using!!!! I kid of course....#SarcasmFont. Or you could just ask for somebody's Track login like some #KnuckleHead did a couple years ago! Aaah the memories....
  10. The lack of chatter concerning the event is sorta strange but here's mine.. Devault Penn #2 vs Keys #PainTrain #1.....rematch from last year's state bout. Hopefully a different result. And hopefully those darn stall happy daRegion refs ain't workin' this match!! I kid of course..I support daRegion refs...even if technically they ain't in the region! Go Penn!
  11. BlueGold's lower weight picks should get @TeamGarcia back on the board!!! LOL.
  12. Kudos to Steve Krah on the coverage as usual.. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/laplace-walker-lead-mishawaka-to-fourth-place-at-al-smith/article_36fe7b38-29c0-11ea-a5c1-affcbdb8145a.html
  13. In a rematch of last week's epic viral video "self pin" match ….Peyton Kendall of Penn d Sandefur of Mish 4-0. Good for the freshman and way to bounce back!
  14. I take full responsibility for not following Swin's rules and posting under Al Smith thread (I know better!) ..but... Steenbeke vs Rodgers in quarters will be a good measuring stick for the Penn freshman. Not saying he's winning, so calm down, but will should be a good early career match vs a state champ. Wish I was there.....
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