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  1. ....on the banner update! Finally after half decade. As first to seemingly notice do I get a shirt or something. Somewhere Drew Hildebrandt weeps...kudos to the visual department. Who are the new wrestlers? I’ve lost touch.
  2. I echo Disco’s sentiments. He’s got 4 years of wrestling and a lot can change in his wrestling ability/passion/development. He should go where he’s comfortable and fits and has a path (note not a guarantee) to start or have an impact. The degree is the priority and to be able to get one debt free is a great start in life. With that said, I’d go to CMU. #FireUpChips
  3. The Xtreme Coach of the Year carries a large posse as one would expect!
  4. You can lead a horse poster to the water College Board, but you can't make him drink read it, #amirite? To stay on off board topic, congrats on the big win.
  5. Yeah I think they had to split the announcers. He needs work but he seems to hand knowledge and think he will improve. ..or hope.
  6. Dorian Keys! In the Purdue lineup! Where #TheCounty at?
  7. Maybe if they classed vaccinations....I kid, of course. However, we could be doing the best, some would say the bestest, distribution of vaccine and I doubt a state series that begins in 3 weeks would be minimally impacted considering we are on, what, people in the 80's to get in line? Unless your insinuating that wrestlers and families should be ranked higher (see what I did there) in importance. Anyway, not a politician, nor a desire to start a class the vaccine 10 page thread but not seeing how vaccine distribution issues play a part in an event that begins 3 weeks from now.
  8. I missed the theory Suzuki ..what is “the theory”? That they wouldn’t score without transfers? I get it Einstein. Who’s this missing technician?
  9. I understand @Mattyband @ontherise219takes, I do. However put yourself in the shoes of those parents who have put in the years/time/$$ for that program for years only to have a transfer take your LittleJimmys spot in the lineup in high school. Does that change your view at all? There is always somebody better..how would you like him to move into your district at your sons weight? It might then be a big deal or matter! No?? And this has nothing to do with this topic as it relates to Penn or anyone else. Just more of a loyalty/commitment thing to me. To stay on topic. I support Penn
  10. It does appear to be on the PWC youtube but I don't have the link to post unfortunately....
  11. Appreciative of the effort..but watching Harp and Hersh et al and no mat coverage does not lead to must watch viewing...nor does the start for Penn. Yikes!
  12. I miss this sooo much! Let’s... go!!! Yeah...we all miss #TheCounty hijackin' every thread......I kid, of course!
  13. Don’t forget to sign it while your there! I’ll have AuntJanie make some Xtreme breakfast casserole for the hospitality room that tourney.
  14. So like the state brackets debacle circa 2015?? #NeverForget #BracketGate
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