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  1. Rumpf and woods of wartburg off top of head. My heart goes out to those who didn’t get the chance to compete, especially those seniors. No doubt this list would be longer.
  2. If he would have had a 4th bullet point ..Class it...half y’all woulda bought right in! #amirite.
  3. I feel like this is a @ClownBabyburner account for some reason. Sounds like him. Where is that dude? Where's a lot of dudes, come to think of it? Maybe an offseason thread.."Where have they gone.."
  4. https://www.jimpeterspreps.com/post/do-it-right-the-first-time-chesterton-s-joll-went-a-long-way-on-a-simple-coaching-philosophy Great article. Best wishes upon retirement.
  5. Guys...Congrats on reaching the 10 page thread total!!! I think that matches last year..but not close to the 15+ from a couple years ago! You can do it!!! LFG!!! BTW..shoutout to @SIACfan for taking the baton. Can I just get a permanent like for his posts? Keep up God's work. Also, you know you made a good point when they suddenly change their hypotheticals! It's their way of acknowledging you. Carry on.....
  6. So we've fluctuated roughly 3% (10/305) over 15ish years..doesn't seem like a sky is falling scenario to me? And no mention of a class system being listed in your lots of reasons. I'm sure I'm missing something and will by told what that is.
  7. Did @Galagorecall in to the program to offer dissenting, albeit incorrect, views? Askin’ fir a friend...I kid of course!
  8. Now you know how we feel with a class wrestling hijack on every thread!!!!! I kid, of course...….
  9. Flag!! Hang on..how can your handle be Iron Maiden and you not have this as your avatar??? #amirite..Joe can answer the rest. And I guess Eddie playing hockey is ok. Any Maiden song also good walk out music.
  10. @Galagoreburner account? Welcome to the board.. either that or Joe likin' all the traffic so why not start 10 threads! SMH.... To stay on topic. Hopefully never..maybe someday..hopefully someday...hopefully soon.
  11. Nice, Base...good recommendation on the not quoting too..Yep, the MS states are a fantastic indicator for sure. Still got my podium pic from years ago with 8 dudes that went on to great success.
  12. Strange I’ve been seeing Kendall at PWC since elementary? We counting move ins going back decades? Maybe I’m wrong. Let him who is without transfers cast the first stone. Glad we’re back in the discussion. All press is good press..#amirite? Any #TheCounty stud backups wanna rent a room? C’mon up..it ain’t that cold! AuntJanie knows how to cook wrestler food!! UncleJimmy..Penn Wrestling Recruiting Coordinator.
  13. I’ll take Blaney and Newman in a WWE style comeback story!! Thread hi jack!! To stay on topic ..I support Joe and OTR to do the pairings show.
  14. Focusing on my frozen ECSS screen most of the day, what matches at other SS were must see as I pass the night away? Sounds like FCFighters guy Thrine and the Erb/Munsee match...what else? I gotta rewatch the Fogarty from Mishawaka match..that was just bizarre as OTR said
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