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  1. You don’t think @TeamGarcia ain’t setup 1000s of Twitter burners?? He’s got the bots at the ready!! #Truth
  2. I dunno...I always go by WW#TBD...WhatWould#TheBrandDo!! Amirite?? I kid of course, sarcasm font!
  3. Avid conspiracy theorist here..not so much a tough guy depending upon whom you ask.and definitely not a biotech expert (Ball U, baby!! Education redefined!) .but if I'm gonna get it, please let it be Sunday so I can self quarantine for 2 weeks of MarchMadness/MarchMatness! I'm down for laying around sick, watching 12 hours of hoops and wrasslin' all day (albeit possibly in misery) and having people stay away from me (UncleJimmy not a people person, shocking..I know!). Hopefully I survive it, but if I don't I'll go out happy I reckon. To stay on topic, I think the Triple Crown FK/FS/GR idea is a good one. Take care out there people! How have we not marketed IndianaMat 800# Gorilla medical masks yet? Who's on marketing for this place?
  4. LOL...didn't even notice that! I thought he was only on the IndyMat payroll??!!
  5. Good luck to the four Little Giants. WAF https://timesuniononline.com/MobileContent/Local-News/Sports/Article/Tiger-Alum-Hatch-Has-National-Mat-Title-In-His-Sights/2/226/125314
  6. This! I"m trying to get LittleJimmy interested in this with his last year on the horizon. If these young dudes don't start early, they more likely never will. It's hard to see the video's of psycho parents/participants going berserk and wanting to be a part of that for $50. I know, I did little league for about 5 years and the pain just didn't offset the pay anymore, and I don't think I totally sucked. I know there is the scholarships available but there needs to be some outside the box thinking to get a whole lot of newcomers to start soon, because let's face it, not all pan out or continue on so the more the better.
  7. Not too busy..just thought you were with the new gig!! But yes, a JMILL ISWA session would be wonderful. I support the ISWA!
  8. Only if they're classed poster rankings! Small town posters don't have access to the same internet speeds us big city boys got! LOL.. BTW..did somebody get you a subscription to MemesRUs for your birthday or what?
  9. I'd like to wager a gazillion banana's on @Galagore posting on this thread in 3 minutes and I'll take the under. And I'll bet another gazillion bananas on the over/under of 10 as the number of his posts in the thread and I'll take the over. Carry on with your class debate! Happy offseason! SSDY..
  10. Well, some of that alleged "genius" seems to come form other posters.....AMIRITE????? Sarcasm font.
  11. Gimme ur order of anticipated matches tonight. Ima bit outta the loop. That way I can plan my fridge runs. Thanks in advance.
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