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  1. Congrats! I think you've been banned that many times on this one...well on the way to another. And you started out so well this time too before getting all up in your feelings. Who is Luke and Huckleberry? Is it an urban/suburban thing I don't understand, like "be easy"? Who is SWIN's "kind"? For the record, I'm Sargent Shultz...I KNOW NOTHING!!! So you don't have to ask.
  2. UncleJimmy

    County Stats

    I think wrestling scholar has a fascination for team Garcia! Nowhere do I see team Garcia listing any counties or a fascination thereof ...unless he has yet another Indiana mat persona of MackG!!! SMH...
  3. Ian @cgi369 please post your match recap for the paper back here when you can.
  4. Respeck for what @SWINfan has built back here! Attaboy ..and yes I hope it happens but even more important is it on BTN Sunday?
  5. In confidence order.....Allred....Rooks (if Warren goes 38 would slide this down a bit)...Cottey...South...Littell. "Sleeping on Zeke. It was a 7-4 loss in his 7th high school match ever to Moran.... " I understand the not sleeping on Zeke, but if you're going to excuse his loss to it being his seventh high school match how might his first state championship match under the lights with 8000 fans effect him if Moran has already had that experience? Not questioning the wrestler , just the rationale...
  6. Is admission free tonite? I thought I saw somewhere it was but cannot locate that info now.
  7. UncleJimmy

    Great story on Center Grove wrestler

    Wow. Good on everybody involved..kid, school, coach...everybody.
  8. UncleJimmy

    State Rankings #6

    Oh, Snap! We have an "outing". Dang I thought that was Doug Annakin..how'd I misread that!!! Putting a name to a poster should make @Mattyb and @JMILL happy!! No such thing as anonymous poster in their world! Good offseason board activity...Guess the Anonymous Poster! I'd like to start with @Novice Bat and where has he gone?
  9. UncleJimmy

    Louisville KY Jan 4-5th

    It is Bam...believe at grand view?
  10. UncleJimmy

    Louisville KY Jan 4-5th

    Jared Timberman 0-1 New Pal and WAB gave #2 ranked Canone of Wartburg a good battle losing 7-3.
  11. This should keep SWIN busy a couple days. Thanks for making the college board great again!
  12. UncleJimmy

    Al Smith finals stream

    Finals on stream now
  13. UncleJimmy

    Al Smith Predictions?!

    SBTrib article for u newspaper dinosaurs. Go Kingsmen https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/penn-wrestlers-surging-at-al-smith-invitational/article_8c53cde1-65a8-5c92-af53-d5d884ddafef.html
  14. Jose Diaz also at Midlands and has Sebastian Rivera I think.
  15. Wabash Always Fights...even for cats. https://amp.indystar.com/amp/2430142002

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