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  1. Happy for Marstellar finishing strong after all his struggles/issues. A true grinder. Hopefully the demons stay down.
  2. David Taylor is infinitely better than Robles. Gibbons is nowhere near as good as he is during big ten season. Not sure what the problem is but the whole announcing is lackadaisical at best for what is the super bowl of wrestling.
  3. Did dude just ask Hall “what kinda bee are you?” Really? Time for a new sideline reporter. Gotta think Billy Baldwin could ask a better question than that for Godsake.
  4. I'm here on and off for you, bro! You're doing great....keep up the good work.
  5. It appears you found the Illinois MatMen site!! LOL. You shoulda posted how your kid was gonna run roughshod over the 184lber to get those FIP's fired up to respond! Maybe start #TheState hastag over there..they'll love that! Like you said it's just a nice honor and a fantastic way to put a bow on the high school career. Enjoy it. RSVP....Cannot Attend...St Pat's day..check the twitter bio! Or else I would go watch....
  6. DIII....157 Jared Timberman (Wabash/New Pal) vs most likely #5 Murray (has pigtail match).
  7. UncleJimmy

    Before IndianaMat...

    I got this Pistol @3xStateChamp "Mus of cause you replying. Even Pistol can see that wit one good eye." PP Interpretation...Pistol is implying that you must have heard of "us guys" because you're replying. The one eye thing references his avi I believe which is a cowboy lookin' dude with an eye patch. Sorry, can't interpret Pistol's thoughts on why that is, just his words!!! Nor would I want to be able to interpret that mind.
  8. UncleJimmy

    Before IndianaMat...

    A board without a @TeamGarcia is not a board I wish to post on...amirite??
  9. Sorry...didn't see participation numbers on here and I thought in a previous iteration of this discussion were stats showing that statewide participation was up. Apologies if that was not the case. But if participation numbers statewide were up, and forfeits up then I'd say addition by subtraction would be a viable option, as compared to giving out medals and hoping friends take notice. DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP HITTING SEND........
  10. Don't get sucked in....don't get sucked in....don't reply...don't reply...let it go...UGH!!!!!!!!!! If our main issue is the increase in forfeits, instead of classing the schools, why don't we just eliminate a weight class or two? Seems to me that would possibly alleviate that issue than hoping if small school students see their buddies walking around with a medal it will make them want to go out? Don't hit send....just delete...don't hit send.. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. UncleJimmy

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    Can we keep asa outta this please? One thread without a @TeamGarcia post would be a welcome thing....amirite???
  12. UncleJimmy

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    So @Fabio Jr. burner account??
  13. UncleJimmy

    Did not look like Viduya was pinned....

    @MrsTeamGarcia with the mic drop! Post more..and have @TeamGarcia post less..amirite? I kid of course..
  14. UncleJimmy

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Yeah, I think we were scammed somehow...just hope my info don't show up on the dark web. Live and learn....Maybe Y2 and MattyB can do some IP address search.

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