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  1. Best of luck in your future careers - wrestling and otherwise - Mr Streck !!
  2. base


    Tony Stewart wrestled?? Thought he was 100% NASCAR
  3. base

    New State Format

    Galagore - do you think going to 3 classes could hurt other sports at the smaller schools? Current situation is that athletic kids are expected to play 2 or 3 sports. Your suggestion is that by classing the individual championships, more students may go out for wrestling, they might be more encouraged to do offseason training, and although the number of college scholarships will not change, more of them may begin to go to the smaller school athletes who will now be noticed by college coaches where they weren't before. Could all this small school wrestling love also encourage more athletes to specialize in wrestling, which could then hurt the football/baseball/track teams who are competing for their availability also?
  4. base

    Asa Garcia

    What other schools was Asa considering?
  5. base

    New State Format

    Took a look at California's setup (http://www.cifstate.org/sports/wrestling/index) It's a 3-day tournament, not 4 (Wednesday is registration/workout day. Thursday is half-day, then full days on Friday/Saturday) It is a true double-elimination with full wrestlebacks to 3rd place There are 40 wrestlers per weight class State is divided into 10 Sections Number of qualifiers in each weight class is set for each section - and is the same for each weight class: Southern(9) Central(10) Sac-Joaquin(6) North Coast(3) Central Coast(3) San Diego(4) Northern(2) Los Angeles*(1) Oakland(1) San Francisco(1) Pairings for the weight classes will be done by the State Rules and Operation Committee and the state meet director (Brackets are SEEDED) Looks like the top 16 for each weight class are seeded then the rest are drawn into open spaces
  6. base

    Short List ?

    Surprised me that even in the modern era there have been so few, especially those over 106/113! Mendez has some good company in Tsirtsis and Maurer on the list Im wondering how many freshmen came one match short - runner up - at weights 126 and up especially those upper weights
  7. Wow, so Jesse and Asa have never crossed paths - I thought maybe during a national team practice or something they might have. I would give the edge to Asa based on experience but it would be a very entertaining match!! Great weekend by both young men, congratulations Team Garcia and Sig40!
  8. Has Asa wrestled Mendez? Let’s make this dream matchup happen Notorious! Difficult to imagine Allred being beaten because he was so dominant this season, but by last year’s senior Davison... hmm, maybe - would love to see this match
  9. From past experience, I can tell you right now that this discussion will end with Joe saying "Let's just have one weight class then and one champion for the entire state". Dang it, I don't word it as smoothly as Joe...
  10. base

    Impact freshman

    Most of them are 1st year Cadets - born in 2004. This means that they will be either 15 (born Jan-May) or 14 (born June-Dec) at graduation time at the end of May. Fast forward 4 years from now when they are seniors in high school, and these 1st year cadets will all be 18 years old or will have just turned 19 within a few months. Not really extreme outliers
  11. Normally when I've been watching matches, if the pin is imminent (defensive wrestlers is rocking side to side maybe) as soon as the top wrestler "settles" the shoulders the pin is called. Do officials realistically do this silent one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two count with shoulders on the mat?
  12. base

    Impact freshman

    This puts everything in the perspective of athletics/wrestling and it is not always about that. Although it could cost them a year of earnings, being an older student among peers in school could also have the young child more mentally prepared for rigorous/advanced schoolwork, and could also potentially set the child in a position of leadership at a young age. It could be argued that these advantages might outweigh a year of earnings. I used to feel similar to you, but realized that IHSAA has a rule in place that does not allow athletes to compete after their 20th (I think?) birthday. Is that too "old"? Possibly, but that is the rule. And although some students are held back for athletic purposes, there may also be other factors such as maturation and behavioral issues that we do not know about.
  13. In my opinion (and very clearly/vocally the opinion of the announcers on TrackCast) Noehre had Rodgers pinned midway through the 2nd period. I think the official missed that call On the flip side, I would say Rodgers had the toughest path to the championship among anyone in the tournament so a big congratulations to him! He had a brutal first round draw of Nathan Conley from Avon, then Fort Wayne semistate champion Ethan Hicks. Then Merrillville semistate champion Brock Ellis and finally the New Castle semistate champion Noehre
  14. Would be really nice if IHSAA would Determine team scoring rules Publish team scoring rules Stick to the rules
  15. base

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    I have to cheer for Brewer - he’s earned this spot and to lose based on these circumstances would be really unfortunate

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