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  1. base

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    Hoosier Heritage Conference 126 Brayden Curtis Yorktown 20-0 (#3 / #1 FW) Payne Blackburn Delta 23-2 (NR / #4 FW) Chase Wilkerson Mt Vernon 20-2 (#10 / #4 NC) Jared Brown Pendleton Hts 26-4 (NR / #6 NC) 152 Tytus Ragle New Castle 36-0 (NR / #6 NC) Eric Heistand Yorktown 24-1 (#13 / #3 FW) Cooper Noehre Greenfield Ctr 25-2 (#3 / #2 NC) Maxwell Hayes Mt Vernon 15-2 (NR / #8 NC)
  2. base

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    Elijah Anthony 106lbs 18-0 Frankfort HS Garrett Condo 106lbs 24-0 Milan HS
  3. base

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    Andres Moreno 132lbs 15-0 Lowell HS
  4. base

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    Micah Dodson 220lbs 25-0 Martinsville HS
  5. base

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    Dylan Goudy 138lbs 28-0 Western HS
  6. Great article, sounds like a young man with a successful future. Best of luck making it to state KJ
  7. Some big Conference tournaments this weekend Any great weight brackets or matchups to watch?
  8. base


    Jenny, Jenny call 867-5309
  9. base

    10 years ago today....

    In particular, the 39th time that class wrestling was brought up and debated. Believe that was one month after the site began
  10. base

    You think IndianaMat should??

    The site continues to evolve and get better every year - great work Joe and others. Indiana wrestling fans are spoiled with the amount of information available and the banter among fans. Wondering who will be this season's Caliboy...
  11. base

    2018 Al Smith

    Wow that looks to be an excellent lineup! Will this be on Trackwrestling?
  12. base

    Added 200+ New Wrestlers

    Can a Weight field be added for individual results?
  13. base


    Lawrence Central Invite Lawrence Central Lawrence North Mt Vernon Fortville Hagerstown Connersville Pike
  14. base


    Capitol City Classic should have some good matchups this Saturday - Jeffersonville Indian Creek Beech Grove Westfield Plainfield Greenwood Franklin Central Perry Meridian
  15. base

    Added 200+ New Wrestlers

    What if the weight class is incorrect - maybe it shows weight from 1 or 2 seasons ago?

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