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  1. Is the strategy to keep their record unblemished, to prevent injury or ??
  2. I'm sure Grange is probably injured - why would a team hold a senior out of their final conference tournament? However, he didn't wrestle against Critchfield from Mater Dei either last weekend - although he did bump up to 285 and wrestle Leighton Jones in a 3-2 loss vs Brownsburg earlier in the day
  3. Agreed on your rankings Garcia - made me stop and think about what factors go into their success. I have a few areas that came to mind: 1. Recruiting locale - do they recruit nationwide or mostly local (which isn't bad if your "local" is full of studs 2. Recruiting talent - are you bringing in national-level wrestlers or state-caliber guys 3. Development - once wrestlers come to the program, do they show further progression Thinking of a few of these teams, here's how I see a few of them (mostly, although there are exceptions). Would like to know how you see these as you are more familiar with the college scene, or anyone else's thoughts (Disco, Thor)... Penn State - National recruiting, High Level, High Progression Iowa - Mixed recruiting, Mixed level of guys, Mixed progression - to me they develop to "Iowa-style" wrestling Ohio State - National recruiting, High Level, not sure what I think on progression here - mixed I guess? Minnesota - Local recruiting, Mixed level, Med/High progression Michigan - National recruiting, High level wrestlers, Med/High progression Wisconsin - Local recruiting, Medium level talent, Medium progression ..... Purdue - Mixed recruiting, Medium talent, Med/High progression Indiana - Local recruiting, Medium talent, Low progression Stacked up against other teams in Big 10 - I like where Purdue has gone with progression of their wrestlers - I think they get the most out of the talent they have. They have gone more national with their recruiting, but not necessarily bringing in super high level guys. I do think that Neinhaus may be an exception here - he's got a high ceiling I think. Kendall Coleman has looked great too but seems to have plateaued this season (just realized while typing that "plateaued" has 4 vowels in a row! ). I thought Streck or Indiana is getting a lot of local guys, but like Purdue hasn't landed the highest level in-state wrestlers. The progression of their wrestlers doesn't seem to be great to me at this point, but I am hoping that Escobedo can turn that around. Washington has adapted very well to the college wrestling scene and he is the primary bright point on the squad. For our state colleges, the tipping point will be getting maybe two of the highest in-state guys to go there, and to have success. I had hopes that Allred, Seltzer, Parris or Carroll would choose one of them. Mendez and Lee seemed to be a foregone conclusion to go out of state
  4. It's on FloWrestling if you have an account. Mat #17 @ 2:27 Great match with a lot of action and attempted takedowns. Pretty much zero riding time, all on the feet. Kudos to Seltzer for bumping up to give Mendez a challenge - and he certainly did challenge him. Mendez was just a little quicker and more technical I think which gave him a few angles for his takedowns. But Seltzer did get one takedown on a throwby, and attempted several others including a flying squirrel-type front headlock right at the end. I was impressed with Seltzer's strength in the match versus such a high level opponent one weight up
  5. The entire final dual was fantastic - great job to these young men and their coaches! 29-28 final score Every little bonus point and penalty point mattered! And.... the microphone being on was a huge added bonus, you could hear the crowd (and scorekeepers ) going wild
  6. Hockaday with a reversal and nearfall. Starts 3rd up 13-10 and chooses bottom. This will come to the wire
  7. After a takedown + nearfall by Jendreas he's up 10-9. Hockaday will need a fall now
  8. I think Hockaday needs nearfall he can't trade takedowns/escapes enough for a major
  9. Wild opening scramble at 106 - Jendreas briefly puts Hockaday to his back. CP up by 4
  10. Critical error by CP 285 trying a throw on Jones. I thought he was going to just minimize the damage and try to avoid the fall
  11. At least the 2 team points even out
  12. CP 195 wrestler didn't think he was pinned. He or one of the coaches may have said something, but not sure
  13. Gunner Henry locks up a standing cradle and gets the fall! That was huge. I think CP just lost a team point also. A lot of pressure on CP Paul Clark to score some bonus points at 220
  14. WOAH - Cruz had Brewer in some real danger for the last 25 secs of their match! But young Brewer held out and avoided the fall. It's 25-14 CP
  15. Have to say - Brownsburg wrestlers giving up 10 lbs and battling (and winning) is impressive! Brewer was at 170 earlier, going here at 182 vs Cruz. Cicciarelli bumped from 160 to 170. I think both Garcias also bumped up. That's a tall order against a team as strong as CP
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