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  1. I was waiting for the class wrestling debate to break out Good interview Joe!
  2. Congratulations and go Purdue!! It's great to see IU and Purdue keeping some of Indiana's talent in-state
  3. Congratulations! Air Force Academy is a beautiful location
  4. "No Pain, No Gain" has some additional meaning now for those grinding out long practices
  5. This is a great addition for IU - I am so happy to see both them and Purdue on the rise!
  6. i thought he already sat out a year of wrestling due to being blocked by Penn last season? You mean he has to miss *ANOTHER* season of HS Wrestling??
  7. That population heat map shown on the link seems like it must be based on density, not necessarily county population. Randolph and Union counties along the Ohio border are dark red, while Vanderburgh count (Evansville), Allen county (Fort Wayne) and Delaware county (Muncie) are orange?
  8. Any insight as to what Indiana will choose to use? Will we (hopefully) stick with 14? My first impression is that once you drop a weight, it is likely that it will never be added back - but I hope I am wrong on that
  9. Nothing says he has to be a starter - and comfort level could make him blossom into a better wrestler. Either way, just come home and represent the home state!
  10. Says I have to have Peacock Premium @ $4.99 a month??
  11. Says I have to have Peacock Premium @ $4.99 a month??
  12. Is anyone streaming this where you don't have to pay?
  13. Would love to see him come on home to Purdue
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