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  1. One piece I'll add here. Boxing is still huge money, but now mostly only appeals to boxing fans. Common citizen probably can't name even 1 or 2 boxers if asked. One of the things that fueled the success in the 1970s was the public availability to the sport. If a wrestling league like this was to be successful, my opinion is that you would want to bring back a "Wide World of Sports" type atmosphere and try to broadcast it on Sunday afternoon, if possible on a network station. Sure, you would lose a lot of viewers to NFL, but even they may flip over on breaks to see what the sport is about. If the rules are clear, it rewards aggressiveness and offense, and matches are fairly quick then it could get some audience
  2. This is pretty cool - reminds me of chess ratings Will be interesting to see how PIN-rated athletes fare versus the brackets, of course wrestling will vary wildly more than chess would based on physical/mental state of both competing athletes Among the Juniors, Pennsylvania and Iowa had the most entries (no surprise there). I was surprised to see Idaho with as many entries as Indiana State Number Pennsylvania 22 Iowa 20 Minnesota 20 California 17 Illinois 17 Oklahoma 15 Wisconsin 15 New Jersey 10 Ohio 10 Idaho 8 Indiana 8 Georgia 6 Missouri 6 Arizona 5 Utah 5
  3. @QuinnHarris after your sucessful season at Cascade - are you sitting a year out, do you have a place in mind, or are you waiting for other opportunities to open up?
  4. Seems as if college sports is just becoming the wild west - unfettered free agency year-to-year. Will we see a college athlete compete 4 years for 4 different teams? Will a college athlete make more money in a single season than any pro athlete at his/her sport? What is really the point of wrestling a dual against Penn State this season - with their additions nobody will stand a chance to even keep it close. So teams roll out their backups, or else Penn State rests their starters for most of the duals and saves them for the postseason I do believe, however, that this may lead to the near-top tier wrestlers opting for other schools than the elite. What would be the point of committing (*REALLY committing - like planning to attend 4 years) to Penn State, only to have your spot in the lineup taken by a one-year transfer to "fill out their lineup"
  5. For a takedown, you score points inversely proportional to the difference in enrollments of the two schools Small school takes down big school = 6-8 points Big school takes down small school = 0.3 - 1.9 points Referees will have a wrist calculator and a small abacus attached at the waist with a bungee cord
  6. Wow that is a wild story! Thankfully he is young and has a great attitude which should help him to recover from this
  7. That was a beautiful throw your son accomplished - then followed it with the turns! Congratulations!
  8. Incredible victory by Ramos and Purdue! Has to be up there among the greatest upsets in NCAA ever. It seems clear that Ramos (who nearly lost 2 rounds earlier) had prepared specifically to face Lee. By the way, discussion on this is on the College Wrestling forum
  9. Ramos got a takedown with 10 seconds left in 2OT and down a point. Huge win great win for Rooks over a very tough Henson! Also fantastic job to advance for Purdue’s Filius! hopefully Washington and Coleman can fight back through the consi rds
  10. For the heck of it, trying to pick a complete lineup that nobody else has chosen. Could be disastrous but hey will be fun for me and will give me interest in some other matches 125 #6 Stevo Poulin - Northern Colorado (remember the old YouTube videos of him stomping around as a little kid with the mohawk??) 133 #1 RBY - Penn State (surprised nobody has chosen him) 141 #1 Real Woods - Iowa 149 #4 Caleb Henson - Virginia Tech 157 #6 Daniel Cardenas - Stanford 165 #13 Alex Facundo - Penn State ## WILDCARD 174 #18 Tate Picklo - Oklahoma 184 #10 Travis Wittlake - Oklahoma State 197 #3 Rocky Elam - Missouri 285 #10 Zach Elam - Missouri (wanted Mason here, but couldn't make it work with my other weights - can't believe nobody has picked him yet!) Good luck and go Purdue/IU and Indiana boys!
  11. Flip side of this is the kid that grew up in the school system and now after all their hard work, has to take a seat because the superstar moved in. We focus so much time on the top talent and forget about the blue-collar types that are putting the work in and waiting to get their shot
  12. 125 - Lee 133 - Bravo Young 141 - Woods 149 - Sasso 157 - Haines 165 - Amine 175 - Starocci 184 - Brooks 197 - Dean Hwt - MASON PARRIS
  13. I bounced between different mat commentaries depending on the matches I was focusing on, but want to commend this years announcing staff - all mats were entertaining and informative. I don’t want a mindless drone repeating what I can see myself, I like to hear their perspective on how the match is going and what the strategy may be for wrestlers. Keep it up gentlemen! I heard at least one Ric Flair WOOOOOOO at an exciting point in a match and although Vin Scully might frown at that emotion, I liked it
  14. Mat 1 & 3 both were good so far I like Mat 4 announcer - Nick Hull maybe? Some good wrestling knowledge sprinkled in with good ongoing commentary Haven't given Mat 2 a listen yet
  15. Flo has their Quad Box option. All 4 mats at once, choose which to listen to. Fantastic option for those that couldn't make it to Indy! Who are the announcers on each mat? Which is the best mat to listen to? If you have streaming issues - put them on this thread
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