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  1. As long as the commentary stays away from class wrestling, solid yes Really though - Mike and you or some of the other rankers would be the best commentator for such a format with all of the knowledge of prior matchups and history. I think it would be really entertaining @trackgopher just how much is a video splitter? $1000+ ?? Can the County squad pay for it in Bananas?
  2. Ok - a consolation prize would be something like a "Red Zone" channel for NFL. Have a single announcer that is able to bounce back and forth to video from one of the 4 matches, and add their own commentary. It would be tricky, but if there was a separate table setup for the Red Zone announcer and another person choosing the mat feed, I think it could work even if it were a bit delayed from the individual mat feeds. Sure you might miss some of the action as it happens, but they could bounce between the matches that are close in score, or between highly ranked opponents. I'd love
  3. For this year, I think it would be great if they could figure out a reasonable number of assigned seats for family and friends. Since so many will be watching remote this year I would like to suggest these improvements to TrackWrestling or whatever group is responsible for the broadcast of the rounds leading up to the finals Ability to choose from 5 different video streams. One of each mat, and one that has video of all 4 mats simultaneously so you don't miss any of the action On the video stream that continuously shows 4 mats, a button or other mechanism to cho
  4. What a quick drive from NW Indiana to West Lafayette! The whole extended friends and family could attend every home meet! What are we waiting for?! Boiler UP!
  5. What are some ideas that could be implemented at wrestling matches (dual or tournament) that would show good faith towards avoiding any infection? I think it would be great for the IHSWCA to brainstorm ideas and publish some tips for coaches statewide - Screening of temperature @ weigh ins - Hand sanitizer pump stations in gymnasium for audience members - Liberal use of sanitizing chemicals to clean mats - A note sent home, or discussion from coach at beginning of year to parents outlining how wrestling practice room will be cleaned, and what other precautions are b
  6. Let's say society is somehow able to get back to "normal" sometime this summer. How much will the perceived threat of close contact in wrestling affect our numbers in the fall? Coaches - are you formulating a plan to screen or otherwise setup steps to avoid someone bringing it into the practice room? If it hasn't already happened, I think it would be a good idea for coaches to brainstorm some standard suggestions/guidelines for best practices in this area
  7. I wonder what happens to the tens of thousands of airline and hotel reservations, and tickets that fans paid hundreds for?!
  8. Honestly I was a bit surprised that Parris got the #1 seed over Steveson, however I am happy that he did as I feel Iike he earned it with the pin over Cassiopi and the fact that Steveson sat during the Michigan-Minnesota dual. They are separated, however Cassiopi is a dangerous opponent and I’m happy that Parris will not have to go through him again prior to facing Steveson (assuming the seeds hold) 133 should be a fun weight there are some hammers there. Also, is Christian Brunner going to be able to go for the Boilers? I thought he was out for the year bu
  9. Galagore - you made a point that some JV wrestlers may be able to be a state qualifier (beating a small-school state qualifier specifically, although they could also beat out a large-school qualifier) So is the small-school state really equitable? Does it reward the best wrestlers? Or is it designed to award a group of wrestlers based on a subjective line you have drawn (based on lower half of enrollment) and said "this isn't fair". Is it equitable for a state-level wrestler to not even be able to compete at the sectional level because he is behind two studs from a large school?
  10. So then you add in small-school state, and get 14 more winners next year and a bunch more placers. Now you want to convince your wrestlers to do more offseason wrestling. But wait - offseason is not classed!! So forget it, right? You can't compete against those guys it's not equitable.
  11. Do the small school class-wrestling fanbase even tell their kids to participate in ISWA tournaments, or just sit them out since the deck is stacked against them? It really paints a glum scenario to think that you'll never be able to compete with the other guys because of your environment
  12. Joe - this is a good explanation. As you have experience with a small school, here is one of my objections. It is clear that you also believe that one of the ingredients to increased skills is an emphasis on off-season wrestling. And here is where the small school has an inherent disadvantage (although I would call it an advantage). Many students are in multiple sports. So by encouraging them to concentrate on in-season wrestling, then off-season wrestling too, you will be in conflict with other sports at your small school. I believe that the students/parents should en
  13. Not much discussion of a plan to improve the skill level of these wrestlers from small schools, only adding more awards to the IHSAA so that things can be seen as equitable
  14. I was very impressed by the list of accomplished wrestlers at Cathedral, Roncalli, and others that came up through the Indianapolis CYO wrestling organization - so there should be some credit given there also. I do think the coaches at Cathedral do a great job putting their wrestlers through a gauntlet of an extremely tough schedule to prepare them for the postseason - and I have seen their wrestler's names appear on many of the offseason's toughest tournaments also. At the risk of opening a can of worms, I will point out that Cathedral would not have won this year's ch
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