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  1. Yes, that was disappointing I was really excited to have him at Purdue and think he has a bright future. He had some big wins in 2 seasons as a Boiler
  2. Hadn't heard details of why he was released from OSU, I only knew of the automobile accident he had been in, and his social media "persona"
  3. See also DeSanto, Suriano, etc.... if he can win he's worth a shot for somebody!
  4. Let's dive into the data a little bit - first, here are the dual meet standings from Big 10 this past season (2021-2022): Penn State 8-0 Iowa 7-1 Michigan 7-1 Wisconsin 6-2 Ohio State 5-3 Michigan State 4-4 Purdue 4-4 Northwestern 4-4 Rutgers 3-5 Nebraska 3-5 Minnesota 3-5 Illinois 1-7 Indiana 1-7 Maryland 0-8 I am going to classify Penn State, Iowa and Michigan as "ELITE". I think Ohio State will join this group in the next year or two based on their recruiting class. These are teams that will only likely lose to each other. Wisconsin was up there with only 2 losses this year but guess what - they didn't wrestle against either Michigan or Penn State. Let's look at losses by the other teams / with losing margin, and discard losses versus the 3 Elite teams: Wisconsin - Nebraska (10) Ohio State - only losses were to Elite 3 Michigan State - Ohio State (13), Northwestern (8) Purdue - Michigan State (1), Wisconsin (11), Northwestern (5) Northwestern - Wisconsin (4), Minnesota (22), Nebraska (11) Rutgers - Wisconsin (5), Michigan State (3), Ohio State (5) Nebraska - Purdue (3), Minnesota (6) Minnesota - Wisconsin (6), Purdue (4), Ohio State (10) Illinois - Rutgers (8), Purdue (12), Northwestern (13), Minnesota (10), Wisconsin (22), Nebraska (12) Indiana - Rutgers (12), Michigan State (2), Purdue (1), Illinois (33), Ohio State (31) Maryland - Indiana (14), Ohio State (35), Wisconsin (35), Michigan State (23), Northwestern (22), Rutgers (18) What I take away from this is that the Big10's lower teams are all capable of winning, but are sometimes also hit by a tough schedule and some very narrow losses. Indiana had a couple of close losses early on - then once Washington went out of the lineup they seemed to fold in the later part of their season. Nebraska went 3-5 but could have easily been 5-3. Several of Purdue's wins were close (by 3, 4, 1) I don't know what the answer is for IU - but I don't think they are far off from a shot at the middle of the Big10 depending on their schedule. As for wrestlers leaving - it could be blamed on coaching staff, but there are so many other factors (academics, social/personal, results versus expectations) that could also lead to these young people deciding there may be greener pastures elsewhere.
  5. I think you have to give the current coaching staff a little time to fully establish their program/style and for their recruiting efforts to ramp up. Indiana HS wrestling continues to improve and provide more college-level wrestlers that are available locally. Because of this increase in depth everywhere, I look at college wrestling to transition to something more like NCAA basketball. Many talented players are going with mid-major schools that are a better fit for them socially and academically. IU is in a catch-22 I will agree there. Until they can establish themselves as a winning school with a proven history of developing wrestlers and sending some on to later success (olympics, etc) they may not be seriously considered by the elite recruits. Adding Chad Red Jr to their local RTC is a great move, in my opinion. The coaching staff is very young - but should be hitting their stride now and sorting out roles/responsibilities. There's no easy path in the Big10, but as we saw last year the entire college wrestling environment may be changing where teams are sitting out their best during dual meets and saving them up for a run at the NCAA tournament.
  6. The answer is always "Lateral Drop" ask any Uncle Rico wrestling veteran at your local watering hole
  7. Congratulations - but 285? He better start eating some Hungry Man salisbury steak dinners as snacks between meals!
  8. Is this rule for ISWA youth or ?? I think it will likely go as expected. Honorable people will honor it. Self-centered trophy seekers will exploit it
  9. I was disappointed in all of the Medical Forfeits yesterday - 2 in the championship matches alone. I understand the strategy and all, but the sport of wrestling has always been anti-gamesmanship. That is a real bummer that Chad Red seemed to be under the weather - I thought he had been wrestling really well lately and I was hoping for a good run in this tournament. Mason Parris has definitely gotten bigger since last season, but that has not translated into success against top tier heavyweights. His signature move the fireman's carry (or whatever you call it) has been neutralized when going against Kerkvliet. Mason just can't quite get to the deep shot. Like the announcers said, he is a victim of timing - he's an incredible athlete and wrestler who just happens to be crossing paths at the same time with one of the best US heavyweight athletes/wrestlers to ever do the sport. I hope he can manage to get on the opposite side of the bracket at NCAAs and make a run to the finals! Purdue had a few guys show up and do okay. I had higher hopes for Schroeder, Coleman and Neijenhuis. Love the progress that Penola has made and the fight he shows every match. IU didn't have a great showing. They had some tough early round matchups against high seeds and that hurt some of their guys early. Really bummed that Washington isn't at his peak due to injury (which I think was hurt more during dual against Purdue with a questionable move by Lyon). Both in-state schools are struggling to compete against the amazing skill level across the conference - Purdue is faring better at the moment, but I don't think they are too far ahead of IU talent-wise. I'd love to see them consistently around the 5/6/7 place finisher rather than 10 through 14th. One last note - the Transfer Portal is a real game changer. In addition to recruiting the best talent, the top dogs are now also able to fill in perceived weaknesses in the lineup with these free agents. I sort of hate it - I'm happy for some of the young men to be able to move to a team that's a better fit for them. But I hate it for the guys that have been grinding it out in Big 10 wrestling for years, only to be replaced in the lineup by a free agent. Iowa gets Eierman. Penn State brings in Hildebrandt and Gabe Dean. Michigan has Suriano. Transfer Portal and lots of in-season avoidance to rest guys for postseason. It's a new dynamic i suppose
  10. Thinking a little outside the box - what if the small school series trailed the state series and held their tourneys on Sunday. No wrestlers would participate on Saturday AND Sunday in the same week. Maybe there could be some flexibility of what schools would go to which DISTRICTS tournaments based on number of participants, and how many would advance.
  11. Don't know so I'm asking here - are there potentially more knee (or other injuries) in freestyle with beginners using the moves? I'm thinking about leg laces torqueing the knees, or bow and arrow type moves Personally, I love watching freestyle at the higher levels. I think recent adjustments to rules has made it into a more watchable sport
  12. Christian Carroll vs Royce Deckard III - Carroll used raw strength to grab Deckard, lift him onto his shoulders, take about 12 steps then set him down to the mat straight to his back. Note that Carroll didn't lock his hands like a bear hug, and he did not slam Deckard down to the mat, it was a controlled lift, walk towards the edge, turn back around towards the middle then set him down. Brute strength that shocked one of the announcers. I'll say - the matside guys were mostly really good and entertaining. Yes, you can tell they are locals - one of the guys was obviously a Brownsburg guy because he had a lot of inside info on their guys and a few other things he said. They are not polished announcers, they are younger guys around the scene that get excited and also give some good insight on the wrestlers. Personally, I liked listening to them and I like the excitement when something big is happening (contrast to the mat where the audio was off and it was just silence!) Yeah, he probably shouldn't have said Jesus Christ - but he didn't say Holy S*it! or Oh My God! so it could have just been something else. So Joe - who were the announcers on each of the mats? I'm curious as to the lineup we had. I thought one of them on Mat 1 sounded like you - but I forgot that you were coaching for FW Carroll.
  13. Congratulations to all of these young men and women! Balancing academics and athletics is not always easy - so congratulations on being recognized for your talent and hard work
  14. Playing devil's advocate here. Google tells me that Cascade has an enrollment of around 450 students +/- Quinn - it is absolutely amazing what you've done and I have nothing but praise. This example is not an attack in any way to the job you are doing. But - small schools in general... all of us here are very wrestling-focused. In my opinion, what Quinn is doing is exactly the right strategy - provide free opportunities, quality coaching, build the youth program and build bonds among the wrestlers/parents as early as possible. However - the flip side to all of these opportunities, RTCs, Open rooms and a growing wrestling program is that other programs/sports within the school (who have drawn from that same small pool of potential athletes) are going to go downhill. That's the conundrum at small schools - but at the same time it's their charm. An athlete *can* be a three-sports letter winner. Most of these small school programs are saying they want to have state winners via a classed system and that will "grow the sport". Not arguing that it might within some schools (like large schools - will likely be those with coaches who take steps like Quinn and small school powerhouses will be developed). My argument is that maybe they *shouldn't* focus on one sport - small schools should embrace what they are and have their focus be developing more three-sport athletes. There will still be those generational athletes that come along that shine within any system. In my opinion their programs should work together and realize that turning a small pool of athletes into one-sport participants may be great for a single sport, but not necessarily what is always best for the school or the kids. Just my opinion
  15. I think I understand that you're shaking your head because there haven't been academy-type opportunities in NE Indiana But what is your opinion on the Ben Davis / Brownsburg situation. Both large enrollment. Same vicinity with "access" to academies. Very different participation and outcomes
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