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  1. base


    Jenny, Jenny call 867-5309
  2. base

    10 years ago today....

    In particular, the 39th time that class wrestling was brought up and debated. Believe that was one month after the site began
  3. base

    You think IndianaMat should??

    The site continues to evolve and get better every year - great work Joe and others. Indiana wrestling fans are spoiled with the amount of information available and the banter among fans. Wondering who will be this season's Caliboy...
  4. base

    2018 Al Smith

    Wow that looks to be an excellent lineup! Will this be on Trackwrestling?
  5. base

    Added 200+ New Wrestlers

    Can a Weight field be added for individual results?
  6. base


    Lawrence Central Invite Lawrence Central Lawrence North Mt Vernon Fortville Hagerstown Connersville Pike
  7. base


    Capitol City Classic should have some good matchups this Saturday - Jeffersonville Indian Creek Beech Grove Westfield Plainfield Greenwood Franklin Central Perry Meridian
  8. base

    Added 200+ New Wrestlers

    What if the weight class is incorrect - maybe it shows weight from 1 or 2 seasons ago?
  9. base

    Preseason Mag?

    Purchased! Thanks Joe
  10. base

    Shawn Streck

    Hope Mr Streck can get his situation resolved and get back on a positive track
  11. Senior Men are completed. Women's + Greco yet to go. At 74kg, Sidakov from Russia has an incredible tourney, knocking off both Jordan Burroughs and Frank Chamizo. Burroughs wins against rival Chamizo to place 3rd Kyle Dake doesn't give up a single point on his march to 1st place David Taylor and J'Den Cox both win world championships Kyle Snyder is stunned/pinned by Sadulaev in a quick match 57kg Thomas Gilman - 5th 61kg Joe Colon - 3rd 65kg Logan Stieber 70kg James Green 74kg Jordan Burroughs - 3rd 79kg Kyle Dake - 1st 86kg David Taylor - 1st 92kg J'Den Cox - 1st 97kg Kyle Snyder - 2nd 125kg Nick Gwiazdowski - 3rd
  12. 8 Crown Point + 3 Chesterton wrestlers! Good times ahead in the Region. Rat will be pleased
  13. base

    An Idea to Think About.

    Why bother trying to legislate or control the transfers? If parents/students are willing to go through the effort of transferring to another school for the benefit of academics, sports, or extracurricular activities - I say let them go. Why hold kids out for a year - they are 14-19 years old and only have 4 years to play sports. Let them play. The small schools will be okay. Key points for a small school coach is to cultivate a good youth club - that will be your feeder in future years. And, make the program something that parents and kids want to be a part of. It's the same as a workplace - if all you have is the job with no sense of belonging (via close-knit workgroup/friends, team-building, company mission that you believe in, etc). If you have those in place, then I believe the local kids will want to be a part of it. Sure, a few studs might move to another school - let them go and pursue what they are looking for... I also think there will be those students that transfer AWAY from the big schools to smaller schools. I see it happen currently with larger team sports. Where the student may not be a starter for the large HS team, they may be viewed as a superstar on the smaller HS team. Could happen (maybe already does?) with wrestling too. If you're at Brownsburg, for instance, it's going to be very tough to crack the varsity lineup. A wrestler transferring to a smaller local school could be their varsity star and get an opportunity that they couldn't otherwise get.
  14. base

    Super 32

    Where's all the big guys - 138 is heaviest hoosier wrestler?
  15. base

    Past State Brackets

    Great resource and fun to look back at the brackets from the 1980s - thanks Joe!

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