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  1. LOL - many on here graduated before you were born young'un !! 😀
  2. Isn't it Coach Brobst not Brobs? Seems like he is a regular contributor on here?
  3. Yes coach, but if I'm not mistaken Alexandria's baseball team made it to state this year. I don't know how their football team did. The very contradiction of a small school is that if you want to have good players, then in today's day and age unless they are some freak athlete they have to put in work beyond "in-season". So by asking these kids to come out for wrestling, you may just bring the baseball or football squad down to "average". In my opinion, the benefit of a small school is that a student athlete has the opportunity to play and be a starter at multiple sports for their school. The student can choose to specialize or do dual training of some sort to excel in a sport - but then I believe those individuals are probably already doing just that.
  4. REGARDLESS of school size, if a wrestler wants to compete at a very high level and go on to college wrestling, then they will likely need to do offseason training to hone their skillset. In a small school environment, you will be killing the other sports by hoping a good athlete will invest this extra time in a SINGLE sport.. wrestling. If your goal is to raise the skill level of the AVERAGE wrestler in the state, then money would be better spent on low-cost, high-quality, high-availability training facilities where small school students interested in wrestling can find better opponents to practice with, and also get consistent quality coaching I also would contend that the very quantity of "potential wrestlers" at small schools is not very high. Although having a classed tournament would increase the number of state place winners, I do not believe that it would increase ability increase participation significantly - note that some VERY large schools have extremely low participation numbers greatly change the number of athletes from Indiana that college wrestling teams are interested in. In fact, to the contrary, it could possibly backfire and decrease visibility to some high-level small school wrestlers
  5. Some questions for the class wrestling supporters, and a proposal: If you have 3 classes, do the smaller school teams only participate in duals/tournaments versus other small school teams during season? If you plan to have small schools wrestle against large schools during in-season tournaments, then why wouldn't it make sense to do it post-season? The individual wrestlers are at the same advantage/disadvantage. If you plan to only have the small schools participate versus other small schools, then travel budget will increase as the number of schools in a given class will be less and schools will have to travel farther for class-level competition So following this reasoning, and assuming that class wrestling supporters are likely to believe that only the post-season should be classed - my proposal would be: Keep the single-class IHSAA tournament Small schools opt out of two in-season tournaments (4 participation points) After the Regional round of IHSAA championships, hold a regional tournament for those small school wrestlers that were eliminated in Sectional or Regional After the IHSAA state championship, hold a Small School State Championship and seed the small school wrestlers that made it to state/semistate along with the top wrestlers from the Small School Regional tournament. Determine class champions so more wrestlers can gain notoriety. Possibly only allow wrestlers that did not place at IHSAA State to participate (even more people awarded)
  6. Wow! didn't realize he was a native hoosier! That is a fantastic bit of trivia - and I bet some former Cavemen on this forum might remember him from school. What year did he graduate?
  7. Really makes you realize that even if it seems like two people meeting at semi-state or state would know nothing of each other, between events like middle school state and ISWA competitions many of them have been wrestling for years!
  8. Purdue had a great showing at the tough Midlands tournament this past weekend. The Boilers finished 8th overall including 2 champions - Dylan Lydy @ 174 and Christian Brunner @ 197. Kendall Coleman also finished 4th IU was also in the Midlands, finishing 17th in the team race. Donnell Washington placed 5th at 174, Jacob Covaciu finished 6th at 174 and Brock Hudkins placed 6th at 125.
  9. Rest in Peace, coach Ihnat. 4:36 in the mile as a high schooler in 1957 - WOW 😮
  10. Thank you Joe and the Gang for making this a home for Indiana wrestling fans!
  11. Great article! Don't know the young man or his family but I enjoyed reading about his auction interests and highlighting that he is a hard worker. I will be cheering for him this season at the state finals!
  12. Andre - have you spoke with Nick Hull from Pride Wrestling Academy?
  13. IU should be on the way up with Angel at the helm and some of the big recruits they are getting lately. Purdue and Ersland are quietly building solid lineups - they don't seem to land as many of the big in-state names, but he is definitely filling in the gaps. I would just love to see both teams realistically in the upper-mid standings in the Big10 and some wildly competitive duals for the in state rivalry
  14. Great job by Chad Red Sr and relatives to encourage CJ to see the sports psychologist. I am very happy to read about his overcoming this struggle. I hope to see a NCAA finals match of Red vs Lee in a few months!
  15. What about a logo on both sides of your SHOES! 👀 Hit 'em with the marker too?
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