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  1. This is a great addition for IU - I am so happy to see both them and Purdue on the rise!
  2. i thought he already sat out a year of wrestling due to being blocked by Penn last season? You mean he has to miss *ANOTHER* season of HS Wrestling??
  3. That population heat map shown on the link seems like it must be based on density, not necessarily county population. Randolph and Union counties along the Ohio border are dark red, while Vanderburgh count (Evansville), Allen county (Fort Wayne) and Delaware county (Muncie) are orange?
  4. Any insight as to what Indiana will choose to use? Will we (hopefully) stick with 14? My first impression is that once you drop a weight, it is likely that it will never be added back - but I hope I am wrong on that
  5. Nothing says he has to be a starter - and comfort level could make him blossom into a better wrestler. Either way, just come home and represent the home state!
  6. Says I have to have Peacock Premium @ $4.99 a month??
  7. Says I have to have Peacock Premium @ $4.99 a month??
  8. Is anyone streaming this where you don't have to pay?
  9. Would love to see him come on home to Purdue
  10. Coach Hughes - I think they are all interesting proposals. Ultimately, however it is not about what the fans like me think - your audience has to be the coaches to gain a unified proposal and then the IHSAA. Maybe Y2 could create a coach's-only forum on here where real open discussion can take place, maybe even setup a Zoom meeting for coaches statewide to go over one or two proposals. Another recommendation I would put out there is to see if Y2 or Maligned or some other braniac would take this year's wrestlers, calculate an index based on sectional/regional performance or rankings - and then show the coaches what the brackets in a semistate/state tournament might look like with your proposal(s). Seeing the names of wrestlers they are familiar with will either bolster your support, or take it away
  11. One issue that really can't be resolved is that due to budgets, school responsibilities and potential bad weather around the time of sectionals - they *HAVE TO* be grouped geographically. Whether there is one class or 4 classes, this can lead to imbalance. There are hot spots where multiple strong teams are located - anyone else in that area is going to have a difficult time progressing in the tournament. So, the goal cannot be to make it completely balanced. One additional thing that could be proposed is that each sectional could shift a few teams each year with neighboring sectionals, to smooth out the impact of having a couple of hammers in your backyard every year.
  12. I think this proposal is a great compromise for both sides of the class debate that has been ongoing for years. I would like to see either randomization of matchups in the Week 3 tournament so the same Sections do not always wrestle, or potentially even use a seeding formula at that time I am very happy to have a concrete proposal that could possibly receive wide spread support and be moved forward through the ADs and IHSAA.
  13. I believe this proposal deserves its own thread - it is well thought out and strikes a balance between traditionalists and small school class proponents
  14. I looked up Blue River Valley - their AD is the former wrestling coach. Are we sure they have permanently cut the program? I completely agree that participation increase is a benefit - I don't think classing individual HS tournament is the magic bullet I also don't think youth is the only magic bullet - but I do think it is one that is in our current control, where HS class wrestling is likely not. I favor focusing on something where action can be taken NOW
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