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  1. It will be hard to top this news.
  2. Thanks, Chuck. I figured the 1st one would happen. The 2nd one makes sense. The last two were a surprise.
  3. As a fellow Marine, I am both sad to see a guy go who was still reffing matches when I was coaching, and sadder we never connected.
  4. So sad. Another Northeast Indiana legend. Godspeed all healing and peace beyond understanding.
  5. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2022/May/17/Saunders-HS-Excellence-Award-regional-winners
  6. Sorry to Marian U's Steven Bradley. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/security/ransomware-attack-covid-combine-shutter-illinois-college-rcna24905
  7. I would like to see state at the FTW War Memorial. That's it.
  8. This was great to watch at North Side Gym in Elkhart. Elkhart Memorial's Nick Corpe wrestled Mishawaka's Ian Hinton in a rematch of their state championship match a few years prior. https://purduesports.com/news/2009/2/18/Clash_With_The_Spartans https://msuspartans.com/news/2009/2/19/Wrestling_Drops_Tough_Contest_At_Purdue_19_17.aspx
  9. Against. He was supposedly notorious in the mid 2000's to the point where he would get the coaches all riled up with his jeers.
  10. At least he didn't call stalling. Out of curiosity, is the elderly heckler still giving it to you all at events? He ended up next to me and a student at semistate about a decade ago and I never have seen anyone like it in person.
  11. Well, it's good he is home where he started.
  12. So who is going to be Christian's practice partner, Caleb?
  13. What class and weight was Landon Hawkins in?
  14. I don't know his mat accomplishments as much as his brother's, but I do want to say I was very, very happy to see Ray Pettit from Hammond ref at state this year. He wrestled under Karl Deak at Hammond High and has been a spot-on official at every event I was at when coaching. He is as much of a kind gentleman as he is a great ref.
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