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  1. Sad to hear. Eternal memory for him and Brad Kemp. They really had a monster of a team in those years.
  2. Kind of thought it was bunk for the four who qualified to all default out of the finals. Sure, they would have probably all mashed and won it, but that "administrative planning" just looks bad, no matter the reason.
  3. If my memory serves, Elkhart Memorial's Charger/Nicholson Invite was using both dual meet scoring on top of individual tourney scoring for their pooled event.. The winning teams usually had near 500 points or more. Not sure how they did it on track, but they made it work. https://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1583510871742&pageName=
  4. The brackets are working wonderfully. I find it amazing that you ended up with as many individual match scores as you did. Great job.
  5. I think it was during the 2006 Ft. Wayne semistate that a wrestler from Elkhart Concord did not make it to state and his Adams Central opponent did, due to an illegal hold/slam. The arena erupted in raucous boos. I know the names, but will not list them.
  6. Maybe I am struggling to utilize the website correctly again, but when I clicked on years 89, 90, and 91, I saw lists of champs for those years, but no recognizable link for any brackets. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
  7. I'd like to hear from Bill Flatt, Doug Smoker, Julio Cisneros, Eric McGill, Brennan Cosgrove, Zack Whickar and Brian Weaver for starters.
  8. 3A 132 was full of tough kids this year. A lot of the 3A dudes from top teams also wrestle national tourneys like the Cheesehead and Ironman etc., so a lot of the losses they take are to out of state studs or each other. Montini's guy was a frosh with 11 losses and he beat the kid who knocked out Bolivar to end up 3rd. He beat that same kid also in the 1st round.
  9. Illinois also had three siblings all win state at 2A. Nasir (120), Sincere (145), and Bilal (160) Bailey of T.F. North in Calumet City.
  10. I was having trouble pulling up the team records with a direct click, but some dude allowed me to figure it out by way of the dual results page. Thanks to him.
  11. Not sure if KV has ever had a state champ, but Solomey looks like a solid bet to get one before he graduates. He fights everyone tough.
  12. 52 will be the winner so far in this thread.
  13. This is why I love how the neutral game has progressed over the decades. There are so many evolving situations that are being created from the whole tie vs. space set up dialectic. The mixed tie variations I have seen Angel teach is proof of the philosophical changes. The transitional contact and breaking contract, pulling the trigger on shots timing is also becoming verifiable technique to use in current times, along with added emphasis on the reshot. You just can't have plan A anymore, or even just plan B to go with A.
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