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  1. busstogate


  2. busstogate

    Cathedral vs. Roncalli

    That is freaking awesome.
  3. busstogate

    Cathedral vs. Roncalli

    Is that McGill reffing?
  4. busstogate

    College Wrestling On HS Mats

    Can I be butthurt in this thread, too?
  5. busstogate

    #7 Merrillville @ #16 Crown Point

    Is it today? What time?
  6. busstogate

    Portage Vs Crown point tonight!!

    Thanks, bud.
  7. busstogate

    Portage Vs Crown point tonight!!

    Sorry to bother, but is there an available box score? Thanks either way.
  8. busstogate

    Shot %

    I remember reading/hearing that 70% is a good number to realistically seek in terms of converted takedown attempts on all opponents. Darned if I can recall sources, but willing to say it came out of either the Gable or Smith schools.
  9. busstogate

    10 years ago today....

    Mr. Happypantz and his daddy.
  10. busstogate

    Indiana Mat Top 5 Moves of the Week

    Pretty sure that got outlawed in h/s wrestling. I always liked to see it.
  11. busstogate

    Not eating

    I still chuckle when I think of this nameless coach raging at the scale when the refs DQ'd his kid for a conference tourney for bringing a spit bottle to weigh-ins.
  12. busstogate

    Elkhart Central Super Dual

    I saw on Facebook that Elkhart Central won the event, but I have found no details.
  13. busstogate

    UWW bombing in Kabul

  14. busstogate

    Moves and Transfers

    Same as the high school Case Western?

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