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  1. There are about 400,000 dead Americans who would disagree if they could. But, hey you don't need reminding when you have everything figured out. Happy herding!
  2. Not close to over at all with the slow and erratic vaccine distribution and side effect reactions. You may be in a hurry and wanting to follow misguided politicians in reassuring us everything is going to be great in short order, but that is sure as hell not what is taking place.
  3. I guess I didn't work hard enough to find it. Someone had asked and I just bandwagoned silently into the waiting queue. I'll try to be more responsible in the future.
  4. Are we going to play hide and seek with stream links like we did with the north/south duals? That was BS.
  5. 1st place: Westfield 2nd place: Zionsville 3rd place: Mishawaka 4th place: Merrillville 5th place: Penn 6th place: Huntington North.
  6. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/wrestling-notebook-rileys-bill-flatt-earns-hall-of-fame-honor/article_10fde124-3fc9-11eb-bc7c-3b3a6a7046a7.html I brought a couple of my wrestlers to a USMC-sponsored clinic at Riley after my first year of coaching concluded. He treated me very kindly then and every other time I ran into him at competitions. A great coach and man.
  7. I haven't seen any of Illinois's rules on interstate competition for the pandemic ban, but if they are anything like what I saw from Michigan, it would be a big no-no. The article doesn't even state what level the event was serving, which is another issue as well.
  8. https://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/update-athletic-club-encouraged-attendees-not-to-publicize-wrestling-tournament/article_178fd674-1dc6-5415-ab9d-a49ab3b06ee4.html
  9. So, attention to public safety can be accurately measured by crayolas? Does everyone get to eat them or just the parents?
  10. As usual, this is a nicely created magazine that is informative and reader-friendly.
  11. Looks like the Illinois guys can go back and compete for two state titles in one year.
  12. This naturally happens starting from kids' league in economically depressed communities as well. If you do not have a solid matrix of parents, coaches, and teammates, along with supportive infrastructures such as schools and/or park districts,and community backing, even the introduction to the sport of wrestling might not happen until high school.
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