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  1. Kind sir Mr. Bill Flatt from South Bend Riley used to have the All-Marine wrestling team come there and hold clinic on freestyle and Greco in the mid 2000's.
  2. Is this the first time wrestling has ever been held at IUN?
  3. I read an interview Jasper that it was a real log, but hollowed out. We used to train with using 6-8 or so guys per log in the USMC and it would probably take a guy like Chris Taylor to probably even deadlift a full log or telephone pole. Japser was a legit wrestler, though. I think he was into body building at the time and had to cut a ton to get down to weight for the film. I'll try to find the article. Thanks for posting this.
  4. I think there is another set of Bulldogs seeing things a little differently.
  5. One of the biggest components of building a successful wrestling feeder is a strong and dedicated group of parents who work with each other and with the coaches. A lot of kids on our teams had wrestlers with minimal parental assistance and the present parents took all of us to events.
  6. Glad Jared Brooks was granted another four years of eligibility, too.
  7. Culver is a boarding school and can take in folks from all over the world as long as they have tuition. I think if they were found to be recruiting from Indiana schools, they could be in the debate, but I am pretty sure their situation puts them out of the conversation almost all of the time.
  8. That would be the most logical step from RWA.
  9. Croperation is better all the time in the land of corn.
  10. All of you guys bagging on Washington for gas, injury time etc need to put a sock in it. He lost the match on the first missed throw, period. Slivka was always fighting and that is to his credit. If you listened at all to the broadcast or followed any of Wash's results, you know he cranks out the throws when he thinks they are there. The guy is multidimensional on his feet. I have no idea of the deal with injury time, but for all we know, he can be asthmatic and truly needed the time. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a call to stay in the game. I just find the insinuation that his 2nd injury call as a strategic decision to be unassuming at best and at least, condemning. And no, I have never met either wrestler.
  11. There is this: https://cfwrestlingacademy.com/
  12. It's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's whether or not he has shots.
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