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  1. Hello, Can any of the East Chicago, Gary, Hammond public school coaches provide brackets and/or results from the conference tourney that took place last night? Thanks.
  2. Between the kid popping up and the parent's pounce, the potential for allowing recovery time to run out was lost.
  3. Should be a head-knocking tourney. Lots of tough kids on different teams. Northridge has been dominant in duals and should have enough to win here as a team.
  4. So when is the IHSWCA throwing him an appreciation dinner?
  5. Not too many will be able to cut to avoid a problem from CP. They are too stacked.
  6. Lots of cry-cry stuff for a state that is still single class. Either you beat who is in front of you or not.
  7. Thanks. Found someone on Twitter with the link. Now I know to always hit the FB site first instead of the webpage.
  8. I've been looking on RSN and see the event on their list, but no links.
  9. Just retrolling the bandit. I edited since he did. If you want to keep this meme up in your reply, up to you.
  10. I guess I will fix my post since bandit did for his.
  11. I recall Calvin Walterhouse from Elkhart Memorial in the early mid 2000's. He was really tall and skinny at 152 etc. and could cradle and pin most people if he got control. Those arms were able to reach from distances most people's couldn't.
  12. Watched some of the Al Smith yesterday and man, Zeke Seltzer really is one of the most developed wrestlers I have seen at his age. His shot set-ups were patient, precise, and effective. If something was not right, he showed a lot of skill and training in being able to instantly adjust and convert. The best scrambling match was Rodgers vs. Levitz at 160. Rodgers, since last year, struck me as the ultimate high school magician, but Levitz was completely ready for him and had complete poise and toughness. Kudos to all.
  13. So the school board won't make an exception for Bellmont? I find that hard to believe.
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