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  1. busstogate

    Height of coaches

    It's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's whether or not he has shots.
  2. busstogate

    Georgia State Finals

    Illinois made a change to full double elimination this year, and eliminated walkovers. They also used to use the repechage system, but now all first round losers have a shot at 3rd in three different classes. Their first round, regionals, is still loaded with forfeits statewide. You'd be lucky to get five-man brackets in most weight classes in a number of regionals.
  3. busstogate

    The ECC Semistate/Regions is way down based on.....

    I didn't "give up", but was unable to pursue it any longer for reasons I can guess you don't need to know or probably would care about. At least I know now why you decided to make your "suggestion". Looks like we find the flex is all yours.
  4. busstogate

    The ECC Semistate/Regions is way down based on.....

    No flex, bud. I thought it weird you brought his name up as if he was an unknown commodity.
  5. busstogate

    The ECC Semistate/Regions is way down based on.....

    Agreed. It comes down to priorities and who are we in it for.
  6. busstogate

    The ECC Semistate/Regions is way down based on.....

    I think XCard can speak for himself if he so desires. I know who he is.
  7. busstogate

    The ECC Semistate/Regions is way down based on.....

    Where are all of the hard guys at?
  8. busstogate

    The ECC Semistate/Regions is way down based on.....

    A few years ago, I tried to get a multi-school offseason club together around East Chicago, Whiting, and Hammond. I found a whole bunch of distrust and folks worried about who would be in charge. Previous to meeting with the various schools at their schools in person and forwarding and physically presenting them with USA Wrestling documents, including errors and omissions insurance papers, I told the stakeholders that we could easily vote on president, treasurer, secretary, etc. At least half of them eventually declined. We don't have the money that the Region teams do outside of Hammond, East Chicago, Gary, and Whiting. Yet, we can make each other better and compete IF there is not a selfish desire to be the king of a molehill. Good luck. I also find it a shame that a lot of the very successful alumni of the aforementioned schools elect to leave the area in neglect and disarray. A few of them are still in the trenches where they grew up, but most have chosen the greener side of the grass. I can see why, but it does not give the kids enough accessible role models to emulate.
  9. busstogate

    Who had a great day at regionals

    Gimson, Gimson, Watts = Cerberus
  10. for winning the Goshen Regional team title!
  11. busstogate

    Hobart Regional

    Just following from work, but did they go to one mat only after the semis? This is making them drag behind the other regionals, it seems.
  12. busstogate

    Crown Point Regional

    Splendid narrative!
  13. Haven't coached in awhile, so am rusty on a few things. I know a couple of schools in a given sectional did not have school Friday due to weather. One school for sure did likely hold practice and other after school activities anyways. Not sure what the other one did. Does the whole sectional get a pound allowance either way, only based on the cancellation?
  14. busstogate

    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    No good snitches.

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