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  1. TeamGarcia

    Class of 2021

    Just copy, paste the class rankings here from Indianamat that was as listed . A few wrestlers missing from this year State Finals . I’d put Jaden Reynolds on this list . Just curious on who everyone would choose .
  2. TeamGarcia

    Class of 2021

    This soon to be Junior Class doesn’t have a State Champion. Who’s going to break this trend ? They have a few IHSAA finalists and some with National Credits. Some will have a soon to be Senior returning State Champ in their way, Some will have a soon to be returning Sophomore State Champion. Who’s it going to be ? Class Rankings 1. Alex Cottey | Perry Meridian 2018 2nd at 106lbs 2018 106 Junior Freestyle Nationals 7th 2. Blake Boarman | Evansville Mater Dei 2018 3rd at 113lbs 3. Brock Ellis | Chesterton 2018 Qualifier at 145lbs 2018 152 Cadet Freestyle Nationals 4th 2018 152 Cadet Greco Nationals 6th 4. Aiden Warren | Perry Meridian 2018 Qualifier at 152lbs 2018 145 NHSCA Freshman Nationals 3rd 2018 160 Cadet Freestyle Nationals 8th 5. Bryer Hall | South Dearborn 2018 6th at 126lbs 2018 138 Cadet Freestyle Nationals 4th 6. Kysen Montgomery | Brownsburg 2018 5th at 106lbs 7. Evan Bates | Chesterton 8. David Pierson | Warren Central 2018 4th at 106lbs 9. Logan Wagner | Zionsville 2018 8th at 120lbs 10. Cole Ross | Evansville Mater Dei 2018 Qualifier at 106lbs
  3. Great to see Indiana University Coaches (Escobedo, Jordan, Dixon) making the journey to watch our wrestlers. Thanks .
  4. Might be both Indiana Gold & Blue Teams beat Illinois in the same year . That might of not been done in many years ?
  5. Your probably right sir after I looked at the picture Matt posted. Edited my original post .
  6. Idk..... Asa wrestled Chumbley back in 6th grade and in the past . Looked just like the kid Graves wrestled but bigger . JS . Maybe @Mattyb can confirm this ? Illinois did flip their lineup from original posted on here. Ex : 182
  7. Good Quality wins by Indiana today , most noteable to me was : 285- Cartwright over State Champ Guttridge, great match 195- Willham over Fox 170- South over State Champ Deadmon, great match 126- Watts over State Champ Molton, great match Illinois pulled out to a 13-0 lead then Indiana went on a tear at 126,132,138,145,160,170,182,195, 285
  8. TeamGarcia

    Impact freshman

    Why is this a debate ? @Matthew Nelson Said he did for the better of his Family. Doesn’t matter where, he made the best decision for kid(s). I did the same thing 12 years ago , Muncie to Avon . Gotta do what’s best for them . You posters wanna talk like he did something wrong . He moved his family like ***(175) MILES away*** Lol . Not like it’s 5 miles away or to a different neighborhood thats 15 mins away in Evansville.
  9. YES ! The MILLIONS & MILLIONS of Wrestling Fans chanting. Listen to them. Notorious..... over and over ..... I have #Evolved into Global Icon ! The Notorious *public service announcement* Notorious ™️©️®️ Indiana All-Stars Wins this dual !
  10. DENIED ! •TeamGarcia •Notorious •3xStateChamp Illinois doesn’t want any shenanigans across their boarders via the Email I got and it went directly into my new EZtroll2019 email shredder . Joe has enough to deal with on Indianamat. Your...... Friendly Indianamat poster didn’t want to cause mass Chaos anyways. Probably for the best I stay in State . The Notorious
  11. TeamGarcia

    Folkstyle State Finals

    8th Graders Impact : I got Sam Goin as a contender for IHSAA State Title next year . (106) (113) . Really impressive performance. By Rounds : Tech Fall, Pin, High Major (16-2), Pin, Pin Key Wins - *Pin over IHSAA SP - Miller *Pin over MS National Ranked - Schoeff .................................... Key Win in 106 bracket Cheaney Schoeff Pin over IHSAA SQ -Ruble Ruble won Fresh/Sop State
  12. TeamGarcia

    Academic All State Stats by Semi State

    1st thing they ask in recruiting process, at least for us . What’s your grades look like . It wasn’t Wrestling.
  13. TeamGarcia

    Academic All State Stats by Semi State

    Avon Jr. is Nolan McAfee made it to Regionals I believe. Still a very smart young man .
  14. TeamGarcia

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    COLLEGE RULES These kids are training to be NCAA National Champions. Going to College to wrestle Folkstyle. Why not start warming up to the Rules like in Middle School ? MS, HS, College

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