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  1. My Condolences & Prayers go out to The Annakin Family from the Garcia’s My Wrestling Family
  2. Your going to see in no particular order that I can think of . Might see some weight changes due 3-4 months of hibernation in some cases lol. Brock Hudkins Matt Ortiz Luke Baughman Asa Garcia Cayden Rooks Graham Rooks Paul Konrath ? Kyle Luigs ? Nick South DJ Washington Cantu
  3. 100%.... going to be some tough times
  4. Depends on how serious the talk is @UncleJimmy . I have a Internal switch of Serious or Not Serious . I compare it to Joker, Do you want The Dark Knight Joker version or The Joker Movie version. It’s complicated. Once I feel every topic is a Joke ... BAM ! The Notorious comes to play with madness . Sometimes a poster comes along that completes me . Like a @MikeTython or yourself to get my creative side out . Dang ! I’m getting carried away . Back to the thread here...... ! Basically the elite athletes are going for the training partners . Much like what some HS athletes do . They search the best Academies to train at . They promote that academy. Some have interest in it . Some get perks for who and how they promote or bring in talent to because of their credentials. My take. See I can be Intelligent... HA ! HA!
  5. I don’t know ... but I’m hearing a Couple Indiana University wrestlers , 3x State Champ & a fellow 2x State Champ is training a Junior that’s the Brother of 3x State Champ. They don’t have much to do but to beat the living crap out of that Junior while they are at home . Poor kid 😂 . I’m sure that Junior will learn to fight back huh ?
  6. BJ Bailey, Illinois 165 #13 , 87 Senior BB Ashton Habeil, Lake Gibson FL 184 #15, 99 Senior BB 4 National qualifiers headed by Standout Larry Early that could make the lineup at any school .
  7. With D1 program Old Dominion shutting down it’s wrestling program. Will other programs follow suit ? They said in the press release they didn’t have the $ to support the program. They would save a million $ cutting it. I thought OD Wrestling had a great year. With the recruiting they had coming in was pretty good also . I think more programs will follow suit with smaller Football & Basketball program. With the Covid virus cutting into their $ to support other programs .
  8. Sorry to hear this. Please send my condolences to the Myzak Family .
  9. Since I’m considered a Bananas #tycoon #czar #kingpin #godfather with a whooping 50k+🍌 in these parts of Indiana. That’s like 950 million USD estimated . Thinking about acquiring of IHSAA traveling ban, ripping it up, throwing it in a fiery trash can . Everyone can thank Notorious later 😂. Burn Baby Burn !
  10. Fox 59 Indianapolis Currently, 273 public school districts are closed, using e-learning days, or on spring break and plan to close. The state is working with the remaining 16 school corporations to determine their next steps.
  11. ^^^^This is me destroying Seth Gross BTW . ^^^^ Guess we can pick our imaginary NCAA picks now of what could of been now . Lets see here...... 125- Spencer Lee (could of been a 3x like @3xStateChamp) 133- my Words with Friends friend that I destroy, Seth Gross . 141- Indiana own Nick Lee 149- Lugo 157- Deakin 165- The Bull 174- Mark Hall 184- My Maryland friend that’s Family is good as gold Freshman Phenom Aaron Brooks 197- Moore, kid on a mission ! Hwt- Indiana own Parris
  12. Ivy League just announced they are suspending all athletic activities, more conferences are to follow .
  13. NCAA just announced that no fans for Basketball or Wrestling . Dang !
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