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  1. Congrats to all that signed today . Indiana University announcement is huge news with Santos Cantu today . Stole one from them Buckeyes ! Early ones I seen 125- Brayden Littell signed with Ohio
  2. Great job fellas on the show & magazine, Good Luck to wrestlers & Teams this year . #TheCounty #seeyaattheBank
  3. High School 106 Sam Goin - Crown Point 3-2 DNP Sam Goin has a Bye Sam Goin DEC 6-3 over Cael Keck (Missouri) Sam Goin DEC 8-2 over Max Hermes (Ohio) Kay Buesgens (Minnesota) DEC 3-2 over Sam Goin Sam Goin DEC 1-0 over Ethan Perryman (California) Cisco Cabrera (California) DEC 3-2 over Sam Goin 113 Alex Cottey - Perry Merdian 4-2 DNP Alex Cottey has a Bye Alex Cottey DEC 8-5 over Gavin Bradley (Pennsylvania) Alex Cottey MD 15-1 over Jeremiah Echevarria (New York) Alex Cottey DEC 3-2 over Richard Treanor (North Carolina) Diego Sotelo Illinois) MD 12-2 over Alex Cottey Alex Cottey DEC 1-0 over Max Black (Colorado) Brady Hankin (Colorado) FALL 2:15 over Alex Cottey Cole Ross - Evansville Mater Dei 5-2 DNP Cole Ross has a Bye Cole Ross Fall 4:38 over Elijah Lusk (Florida) Brady Hankin (Colorado) FALL 2:15 over Cole Ross Cole Ross DEC 6-0 over Evan Rawls (Virginia) Cole Ross DEC 7-0 over Tanner Gerber (Wisconsin) Cole Ross DEC 6-2 over Weston Dalton (Colorado) Cole Ross DEC 6-0 over Ryan Luna (California) Carter Dilbert (Pennsylvania) FALL 0:18 over Cole Ross Sergio Lemley - Mount Carmel (Ill.) 2-2 DNP Sergio Lemley has a Bye Sergio Lemley DEC 2-0 Tyler Knox (Massachusetts) Sergio Lemley FALL 3:04 Damon Huston (Louisiana) Jett Strickenberger (Colorado) DEC 12-6 Sergio Lemley Fernando Barreto ( California) DEC 5-3 Sergio Lemley 120 Braden Haines - Brownsburg | 0-2 DNP Donovan Chavis (New Jersey) DEC 6-1 over Braden Haines Braden Haines has a Bye Cole Bayless (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:00 over Braden Haines Colton Drousias - Mount Carmel (Ill.) | 4-2 DNP Colton Drousias has a Bye Colton Drousias DEC 6-0 over Alec Bailey (Missouri) Colton Drousias FALL 2:21 over Matthew Mayer (Pennsylvania) Colton Drousias DEC 5-3 over Riley Bettich Andrew Chambal (Michigan) DEC 4-2 over Colton Drousias Colton Drousias FALL 3:38 over Matthew Mayer (Pennsylvania) Anthony Noto (New York) DEC 6-5 over Colton Drousias David Pierson - Warren Central | 2-2 DNP David Pierson has a Bye David Pierson FALL 1:25 Daniel Adams (Ohio) Ryan Michaels (Pennsylvania) DEC 7-3 over David Pierson David Pierson DEC 8-4 over Riley Edwards(North Carolina) Giovanni Diaz - Wheeler | 2-2 DNP Giovanni Diaz has a Bye Giovanni Diaz DEC 7-2 over Matthew Garcia (Oklahoma) Zachary Espalin (Arizona) DEC 2-1 over Giovanni Diaz Giovanni Diaz DEC 6-5 over Jack Thode (Arizona) Kase Mauger (Idaho) FALL 3:49 over Giovanni Diaz Landon Bertsch - Bluffton | 0-2 DNP Sean Flick (New York) DEC 3-0 over Landon Bertsch Landon Bertsch has a Bye Alec Bailey (Missouri) DEC 7-5 over Landon Bertsch Riley Bettich - Crown Point | 3-2 DNP Riley Bettich MD 9-0 over Justin Schifter (New Jersey) Riley Bettich DEC 7-0 over Keito Shaw (Pennsylvania) Riley Bettich DEC 6-0 over Murphy Menke (Colorado) Colton Doursias DEC 5-3 over Riley Bettich Ethan Fernandez (New Jersey) DEC 4-1 over Riley Bettich Zeke Seltzer - Cathedral | 6-2 DNP Zeke Seltzer TF 22-6 over Samuel Congleton (Virginia) Zeke Seltzer DEC 8-3 over Patrick Adams (New Jersey) Zeke Seltzer DEC 10-4 over Gable Strickland (Pennsylvania) Andrew Chambal (Michigan) DEC 6-2 over Zeke Seltzer Zeke Seltzer DEC 5-3 over Paxton Creese (Minnesota) Zeke Seltzer DEC 4-2 over Ethan Fernandez (New Jersey) Zeke Seltzer DEC 9-3 over Kelvin Griffin (Maine) Troy Spratley (New York) DEC 5-4 over Zeke Seltzer 126 Alec Freeman - Evansville Mater Dei | 2-2 DNP Alec Freeman DEC 8-2 over Cael Rankin (New Jersey) Alec Freeman FALL 3:01 over Isaiah Weber (Louisiana) Antoine Allen (Ohio) DEC 8-3 Alec Freeman Adam Allard (Louisiana) DEC 7-2 over Alec Freeman Hayden Watson - Center Grove | 4-2 DNP Hayden Watson has a Bye Hayden Watson DEC 11-5 over Ahmad Smith (North Carolina) Kyren Butler (Ohio) DEC 9-5 over Hayden Watson Hayden Watson DEC 6-1 over Caleb Picard (Georgia) Hayden Watson DEC 3-0 over Sam Hrabovsky (Missouri) Hayden Watson DEC 4-2 over Stephen Roberson Jager Eisch (Wisconsin) DEC 5-0 over Hayden Watson Kysen Montgomery - Brownsburg | 1-2 DNP Kysen Montgomery has a Bye Kysen Montgomery DEC 5-1 over Isaiah Pope (South Carolina) William Giron (California) DEC 1-0 over Kysen Montgomery Sebastian Melguizo (Florida) DEC 4-0 over Kysen Montgomery Stephen Roberson - Crown Point | 2-2 DNP Stephen Roberson has a Bye Stephen Roberson FALL 3:08 over Diego Peralta (Florida) Stephen Roberson DEC 5-4 over TJ England (Pennsylvania) Eli Rocha (Missouri) DEC 7-2 over Stephen Roberson Hayden Watson DEC 4-2 over Stephen Roberson 132 Blake Boarman - Evansville Mater Dei | 4-2 DNP Blake Boarman has a Bye Blake Boarman DEC 6-2 over Ty Finn (Connecticut) Blake Boarman MD 10-1 over Micah Hanau (Michigan) Tagen Jamison (Texas) MD 9-1 over Blake Boarman Blake Boarman DEC 5-2 over Christian Small (Georgia) Blake Boarman DEC 6-4 over Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma) Kellyn March FALL 0:30 over Blake Boarman Jesse Mendez - Crown Point | 8-2 5th Place Jesse Mendez has a Bye Jesse Mendez FALL 2:57 over Trey Miletics (Pennsylvania) Jesse Mendez FALL 3:03 over Travis Knowlton (Florida) Jesse Mendez FALL 1:36 over Isaiah Wortham (Ohio) Jesse Mendez DEC 11-10 over Kellyn March (South Dakota) Joel Vandervere (Illinois) FALL 7:30 over Jesse Mendez Jesse Mendez DEC 2-1 over Frankie Talshahar (Florida) Jesse Mendez DEC 11-10 over Kellyn March (South Dakota) Jesse Mendez MD 14-4 over Julian Farber (Georgia) Wyatt Henson (Missouri) DEC 12-7 over Jesse Mendez Jesse Mendez DEC 3-1 over Anthony Clark (New Jersey) Ray Rioux - Avon | 3-2 DNP Ray Rioux has a Bye Ray Rioux FALL 3:08 over Bradley Stipetich (Pennsylvania) Ray Rioux DEC 6-2 over Noah Tolentino (California) Daniel Cardenas (Colorado) MD 9-1 over Ray Rioux Ray Rioux DEC 3-1 over Devin Murphy (California) Matthew Williams (Ohio) DEC 3-0 over Ray Rioux 138 AJ Poindexter - Harrison (WL) | 3-2 DNP Garrison Dendy (Georgia) DEC 2-0 over AJ Poindexter AJ Poindexter has a Bye AJ Poindexter DEC 9-4 over Eyan Chavez (Colorado) AJ Poindexter DEC 5-0 over Jarrod Pominville (Georgia) AJ Poindexter DEC 2-0 over Kodiak Cannedy (Tennessee) Blake Saito (Ohio) DEC 7-0 over AJ Poindexter Aundre' Beatty - Warren Central | 1-2 DNP Andre' Beatty has a Bye Andre' Beatty DEC 10-6 over John Bolstad (Virginia) Mitchell Mensenbrink (Wisconsin) MD 9-0 over Andre' Beatty Kodiak Cannedy (Tennessee) DEC 6-5 over Andre' Beatty Drake Campbell - Brownsburg | 3-2 DNP Drake Campbell DEC 7-1 over Jack Marlow (New York) Drake Campbell DEC 5-3 over Cade Robertson (Ohio) Eddie Homrock (Michigan) DEC 3-1 over Drake Campbell Drake Campbell DEC 3-0 over Ethan Szerencsits (Pennsylvania) Maximos Stedeford (Pennsylvania) DEC 6-5 over Drake Campbell Logan Bailey - Cathedral | 2-2 DNP Logan Bailey has a Bye Logan Bailey DEC 5-4 over James Rodriguez (New Jersey) Logan Bailey DEC 5-0 over Chandler Amaker (South Carolina) Teague Travis (Missouri) DEC 2-1 over Logan Bailey Cole Mccomas (Ohio) DEC 3-1 over Logan Bailey 145 Alec Viduya - Roncalli | 5-2 DNP Alec Viduya has a Bye Alec Viduya DEC 10-3 over Devon Capato (New Jersey) Kolby Allred (Virginia) DEC 8-4 over Alec Viduya Alec Viduya DEC 13-7 over Nick Pallaria (New Hampshire) Alec Viduya DEC 5-3 over Rex Mcdaniel (Georgia) Alec Viduya DEC 9-5 over Gunner Filipowicz (Georgia) Jagger Condomitti (Pennsylvania) DEC 7-5 over Alec Viduya Brady Mckivitz - Perry Meridian | 0-2 DNP Nathan Ridgley (Pennsylvania) DEC 7-5 over Brady Mckivitz Brady Mckivitz has a Bye Noah Wilson (Florida) DEC 7-6 over Brady Mckivitz Brock Ellis - Chesterton | 2-2 DNP Brock Ellis has a Bye Brock Ellis DEC 5-2 over Tyler Joseph (New York) Dominick Lomazzo (Michigan) DEC 9-6 over Brock Ellis Brock Ellis FALL 1:39 over Zac Creeden (Florida) Denis Robin (New York) DEC 6-5 over Brock Ellis Jaden Reynolds - Avon | 2-2 DNP Jaden Reynolds has a Bye Jaden Reynolds DEC 10-5 over Joshua Siegel (Georgia) Jaden Reynolds DEC 6-2 over Maquis Larmond (New York) Joshua Saunders (Missouri) MD 12-2 over Jaden Reynolds Cade Balestrini (Pennsylvania) DEC 6-2 over Jaden Reynolds Kailan Keith - Ben Davis | 1-2 DNP Kailan Keith has a Bye Paninro Johnson (Pennsylvania) MD 14-4 over Kailan Keith Kailan Keith FALL 3:15 over Peter Mccrackin (Canada) Kaeden Berger (Pennsylvania) MD 8-0 over Kailan Keith 152 Brice Coleman - Warren Central | 4-2 DNP Brice Coleman has a Bye Brice Coleman MD 9-0 over Aydan Edwards (West Virginia) Brice Coleman DEC 6-4 over Daniel Segura (Ohio) Nathan Santos (Georgia) DEC 3-2 over Brice Coleman Brice Coleman MD 12-1 over Kyle Matthews (Connecticut) Brice Coleman DEC 6-0 Aaron Lofton (Texas) Jax Garoutte (Colorado) DEC 4-3 Brice Coleman Matt Lee - Evansville Mater Dei | 4-2 DNP Matt Lee MD 16-3 over Joel Huck (Pennsylvania) Matt Lee FALL 3:04 Nick Crotty (Massachusetts) Matt Lee DEC 8-2 over James Cale Hoskinson (Florida) Matt Lee DEC 3-1 over Jax Garoutte (Colorado) Brayden Roberts (West Virginia) DEC 3-2 over Matt Lee Luke Odom (Illinois) DEC 7-3 over Matt Lee Tristen Hood - Harrison (WL) | 1-2 DNP Cael Rahnavardi (Louisiana) FALL 4:22 over Tristen Hood Tristen Hood DEC 4-0 over Joel Rodriguez (Florida) Brant Whitaker (Missouri) FALL 1:27 over Tristen Hood 160 Christian Carroll - Penn | 2-2 DNP Christian Carroll DEC 6-3 over Max Box (New Mexico) Caleb Fish (Michigan) FALL 0:50 over Christian Carroll Christian Carroll DEC 7-3 over Darian Estevez (Florida) Matthew Kidwell (Pennsylvania) DEC 2-0 over Christian Carroll Cooper Noehre - Greenfield-Central | 4-2 DNP Cooper Noehre FALL 1:15 over Zackery Rhodes (Virginia) Cooper Noehre DEC 7-0 Anthony Derosa (New Jersey) Cooper Noehre DEC 4-3 Clayton Whiting (Wisconsin) Derek Gilcher (Michigan) DEC 7-2 over Cooper Noehre Cooper Noehre DEC 3-1 over Nicholas Fine (Rhode Island) Brian Soldano (New Jersey) FALL 4:26 over Cooper Noehre Eli Dickens - Evansville Mater Dei | 3-2 DNP Eli Dickens has a Bye Eli Dickens FALL 4:16 over Giani Martini (Pennsylvania) Eli Dickens FALL 1:14 over Manuel Rojas (Michigan) Thayne Lawrence (Pennsylvania) FALL 3:21 over Eli Dickens Eli Dickens DEC 12-5 over Nolan Lear (Pennsylvania) Joseph Martin (California) FALL 0:34 over Eli Dickens Elliott Rodgers - Cathedral | 3-2 DNP Bailey Flanagan (Florida) DEC 2-0 over Elliott Rodgers Elliott Rodgers has a Bye Elliott Rodgers FALL 1:30 over David Dewald (Virginia) Elliott Rodgers MD 8-0 over Bradley Gillum (Illinois) Elliott Rodgers DEC 5-3 over Josh Pritz (Florida) Brian Soldano (New Jersey) DEC 5-0 Elliott Rodgers Isiah Levitz - Prairie Heights | 2-2 DNP Hayden Lieb (Alaska) DEC 7-1 over Isiah Levitz Isiah Levitz has a Bye Isiah Levitz FALL 2:15 over Reid Hampton (Florida) Isiah Levitz MD 10-0 over Tyler Boyd (West Virginia) Brett Mcintosh (Ohio) DEC 8-3 over Isiah Levitz 170 Graham Calhoun - Plymouth | 5-2 7th Graham Calhoun has a Bye Graham Calhoun MD 10-0 over Sam Irwin (Georgia) Graham Calhoun FALL 1:31 over Andrew Vogelbacher (Pennsylvania) Graham Calhoun DEC 4-3 Bennett Berge (Minnesota) Clayton Ulrey (Pennsylvania) DEC 4-3 over Graham Calhoun Graham Calhoun DEC 3-0 over Jax Leonard (Ohio) Trey Kibe (Pennsylvania) DEC 3-1 over Graham Calhoun Graham Calhoun DEC 3-0 Bennett Berge (Minnesota) 182 Joseph Walker - Mishawaka | 7-1 3rd Joseph Walker FALL 1:09 over Tyson Carroll (New Jersey) Joseph Walker FALL 3:12 over Jacob Small (Ohio) Joseph Walker FALL 2:29 over Sampson Wilkins (Vermont) Gerrit Nijenhuis (Pennsylvania) DEC 7-6 over Joseph Walker Joseph Walker DEC 7-3 over Cole Hivnor (Ohio) Joseph Walker FALL 3:16 over Guiseppe Milano (Pennsylvania) Joseph Walker DEC 6-5 ocver Jake Evans (Ohio) Joseph Walker DEC 7-3 over Nathan Warden (Virginia) Mason Winner - Jay County | 0-2 DNP Brady Colbert (Virginia) DEC 6-4 over Mason Winner Mason Winner has a Bye Gavin Nelson (Minnesota) MD 12-4 over Mason Winner 195 Evan Bates - Chesterton | 5-2 5th Evan Bates FALL 1:33 over Darryl Harris (New York) Evan Bates FALL 1:29 over Ezequiel Lara (Georgia) Evan Bates DEC 3-2 over Azeem Bell (Delaware) Evan Bates DEC 3-0 over Jack Darrah (Missouri) Brandon Hoselton (Illinois) FALL 1:25 over Evan Bates Bennett Tabor (Minnesota) DEC 8-5 over Evan Bates Evan Bates DEC 1-0 over Jack Wimmer (Pennsylvania) Robert Bowman - Mount Carmel (Ill.) | 0-2 DNP Kyle Epperly (New Jersey) FALL 1:17 over Robert Bowman Robert Bowman has a Bye Michael Misita (New Jersey) MD 11-0 over Robert Bowman
  4. My Heart goes out to the Sego & Lowe Families. Neil Sego was a good friend of mine, we spent a lot of time together on & off the Mat . Our kids wrestled together both at Academy & National Teams . Neil had a passion for wrestling like no other, both for his kids to excel in the Sport but also in his Community and the ISWA . He took time to help others to be the best they can be . He loved Coaching, helping out others . I’ll always remember Neil as a Coach Sego from the first time I met him. RIH Coach Sego, much love buddy The Garcia Family
  5. Did hear the name of the Field House is changing . Bankers Life naming rights have expired.
  6. So is this PM Breaking News ...... Matt Lee is not going to wrestle his Senior year according to this Top 3 ? Wouldn’t surprise me either if Lee didn’t wrestle his Senior . MD Lee’s and Senior year doesn’t mix . 😂
  7. I’d throw in Breyer Hall in that mix some where . Spell check on the first name ?
  8. I’m Donating all my Millions of Bananas to @TripleB, @JMILL, @Mattyb, @UncleJimmy, @Fabio Jr.. Everyone gets 200k Bananas from Notorious. I’m like Oprah. You get Bananas.... You Get Bananas.... YES !
  9. LJ Burdon did graduate this year 💯
  10. I think that’s how i didn’t get ringworm back then. That Tech dirt was anti-ringworm I believe.
  11. I remember sweating it out at Tech HS . 60-70 deep and..... my shoulders still ache getting double chicken wing by Steven Bradley . My knees & neck still ache from East Chicago brothers led by Candy Maldonado gator decapitation and leg ripped off lacing. The long line in the hallways of paper registration . 2-3 hours long at times .
  12. Agree, lots of missing Champions and placers on the podium with that division moving them to later time .
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