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  1. TeamGarcia

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #4

    Few more weeks and we going to find out who’s wrong or not . Picture a Dr. Evil laugh as you read this, pinkie fingers and everyone in this Semi State laughing to. On a a side note .... yes rankings look good, great job . Lol The Notorious
  2. TeamGarcia

    Event Changes for 1/14-1/19

    Yea...... was planning on going but weather and overpaid meteorologist #Fortunetellers really.... really ... put a curveball in the plan. Pistol Pete Smoke of Time can predict weather better than these guys . Either way I’ll be watching wrestling Friday Night which is a good thing . The Notorious
  3. TeamGarcia

    Jeff Dunasky Jr. Indy Star Athlete of the Week

    Congrats and voted , question though. Is Guerin Catholic a new wrestling program in Indiana to be their 1st Conference Champ ?
  4. TeamGarcia

    Event Changes for 1/14-1/19

    5pm Start for Hoosier Crossroads (HCC) I’ve been told, plan for long evening of wrestling. The Notorious
  5. Time Event Location Wednesday Hoosier Hills Conference Jeffersonville Friday 4:00pm Western Indiana Conference Edgewood 4:30pm Hoosier Conference Western 5:00pm Hoosier Crossroads Conference Avon 5:00pm Sagmore Conference Frankfort 5:00pm Three Rivers Conference Maconaquah 5:30pm Metropolitian Conference Lawrence Central 6:00pm Summit Athletic Conference Fort Wayne Snider 6:00pm Allen County Athletic Conference Jay County 6:00pm NorthEast 8 Huntington North
  6. TeamGarcia

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    When can we expect the finals to start ? The Notorious
  7. TeamGarcia

    Elliott Rodgers CATHEDRAL

    Great read Navy 80. Mr. Rodgers must of read and taking Coach Sanderson quote to another level in those matches . The kid done all of this through out the 3 years we been watching . Great Job Elliott ! “Unless you continually work, evolve, and innovate, you'll learn a quick and painful lesson from someone who has” The Notorious
  8. TeamGarcia

    Cancellations - 12 Jan 19

    HCC at Franklin Central is Cancelled till next Saturday.
  9. TeamGarcia

    State Rankings #6

    Josh, we’re talking about High School wrestlers here . If he’s JV or Varsity really doesn’t mattter. If someone puts in a result on here it’s going on the wrestlers profile. Smh . The Notorious
  10. TeamGarcia

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    HCC (Hoosier Crossroads) rankings based 1/7/18, let me know if I missed anybody 106- #10 Logan Miller UR- Blaze Garcia UR- Sam Crousure (15-2) 120- #6 Kysen Montgomery #10 Tyler Conley 126- #4 Ray Rioux #7 Logan Wagner #9 Evan Lawhead 132- #1 Asa Garcia #4 Drake Campbell 138- #4 Drew Kreitzer #12 Jaden Reynolds 160- #3 (152) Nathan Conley #10 Peyton Asbury 170- #11 Kyle Saez #14 TJB *Brownsburg long name* 182- #1 Carson Brewer #14 JD Ferrell 220- #3 Andrew Irick #10 Lawson Aiken #15 Deshawn Young 285- #5 Dorian Keys #10 Antone Alexander #14 Crae Kunkleman
  11. TeamGarcia

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Fans still got their admission worth 170 #1 South (W) vs 160 #1 Washington #1 Garcia (W) vs. #2 Viduya #1 Rooks (W) vs. #2 Frieji #3 Brownsburg over National Ranked & #1 Cathedral I’ve lost count Ranked matches head to head . Great Day of Wrestling from all . The Notorious
  12. TeamGarcia

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Again, wrestling above their seed . I think I was right on that Prediction vs. Roncalli this year to last . @Indysportsfan 2018- (37-18) +19 2019- (45-23) +22
  13. TeamGarcia

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    106 UR- Blaze Garcia over #13 Kody Glithero Roncalli 5-4
  14. TeamGarcia

    Team State Predictions???

    Stole a Meme The Notorious
  15. TeamGarcia

    3A Team State

    Is it just me that noticed in MattyB post that he was just asking you Wrestling People a question Why ? I’m bit confused . Smh

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