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  1. Twister spotted in the Region area near I-65 ? Have to check with @UncleJimmyto verify it’s location of touchdown at . but..... you know about Meteorologist they can’t predict anything anyways . Might just be butterfly effect
  2. I got my ’s on that Toll Bridge ? Something like the Benjamin Franklin bridge that connects Philly with New Jersey. Millions of Bananas come in & out daily. I gotta have it ! We already charging per picture for our Balboa statue. $10b per pic . Everyone wants a picture with our Statue. If you got a picture with our Statue 9/19/2020 after 12pm EST .... just kindly donate $10b in our Indianamat accounts . If you don’t you might get a bill via Email. From Philadelphia Cartel Properties & Stuff We Want . Thanks The Banana Cartel Notorious @Mattyb
  3. The Cartel made a purchase with our Hundreds of Thousands of bananas . @Mattybwanted this giant statue of George Washington on a horse in the middle of Philly next to some Art Museum. So.... I called the City of Philadelphia Department of Giant Statues . Talked to Gino “The Hook” Whelihans at the front desk. I Said look here my homie wants this statue . Gino says let me holler at Pat . I’ll call you back . Gino calls me back it’s not for sale . I say you know who your dealing with right . He said hold on (he gets this cough) clears his voice. Says you there .... I know what, Rocky Balboa stat
  4. Transfer of Funds has been executed for a job well done . If there anything else the Cartel can negotiate we’re just a few clicks away . Notorious The Banana Cartel
  5. (IF) they wrestle I see Indiana lineup like this *projected starter my opinion 125- *Hudkins 133- *Garcia 141- *Luigs/Konrath 149- *G. Rooks/Konrath 157- *Baughman/Ortiz 165- *South/Ortiz 174- South/Lemley/*Cokeley 184- *Washington 197- *Willham 285- *Hoffman Just what I see according to the lineup on Indiana Wrestling website
  6. Look for some weight changes for Hoffman, kid a Monster. I looked very small standing next to him . Look for some weight changes for in your lower weights as well. A redshirt season for Cayden is possible also . My opinion he should of RS last season with the rest of the Freshman. He did very well there starting as a Freshman . Asa will be probably be floating weight classes 133-141, he can handle his own as proven last year RS season with placements at 5 of 6 Opens with a Open Championship and RS Collegiate National Championship . I can see Luigs at 141 with Konrath there also. 149-157 wi
  7. You made the right decision. How would you like your Bananas 1’s 5’s 10’s 20’s 50’s 100’s @ontherise219 & @Y2CJ41 will put on a great show for the Bananas I’m paying them . @Sig40 I will ask you for something in the future. You’ll know when you smell the scent of Bananas in the air my Friend . The Banana Cartel Notorious
  8. New Offer ..... 2,000 Bananas a piece @Y2CJ41 & @ontherise219 to do a show for Sig .
  9. Hmmmm ...yea ..... I might have told My Cartel CFO @Mattyb & all the Millions and Millions of #TheCounty Fans I paid $40 Bananas for registration fee . You wouldn’t accept cash or card because of Coin Shortage going on . Sounded kinda dumb to me, I was like ooohhhhh Kkkkkkk. Don’t blame me when they ask for Dead Presidents back dude . Calm Down Playa ! You said it’s all bout them Bananas, not me . Notorious
  10. 1,600 Bananas for Joe & Mike to do a show for Sig . Notorious
  11. I’m going to say 0.00000004 % I know the IHSAA is going to look at TeamGarcia percent giving them to review with expert knowledge on here and say YES! we’re wrestling cause TeamGarcia gave them Zero shot to wrestle . I Guess IHSAA going to go off the 2 graphs on here for their decision. Thanks graph guys for giving them real ammunition to cancel wrestling season “real colored in step graphics of facts” . LMAO ! Where do I come up with this stuff at . Genius creative thinking here. @Y2CJ41 I need a award or something man ! Mr. Gorilla is fine with me
  12. I’m just waiting on the next graph to pop up on here... oh my gosh I can’t wait to see something we all seen before . Can anyone take a joke on this site . Back to topic ... YES ! I think Illinois, Michigan, Ohio wrestlers will comeback.
  13. Now .... the real question is ? Should I go out and buy all the A.1 steak sauce from my local Kroger cause I think that’s going to next big stock up on. - toilet paper - disinfect wipes - meat - last week all the Dr. Pepper (just because Dr. Pepper is a real Dr. - A1 Steak Sauce... cause I put it on everything - @Mattyb said go buy all the wrangler jeans at Wal Mart ... that’s next !
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