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  1. Over/Under How many Fuman Chu will we see 2022-23 season ?
  2. The People don’t read do they ? Lol They just see a list of names … No, Aw Nah, who him, what, your crazy, your young . Don’t read what you saying . Clearly states .
  3. Did it again in 2018 at 126 as a Junior, Loaded Bracket, State bracket will go down as Top 3 deepest of all time .
  4. Maybe Christian looked at this years IHSAA State program Record Book, let’s see here, “reading down” …… a record I can crush next year…. There ! THERE’S ONE ! I will now add my name to David Palmer record “Winning a State Championships at 2 different Schools Muncie Southside & Delta ” Notorious only explanation
  5. Off topic of these rules for Freestyle but did the NFHS make a change to the headgear for Folkstyle starting next year ?
  6. Your doing it right Andy. Anything for the kids and community. We’re smiling at you from #TheCounty . It takes time , eventually that time will pay off . It’s Coming !
  7. Academies go where the demand is that’s point blank . Like any everyday business they gotta have $ coming in. The demand is wrestlers. They need full time wrestlers . They need wrestlers that train everyday . Don’t have full time wrestlers then that means there’s is no $ coming in to keep their doors open. Anybody can start a Academy. It can be in your basement, garage or if you got the funds in a building . First thing you gotta have is wrestlers . Think the Bassets Brothers have their own Academy in their family Basement . Lil’place but they produce the hammers yearly outta there in PA.
  8. Some would say it’s dumb to compare wrestlers from then to today . All you can compare is their wins & loses . To me today HS wrestling is so much more advanced than in the HS wrestler in the past . The funk has advanced so much, even the creativity of the basic gramby roll is better now . Their defense is better and offense better every year . Just going to give everyone a heads up… These next few years coming up your going to see Yannis extreme funk, how in the hell that guy didn’t score on him , Rutherfords tilts for for automatic 3 , Spencer’s tight Arm bars, Taylors snaps so bad the opponents head bounces on the mat . All in the arsenals of a HS wrestler. Why ? Because the kids are looking up to idols they see on TV, streaming, even got videos on how to master of these positions . Crazy what these lil’ kids as young as 8-9-10 year olds are hitting at practice.
  9. He’s definitely in my Top 5 . Outstanding HS career Jesse Mendez ! Thank You for letting us be a witness of your Indiana HS Wrestling History ! Congrats 4x Champion . Cheers & Congrats to my friend and his dad @Sig40. I know your a #prouddad right now.
  10. Skill and Perseverance, that I’m not losing is unacceptable the next 2 days goes a long way. We all Witnessed it Saturday Night . Eye of the Zebra mindset, not no Tiger . Congrats Champ !
  11. Congrats to State Champion Drake Buchanan excellent Totally get what your saying and your theory works for your wrestler . To me that’s the old way of producing a State Champion . Others will agree with me . This is my opinion. Now look at the Academies Wrestlers ask yourself why has Hendricks County Schools Benefits producing 15x State Champions for the last 9 years straight. Mass production State Champs . (2x Molloy, 2x Hudkins, 3x B. Lee, 3x Garcia, Brewer, Miller, Keys, Montgomery, Hockaday) All been wrestling at Academies . These kids all went through Mooresville Regional, Evansville SS . Haven’t even got to MCWC State Champions down in Evansville or other Academies down in southern Indiana or the multiple Academies around Indianapolis area that feed into Evansville SS . This goes with my point that the 200+ Academy wrestlers just in Hendricks County is producing more & more meat to grind of that Semi State for the future of this Evansville Semi State . It’s not stopping anytime soon .
  12. Ha …. Just noticed on the bottom of this screenshot some poster might wanna fry up some of delicious succulent juicy Indiana cornfield scare Crow . I got a picture of one you can eat . Looks like enough meat as a turkey .
  13. Poor TeamGarcia gets left off, cut off of everything. So disappointed . Well…. At least everyone can see I’m thee Only NCAA CHAMPION Status of Posters . Everyone can see that . Looks awesome beside that Contender Skull !
  14. Just quoting what your fan Philly said about 3 weeks ago what the Kitties was going to do . Just wanna clear the air that in the future when those teams come down there there no chance of them Wildcats eating and scratching them !
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