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  1. They catch your eyes, I’ll give you a few Jake Hockaday, Caden Brewer, Cody Githrow* spell check, Kade Law from yesterday sessions . Freshmans performances was outstanding.
  2. Hearing another State Champ bout to throw his name in the mix at 129 . #TheCountyTMZ
  3. Thinking 141, or whatever Angel needs him to be . Best shot at this match up was last year in Michigan Dual IMO .
  4. I thought they was going to wrestle in Indiana vs. Michigan Dual earlier this year . Yes, you can pick your favorites but as a wrestling fan I hope this happens in a Folkstyle match . 3x vs. 3x
  5. Man …. I love it when ol’ @MikeTython hits the Board . Always brings a laugh out of me .
  6. Don’t get upset when 2021 2x National Duals Champs soon to be National Ranked Brownsburg Bulldogs come chewing on some Wildcats .
  7. Few months out before wrestling season starts but high school is back filling the hallways and classrooms. Fall sports about to start up and soon winter sports will back into the grind . Who are them Seniors out there to keep a eye on going into this year ? Teams with the most Seniors ? Those Senior SQ and Semi Ticket Rounder that could make their way on the podium ? Those Senior State Placers that could return big and better than ever ? Any out of State Seniors move ins or transfers that could make a big impact this year ? We got a rare 3x State Champ that’s going for 4x State Champ (lock IMO) Senior . Lock it up …. No you lock it up … LOCK IT UP throw away the keys, bury it #1 ranked wrestler in the Country & Pound 4 Pound Mr. Mendez . Lets hear it for the Class of 2022 !
  8. Will we stay in 4th place with the fellas in the already in the Semifinals, can we move up 3rd as a team ? How close are we ? @Y2CJ41
  9. Yup, guess Twitter is more important than here I guess .
  10. Yes, but……. Some of these millions of Indiana wrestling fans don’t .
  11. Only seen a few on social media, give us some updates here on our Indiana Wrestlers .
  12. I could be wrong isn’t Veazy ranked #1 MSer in the State ? Confused In about 3 weeks for some Indiana HS students the…. (was) …. 8th graders will be Freshman . Almost time to graduate over to High School rankings and see if these Freshman are the real deal . Speaking of Ft.Wayne area it’s great to see The Fort Wrestling Academy is up and running. Hopefully now those Champs up there have a great Academy to train at and into the future. Looks good ! Congrats
  13. Brownsburg getting some National attention with a twit from Josh Lowe of Intermat . Will Brownsburg success on the mat this Summer by winning TOC National Duals & AAU National Duals vault them to National Rankings this fall ? We shall see !
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