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  1. TeamGarcia is already in that 81 years IHSAA State Finals Record Book. No need to argue who should be on a silly Decade Team . Win it 3-4x and your Legacy lives Forever . #amiright @UncleJimmy I’m right cause Notorious Said so !
  2. This is what you meant, I to can read between the lines . Don’t feed the el burro. Let him figure out the interwebz on his own. Your Welcome.
  3. UNI OPEN At Cedar Falls, Iowa, December 14 125 1st Place Match - Noah Surtin (Missouri) won by decision over Cevion Severado (Missouri) (Dec 5-3) 3rd Place Match - Kyle Biscoglia (Northern Iowa) won by fall over Aden Reeves (Iowa State Wrestling) (Fall 5:39) 5th Place Match - Liam Cronin (Indiana) won in sudden victory - 1 over Corey Cabanban (Iowa State Wrestling) (SV-1 13-11) 133 1st Place Match - Drew Bennett (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Ramazan Attasauov (Iowa State Wrestling) (Dec 3-2) 3rd Place Match - Connor Brown (Missouri) won in sudden victory - 1 over Cayden Rooks (unattached) (SV-1 9-7) 5th Place Match - Charlie Klepps (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Jonathan Moran (Indiana) (Dec 5-3) 141 1st Place Match - Kyle Luigs (Indiana) won by fall over Rylee Molitor (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Fall 4:29) 3rd Place Match - Aric Williams (South Dakota State-Unattached) won by decision over Noah Nemer (Iowa State Wrestling) (Dec 11-4) 5th Place Match - Asa Garcia (Indiana unattached) won by tech fall over Garrett Moll (Northern Iowa) (TF 16-0) 149 1st Place Match - Graham Rooks (Indiana) won by major decision over Gable Fox (Northern Iowa) (Maj 12-4) 3rd Place Match - Tristan Lara (Northern Iowa) won by major decision over Peyton Smith (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Maj 14-5) 5th Place Match - Mitchell Bohlken (Missouri) won by major decision over Luke Baughman (Indiana University) (Maj 11-1) 157 1st Place Match - Fernie Silva (Indiana) won by decision over Derek Holschlag (Northern Iowa) (Dec 6-5) 3rd Place Match - Grant Stotts (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Keaton Geerts (Northern Iowa) (Dec 3-2) 5th Place Match - Joey Sanchez (Indiana) won by decision over Dalton Lakmann (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Dec 5-2) 165 1st Place Match - Logan Schumacher (Iowa State Wrestling) won in sudden victory - 1 over Pat Schoenfelder (Northern Iowa) (SV-1 11-0) 3rd Place Match - Peyton Mocco (Missouri) won by decision over Austin Yant (Northern Iowa) (Dec 11-9) 5th Place Match - Zane Mulder (Iowa State Wrestling) and Isaac Judge (Iowa State Wrestling) (DFF) 174 1st Place Match - Sean Harman (Missouri) won in sudden victory - 1 over Donnell Washington (Indiana University Unattached) (SV-1 6-4) 3rd Place Match - Maxwell Southard (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Keegan Moore (Northern Iowa) (Dec 7-3) 5th Place Match - Taylan Entriken (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Kelby Hawkins (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Dec 3-2) 184 1st Place Match - Julien Broderson (Iowa State Wrestling) won by fall over Tyler Buesgens (Iowa State Wrestling) (Fall 0:15) 3rd Place Match - Cordel Duhart (Missouri) won by decision over Hank Swalla (Iowa State Wrestling) (Dec 3-1) 5th Place Match - Jake Hinz (Indiana) won by decision over Zac Stork (Grand View) (Dec 6-0) 197 1st Place Match - Joel Shapiro (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Tyrell Gordon (Northern Iowa) (Dec 4-0) 3rd Place Match – Nick Willham (Indiana) won in sudden victory -1 over Spencer Irick (Indiana) (Dec. 3-1) 5th Place Match – Jake Kleimola (Indiana) won by major decision over Jack Flynn (Missouri) (Maj 9-0) 285 1st Place - Jose Diaz of Missouri 2nd Place - Spencer Trenary of South Dakota State-Unattached 3rd Place - Bryce Esmoil of Northern Iowa 4th Place - Rudy Streck of Indiana 5th Place - Logan Andrew of Unattached-Chattanooga Rudy Streck (Indiana) won by decision over Logan Andrew (Unattached-Chattanooga) (Dec 7-5) Bryce Esmoil (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Jose Diaz (Missouri) (Dec 12-8) Jose Diaz (Missouri) won by decision over Spencer Trenary (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Dec 7-5) Logan Andrew (Unattached-Chattanooga) won by decision over Bryce Esmoil (Northern Iowa) (Dec 4-3) Spencer Trenary (South Dakota State-Unattached) won by fall over Bryce Esmoil (Northern Iowa) (Fall 0:35) Jose Diaz (Missouri) won by decision over Rudy Streck (Indiana) (Dec 12-8) Spencer Trenary (South Dakota State-Unattached) won by fall over Rudy Streck (Indiana) (Fall 5:59) Jose Diaz (Missouri) won by decision over Logan Andrew (Unattached-Chattanooga) (Dec 6-0) Spencer Trenary (South Dakota State-Unattached) won by fall over Logan Andrew (Unattached-Chattanooga) (Fall 2:44) Bryce Esmoil (Northern Iowa) won by fall over Rudy Streck (Indiana) (Fall 1:19) Indiana Wrestling Results UNI Open 125Liam Cronin (5th) 133Cayden Rooks (4th)Jonathan Moran (6th) 141Kyle Luigs (1st)Asa Garcia (5th) 149Graham Rooks (1st)Luke Baughman (6th) 157Fernando Silva (1st)Joey Sanchez (5th) 174Donnell Washington (2nd)184Jake Hinz (5th) 197Nick Willham (3rd)Spencer Irick (4th)Jake Kleimola (5th) 285Rudy Streck (4th)
  4. Heard LaSalle dropped out . Sad Face emoji here
  5. Avon at Medina Holiday Tournament this year in Ohio . What some say is the 2nd toughest Holiday tournament in Ohio ?
  6. Nick South DNP in Gold Bracket . These bigger opens only allow wrestlers to wrestle 5 matches, wrestlers has get to Semi Finals to place it seems. If wrestler loses before that you go into Consi Championship. He won that . I’ve only been to 3 of these College Opens and this format has been true with all 3 with big brackets .
  7. HCC - 4 in Top 20 Avon, Brownsburg, Hamilton Southeastern, Zionsville
  8. Carson Brewer has a great day at Storm Open in Ohio . Going to OT with 2018 Midland Placer and Cadet World Medalist #TheCounty Gold - 184 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Gavin Hoffman of Ohio State 2nd Place - Carson Brewer of Ohio University- Unattached 3rd Place - Joel Leise of Gannon University 4th Place - Zach Steiner of Ohio State 5th Place - Logan Hall of Notre Dame / Unattached 6th Place - Ryan Neu of Kent State- Unattached 1st Place Match Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State) won in sudden victory - 1 over Carson Brewer (Ohio University- Unattached) (SV-1 3-1) 3rd Place Match Joel Leise (Gannon University) won by forfeit over Zach Steiner (Ohio State) (FF) 5th Place Match Logan Hall (Notre Dame / Unattached) won by decision over Ryan Neu (Kent State- Unattached) (Dec 5-3)
  9. Lots of Indiana wrestlers wrestled today at Purdue Duals . Round 1Purdue 45, Indianapolis 0141: Alec White (PUR) def. Matt McKinney (UINDY), D 6-1149: Nate Limmex (PUR) def. Tylan Tucker (UINDY), TF 18-3 (5:58)157: No. 7 Kendall Coleman (PUR) def. Blaze Lowery (UINDY), MD 16-5165: Emil Soehnlen (PUR) def. Jack Eiteljorge (UINDY), D 9-4174: No. 9 Dylan Lydy (PUR) def. No. 12 Gleason Mappes (UINDY), MD 13-5184: Max Lyon (PUR) def. No. 9 Brody Conner (UINDY), D 8-3197: Thomas Penola (PUR) def. Zach Fry (UINDY), Fall 6:36285: David Eli (PUR) def. Jack Williams (UINDY), Fall 1:43125: No. 10 Devin Schroder (PUR) def. Nick Brady (UINDY), TF 16-0 (5:49)133: Travis Ford-Melton (PUR) def. No. 11 Ana Abduljelil (UINDY), Fall 1:29 Clarion 17 vs. Northern Illinois 19141: Taylor Ortz (CLA) def. Nathan Swartz (NIU), TF 17-0149: No. 7 Brock Zacherl (CLA) def. McCoy Kent (NIU), D 5-3157: Mason Kauffman (NIU) def. Avery Shay (CLA), D 3-2165: Izzak Olejnik (NIU) def. Michael Bartolo (CLA), D 9-5174: Kenny Moore (NIU) def. Max Wohlabaugh (CLA), D 6-3184: Brit Wilson (NIU) def. Luke Funck (CLA), MD 19-7197: Gage Braun (NIU) def. No. 19 Greg Bulsak (CLA), D 11-4285: Ty Bagoly (CLA) def. Max Ihry (NIU), D 4-2125: Bryce West (NIU) def. Jake Gromacki (CLA), D 4-2133: Seth Koleno (CLA) won by forfeit 6-0 Round 2 Purdue 34, Clarion 6141: Parker Filius (PUR) def. Taylor Ortz (CLAR), Fall (4:21)149: No. 13 Griffin Parriott (PUR) def. No. 7 Brock Zacherl (CLAR), D 4-2157: No. 7 Kendall Coleman (PUR) def. Avery Shay (CLAR), D 13-7165: Emil Soehnlen (PUR) def. Michael Bartolo (CLAR), D 8-3174: No. 7 Dylan Lydy (PUR) def. Max Wohlabaugh (CLAR), D 6-2184: Max Lyon (PUR) def. Luke Funck (CLAR), MD 14-1197: Christian Brunner (PUR) def. No. 19 Greg Bulsak (CLAR), Fall (5:15)285: Ty Bagoly (CLAR) def. Thomas Penola(PUR), Fall (1:07)125: No. 10 Devin Schroder (PUR) def. Jake Gromacki (CLAR), D 9-2133: Travis Ford-Melton (PUR) def. Seth Koleno (CLAR), D 11-7 Northern Illinois 36, Indianapolis 9141: Nathan Swartz (NIU) def. Matt McKinney (UIndy), Fall 1:39149: Anthony Gibson (NIU) def. Tylan Tucker (UIndy), Fall 1:54157: Dylan Thurston (NIU) def. Clay Jones (UIndy), D 9-5165: Jack Eitelijorge (UIndy) def. Zack Velasquez (NIU), D 6-5174: Caden McWhirter (NIU) def. No. 12 Gleason Mappes (UIndy), D 11-4184: Brit Wilson (NIU) def. No. 9 Brody Conner (UIndy), D 5-2197: Gage Braun (NIU) def. Griffin Stine (UIndy), TF 22-5 (6:10)285: Terrese Aaron (NIU) def. Jack Williams (UIndy), Fall 2:06125: Bryce West (NIU) def. Nick Brady (UIndy), MD 12-3133: No. 11 Ana Abdulijelil (UIndy) won by forfeit Round 3 Purdue 31, Northern Illinois 8* 141: Parker Filius (PUR) def. Nathan Swartz (NIU), TF 16-0 (3:31)149: No. 13 Griffin Parriott (PUR) def. McCoy Kent (NIU), D 8-7157: No. 7 Kendall Coleman (PUR) def. Mason Kaufman (NIU), D 8-4165: Emil Soehnlen (PUR) def. Izzak Olejnik (NIU), D 3-2174: No. 7 Dylan Lydy (PUR) def. Kenny Moore (NIU), D 5-2184: Caden McWhirter (NIU) def. Max Lyon(PUR), Fall 5:50197: Christian Brunner (PUR) def. Gage Braun (NIU), D 7-2285: Terrese Aaron (NIU) def. Thomas Penola(PUR), D 4-9125: No. 10 Devin Schroder (PUR) def. Bryce West (NIU), TF 16-0 (4:50)133: Travis Ford-Melton (PUR) wins by forfeit * - Northern Illinois docked one team point for throwing headgear at 184 pounds Clarion 34, Indianapolis 10141: Roshaun Cooley (Clarion) def. Matt McKinney (UIndy), D 8-3149: Jalin Hankerson (Clarion) def. Tylan Tucker (UIndy), Fall 1:13157: Hunter Michaels (Clarion) def. Clay Jones (UIndy), Fall 0:43165: Jack Eitelijorge (UIndy) def. Mike Vernagallo (Clarion), D 8-6174: No. 12 Gleason Mappes (UIndy) def. Christian Sequete (Clarion), MD 17-7184: No. 9 Brody Conner (UIndy) def. Luke Funck (Clarion), D 6-0197: No. 19 Greg Bulsak (Clarion) def. Zach Fry (UIndy), MD 14-1285: Ty Bagoly (Clarion) def. Jack Williams (UIndy), D 5-2125: Cameron Butler (Clarion) def. Nick Brady (UIndy), Fall 4:21133: Seth Koleno (Clarion) def. No. 11 Ana Abduljelil (UIndy), Fall 1:19
  10. Lots of Indiana wrestlers competing at this tournament this weekend in the Gold & Black Divisions . Watch it on Flo or follow it on Trackwrestling. https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/lindenwood-open-preview/75570
  11. Next, wrestling shoes can only be red or green to match the ankle bands and only white socks no logos . Lots of confusion whos red and green . Making a lot of sense now that I’m thinking about it more and more . The Notorious
  12. Congrats to all that signed today . Indiana University announcement is huge news with Santos Cantu today . Stole one from them Buckeyes ! Early ones I seen 125- Brayden Littell signed with Ohio
  13. Great job fellas on the show & magazine, Good Luck to wrestlers & Teams this year . #TheCounty #seeyaattheBank
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