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  1. The easy way in life to put it . Unfortunately unexpected life events puts you in positions that you don’t wanna be in . (Job loss, job relocation, divorce, separation, death... I can go on & on) Happens to everyone at any giving time in life. Just gotta try to make the right decision for your family .
  2. AD & Coaches tell lies, IHSAA believes schools whatever the Coaches & AD writes . Most parents just give up. A lot of unnecessary stress, lots worries that we as parents asking yourself, did something wrong for the better of ourselves & our kids . It’s a broken system .They continue to push you in a corner, continue to degrade you . They don’t listen until it effects the IHSAA . Most cases don’t have to be this way . They just keep pushing until you break as a parent.
  3. Yesterday 2/23/21 https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/columnists/gregg-doyel/2021/02/23/ihsaa-transfer-process-under-fire-claims-bullying-being-unprofessional-indiana-eligibility-review/6751342002/
  4. Huge write up in the IndyStar on Transfers & IHSAA, The DOE, Courts, Lawyers, Parents outrage . Good read, gotta have subscription to read but worth it . I can relate, dealt with the circus show in 2020 with my Family.
  5. Looking for a guy name Juan StateChamp in here ? Anybody name Juan StateChamp on here ? Nope ..... ight just checking !
  6. Hmmmm.... can’t wait to revisit this when our kids are Juniors & Seniors in college . Remember: 8 Freshman 1 Sophomore 1 Senior
  7. Seen they will rebroadcast the dual at midnight . They might show the extra matches then . Idk I know Asa (2-0) won 14-0.
  8. Line up for Indiana at Purdue 125 Devin Schroder (Purdue) vs. Jacob Moran(Indiana) 0 0 133 Jacob Rundell (Purdue) vs. Kyle Luigs (Indiana) 0 0 141 Parker Filius (Purdue) vs. Cayden Rooks (Indiana) 0 0 149 Griffin Parr
  9. Finished HS Careers (27 State Medals) (8 State Championships) (6 State Runner Ups) (6 Semi Finalist) State Champs 3x Asa Garcia (3rd) 2x Cayden Rooks (Runner Up) 2x Alex Viduya (Runner Up) (4th) Bryer Hall (Runner Up) (6th) ................................. Ty Mills (2x Runner Up) (2x 3rd) Christian Mejia (Runner Up) (5th)(5th) Andrew Wilson (3rd) Colin Poynter (4th) Ethan Smiley (7th & 8th) Tanner Demein (7th) Brycen Denny (8th) This is what I got if
  10. 96,990 on Asa looking for a double up ALL IN ! Who wants some of this action ?
  11. The Ol’skool singlets is always best . Never know when a ol’timer sitting in the stands will be like .... man, I remember that
  12. Did some editing but here are the Top Middle School incoming freshman, took their youth credentials off and only left their rank that @MScholar ranked them by. If you like you can go to Youth forum and look at their all their impressive “youth credentials” on why they are ranked so high . 2. Gunner Henry--8th grade--Brownsburg--175--(170-220) 4. Michael Major--8th grade--Carmel--125--(126-145) *MatScouts ranked #7 @136 lbs *Mobbin Ranked #HM @ 120lbs 6. De'Alcapon Veazy--8th grade--Fort Wayne--175--(160-220) *Mobbin Ranked #5 @ 180l
  13. That Suicide Cradle was some sweet action JS
  14. I’ll say next 10 years of State Champs from #TheCounty, but I get your point . #paintrain is coming . Schoeff for Avon is due as well 2x Runner Up
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