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  1. Did hear the name of the Field House is changing . Bankers Life naming rights have expired.
  2. So is this PM Breaking News ...... Matt Lee is not going to wrestle his Senior year according to this Top 3 ? Wouldn’t surprise me either if Lee didn’t wrestle his Senior . MD Lee’s and Senior year doesn’t mix . 😂
  3. I’d throw in Breyer Hall in that mix some where . Spell check on the first name ?
  4. I’m Donating all my Millions of Bananas to @TripleB, @JMILL, @Mattyb, @UncleJimmy, @Fabio Jr.. Everyone gets 200k Bananas from Notorious. I’m like Oprah. You get Bananas.... You Get Bananas.... YES !
  5. LJ Burdon did graduate this year 💯
  6. I think that’s how i didn’t get ringworm back then. That Tech dirt was anti-ringworm I believe.
  7. I remember sweating it out at Tech HS . 60-70 deep and..... my shoulders still ache getting double chicken wing by Steven Bradley . My knees & neck still ache from East Chicago brothers led by Candy Maldonado gator decapitation and leg ripped off lacing. The long line in the hallways of paper registration . 2-3 hours long at times .
  8. Agree, lots of missing Champions and placers on the podium with that division moving them to later time .
  9. What in thee heck is going on in here ?! Don’t make me go into The most Notorious Mean Streets of Muncie mode ! Gotta keep my eye on you 😂😂😂
  10. 2x State Champ Brock Hudkins, NCAA Q, chooses Indiana Hoosiers #igniteindiana 🔥🔴⚪️🔴⚪️. Indiana is bring back its HS State Champs home .
  11. #TheCountyTMZ .... is reporting the same from sources .
  12. My guy ! No need to explain yourself here. He done great . I know how good he is . Rest will know in short time also. #TheBrand #cwa #itscoming
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