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  1. @UncleJimmy, @Mattyb, @JMILL, it’s not a post without 2-3 of my Boyz in it . On the Topic before i invite my #TheCounty Mafia …. give me Justice Cash 3-4x blood round SS. Kid beat everyone in Elementary, MS, and some in HS.
  2. Since nobody else will do it, (cracking my thumb knuckles) I’ll boost up the views on this thread by 100x
  3. Vermillion is from Ohio, PA announcer said earlier in his match . He’s a good wrestler though wrestling for Indiana Tech .
  4. Ralph Clark- East Chicago Roosevelt 2,3,2,3 final score (10) Ty Mills- Brownsburg 2,3,2,3 Final score (10) Cheaney Schoeff- Avon 2,2,3,3 Final score (10) Copy & Paste ________________ Remarkable HS Careers, they’re the 1% of Indiana Wrestlers that can say done this . Learn something everyday !
  5. When the Greatest Poster Of All Time (GPOAT) jumps on topic on here and grabs the Bull by its Horns . The Tens of Thousands of Views, the Hundreds of Likes, the Hundreds of Memes that drive this site into the everyday conversation of Indiana HS Wrestling households . A Decade long of bring common viewer in and making them famous . Thanks Indianamat
  6. Pretty Deep ! 2018- 126 1. 3x Asa Garcia (1st, 3rd, 1st, 1st) 2. 2x Cayden Rooks (1st, 2nd, 1st) 3. Ty Mills (2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd) 4. 2x Alec Viduya (1st, 4th, 2nd, 1st) In that bracket you had Bryer Hall State Champion , multiple 2nd place wrestlers.
  7. PA has been cracking down on their HS and as far down as Middle Schools for past 2 years . Transfers, move ins and outs even outta of State . Not surprised, Illinois just passed that HS kids can’t practice with College athletes anymore all year. All a matter of time other States do the same . We’ll see ? Idk.
  8. Names that had alot ISWA that I can remember. Anybody that confirm these names please speak up . Sammy Fair Ray Rioux Nate Rioux Revin Dickman Parker Reynolds Alex Cottey
  9. 100% goes to Jake Hockaday, didn’t allow a takedown all State Series and didn’t allow a takedown to 2x State Champ Senior .
  10. GIVE THE COACHES 1 CHALLENGE, Championship Round LETS BRING IN REPLAY Official Reviews Championship Round I think this 2023-2024 season in football IHSAA will be debuting instant replay ? Let’s bring it to wrestling like they do in College .
  11. That’s great troll, you really made your point . 1. Didn’t I give you the keys to the Mercedes of blocking The Peoples Champ TeamGarcia ? It was very very simple step by steps instructions when you asked the first time . Do you need help again ? Just go back to page 2 or 3 on this very Topic . It’s right there for ya . If you don’t like what you’re seeing from me on here BLOCK ME ! You’re not going to be the First or the Last one to do it .
  12. I gotta add something here … NEVER ONCE have I brag about Brownsburg. My whole issue I had with these rankings at the time was unjustified for Revin and his credentials at that point in his schedule. JS .
  13. Crazy that it’s going to continue year after year . Talent level is just reloading year after year. No where to hide, have a bad day and your season will end there in week 2 of the State Series . It’s going to get very common.
  14. Yea…. I just wanted to say . How’s it going up north ? Thought I lost ya on here . You know blocking info I gave a poster, thought you might’ve gave ol’TeamGarcia the hook . Hope all is well. I see where you’re coming from on all your points . Love your views . Btw…. In the 3rd paragraph I might of seen lil’bity lightning bolts . all good !
  15. Maybe … Puberty hits and he gains 35-40 pounds like my son did ? Daily … 6.5oz Steaks & Potato a week will cure that problem if I say myself . Buy a Half a cow like I did to feed that weight gains . @Mattyb will vouch, it works .
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