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  1. TeamGarcia

    Freestyle State by the numbers

    I think that’s how i didn’t get ringworm back then. That Tech dirt was anti-ringworm I believe.
  2. TeamGarcia

    Freestyle State by the numbers

    I remember sweating it out at Tech HS . 60-70 deep and..... my shoulders still ache getting double chicken wing by Steven Bradley . My knees & neck still ache from East Chicago brothers led by Candy Maldonado gator decapitation and leg ripped off lacing. The long line in the hallways of paper registration . 2-3 hours long at times .
  3. TeamGarcia

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    Agree, lots of missing Champions and placers on the podium with that division moving them to later time .
  4. TeamGarcia

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    What in thee heck is going on in here ?! Don’t make me go into The most Notorious Mean Streets of Muncie mode ! Gotta keep my eye on you 😂😂😂
  5. TeamGarcia

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    Maybe at Fargo ?
  6. 2x State Champ Brock Hudkins, NCAA Q, chooses Indiana Hoosiers #igniteindiana 🔥🔴⚪️🔴⚪️. Indiana is bring back its HS State Champs home .
  7. TeamGarcia

    2019 Head Coaching Changes

    #TheCountyTMZ .... is reporting the same from sources .
  8. TeamGarcia

    USAW Folkstyle Nationals

    My guy ! No need to explain yourself here. He done great . I know how good he is . Rest will know in short time also. #TheBrand #cwa #itscoming
  9. TeamGarcia

    SWINfan Shoutout

    And.... Who are you again ? Lol My Entourage rolls deep, is Approximately 15 deep of poster names . Just tell us who you are and I’ll happily tag you in my posts and you can become one of my Indianamat BFF . The Notorious
  10. TeamGarcia

    SWINfan Shoutout

    ! HERE WE COME ! No need to Fear, TeamGarcia/Notorious/Pistol Pete @3xStateChampis Here ! Yes I just tagged myself . I can do that . I promise I’ll behave. #TheCounty @Mattyb & I and my partner in shenanigans, up to no good, #TheCountyTMZ @UncleJimmy my Indianamat BFF will do the same . amirite ! Lol Let the College years begin
  11. TeamGarcia

    Purdue Year 5 under Ersland

    They do have Travis Ford-Melton coming in and RS ? Coleman . Both very good and will make Immediate impact .
  12. TeamGarcia

    Class of 2021

    Brock Ellis : put him there because of all the Senior State Champs, Runnerups gone (160-170) . Figure he go a weight up or 2. Just looking at Donahue growth from 8th-9th. Figure he shot up to 220 next year . Laplace is dangerous also, maybe 195 ? Bates stays at 182 . That’s a good weight my opinion. Got State Champ Silas lurking at 195 & 220 to ? 106-113, where ever Cernus lands he’s hands down favorite over Cottey . Warren will have (Lee, Cooper, Rodgers, Dickens) to deal with . Stays at 145 I can see (Viduya) there as well.
  13. TeamGarcia

    Class of 2021

    Hammers all around Boarman (Littel & Mendez) Aiden Warren might be around Lee weight again. Cottey at 113 ? My pick would be Evan Bates at 182 again, a Jr. at upper weight is a good combination. If I had a confidence poll Top 5 1 being the best shot, 5 the least 1. Bates 2. Ellis 3. Warren 4. Cottey 5. Hall
  14. TeamGarcia

    Class of 2021

    Just copy, paste the class rankings here from Indianamat that was as listed . A few wrestlers missing from this year State Finals . I’d put Jaden Reynolds on this list . Just curious on who everyone would choose .
  15. TeamGarcia

    Class of 2021

    This soon to be Junior Class doesn’t have a State Champion. Who’s going to break this trend ? They have a few IHSAA finalists and some with National Credits. Some will have a soon to be Senior returning State Champ in their way, Some will have a soon to be returning Sophomore State Champion. Who’s it going to be ? Class Rankings 1. Alex Cottey | Perry Meridian 2018 2nd at 106lbs 2018 106 Junior Freestyle Nationals 7th 2. Blake Boarman | Evansville Mater Dei 2018 3rd at 113lbs 3. Brock Ellis | Chesterton 2018 Qualifier at 145lbs 2018 152 Cadet Freestyle Nationals 4th 2018 152 Cadet Greco Nationals 6th 4. Aiden Warren | Perry Meridian 2018 Qualifier at 152lbs 2018 145 NHSCA Freshman Nationals 3rd 2018 160 Cadet Freestyle Nationals 8th 5. Bryer Hall | South Dearborn 2018 6th at 126lbs 2018 138 Cadet Freestyle Nationals 4th 6. Kysen Montgomery | Brownsburg 2018 5th at 106lbs 7. Evan Bates | Chesterton 8. David Pierson | Warren Central 2018 4th at 106lbs 9. Logan Wagner | Zionsville 2018 8th at 120lbs 10. Cole Ross | Evansville Mater Dei 2018 Qualifier at 106lbs

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