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  1. You guys have ladders? We have like 3 single step stools
  2. It's all going to hinge on how Purdue's young guys develop. You won't see many Purdue wrestlers in the early rankings because over half the lineup are redshirt sophomores and under. I think IU still gets the nod in the dual this year, but will be very interesting to see guys like Greyson Clark, Joey Blaze, Brody Baumann, and James Rowley wrestle. Those four guys are the biggest difference between having a much better dual team vs still stuck as a young team wrestling in the Big Ten.
  3. I'm not a rich parent, but I am a coach with access to $5, how about we work 12 more Starfires in there. Great preview Caleb, worth the wait!
  4. Thor

    Robert Loshe

    Robert Loshe
  5. Robert Loshe is taking over at South Adams
  6. Looked through the worlds page on this website, and the only time I saw two men's freestyle team members were Angel Escobedo and Reece Humphrey in 2013. Indiana has had some pretty good numbers for putting guys and girls on age level world teams for a few years now, but doesn't have a huge history of getting guys on the senior team.
  7. Just saw Benjamin Smith a state champ from Maryland is listed as Indiana. Where’s this kid going?
  8. I was going to say that doesn't make sense because they have Derek Gilcher already at 157. But then I looked at the roster and saw he's up at 165, so this sucks.
  9. I'll start house hunting for any stud wrestlers that want to move to Berne.
  10. Brayton Lee hit the portal yesterday. Decent chance he lands back home at Purdue which would be huge. Put him at 157 and let Blaze redshirt.
  11. Of course they ship out one of Fort Wayne’s best teams
  12. I think that's a different one, I'm not sure Cruz can make 106 again. Unless he registered wrong for IHPO.
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