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  1. 132 should be clearing out because of Mendez, especially with Littell out at 126.
  2. Looks like he's not in Indiana anymore? He's not on Brownsburg's page and he wasn't mentioned in the preview magazine. Edit, just looked at IHPO results and looks like he got injured. Is he out for the year?
  3. Just noticed he’s not on IUs wrestling roster anymore, but it looks like he’s signed up for the Bill Farrell this weekend. Any info as to where he is now?
  4. Is Ty starting this year, or are they still figuring out the lineup?
  5. I thought Coleman would have a good season, but wow! What a way to start!
  6. First look at the college wrestling starts today with some duals at the Battle of the Midway in San Diego. Get a good first look at a Wisconsin program I look forward to watching, and see some Indiana boys as Cael McCormick and Ben Harvey will be wrestling for Army today. Brad Laughlin and Gunnar Larson also wrestle for Army, but Laughlin sits behind McCormick and Harvey and I don't think Larson has the varsity spot yet.
  7. I’m been waiting for him to excel for years. I’m really looking forward to him down at 149, which is probably the most wide open weight.
  8. Pokorney is redshirting this year, still not 100% over his injury from last year. Will probably be David Eli at heavyweight. Also a chance Bruner redshirts this year, he’s wrestling unattached at the Michigan State open this weekend. If he doesn’t go it’d be Thomas Penola, who the coaches are very high on and seems to have a high ceiling from what he showed his last two years of high school.
  9. I gotta give it to Purdue this year. IU is getting some young talent, but they're still young. Purdue returns a lot of experience, including bring back 6 national qualifers to IUs one, two of those who ended up in the blood round. IU has been making moves, but so has Purdue. Ersland has a pound for pound ranked kid coming in from PA in Gerit Neinjhuis coming in, as well as a nationally ranked Jake Rundell.
  10. You know wrestling season is right around the corner when the board starts to hype up. Love it!
  11. Saw he wasn't on Duke's roster, is he done wrestling or is he somewhere else?
  12. Tristen Tonte. Happened to run into 3 guys that hit national rankings in his 3 finals appearances.
  13. Georgia's been coming on strong for a few years now, and they show out at Fargo and Super 32.
  14. That may be WIN's reason, but Flo has him that high based on what he did wrestling unattached, as well as factoring in his freestyle season results.
  15. I mean an actual announcement from him or his family. That’s the first I’ve seen anything close to an announcement.
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