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  1. Thor


    Rough day for the Indiana kids. Pretty surprised to see only three All Americans for the cadets, but Zeke Seltzer and Evan Bates have looked really good this tournament. Hopefully these two finalists and the juniors finish out strong
  2. Thor

    Josh Barr

    That sucks, that would’ve been a nice cherry on top of a loaded class for Crown Point.
  3. Thor


    First huge win for Indiana today, Evan Bates takes out 6th ranked Noah Petiggrew. Pettigrew beat Silas at Akron, but Silas had a broken elbow for that match.
  4. Thor

    Josh Barr

    He’s been shown on the youth board as a highly touted freshman going to Crown Point next year, but wasn’t put in the rankings because he hadn’t officially moved yet. Also a top 5 guy on Flo’s jr high big board. Is he still going to Crown Point next year? I see he’s registered for Michigan for Fargo
  5. Thor

    Opinions on head coaching openings

    Wait, where did Schoeff end up?
  6. Thor

    Brennen Cernus Transfer

    Harsh or not, I’m glad he said. As an intrigued bystander, I have been very curious why guys like Cernus, Donahue, and Bryant would come and go so quickly.
  7. Thor

    Brennen Cernus Transfer

    Yup, he also went to Wyoming Seminary in PA with Donahue. Culver still has Brady Welch at least.
  8. Thor

    Jesse Mendez

    I just have my fingers crossed his biggest priorities are engineering and proximity to home. And hopefully Purdue has some success in the next few years and gets an enticing coach. Unfortunately, that very specific scenario is not likely to happen
  9. Thor

    Jesse Mendez

    There’s too much IU love for Mendez on here, so I’m gonna have to add a Boiler Up!!!
  10. Thor

    Gable Stevenson

    Just got released with no charges, but the investigation is still ongoing. Sounds like a hazing incident.
  11. Woooooow Yianni got screwed big time in that second match
  12. Is Josh Barr still gonna be at Crown Point next year?
  13. Thor

    New Flo Rankings

    I’m curious what has been happening at Culver to A. get these studs in the first place and B. why they are all leaving? Looks like Welch is the only one left and who knows if he’ll stay.
  14. Thor

    New Flo Rankings

    Looks like he went to Wyoming Seminar too according to his Instagram profile
  15. Thor

    New Flo Rankings

    Yes seminary

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