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  1. This was discussed on FRL this morning that it would take a few years to implement, so probably not the next two years.
  2. I’m more concerned with Dake’s injury than Taylor’s. DT at less than100% should still beat Pat Downey, I cant say the same for a banged up Dake vs Dieringer.
  3. Green won’t be close? Deakin just beat him at the open
  4. Thor

    Andrew Donahue

    Flo put out updated rankings and had Donahue listed as going to Seminary in Pennsylvania. Did he move?
  5. Holy cow, anyone see Yianni at Beat the Streets? He’s about to be the new face of the sport
  6. Thor


    Hate the move for Purdue, but it was gonna happen anyway due to circumstances. Love the move for Streck and OK State. He’ll be in one of the toughest rooms in the country working with last years runner up.
  7. Haven’t heard from him in a while. Does he have any eligibility left?
  8. Thor

    Brock Hudkins

    Never mind, just saw his post on Instagram. Dang that sucks, he would’ve been great to slot in at 133 for Purdue.
  9. Thor

    Brock Hudkins

    Saw Angel had a tweet that signified a commit but then deleted it, is there something else going on? Hudkins has a lot of Purdue guys he recently followed
  10. Thor

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    Mendez and Allred are in the drivers seat to make the Pan Am team, looks like if they win their semis they make the team
  11. Thor

    Chad Red

    Your logic still makes no sense, and you’re too damn stubborn to ever understand, BUT THEY ALL WEIGHED 133 LBS. Moving up in weight does not impact in the slightest how good you are. All those that bumped are good
  12. Thor

    Chad Red

    I’m not disagreeing necessarily that 133 was stronger, just saying it’s flawed to say 125 lbers bumping shows a weight is weaker. The reason the weight was so touted was because those guys bumped. Without Suriano and Lizak, this weight isn’t talked about as much. And you could say 133 was deeper because they all beat each other, while 141 had a clear hierarchy and no one was beating Yianni.
  13. Thor

    Chad Red

    Wait, your argument is that returning All Americans not placing means that weight was weaker? That makes no sense. And what’s your deal with 133 being because 125lbers bumped? It’s not like Rivera bumping up to wrestle Micic, every single guy weighed in at 133. 125s bumping up could only increase the talent pool
  14. Thor

    SWINfan Shoutout

    I second this. Didn’t post many comments but loved reading the commentary all season
  15. I meant OK state, just shortened it. I love the move, they need a starter after White. Plus I’m a big OK State fan, love their history and watching them wrestle.

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