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  1. Having nick lee and Mitch Sliga in the same foursome is nasty
  2. I respect that, Purdue was in the same spot 6 years ago. But IU is still a ways away, and Purdue is there now.
  3. Might as well go to the school that got 5th at Big Tens 🤷‍♂️
  4. That’s what I want really bad. If this all clears up early May, why not take 3 days to settle this?
  5. People have made fun of me for that opinion, but I don’t think it’s horrible to name AAs based on seeds. Mostly because it does get Purdue 4, but it at least gives some year end recognition and the season isn’t totally lost.
  6. If could make 133 again, I’d love to see him come to Purdue and get Ford-Melton a redshirt year. Rumph is probably national qualifier caliber.
  7. Purdue wrestled at or above their seed in every weight except for 197, where Brunner is hurt and defaulted out after he qualified for nationals. Good to see Schroder and Coleman wrestle tougher against their respective studs. And how about Dylan Lydy? He got teched by Mark Hall 2 years ago, majored last year, and got within a point this year. What a great showing by the Boilers!
  8. Slick Rick vs Robert Samuels, change my mind.
  9. Marian athletics posted a right up on Twitter, all it said was disqualified for an elbow.
  10. Love seeing the Sawyer Miller vs Breyden Bailey match on this list. That’s easily my biased favorite match of all time.
  11. Didn’t see him at 165, thought he bumped to 174 when Covaciu went down. IU doesn’t have anyone at 174 still, wonder what happened to Hoey or Hinz(?)
  12. Surprised that Lemley didn’t get the nod, unless he’s injured too
  13. Brunner should be good to go. Saw him on Purdue’s insta story last night drilling, and he looked good. Doesn’t even have a big knee brace on, just a normal knee pad.
  14. I think that Fillus, Parriott, and Lyon all would get wild cards. They’re all top 25 RPI
  15. That happened again in 2013, but it was a Carroll kid that got DQ’d. AC kid ended up wrestling again and getting 3rd.
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