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  1. I went through and looked, but really not many that jumped out at me as far as state level guys. Here’s the few I know right now. Center Grove- DT Nate Johnson Adams Central- RB/S Gavin Cook FB/LB Keegan Bluhm TE/DE Trevor Currie G/DT Zac Wurm Evansville Mater Dei- RB Joey Pierre DE Clay Martin Guys that just missed that ended their season at semi state were John Purdy Castle, Dom Burgett Hamilton Southeastern, and De’Alcapon Veazy Snider.
  2. I’d go with this. I never heard the PA, didn’t get a program, and was only going off Indianamats notable wrestlers. And just looked at the Bellmont site and that’s what they had. Great win nonetheless.
  3. Great dual between Bellmont and Wawasee last night. I believe the score was 36-34 with Henry Kukelhan getting the pin in the last match of the night for the win. Biggest upset was Duke Myers losing in the second set of tiebreakers to Cam Zimmerman.
  4. My only confusion with your top ten is having Walker down at 10. He has the state hardware you gave the criteria for the top 5 guys. And he placed 6th, at this weight class, which is tied for the highest prior placing DeMarco, Maldonado, and Johnson.
  5. Here's both flyers I found. IHSWCA Middle School State Flyer.docx O-684800132-IHSWCA_Middle_School_State_North_Qualifier_Flyer.docx
  6. I looked it up, and while the actual site isn’t updated, the attachments are. Four qualifiers, top 8 qualify for state. Followup question, how is this allowed in season and how should it be advertised? Its unique since it’s on a Sunday and can’t be officially scheduled, but how does it work being in season? I’m new into the technicalities of middle school wrestling and want to take a group this year.
  7. No one’s picking on him, you’re just posting your heavily biased picks and getting called out on it. No one is doubting he’s a good wrestler, but you’re saying he’s taking out Hawkins who has the national results to back up his ranking that Denton doesn’t. I hope Denton shocks all of us and pulls it off, but no one is picking on him.
  8. At the top end, I think he can be top out at 4th. The top four at 133 of RBY, Daton, and Vito are studs who have been around the block and that's tough to break through. I think low end, and what's probably more likely, is he ends up 7th or 8th at NCAAs or ends up in the blood round. He's definitely the best option at 133 right now for Ohio State, but I was really hoping he would redshirt this year. Just give him a year in the room to acclimate to the college season, and let the weight class clear out a bit to graduation.
  9. That seems to squash any rumors! Good luck at Penn, and look forward to seeing you continue the Fort Wayne semi state’s dominance at heavyweight!
  10. Word is he isn’t academically eligible for Penn. Lot higher standards for Ivy League schools.
  11. Last I checked Jalen May was listed as Kokomo on his wrestler page.
  12. Brownsburg parents/coaches/fans coming in 3,2,1...
  13. I'm just saying, you are making a ton of awful points just to want 12 teams in each class. You're throwing a lot of talking points out that don't help you're argument. Bruce gave the perfect example of how the numbers break down. Sorry your class is harder because Cathedral and Mater Dei bump up. But that's always been the spirit of team state. Obviously, they would dominate every match if they both stayed in their own class, but that's not the point. The point is to get the big schools/heavy hitters battling it out themselves and giving the small schools a shot in the spotlight. Sorry that made it tougher on Whiteland. Also, it does suck not being in team state already. All we can do now is prepare our kids and beef up our schedule, which we have done. And I'm beyond excited to see what our squad can do to get that last vote-in spot.
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