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  1. This definitely feels like a dodging match for some reason, but if it does happen I have Lee by major
  2. Thor


    Logan Macklin
  3. Thor


    William Fiechter
  4. Thor

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    Indianamat has updates on twitter
  5. Thor

    State Rankings Update #2

    Pokorney at 220?
  6. Looks like Logan Macklin is down at 145
  7. He didn’t look that great against Lehigh. I think that and any other dual he has been in this year we’re kind of measuring sticks to see where he is health wise. That was Lehighs backup and Micic struggled with him. Smart to avoid a tough tournament if he’s still dealing with an injury.
  8. Not sure why, but Purdue did tweet that Lydy would be medical forfeiting his last two matches.
  9. Thor

    12/1 Results, upsets and great matches

    Match was at 160
  10. I have no problem paying to watch wrestling, I love having a flo pro account. The problem with tracks versions is pay per event. That $15 for one event gets me 30 events for flo in a month. And track doesn’t have enough extra content for me to want to be a gold member. Plus their streaming isn’t that great
  11. Thor

    East Chicago Semi state pre rankings

    Donahue at 182? Must’ve hit a growth spurt since moving to Indiana
  12. Thor

    IU Line up

    What the heck? He was actually cut? Do you know where he is now?
  13. Is this the earliest a number one has gone down?
  14. Thor

    Nick Lee question

    He’s greyshirting with several other members of his class. Basically gives him a second redshirt year to prepare him and have more time in the lineup. With this, he’d be out this year, redshirt next year, and then take over for Vincenzo Joseph as a rs freshman
  15. Thor

    Preseason Mag?

    How can you be disappointed with 44 pages of great stuff for only $8? Great work Joe and company, thanks for all the work put in to Indiana wrestling

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