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  1. Thor

    Cathedral vs. Roncalli

    Is he related to Ben Stewart? Kid was physical
  2. Thor

    Cathedral vs. Roncalli

    Who was Cathedrals backup at 152? Looks like he’d be starting at a whole lot of other schools.
  3. Thor

    Chad Red

    I think that may be part of what Red’s challenge has been as well. He has not been near as good a scrambler in college as he was in high school, which was his big thing. I watched his matches with Nate Limmex of Purdue, and Red conceding some fairly easy takedowns off of scrambling situations that I didn’t see coming.
  4. Thor


    Josh Beeks
  5. Thor


    Ian Heath
  6. Thor


    Kade Zadylak
  7. Thor


    Jett Boots
  8. Thor


    Chandler Shearer
  9. Thor


    Clayton Fielden
  10. Thor


    Andre Hughes
  11. Thor

    Free tix- Purdue vs Marlyland tonight at 6PM

    No, they go by how many tickets they can fit in the Bucket
  12. Thor

    Team State updates

    Quantity might not matter for Avon at 3A, but it sure makes a heckuva difference in 1A and 2A. Even though these are the best of the small schools, there are still many wrestlers there that would benefit from more matches, rather than quality.
  13. Thor

    Mason Parris

    Dhesi didn't wrestle the first part of the season because he took time off after competing for Canada at worlds in October
  14. Thor


    Parker Bates
  15. Thor


    Christian Summerset

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