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  1. South Adams has Christian Summersett, AJ Dull, Jacob Platner, Carter Lewis, Silas Loshe, Connor Young, Kenny Richardson, Logan Bauman, Maverick Summersett, Kaden Davidson, and Colton Bollenbacher. I think we only have three or four guys in the room right now.
  2. Glad to hear confirmation you guys are wrestling this year. Should be front runner for state at this point. But you definitely got me with that post.
  3. What’s weird, is last week he had New Prairie on his Instagram, now it’s back to Penn. Honestly, New Prairie never made much sense from a wrestling perspective. He’ll have much better partners and opportunities at penn.
  4. Wait, he actually left Penn to go to New Prairie? And hasn’t he been working out with that new 220 transfer to Penn?
  5. No, Flo has his school wrong. He’s at Penn
  6. @Sig40 you have any inklings of any Illinois studs moving in? You’d probably most likely to know.
  7. Jeez Culver went down fast. They were a super exciting team and now all their horses are gone. Any chance some Michigan guys make the move done after their new mask policy?
  8. He was hurt last year as a freshman and didn’t wrestle in season. He’s an early favorite to win state, even if he and Bates are at the same weight. Kid is a monster.
  9. Willie has him ranked 19th at 106 and lists him as going to Crown Point. Is this true? Would love to see another nationally ranked kid from Indiana
  10. Who else has moved in? As far as I know, all their studs started out at Crown Point.
  11. So we’d be looking at second semester transfers then, or is it too late to transfer and still compete this season?
  12. I know Center Grove is gonna have a pretty good squad this year, whats the lineup looking like?
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