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  1. Good luck. I’ve tried having stuff fixed on their page before and got crickets. Also hate that there’s multiple steps to get to past brackets.
  2. Wow, only one AA for Juniors. I know we don't beat the door down most years in terms of number of AAs, but yikes this is a rough showing.
  3. That Betz match was heartbreaking.
  4. Sweet, cause I usually end up as the other saying.
  5. Would it be safe to assume a 220/heavyweight from the FW semi state?
  6. Is this semi state, or just the city of Fort Wayne?
  7. Thanks everyone for the answers, really helped prove my hypothesis. Between answers here and from what I could get from coaches elsewhere, I came up with a very interesting data point. So far, from 20 schools I could gather with 52 qualifiers, every single one of them at least did something in the off-season wrestling wise. This comes from big schools with full time wrestlers and small schools with three sport athletes. And that’s not including data from teams like Prairie Heights, where they didn’t have a qualifier last year, but all of their qualifiers since 2015 wrestled off-season.
  8. I feel like we see that semi frequently between young guys beating older studs in freestyle and then struggling in folkstyle. Recent examples are Beau Bartlett and Carter Young.
  9. I’m doing a little survey to make a point for our wrestlers. We have guys in our program with state level aspirations, but it is difficult to get participation. We are a small school and nearly every wrestlers participates in football workouts that we work around. So I have a few questions for coaches to get my point across. 1. Did your state qualifiers wrestle in the off-season? Yes or no 2. How much off-season work was put in? 3. What odds do you put at being an in season wrestler only and bring a state level wrestler. 4. Any other thoughts you guys have on off-season participation.
  10. Really, that's what we're looking for. I can bust out numbers that don't agree to the decision of the vote for both 1A and 2A, but there are those other factors that come into play. Like if Winamac has 5 middle school state champs coming in, or state qualifiers coming back from injury, why can't someone come out and say it?
  11. Very interesting, two teams from East Chicago semi state get in with fewer points than Fort Wayne semi state teams in front of them. Makes you wonder if other factors got into play here. I know the numbers I run don’t make much sense for these decisions.
  12. Most interesting part is the were down 11 and 8 points respectively to the next two teams, and still got.
  13. Winamac? That’s interesting
  14. Only difference in that match was some grown man strength vs a kid I’m not sure is 19 yet. Jesse was the better wrestler that match.
  15. When do we find out the results from this vote?
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