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  1. I know Center Grove is gonna have a pretty good squad this year, whats the lineup looking like?
  2. Who are the guys that are going to be at a new school this year? Any impact guys from the border states move in?
  3. Is KT Nelson going to be on a team this year?
  4. Here’s the list per Flo that Jesse has narrowed down to. Arizona State Illinois Indiana Iowa Michigan Minnesota Ohio State Princeton Purdue As long as Purdue is in the picture, the dream lives on! Boiler up!!!
  5. Is Estrada at Crown Point? And is lemley back at Chesterton?
  6. I was curious why they went out and got a heavyweight, I just thought Pokorney wasn’t ready yet. Disappointing to hear he’s gone. Lyon redshirting makes sense, every wrestler who has one to burn should use it this year. And who’s this surprise 174lb starter? Is it Parkinson?
  7. So there’s actually legs to this and not just wishful thinking?
  8. There is at least a small %. It may be small, but I will never lose hope.
  9. Purdue's Lineup will look very similar 125 - Devin Schroder 133 - Travis Ford-Melton 141- Parker Filius 149 - Griffin Parriott 157 - Kendall Coleman 165 - Emil Soehlen 174 - Gerrit Neinjhuis 184 - Max Lyon 197 - Thomas Penola 285 - Eli Pokorney Losing Lydy and Brunner hurts, but they get replaced by a blue chip recruit and a returning national qualifier. Heavyweight is the biggest question. I haven't seen Pokorney in a while, it will all depend on how well he has healed up and if he has put on some good size. As far as the re
  10. He did AA this year, first team I believe. The NWCA names the official AAs every year, and they based it this year off of seeds.
  11. Purdue had 5 individuals named All American by the NWCA. First Team 125- Devin Schroder 157- Kendall Coleman 174- Dylan Lydy 197- Christian Brunner Honorable Mention 149- Griffin Parriott Congrats Boiler wrestlers!
  12. Having nick lee and Mitch Sliga in the same foursome is nasty
  13. I respect that, Purdue was in the same spot 6 years ago. But IU is still a ways away, and Purdue is there now.
  14. Might as well go to the school that got 5th at Big Tens
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