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  1. Those losses were to top 5 ranked guys in the county and one kid at the world level. There is no one in Indiana now or on the way up that will be that good at his weight.
  2. I don't think you understand the dynamics of small school wrestling.
  3. Thor

    Muncie Central vs. South Adams

    Muncie Central
  4. Is Cody Goodwin out for the year?
  5. Unless Nic Bouzakis transfers to Cathedral, no one in state will touch him in his career.
  6. Definitely, just wish they would have got a match and had the same optics as IUs match.
  7. That was such a weird match. Usually Brunner has a pretty solid gas tank, but he was gassed in the second period. Kemerer looked gassed too agains Covaciu, I think Lydy gets him tomorrow.
  8. My heart says over, but my brain says under. I think one of the two will get a win, with Brunner being more likely. My prediction is we see wins from Coleman, Lyon, and Brunner.
  9. I think the thought is that Yianni will be a 149 when he comes back. So hopefully Lee can stay down and avoid him.
  10. IU is getting beat down, they’re gonna be underdogs in every match unless one of Iowa’s starters doesn’t wrestle. Purdue doesn’t have a chance, but can come away with some wins. Iowa will score too much bonus for Purdue to win.
  11. Thor


    Christian Summersett
  12. South Adams
  13. Yeah my first hand wrestling knowledge only goes back about 7 years lol
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