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  1. Looks like this list confirms some of the kids moving around. Matt Lee listed as homeschool, is there a definite plan in place? Is he currently in PA or what is he doing? As Sig said, Sergio Lemley to Mt Carmel. And it looks like Nick Buchanan is on the move too, says his school is Coldwater.
  2. That's a question that's been on my mind a lot. Fix is wrestling for team USA, and I want team USA to win every match. But Micic is one of my favorite wrestlers who I watched win 3 titles in Indiana that feels more personal since I've been watching him for so long. Super tough, but I might be rooting for Micic.
  3. Even though I’m rooting for her and believe she’ll win, it would still be a good opportunity for repachage if she loses. This match likely determines the gold medalist.
  4. Wasn't Sarah the one seed? How does the Japanese favorite not get seeded, is it the same person who won world's last year?
  5. How about you wait two or three years and try again. The state champs in 2022 could be even better.
  6. This is Nick's best chance he's going to get to win NCAAs. Yianni and Eirman out and Gross staying at 133 really opens the weight up. I'm hoping Chad Red can get some more magic at NCAAs this year and we can have that rematch in the finals.
  7. Thor


    He's gonna really treasure that memory later when he's winning NCAA titles. Kind of like Spires and his takedown on Mark Hall.
  8. Did Holden Parsons move to Cathedral?
  9. Wow, both Manville's entered. Which, didn't even know there was a younger one, or that Carson got that big. Hoping these kind of guys are the Minnesota connection Vega is gonna work for Purdue.
  10. I wonder what kind of pull this move will get from the Region? Who can get more region rats, Vega or Angel?
  11. We got a guess towards the Mater Dei lineup in another thread, what’s Crown Point’s lineup looking like?
  12. I think there was some sort of stream last year, but I might just be thinking of the Perry match.
  13. Roughly 11th. Nomad put out his team scores and the team in 10th had 50 points and Indiana has 45.
  14. Nomad ran the numbers, and were locked into either 2nd or 3rd. Not sure if there’s a shot of winning or not.
  15. I’ve seen coaches do that so many times lately it feels like. He would’ve needed a takedown with no challenge or winning the challenge anyway, how are elite coaches making this stupid mistake?
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