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  1. I meant OK state, just shortened it. I love the move, they need a starter after White. Plus I’m a big OK State fan, love their history and watching them wrestle.
  2. Thought you were going to OSU. Really sucks being a Purdue fan seeing a potential AA leave, but pumped as an Indiana fan to you wrestle for one of the best teams in the country! Good luck on the rest of your career!
  3. I believe that first one is only for senior level
  4. Can Micic take another year off? He already has two redshirt years. I see Yianni taking a shirt for sure, Eierman already is. Next year could be Lee and Reds big chance to get a title.
  5. That seems to be the consensus, but I’ve heard from Flo several times that 174 is pretty natural and an easy weight for Zahid. It’s Mark that has a big cut down.
  6. I think we all tried to block out that match
  7. That’s something I just can’t wrap my head around. Purdue is consistently a better team than IU, but how can they not field at least one good enough wrestler to be an AA? I’m asking for one a decade at this point. It’s getting ridiculous
  8. I give up on Purdue Wrestling. Lydy was tough, but he could’ve worked a little hard to keep him down at the end. Brunner looked like he had money on the other guy, looked like complete crap. I have seen an AA from Purdue since I’ve starting following wrestling.
  9. Micic still has one more shot. Hope he can get healthy
  10. Wow Brunner and Harvey are looking awesome!
  11. Also, anyone else fill out brackets for NCAAs? I went and made my picks, and there’s a real possibility Lydy and Brunner both place. In my picks, I have Lydy hitting Skatzka in the ticket round who he’s never lost to, and Brunner hitting Traxler, who he’s split with. Really hoping for Ersland’s first AA this weekend.
  12. You seriously don’t think Streck competes with Hemida who got third, or Trent Hilger who got fourth?
  13. As much as I would love to see Purdue land instate talent, Ersland has been doing a good job of getting good out of state guys that have better national results and rankings than our in state talent.
  14. Definetly hurts losing Streck, he’s probably top 4 in the Big Ten this year. I really like Ersland for what he has done on the recruiting trail, but these good recruits aren’t getting any better. Parriot has been a huge disappointment so far, Brunner hasn’t really changed in 3 years, and guys like Schroeder, Limmex, and Lyon are just ok. Lydy has been awesome. After watching him in high school and his freshman year, I thought he’d end up being a lineup placeholder, not a potential AA. If this was a more wrestling focused school, I’d say Ersland could be on the hot seat, but as long as they send the majority of the lineup to nationals and stay a ranked duel team, he’ll be staying.
  15. Thor

    Brock Hudkins

    Seems like that’s the move, big get for IU to fill in Oliver’s spot for next year.

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