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  1. Kookie953

    Impact freshman

    Kudos to you, sir...and it's not mystery on why Silas is as successful as he is. Your response here is incredibly refreshing! Good luck to you and your fam wherever that path leads!
  2. Kookie953


    Happy Birthday! Tell your boss Mr. Espich to give you the day off! I've got incriminating pictures if you need them.
  3. Kookie953

    Impact freshman

    Interesting tidbit I learned about this subject from my daughter. We were watching the Finals on Fox Sports Indiana, and the 120 lbs group comes up. And my daughter, who is a freshman says "Oh cool! There's Kysen! He was in my Spanish class. Dad did you know that he and I have the same exact birthday?" I reply "Oh cool, the same date?" And she responds "No, dad...the exact same day. Like the same year. Not the same hospital though." So we had a choice when my daughter was entering kindergarten to either have her be one of the youngest or one of the oldest in her class, and we choose the latter. Obviously, since Kysen is a sophomore placer, he was in the former group and could "naturally" be a freshman right now like my daughter. But he's a 2X state placer, which is commendable due to the whole "Greyshirt / Redshirt" idea. The funny thing was my son, who is a wrestler in 7th grade, immediately piped in with "Well, clearly Kysen's parents didn't want him to be any good in wrestling."
  4. Kookie953

    Carson Brewer

    Anybody that thinks it was intentional needs their head examined. It's called hard wrestling. It's stupid to insinuate otherwise.
  5. Kookie953

    Impact freshman

    I second this. Cheaney is going to make some noise. A lot of noise. It wasn't fun at the time, but my 7th grade son got the "pleasure" of having his 3 man workout group often be him (a beginner), Logan Miller, and Cheaney. Obviously, he couldn't ask for better partners and he got WAY better...but got way better by having his face smashed into the mat repeatedly. LOL. It was not fun then but was pretty cool for him now watching Logan do his thing this year, and Cheaney will do the same next year.
  6. Kookie953

    2019 IHSAA Finals - Team points race

    Sorry if posted elsewhere, but has anyone done the math of what the team scores would have been with previous year's rules?
  7. Kookie953

    First year?!

    Dorian is freaky athletic. So strong and such great hips and feet...which I know well from football. So I knew he'd do good. In fact, I thought he would win a state championship...NEXT year. Prior to the season I thought he might surprise and be able to advance to the semistate based on his strength and athleticism. Total surprise this year with his very limited experience! Awesome job by him, the coaches, and his teammates!
  8. Kookie953

    All pins or tech falls

    You're right. The out of state guy was from Detroit at a holiday tourney and was also nationally ranked. And I just meant last season, not his career.
  9. Kookie953

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    Thanks for the clarification. Makes sense. Side note...the 300 mile rule the IHSAA refuses to come off of is really dumb too. LOL.
  10. Kookie953

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    And this is why it's ridiculous that they get to compete in the IHSAA State Finals. Nothing against these kids, or really against Culver as they don't make the rules, but how they do it in most other states is how it should be done. If you're not a public school designated by a geographical area, then you get your own tournament. And honestly I don't know what the difference is between Culver and La Lumiere as far as how they are set up (obviously they are much different schools...I just mean in how they are classified). They are a live-in school that draws kids from across the nation and world. La Lumiere is not allowed to compete for a basketball state championship, probably because basketball fans would lose their minds to have their kids playing a team recruited from all over. And yes, I'm throwing some stones at the rest of the parochials with my 2nd paragraph. I now live in Texas. They do it right...if you're a private school you get your own league and your own tournament. Simply because it's 2 different sets of rules.
  11. Kookie953

    All pins or tech falls

    I don't know without looking it up, but BLee was close last year. I know he went through the entire tournament teching or falling everyone. Regardless, Allred is the truth and a ridiculous accomplishment!
  12. Kookie953

    Track Cast issues

    Track in general has been totally hosed. Trying to "watch" down here in Texas and lots of issues. Currently frozen now right after Allred pinned Nunn. Mat 3 still not operational on the normal Track, not TrackCast.
  13. Kookie953

    Mendez vs. Watts

    Amazing performance!! Wow.
  14. I also didn't know that Contenders and Coach Parrish were the only academy...someone may be confused as Contenders is in Bburg and some other joint called Red Cobra is in Avon. To @MattyB point...I cheer for all these kids because I see how hard they work all year long. I'm a Bburg guy through and through but will root on Brewer because I see what he's doing in July when it's 100+ degrees in the sweat-box behind the Thai Restaurant off of Rockville Road. I root for Asa because he has no fear of getting together with other county guys and making each other better. He puts in time doing teaching to the little guys in Snyder's room...because what's good for the sport is good for all and we like to continue to grow what we're doing in #TheCounty. We recently moved, and one of the biggest things I hate is not seeing these kids get after it daily at RC or Contenders. #TheCounty is strong. We truly do pull for each other. I believe it was Jaden Reynolds that said it best...all this rivalry stuff is kinda silly. We've all been wrestling together since we were little and we all work together all year long. So we're all friends. Haters gon hate.
  15. Kookie953

    Sending The Most To State, How many Champs ?

    Bburg 9 thru, 2 champs with the Big Fellas Aiken and Keys. #PainTrain

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