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  1. Christian Carroll was runner-up in both styles to our senior-level Greco runner-up, Braxton Amos
  2. The 29-seed Russi and 17-seed Walton both end up 7th. Spiller and Garcia lost both of their matches as 23rd and 31st seeds.
  3. The Baschamania episode with JO is an amazing listen if you're into the nitty gritty of these high level matches. He gets very technical with his breakdowns of everything that happened at OTTs at 65kg. He talks for quite a while about both of his recent matches with Nick and his general feelings about his ability. Here's the spotify link. Go to episode 110 at Baschamania.com for a link to the apple podcasts version if you prefer.
  4. I dont get why some people were insisting Lee was pinned against Garrett. Even with touch falls, he clearly had all but one shoulder far off the mat in a static position in full view for the on-mat official and one side official.
  5. Yeah, he's got some work to do to be the overall GOAT still. Howe had 3 HS titles with only one HS loss, then had a college title, four NCAA top 3s, and was arguably 3rd or 4th best US freestyler for several years with lots of big international wins despite being behind Burroughs at his apex. Angel had 4 state titles, an NCAA title and other high NCAA finishes plus a world 5th place. If Nick wins another college crown and gets a world or olympic medal, he'll be in the conversation for overall GOAT. Olympic gold in 2024 would put him over the top for me for
  6. Do you know what mats his last 3 matches were on?
  7. Was he arriving at 7:21 knowing he was over, though, and thinking he had till 9 but suddenly had only till 8am and still had 0.4 left at that point? None of it adds up in his favor but context could at least mean he isnt outright lying about the circumstances
  8. He thought weigh-ins were 8 to 9 and showed up at 8--which is actually when they ended. He was 0.4 over and had it off in just a few minutes apparently.
  9. One more thought: I think McKenna is physical enough to bang with Oliver and has the drive and gas tank to outlast him in a best of 3. But I actually think Lee would beat McKenna now seeing Nick's progression overall. It's a shame the way the bracket played out or he might be our rep.
  10. Yeah, who could have guessed he'd beat Yianni and Zain and not even be top 2? Crazy how that weight shook out. Oliver's power is just a bit too much for Lee.
  11. You can anticipate when your guy is coming by clicking on "mat assignments" in the "hub" menu on Track.
  12. Gable is a heavyweight of course with Snyder at 97kg (214lbs). Snyder was at heavyweight at the end in college because he could win there without diminishing his physique for international competitions at 97kg he was still doing during the college season. Gable gets Gwiz in the best of 3 finals tonight. I'd favor Gable there and I'd be tempted to favor Gable against a bumped up Snyder too. He's ascended to another planet right now.
  13. If you're intending to ask about this last chance qualifier event--none of the Indiana natives qualified for the trials. If you're intending to ask about the actual trials that started yesterday, Parris, Lee, and Alara Boyd lost and Hildebrandt and Miracle wrestle best of 3 finals series tonight.
  14. Between the Lee and Parris losses and Cox/Snyder being off the table, it was a pretty depressing day of wrestling. Alara Boyd is the bright spot, advancing to the challenge semis.
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