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  1. I don't know Jaden, but did you mean to say "she"?
  2. Yeah, it's a shame we dont have any way of doing an all-in tournament so teams can prove their worth in the same season as the event. It's been a disappointing circumstance for a good long while. With that said, CG obviously faced the same qualification process as everyone. They had some bad luck, but the bottom line is that they didnt score enough points to win a bid or to reach the threshold to be considered for a vote-in spot. It's a bit of a cold, emotionless, black-and-white process in that regard. Even if there's compelling evidence you'll be amazing next year, you have to win the matches necessary to get in the discussion. I coached and refereed in Johnson County for close to 10 years and always like seeing CG do well, so I hope they have the strong team the next couple years that it seems they're headed toward.
  3. If you're referring to the suit for birthdays--it seemingly won't be an option any more.
  4. Think of bracketing in terms of individuals, not teams. We would want to keep individuals where they were randomly drawn other than the fairness of reslotting seeds. The new replacement would go where the now non-existent 6-seed slot used to be because it's the only non-drawn slot available.
  5. Dawson Combest and Jack Eiteljorge were named D2 All-Americans wrestling for UIndy. UIndy's Ana Abduljelil was also named.
  6. Kris Rumph also D3 first team All-American wrestling for Wartburg.
  7. He'll turn 26 that academic year. And he'll be transfer eligible and have great credentials. He could look for an opening and go for the ultra boss senior-year double of head coach-national champ.
  8. Yeah, if they grant replacement Olympic redshirts for the upcoming year, it would be his third. Not many guys get to wrestle their last year of college eligibility in front of their grandkids, but Stevan is headed that way.
  9. 125 - Angel Escobedo (champ, 4th, 5th, world top 5) 133 - Stevan Micic (2nd, 3rd, world top 5) 141 - Nick Lee (5th, 5th, current clear top 2) 149 - Jason Tsirtsis (champ, 3rd, 7th) 157 - Dave Lilovich (4th, 7th) 165 - Andrew Howe (champ, 2nd twice, 3rd) 174 - Bud Palmer (2nd, 3rd) 184 - Keith Davison (3rd, 5th) 197 - Riley Lefever (undefeated D3, as high as #3 on Team USA senior depth chart) HWT - Mason Parris (current clear top 2)
  10. Really hard to say this early on about a class. There have been so many good ones. 2004 was loaded, with its 9 champs and numerous legends amongst them: 112 Chris Miller (3 time placer) 119 Jose Escobedo (4 time qualifier, 3 time placer, 2 time finalist..part of the legendary Griffith group of that era) 135 Andrae Hernandez (2-timer, junior national runner-up) 140 Darren Elkins (UFC mainstay and world top 10) 145 Alex Tsirtsis (4-timer, 236-0, some people's GOAT) 160 Adam O'Neill (small school college AA) 171 Blake Maurer (4-timer, junior AA, some people's GOAT) 189 Heath VanDeventer (3-time top 3, cadet AA) 275 Chad Ruggeri (arguably most electrifying state run ever...3 first period throws to pins--including the final--and one tech off of 3 throws) Add Reece, Angel, Coughlin, Kasten to that list of state champs that year too--what an unbelievable all-time group of state champs
  11. The truth is, the Quant simulation seemed to spit out very realistic results in terms of percentage and likelihood of upsets--but their final score outputs were not calibrated very well. The WrestleStat simulation had 95% favorites winning and virtually all matches between close seeds as 1-point matches. Not realistic in either respect.
  12. I won't say never. With the NCAA simulation that TrackWrestling posted that was mathematically very realistic, Purdue finished 10th--only 11 points behind 5th. If Schroeder hadn't gotten an unlucky wrestleback draw and finished 7th instead of losing in the blood round, Coleman finishes 5th instead of 7th, and Lyon/Filius/Parriott win 4 matches between them instead of 2, Purdue is top 5.
  13. In imaginary land, Nick Lee falls by one point again, 6-5, to Pletcher; and Mason Parris emphatically avenges his only loss by winning a national championship, 5-0, over Gable Steveson. Purdue ends up 10th as a team.
  14. In imaginary land, Nick Lee falls by one point again, 6-5, to Pletcher; and Mason Parris emphatically avenges his only loss by winning a national championship, 5-0, over Gable Steveson. Purdue ends up 10th as a team.
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