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  1. If it's who I think, I've been getting random emails into my junk email box from his corrupted email account for close to 10 years. These messages seem like a bot? Maybe connected to that account? Super weird
  2. Carroll is obviously the lock of all locks--#1 pound for pound in the country. Watts of Jimtown and Jellison of Elkhart could actually be next in line ahead of the Penn and Mishawaka guys because they'll most likely be #1 in their semi-state and top 5-ish guys overall--meaning they're favored to get to state and to get a nice draw in the first round. Chavez of Mishawaka and Steenbeke of Penn could be top 5 overall guys but could have roadblocks at semi-state that will make their Friday night interesting at state. Kendall of Penn is interesting even though he may be only #7 to 10 in the state because he could be a semi-state champ depending on how weights land. Others are Brabender, Walker, Valdez of Mishawaka, Harper of Penn, and Lone of Northwood--all of whom should be top 7 to 10 statewide and #2 or 3 in their semi-states.
  3. I should mention he went back down to 57kg (125.5lb) for this after his relatively disappointing college foray up to 141 while considering becoming a 65kg (143lb) guy for Paris 2024.
  4. Micic just picked up a world bronze, wrestling the best he's ever looked at the world level in front of his home Serbian crowd. Awesome job!! Must have been an amazing experience
  5. Kayla ended up with silver and Sarah Hildebrandt added a bronze to her growing stockpile of medals.
  6. Kayla Miracle just ensured another world medal for herself at the senior worlds this morning. She was down 3-0 in her semi-final match before getting a takedown to a fall for the win against her Canadian opponent. She'll wrestle for gold tomorrow at noon on Flo!!
  7. Wouldn't be unprecedented, actually. Dallas Baptist are perennial top 25 in D1 baseball and used to be NAIA. They made a brief pit stop at D2 first but transitioned very quickly. Houston Baptist did the same for all sports. Is Grand View baptist?
  8. Carroll's a tank, but Radnovich was the prototypical superhero V physique. Just flat eye-popping. I remember hearing he could bench 425? and he had biceps like grapefruits. Could have walked into a 97kg (214lb) Olympics weigh-in at age 18 and been one of the top physiques.
  9. Around 20 champs and all but a couple are between 1990 and 2005
  10. I don't disagree. I just bring it up because the extra olympic redshirt training opportunity probably affects the decision as to whether he also sits out the upcoming season.
  11. One more consideration no one's mentioned: there's a good chance the possibility of taking an Olympic redshirt in his second year of university (2023-24) is on Jesse's mind in all of this. It would allow him to focus that year fully on being a true 65kg/143lb guy (no 61kg at olympics) and making a real run at being our rep. Ways he could qualify for that redshirt if it's the same as last cycle (no weight class stipulations were on any of these): 1. Top 8 at 2023 US Open. 2. Top 3 at NCAAs in 2023 AND top 2 at U23 WTTs. 3. Medal at World juniors or World U23s next year (or this year if Bouzakis were unfortunately injured in training and Jesse went instead). That option #1 seems very attainable and an Olympic redshirt is probably a significant part of discussions between Jesse and his camps.
  12. Not sure these are leg attacks...but do foot sweeps count? (sort of leg-ish ...super under-utilized by Americans because of their lower frequency payoff in folkstyle)
  13. Seeding used the Open as a strict reward system according to predetermined rules, with no deference for on-the-mat results that contradicted system rewards.
  14. Definitely agree. For Team State qualification evaluation, it was always one of if not the weakest--but now it's firmly middle of the pack statewide in terms of depth despite having so many small schools.
  15. Also of note: ex-IU Hoosier Lucas Sheridan is in the senior greco final at 97kg and current Boilermaker Matt Ramos won the senior freestyle 57kg title (many stars were missing, but he positions himself with a very strong seed at World Team Trials)
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