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  1. maligned

    Final X - Nebraska

    All of the matches are now available for free on USA Wrestling's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/USAWrestling2008/videos
  2. maligned

    National Duals at Va Beach

    Who's Camacho? Who was on it?
  3. maligned

    Past regional qualifiers

    At least back to 90-91 it was 2. I know in the 70s, at least until 1976-77, only one from sectional went to regional. Not sure when or how things evolved between those two markers.
  4. maligned

    NFHS looking to reduce weight classes

    Probably have to find non-creepy ways to get around kids outside of wrestling practice days...Taking your MS and HS wrestlers to support other sports' teams, the bowling tournament or similar idea as an open event sponsored by the wrestling team, developing relationship with other sports' coaches and school administrators and getting permission to come in and do pitches during school or other sports' practices...etc.
  5. maligned

    World Team Trials

    Also...if procedures from this year carry over to next year, being our World Junior rep automatically qualifies them for the Olympic Trials.
  6. maligned

    World Team Trials

    Davison rolls in 2 matches. Lee rolls in the second match. Parris loses match one but comes back big in matches 2 and 3. All 3 guys will be repping the United States of America at the World Junior Championships in Estonia in August.
  7. maligned

    World Team Trials

    Against Hillger of Wisconsin, who took 8th at NCAAs. Parris beat him in their only meeting in the regular season.
  8. maligned

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Saw that too 😕
  9. maligned

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Miracle breezes into the final.
  10. maligned

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Closest thing might be multiple-time NCAA qualifier, IU grad Lucas Sheridan. He's in the senior greco 97kg final vs. a very tough Hancock.
  11. maligned

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Kayla Miracle has the top seed at 62kg. If she wins, it would give her a bye into the World Team Trials best-of-3 final at WTT's. If she won that, she would then move on to face Mallory Velte, who awaits the WTT tournament winner in the Final X best-of-3 to see who gets the World Team slot. Summary of her path: Option A: 1) Win the US Open, 2) Win the WTT best-of-3 final, 3) Win the Final X best-of-3 against Velte. Option B: 1) Lose at the US Open, 2) Win the WTT challenge tournament AND best-of-3 final, 3) Win the Final X against Velte. Sarah Hildebrandt has a much easier path since she medaled at worlds. She is in the Final X already at 53kg.
  12. maligned

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    Because it's finished now, u have to go down to "results". It's there in the first few items of April.
  13. maligned

    Chad Red

    In my opinion 141 was a little stronger, but the "125s moved up and did well" argument is not the reason. HUGE difference between an in-season 125 bumping up and a previous season 125 taking advantage of all his off-season weight training and different in-season diet to be an IN-SEASON 133. Completely different body composition. Ask Micic if Suriano felt like a 133 or a bumped up 125.
  14. maligned

    NCAA Wrestling TV ratings

    Fyi, that article is from 5 years ago.
  15. maligned

    Purdue Year 5 under Ersland

    Just for clarification, it was 7--and 8 if you count Aven. Tied for 9th in qualifiers if you count all 8. Tied for 14th if not. Same system of qualification for everyone in the country. The allotment system works well. The performance of guys across all conferences reflects the fairness of the quota system used. There's a definite criticism to be had for the lack of high-end talent at Purdue; but they have a good dual meet team and they legitimately had a top 15 total of qualifiers, no matter how you look at it. All 8 guys won matches and they were 16th in individual match wins among all teams at NCAAs.

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