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  1. Might want to amend the Silva over Coleman suggestion.
  2. Kayla falls 3-0 in the gold medal match, but obviously still walks away with a world level medal.
  3. Kayla Miracle started her U23 World Championships campaign early this morning in Hungary. In the ladies' divisions, this event is almost as strong as senior world's, with many nations sending one of their top 2 or 3 national team girls. Kayla won her first couple matches comfortably before facing a tough Ukrainian in the semi's in a match that just finished. She fell behind 7-0 at the break before narrowing the gap to 7-4. Then, in a scramble situation, she was able to bridge back in a Peterson-type position and pin her opponent with just 36 seconds left for a fantastic come-from-behind win. She'll have the favored Japanese in the final tomorrow. Finals will start at about 1pm eastern time and Kayla should get on the mat at maybe a little after 1:45pm.
  4. Yeah, really tough weight like Mendez' weight. I didn't mention his losses were to the 1st and 3rd placers, so also not schmos.
  5. 4 high school AA's: Joe Walker 3rd, Mendez and Bates 5th, Calhoun 7th Most notable DNP was probably Matt Lee. Mendez lost two tight ones as the #1 seed in a weight with something like 13 nationally ranked guys, but he also took out the #2 along the way.
  6. Miracle finishes 7th officially. The girl that beat her 6-6 ended up 5th, losing convincingly to the champ and the bronze medalist.
  7. Micic drops another tight one, 4-3, and finishes 5th.
  8. Micic beats the Italian and will wrestle for bronze. He also clinches a spot for Serbia (himself) in the Olympics--something that only a few Americans from the 18 wrestling weights have been able to do.
  9. The North Korean falls and Miracle's campaign is over.
  10. Micic gets brought back in. He'll face the winner of China and Italy in a repechage match where he'll be favored. If he wins, first of all, he would ensure himself a spot in the super-small 16-man Olympic brackets next year by virtue of being top 5. Secondly, he would wrestle for bronze.
  11. The North Korean wins in the quarters to keep Miracle's hopes alive. Atli of Turkey and Rin of North Korea will wrestle semifinal matches shortly that would bring Micic and Miracle back into the medal discussion.
  12. Miracle wrestles well, winning her first two easily, but falls 6-6 in the round of 16 to a North Korean. Waiting now to see if she'll get brought back in to the repechage. Micic also won his first two easily before losing 5-4 to Atli of Turkey. Atli will need to beat the very tough Sanayev of Kazakhstan in the semi's to bring Stevan back into medal contention.
  13. I totally forgot about Micic wrestling for Serbia. He got a GREAT draw. He'll be a clear favorite in the first 2 rounds and then in the quarters would most likely have the Turk that he beat 6-5 in a heart stopper at Euro's. It's a loaded weight class but most of the talent fell in the opposite side. Here's hoping he can take advantage and pick up a medal!
  14. Miracle's draw is out. She'll be virtually right up tonight at 1am in an unlucky rattail vs Uzbekistan. She'll have the 2 seed Brazil in the round of 32 if she wins.
  15. Sarah loses to Vinesh and sadly falls short of both a medal and of qualifying the weight for the United States for next year's Olympics. She'll have another chance for qualifying the weight at Pan Am's next spring.
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