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  1. Sorry I’m just a passionate parent who doesn’t want kids put down on a public forum...BTW If you read my earlier post...assessing a penalty does not have anything to do with intentional or not...One can unintentionally break rules and can still be assessed a penalty point. Either way Brewer didn’t deserve the boos! Ive seen matches where kids do illegal intentional stuff (they usually get DQ’d) I don’t know how old Brewer is and I doubt you do either...he may be a young senior, don’t know but obviously he is eligible to compete so it really doesn’t matter...either way still in high school in amateur sports and competing like everyone else and shouldn’t be booed or put down. Nothing personal towards you...I just don’t believe we should be attacking any of these competitors(kids) many of whom read these posts. You wouldn’t want someone to talk that way about your kid(s)...(if you have any)...as I said earlier don’t know either of them personally so I’m not emotionally invested...just next time ask the rules question without the negative assumptions on the kids.
  2. Actually a Penalty has nothing to do with intentional or not...only with whether an alleged violation occurred...I could attempt to put a hand on the head an unintentionally touch face or eyes and be penalized...BTW I’m perfectly chill and enjoy life just fine thanks. Just find it weak and classless to put down kids!
  3. Wow!!! Gasman needs to quit smelling the fumes... I guess your a mind reader who can tell the difference between an intentional action vs fast paced action...I see you can also diagnose a concussion and broken nose from the stands! Wrestling is a fast paced contact sport,unfortunately unintentional headbutts happen...and intentional headbutts or other illegal action get dealt with proper use of the rules! Last time I checked a Point was awarded, so some people need to grow up and quit being sore losers...that match could probably be wrestled over multiple times with same result, best kid won! Move On!
  4. State should have wrestle backs! The upsets and high drama are a lot of fun, but crazy how hard it is to reach our State finals and not have double elimination...
  5. Its 2018... far from the dark ages, can we not find the ability to put individual results in the dual scores. If your not gonna put the results in why put the score down at all, this isnt basketball...wrestling is an individual sport and our state champs are based on individual results! For those that do please disregard this, we appreciate what you do, just frustrated that in an era where drones are in combat, and phones operate off of speaking and facial recognition, and cars can drive on their own, this simple task is only done 50% of the time. P.S. Doesn't everybody use some type of software these days anyways I.E. trackwrestling or mat track...
  6. Prayers for the Combs family and Garrett team
  7. In college you don’t see them shake hands until after the matches are done...Nobody seems to mind it at that level...not really a respect issue if the whole team does it, and CP is not the only team in the state that does it that way.
  8. Great topic! Very good points Mr. Allred. My two cents on the subject is although Im a fan of the "all around athlete", competing in whatever sport they can, (esp. in high school where those opportunities still exist), its a tough decision that ultimately should be made by the student athlete. My oldest played multiple sports in high school. (football, soccer, and was a wrestler first and foremost). He did the others for fun, and because he was talented enough to play on the varsity level. I supported his decisions partly so he wouldnt burn out in wrestling (which Ive seen happen) and because he was a talented athlete. I will say that I was very relieved after his sophomore year when he decided to just kick, and punt for football, and not play a field position, since I was always apprehensive about football injuries, esp. since he was primarily looking at wrestling in college. Unfortunately injuries can occur at any time in any sport, its always tougher if it happens in a sport your just playing for fun, or that is secondary to the primary one. ( I know of a solid wrestler (state qualifier) who didnt play football this year to focus on wrestling and to avoid injuries, and got hurt at a weekend wrestling clinic and will miss this wrestling season). I also think that the student should make smart decisions ( for example an upper weight wrestler vs. wrestlers under 132lbs playing football). Is the risk higher and worth it for the smaller athlete. Also will they have playing time etc. At the the end of the day, I think you support your kid no matter what choice they make, and help guide them as well as you can and realize that injuries; though an unwelcome part of sports, can happen at anytime in anysport. BTW glad your sons injuries are minor and hope he has a speedy recovery.
  9. prayers to his family and the Triton community
  10. Sorry for your loss. I lost my father this summer also.Glad you have so many great memories with him. Prayers your way.
  11. Sorry to hear that...great family...sending prayers
  12. Prayers and Godspeed for a fast recovery!
  13. The Traicoff has to be one of the best dual tournaments in the state. Have some top teams from all over the state compete with lots of state finals level matches!
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