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  1. Greenfield-Central
  2. Greenfield-Central
  3. Those two days can be a blur. So it's hard to remember who comes and goes each year. But it looks like Pike and Harrison (WL) are new this year.
  4. Greenfield-Central
  5. Greenfield-Central
  6. Good job must have taken some time. FYI Greenfield-Central's colors are blue and yellow. You have us with a green color, but that's just me being nit-picky.
  7. This reminds me of the Cashe Quiroga v Jason Tsirtsis semi final back in 2009. Freshman phenom meets up with a state champ in the semis. I think we know how that turned out.
  8. This looks like you have a mash up of this year and last year.
  9. Just gonna throw this out there. Cooper Noehre is pronounced Nor-ee (like story) not No-air like some people seem to think. Fun write up, thanks for taking the time.
  10. It was broken He had surgery that Friday before Regional and showed up to Saturday morning to cheer on his teammates. He's a great kid and we will miss him being apart of our program.
  11. From what I understand is that they've been released to AD's. So if that's actually the case, they probably won't change them.
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