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  1. If a singlet makes that big of a difference, maybe they should move up a weight.
  2. I would say that Walker has jumped some levels. He had some great wins over the summer and kept the train rolling through an injury that would put out most. So I can see it.
  3. Not to make excuses for anyone, but Cooper did have the flu. Great run by Hollendonner though. Great weekend in general.
  4. Didn't Trey Reese also do this in 2011?
  5. gogoplata89

    Hoosier Heritage Conference

  6. Greenfield-Central
  7. Indianapolis Cathedral
  8. Greenfield-Central
  9. Greenfield-Central
  10. Greenfield-Central
  11. Greenfield-Central
  12. We always called him Agent Orange. He's a great guy.
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