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  1. backtothemat

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    Will Nunn, Castle's 195, is 28-0
  2. backtothemat

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #4

    FYI - Deters from Castle is wrestling 160 now.
  3. backtothemat

    Chad Red

    As a former college athlete, I can attest from experience (and not exactly a stellar one if you know what I mean) that adding a sport to an already tough college academic load is like having a 20-30 hr/week job in addition to 12-15 hrs of class and what should be at least 24-30 hours of studying. That's 8-10 hours a day seven days a week. It is a grind. Toss in weight management issues and you're talking a monumental task to complete during the season. My hat is off to all college wrestlers in all divisions. By my heart goes out to those from our great state.
  4. backtothemat

    State Rankings #6

    Watch out for that Doug Annakin guy. Very sketchy.
  5. backtothemat

    Congratulations Bulldogs

    Leadership is the key. Those coaches must have complete control of the room and complete respect of the kids and the parents...…...my kid sure liked them wrestling with them over a couple summer trips.
  6. backtothemat

    Outstanding performance

    I'd love to see a Matt Lee match followed by an Eli Dickens match under the lights. Nothing like two same-team matches in a row with two great kids involved. Those two boys are awesome.
  7. backtothemat

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    And will the video be archived?
  8. backtothemat

    Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Mooresville Holiday Classic is on Dec 29-29 SWINfan….
  9. backtothemat

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    I didn't believe you redcobra until I saw Matt Lee and his Dad talking to Coach Nickal. Good scoop! Any idea WHY he is coaching in Paducah, KY?
  10. backtothemat

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    Castle is not beating Mater Dei. But I love my Castle boys.
  11. backtothemat

    Super 32

    Wow what a match Carson Brewer just pulled off in OT. Tough early match against a St John Bosco kid.
  12. backtothemat

    Moves and Transfers

    Track says West Terre Haute
  13. backtothemat

    What High School is Kamariyon Nelson going to?

    Good luck to KT. Have enjoyed watching him mix it up in the MCWC room over the years......

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