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  1. And Alstott holds on the for the 3-1 win after 4 separate blood time breaks for Alstott.
  2. 126: Lowery down 3-1 to Alstott in the 3rd in what could be our first upset of the day.
  3. Thanks again for the updates SWINfan. I plan on being there “live” tomorrow but had too many honey do’s today. Maybe I can return the favor tomorrow.
  4. If I remember right when he was a frosh he lost in OT in the ticket round to Eli Dickens in one of the best matches in The Ford Center that day. Someone please confirm my sketchy memory.
  5. Nolan Very nice! You guys just needed the creativity of a former stud HS wrestler to get involved! Hope you are well. Baxter’s Dad
  6. Wow. 126 is ridiculous. Alec Freeman finishes 3rd in State @ 106 last year and is rewarded by a 5th place ranking in a semi-state? If I were him I’d think seriously about making and staying @ 120.
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