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  1. Seems like a steep price tag for three hours of group instruction.
  2. Southridge BRINGS it and has a GREAT community backing...….
  3. Yep. You are correct. Should it have been called?
  4. Did anyone else think there was leverage gained at the end by Suriano grabbing Fix’s headgear to get out from bottom. I understand it would have swayed the match the other way. But still.
  5. I agree....kind of. I was the parent represented in the bold/italicized/underlines sentence above when I was asked by a friend/parent that they thought my kid might enjoy/be good at it. Once I was in though (and my wife as well) we were HOOKED. The benefits of the sport have more to do with the intangibles (future success) off the mat that they do with winning on the mat. Y2: Gymnastics and swimming are the other sports. My belief is that the key is to get parents involved by selling the long term benefits of the sport (re: above) prior to entry. While there aren't EVEN CLOSE TO THE ELITE monetary success stories of these three sports as there is to the big three (basketball, football, baseball), the intrinsic benefits of involvement are not to be doubted. There just aren't a lot of "other than" high quality humans in this world who either wrestled, swam or tumbled. IMHO
  6. Congrats on the two 113lb titles this weekend Papa Nelson. Glad you didn’t miss that match!
  7. Kyle Be honest. Is that room as nice as Purdue’s? Signed, Luke Welch’s biggest fan.
  8. I don't know about that. He's got a great story to tell his kids. He was only down 10 when he got pinned in the 3rd. Much better than Nolf's typical opponent. If you saw the handshake after the match, Todrank was very respectful.
  9. I disagree. I think the dance upset Nolf. Pin by cradle came within 15 seconds after that dance. Todrank is a good kid though.
  10. Nate Wheeler also finished 3rd at the Mater Dei Holiday Classic, losing to Matt Lee 5-2 in the semis.
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