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  1. I'll take logan Boe at 145 if he goes there!
  2. IHPO because you win 1 match at state and place..A lot of really good wrestlers don't even place at IHPO.. Both are unbelievable feathers in 1s cap and your boy won both.. ...but I see where that's not always true with Carson winning IHPO and not placing at state his jr. year.
  3. Parkinson vs whomever will be good.. kids my sleeper this year.
  4. Kenney dumped him on his head nicely with that throw!
  5. ws thinking the exact same thing... unreal depth and competition at IHPO!
  6. great post! us Trojans like yall arabians as well! peck will be around and i'll be helping some young studs from new castle..Look out for a monster incoming freshman Brevan Thrine! could make some noise in the NC SS and HHC CONFERENCE
  7. the boes Bros will be in the mix too!
  8. that shows how tough some in state kids are to actually go after him as well! scary part is that he gets better every time.
  9. J.tsirtsis lost multiple times and had close match vs Devon jackson who's a 3x under the lights finalist(this takes nothing from his accomplishments and i'm splitting hairs here) .Jesse hasn't hardly given up any offensive points if any yet ...Angel Escobedo and Alex Tsirtsis were the most dominant I've seen next to mason parris... Lance Ellis ws ws decent too😂..but I'll say this Jason beat #1 nationally ranked guy as a freshman and no other guy can say that ...but then again Jesse is #1.
  10. this is a preseason tournament
  11. there another set of brothers from there as well that are mean.
  12. bet the Lego lovers don't think so!
  13. it's gonna be a high level grappling war.. bermudez has all 3 wins in the UFC coming by submission.. might see casey sprawl and brawl here and use his takedown D to his advantage and light this dude up on the feet.
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