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  1. Congrats to Everybody involved, best of luck on your new or next endeavors!
  2. This is crazy, I wonder if the "runner up" will now consider himself the Champ? The 3rd placer the runner up? I don't want to sound like a old timer, whipper snapper griping but what has the world come to when Feelings Trumping facts, Years later we have judges revoking state titles and in FS they award a winner after a tied match, Men in women's sports and worst of all, The Spartan bowl can't get wifi to report The Spartan Classic... Crazy times we are living in.
  3. Good luck in your endeavors, looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.
  4. I misread your message but knew w you were referring to.. Very tough indeed.
  5. Huge opportunity for him and Poetta got him a stud! Congrats.
  6. That's awesome,I remember Shockley, there's actually two different Shockleys a HW and the one you're referring to.. Give it hell man and enjoy yourself.. You'll be sore next few days though
  7. How did Evan finish? And team wise how did they do?
  8. Thanks and he's competitive outside of Aaron Stewart, that kid is buzzsaw but has class and wins with dignity!
  9. Nvm I know who you're talking about it was that Musa kid, I thought his name looked a little different, now that makes sense.
  10. Thank you btw for the kind words,if we can get Ty technical side on par with his athleticism he'd be really good.. Just now starting to really like wrestling, he's a phenom in football and favors it over everything but he's getting old enough now that his competitive side is taking over and he's wanting to get to that next level on the mat..Ty type of kid to beat Silas foster then lose to a kid he's beat handily then get whipped by foster their next match... consistency is what we're working on and that comes with Wrestling more than just few months a year and putting in the work on the room a
  11. I was trying to follow his matches but between flo and me working I didn't get to see them all...Ty vs the turkey kid you say? Or Evan
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