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    NFHS looking to reduce weight classes

    I like that multiple wrestlers per weight idea! Like at wabash how they enter their guys into tourney and whomever places highest decides the rep for ncaa's...But the idea of having this at sectionals is awesome.

    NFHS looking to reduce weight classes

    taking opportunities away from teams with full line ups isn't the solution to the forfeit issue for teams with this issue... Many great ideas on the forum about how to get numbers out... Even college with the 197 to Hw bothers me..

    World Team Trials

    LeFever is a thorn in those Buckeyes side!
  4. Congrats stud! She was on the mats at 3 years old when me and her dad trained and fought together for Team Wolfpack... Dang i'm getting getting old🤣🤣🤣

    Best Wrestling Families

    Heres New Castles Top 10 Family W/L records 1. GARRARD (Keith & Cory) 297-44 87% 2. JAGGERS (Matt & Mick) 278-32 90% 3. CROUSORE 253-88 74% (Drew, Blake, Brett, Derek) 4. DECKER (Jonathon, Luke, Billy) 248-50 83% 5. MOTL (Eric, Jeremy) 234-40 85% 6. KISSICK (Jeremiah, Josh) 223-31 88% 7. STAWICK 212-57 79% (Jim, Paul, Joe, Pete, Bill) 8. SUTTON (Lee & Daniel) 202-64 76% 9. KING (Tony, Danny) 199-54 78% 10. GRIFFITH (Josh, Jason) 198-67 75%
  6. he can open up his arsenal a lot more in fs.. hes a scrambling wizard.

    Academic All-State

    the coach has to enter his wrestler to receive it and I don't believe there's a limit.

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    it's safe to say wrestling in America is in as good of shape as ever... The Pan Ams were a testament to that!

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    yes I totally agree that skys the limit for him.. He's strong as a ox with top notch work ethic! Excited to hear where he's going.. Gotta feeling it's in state and a team I always root for!
  10. FCFIGHTER170

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    Lohrey Beat undefeated Wisconsin State champion Dajun Johnson for 1 hell of a win! Henry County reppn!
  11. FCFIGHTER170

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    that's a 1 talk drink of water! really impressed by this young man and his calm approach even when dominating.
  12. FCFIGHTER170

    Nick Willham of Greenwood commits to

    congrats to this fine young man.. been a privilege to watch him compete last few years.. and his family is wonderful and they deserve it... With his cousins being Boilermakers its gonna be awfully interesting at those holiday dinners😂
  13. FCFIGHTER170

    Scholastic Duals

    it indeed is..
  14. Bo vs Snyder is interesting too.

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