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  1. Tylin holds multiple wins over HS stud J.May as well.. If he starts wrestling more off season stuff, he could make serious noise, was going to be with him at MS state qualifier but it was cancelled.. He doesn't even realize how talented he really is. M.Vargo, Parker Reynolds, Evan Stanley, Jackson Bradley, My guys stud Jensen Boyd, and Hawkins all will be contending for state titles/medals without a doubt. Aiden Carver( he's got a few years left until HS but I had to give him a mention he's really gotten tons better and might've broken records doing so when it comes to total matches wrestled in a year with easily over 500 , look at his track where he's got a staggerin 307-108 record!!! Has currently 140 significant wins on his track wrestling record not counting Flo , he wrestles multiple age/weight divisions at every tourney he's in, all across the United States and lost in the blood round at Fargo falling a point short of being a All American.
  2. You ever seen win/win? Really good movie that doesn't over do the cheesey wrestling scenes and had legit talent with NJ state champ in the lead role...
  3. Will this be on YouTube? I remember few years ago their dual was televised and it was bananas!!
  4. Fanco wrestling agrees with your Parris vs Kerk assessment.. Great YouTube channel.


    Brevan Thrine
  6. Kerk looks unreal, he beat Parris in FS shortly after knee surgery is part of their hopes.. It'll be a great match and Schultz won't beat none of the big 3 in the big 10
  7. Exactly, you don't let one loss beat you twice!!
  8. #4 Brayton Lee falls to Wisconsin's unranked Model, Lee looked off big time taken down 4x getting controlled... Wasn't himself at all, idk but did anybody else pick up on that? Model wrestled great but something just wasn't right.
  9. At HHC @132 Stud Pendleton freshman 16U Greco state champ Jackson Todd(not to be confused with the other tough Jackson Todd from @Y2CJ41Fw Carrol) knocked off #21 Zach Haughton in sv 7-5... Before falling to Thrine in the finals.. Todd only has 3 losses with 2 coming to the older Thrine.. He impressed me the few times I've seen him this year and know he'll only be getting better like his namesake before him.. He teched Searcy and Illinois state champ In off season Greco and is a big 32 pounder.
  10. Sounds like the opposite of what a coach would want for their team, seeing guys like Seltzer chasing a high level match vs Mendez is how it should be, idk Penns reasoning but I would be ticked if I was in your position.
  11. Yessir his RS freshman year he had close to 20 pins and I thought n the ballpark of 50 on his career at IU.. Was a monster on the cage as well, and IMHO should be 10-0 with his only loss being controversial (watched it 2x and scored it for Kinser)against world class killer Pat Healey who's beat the legend Paul Semtex Daley, UFC title challenger Dan Hardy, former UFC Interim WW champ Carlos Condit, along with shoe-in future UFC Hall of famer Jim Miller and many other savages and is known for being the guy Khabib Ragdolled to put himself on the map in the UFC years ago... I'd like to have seen how far he could've gone had he went to Jackson/Wink or ATT in coconut creek and lived.. His wrestling style correlated wonderfully to MMA, and yes there are subtle but very intricate things that go into being a great MMA wrestler,kurt was/is a stud in not only traditional styles we are accustomed to and mma wrestling.
  12. That's sick!!!! One the loudest I've ever heard it at the state finals and that's saying something.. Not as big of upset or close to but back in the 90s New Castle was wrestling Cathedral when Jayson Madden hit the legendary defending state champ(4x placer and Runner up) Dan Pleak with nastiest left handed headlock, and after Pleak fought his ass off and escaped , he got to his feet and Madden hit him with the right handed Headlock and pinned him..Madden didn't even make it to state that year and wasn't until the following season placing 4th..
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