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  1. That match alone help shape guys future!
  2. How in the hell did I forget him? That Elkins finals match was unreal! And he ws a national champion in college as well and fought that sickening C word like no other..R.I.P to Charlie dude ws an absolute animal..I'll never forget how he'd be take ppl down cut them run bk to the center and make his victims walk bk to the center because he KNEW the rules are enforced to make you always force the action bk to the center and he would let them walk bk into blast doubles and Hi-Cs if he chose not to pin em.. Another 2x runner up that had state champion pedigree like no other!
  3. I know in the Jaggers vs Escobedo 125 pound finals in 2003 they said no wrestlers in history up to then had more wins with no losses going into the finals.. Angel ws 60-0 vs Jaggers 56-0 until Angel won and ended up with 61 wins!
  4. NIck Hobbs of Beech Grove was a bad dude that also had epic finals match vs Mauer..
  5. Beat Ben Wissel his Jr. Year.. Randy Baker ws an animal..I remember Ben wearing a shirt with a photo of him broke down after that match.. I seen him wear it at our dual with Richmond back in the day.. needless to say he didn't let history repeat itself and won a state title and ncca All American at Purdue.
  6. He's gonna only get better im that room and I look for him to be an all American before it's all said and done... congrats
  7. Yessir! Vince Sessa was a monster too!
  8. B. Campbell-New castle 2x runner up.. undefeated freshman year until appendix burst as well T. Coatie-Perry/New Castle- 3 sport all state athlete.. Didn't start till freshman year and beat State Champion Danny williams and runner up -Conkling in the same season Nate Newport- Franklin Central All time great match vs Mauer in the finals and overall beast Alex DOLLEY- another unreal match vs Mauer in the finals and multiple time placer. Matt Jaggers-New Castle over 210 wins and entered state his Jr. And sr. Season 50+-0 .. 4x SQ AND 3x placer.. 3x NC SS Champ losing to Angel in the finals A.Sessa- Lake central-4x placer 2x runner-up..
  9. Lol we all been there homie.. hope all is well.
  10. Stoney? The same 1 that fought my team mate matt jagger's years ago?
  11. Some damn good matches and looks to be a deep squad! Bradley is doing awesome there.
  12. Lol that's why he says it's the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he's being silly
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