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  1. In America, the big 3 NFL, NBA and MLB baseball have faced tons of scrutiny and decreased viewership along with disgruntled fans over politics being too rampant among their leagues.. MMA is def 1 of the most popular didn't say MOST, I said one of which it is.. Social media viewership is something you didn't even factor into your quick Google search to try and bicker a moot point.. if MMA/combat Sports isn't one of the most popular sports how do you explain two MMA organizations one FC and the UFC had top five most viewership on social media with billions of views.. With Onefc being 2 and the UFC being 5.. Any exposure other combat Sports can bring wrestling that is beneficial and getting eye balls on Wrestling, is something we all should be happy about.. https://combatpress.com/2022/04/nielsen-report-on-sports-viewership-martial-arts-in-2021/ And the fact that UFC Fight pass is helping throw massive college wrestling cards like they did last weekend with the veterans getting a show with Campbell North Carolina and Michigan... Then ufcFight pass tweeted that other college programs need to be on standby because they will be in touch.. it'll help the growth of not only wrestling but Combat Sports in general which are crucial to the culture and fabric of our country.. Look at the venue and coverage the ufc fight pass Was part of and our own Joe Walker scramble https://twitter.com/UFCFightPass/status/1591215801348100098?s=20&t=vCVm6TzI0NvallF-rdLZnQ You for some reason always love to try to knit pick and make back handed comments towards me, for a while now... I get along with everybody and don't WiFi tuff guy ppl, and am not trying be a jerk now, I just have picked up on your angst towards me..
  2. You're sadly mistaken, there is a reason during the pandemic the UFC broke all of it's records and has quadrupled it's networth in the last 5 years.. McGregor was #1 Forbes list athlete, that's not even including Bellator being a pipeline for blue chip wrestlers... MMA is its infancy compared to the rest of the other pro sports, so considering the MLB has had a 120+ year head start and the world series doesn't have the buzz major fights do these days.. Just because it might not be your preference, doesn't mean it's not Def 1 of the most popular sports right now.. Ave only getting more popular.. UFC Cards are top seller last few months for Panini America's with soccer being the other. Niche markets aren't a byproduct of a melting pot of grappling/striking Disciplines in turn bringing that demographic to MMA to see how their guy dies crossing over to MMA.. Bo Nickal opened bud own ATT gym and has gotten the entire NLWC nation on board with the big gun making the jump. The more eyes on combat sports the better it is for the growth ass participation..
  3. McCartney is very very hard to finish thanks on and uses his dexterity and Length/strength combination very well . I remember my boy wrestling him few times at Ihpo and always being wars, That pesky Parkinson welcomeda crack down, so he could trap Carson's arm and sit the corner for 2!!! Happy to see him doing well, and Baumann will really come along after mute time in that room! what a great problem to have as EMD fan
  4. Hard to teach that, Hips, mat and body awareness come more natural to some then others! I remember him winning his first Spartan helmet in VeVay Belterra and now he's an All American, really been fun to watch him, he's the type that's never out of a match and can hit big moves from out of no where.. Similar to Bethel, you better be ready to wrestle a clean match or you're in trouble.
  5. This is a great sign in the thread so far!! Our Club has really really helped bolster overall numbers and Development I'm these parts, NC should have a much more complete team than recent years past and the annual 30 pt FF Hole before the duals started. I guarantee the Popularity of not only wrestling itself, but Other combat Sports that are in the grappling realm, are all contributing/ helping the Numbers, not to mention the Young ladies getting their due and Women's/men's MMA being arguably one of the most popular sports all around right now.. We all know Wrestling is the foundation of the Fightng Discipline Pyramid! No-Gi Submission grappling as well has exploded and we are starting to see the first wave of the Child prodigies from the TUF era.. The Ruatolo Brothers are the Jesse Mendez of Sub grappling.. Kade hardly 19 just became the youngest ever ADCC (OLYMPICS OF NO GI) Champion.. And they both hold ONE FC Sub grappling titles (Onefc Is the same org Brooks is about to fight for his world title soon) Flo,Rokfin,OneFc They are doing Cross over grappling matches, with PD3/Bo nickal VS Gordon Ryan(Burroughs of no gi)... RBY wrestled The current 135 UFC champ, then they did a sub Grappling match.. I'm starting to see a wonderful blend of all these Grappling forms and talent Like the Ruatolo Brothers, who Have sick Takedowns, Funk looks you wouldn't believe all while strangling ppl before they can even bring their hips to the party ... these 19 year old phenoms have been training No Gi Sub grappling since 3 years old and have already put their own signature series on the sport have the most dangerous front choke series (D'arce ESPECIALLY) and very much like Mr Mendez have been smashing older guys since young teens.. They can actually wrestle along with rip every limb off I'm a blink of an eye . I highly recommend looking into them. We are going to have such High level athletes from cross training that, eventually, kids will be taking other Grappling sports as to the traditional other sports with balls etc.. Not to mention the Big MMA GYMS like ATT In Boca Raton and their many other Gyms, always hire High level wrestlers to coach.. Great gigs for up and coming fighters that are wrestlers making the jump.. ATT pay room and board, Per diem and salary etc.. THEY put out ads for Big 10 wrestlers and Purdue itself have a few world class guys that taking the fight game by storm. Danny sabatello might be the most entertaining guy all around in the game right now and it's about to fight for the Bellator world title soon, as well as former world title challenger Juan Archuletta. I love seeing the Boom in the last few years steadily, and wonderful sites like this 1, are also to Thank, without the 800 Pound Vanilla Gorilla @Y2CJ41 and DaRegions Very own Albino Rhino Reiser, CalebDamus and rest of the INDIANA-MAT MAFIOSOS , thank you!
  6. I'm glad to hear that Drake is still giving it hell!! My Boy Trizton wrestled him in HS and actually thumped Drakes WL college team mate Garrett Cook 4x his freshman year at Wabash. Congrats on both your Studs success and Devin is really Tough especially being successful at a Big man class being younger . best of luck this season to y'all
  7. They're in great Hands with That Warrior staffof Coach Jakes!! There's definitely a few possible Trojan vs Warrior Semi state Squabbles in the distance.
  8. Hope all is well Bign, What weight is Brenton going? Looking forward to seeing him
  9. Freshman Tylin Thrine is going to turn heads, Kids a Freak athlete, Vs the Mighty New pal dragons he broke the NC kickoff return record taking it 90 yds to the house! Pinned Deltas Returning state placer MOSIER at 16U state with him and Stanley both making the Finals at 14 y.o at the time..NC actually should have 4-5 guys that could punch their ticket this year, but we all know how NCSS is... Be the first year NC might not be FFing half their meets away.. We'll see though, our youth program is getting bigger again and have Ppl invested in the sport again around these parts, looking forward to another great season of banter with y'all knuckleheads.
  10. I see, the last I heard was when he was on here giving details on his plans with the program, Regardless I'm glad they don't have to use smoke signals to report results
  11. Colton Gonzalez ego placed 7th for CV SPARTANS before becoming a 2x All American for Lindsey Wilson & Marian in college, he's been working diligently to get The Classic beefed up with depth and The TW connection to work seeing how the WiFi coverage wasn't ever happening in the Bowl.
  12. Mighty Mac is smiling down on us, They are in great hands with their stud HC they have now as well, things are looking bright in the Ol' Spartan bowl.
  13. Boiler UP! Congratulations to him and his family.
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