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  1. Never thought about it this way... that is pretty interesting!


    Trizton Carson

    Carson Brewer of Avon commits to

    They got a great 1! Congrats champ and @Mattyb

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    I'll take take the Boss anyday😂

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    He is a stud and 1 my favorite wrestlers to watch and that's coming from a guy that's wrestler has been beat by him multiple times.. great young man and his dad has been A1 from Day1 of meeting him and is a awesome ! Imho he more that likely the best 182 pounder in the state as well the country... if trizton Carson ends up going182 that EV SS has 4 of the top 182s in the state with Carson, brewer, willham and Bellamy...I also think that if all goes well those 4 could be medalist if they don't get death draws amongst one another. At SS..I just wish I lived closer to trizton do I could train him way more because the county competition is superb and the coaching staffs at avon and BB are great... Now to your tilt comment yes those get scary at times as you know lol but that young man is a dog on a bone with that wrist and hip control...I have never helped brewer but he reminds me (he's 10x better wrestler over all than I ever ws) of myself on top when he chooses to not cut ppl... That ended up being my best facet of wrestling and I believe is 1 of the most under developed parts of a lot of kids game..Grip strength paired with steady wrist control and shadowing the hips=bad news for a unprepared foe..I never was no state champ but my biggest honor ever in wrestling was Coach peckinpaugh naming a particular tilt after myself...It took me a while to get use to coach yelling my name with authority hearing decibel level records"JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY" across the Fieldhouse at his wrestlers during battle and me not end having nightmare flashbacks of him yelling it at me for doing something dumb to cost me a match 🤣 you yourself know he's a monster Lol He was yelling at Us vs you and your boys @03 Team SS Championship dual 😂 but lord I love that man with all my heart and know everybody on this board has a special love for certain ppl in the wrestling community that's why this board is so special! Long live INDIANA Mat and the sport of wrestling!

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    He's long 2.. looks like a boa constrictor when he's mauling ppl.

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    I 2nd that Carson should rest up. Especially if my guy ends up at 82.. 170 is hard for a kid to make 4 straight years so we shall see...

    State Rankings Update #2

    Looks good.. Keep an eye out for Tytus Ragle@152... beat max hayes last night and hayes gave Hiestand a match...

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    NC SS finals have cool intros for ther finals.. no smoke or Lazers but good "jams" as the old heads put it round here!
  10. FCFIGHTER170

    Not eating

    Well said!
  11. FCFIGHTER170

    AWL Pro League 11/30 - Will people pay to watch?

    Wish there was flo streaming with Tracks interface and search features hybrid lol
  12. FCFIGHTER170

    AWL Pro League 11/30 - Will people pay to watch?

    And with cable losing subscribers streaming sites are becoming mor common..espn plus just paid bookoo money to stream UFC cards through that specific platform and test the waters in that Avenue.. like DAZN also are getting major sporting events like Canelo Alvarez cards and Bellator big tent events...Espn/ Disney lost over 3 million viewers iirc last year
  13. FCFIGHTER170

    2018 Al Smith

    Sorry bro..I had no dog in the fight just appreciated 2 high level young men putting on a show! Like I've stated before I help coach B Campbell and his 2 state title matches were gutting to say the least.
  14. FCFIGHTER170

    Brayden Curtis of Yorktown commits to

    Congrats! Future NAIA national champion
  15. FCFIGHTER170

    2018 Al Smith

    That youtube stream was awesome.. the hunter watts comeback in the finals vs Triana was 1 the best things I've ever witnessed in wrestling.. unreal..if you haven't seen this their match starts at 4 hours and 57 minutes into video. https://youtu.be/o8d5eT_mids

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