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  1. Both my ticket round loss brackets uhhh...
  2. As long as my boys get to wrestle this year IDC when it is..
  3. Congrats! Glad to see Coyne contributing.. Talk about a mean mean man on the mat.. He'll def be a great mentor in the technical and aggressiveness department
  4. Marian just keeps adding studs.. They'll be contending for a national title soon.
  5. Dang very very sad! He was always contributing in here and always a class act.. Fly High big dog
  6. They got some incoming studs that could account for 2 or 3 of those iirc..
  7. Congrats stud! Was a pleasure watching you over the years!
  8. Really sad for The fellas that had their career come to an abrupt unfair end! wabash future is bright with next years class and I wana wish the seniors nothing but good fortune in their future endeavors.
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