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  1. Freshman Campbell was 35-0 and setting up huge regional, semi state, state finals matches with unbeaten Phillips before his appendix burst before the tournament began..Imho Campbell beats him and wins a state title that year.. Campbell top 10 best to never win a state title in Indiana, that I've seen....
  2. He's def gotten even better since he wrestled my guy for 7th at Freshman/sophmore state! Congrats
  3. Fleckenstein was fun to watch even though he was from rival East Central Trojans, not the Nc Trojans lol.
  4. That's awesome! Was a hammer at Marian and he's giving bk to his alma mater!!! spartan Classic might get some service if he has anything to say about it.
  5. Lol I never wrestled below 130 in HS.. You'd def win cuz I'd be a corpse with no heart beat.
  6. I don't see it slowing down, my buddies son is 10 and has already wrestled, 350+ plus matches this year, yes 350+ this year... Seen him Wrestle 25 times a weekend under 3 age divisions.. I don't necessarily agree with it, but the kid goes out of his way to tell his dad he wants more more more.. I've never seen anything like it, but I'm not his parent and help the kid when I can.
  7. Very very very good point! You see that same principal with Mason Parris playing multiple sports and not being burnt out going into college.. Also I think Folkstyle serves it's own purpose with developing the FS side with pinning combinations (at jr Worlds O'toole sticking the olympian in a cradle (the same guy Chamizo had a hard time with 3-1) There's should be no debating that training all Styles def helps you become better at each one individually... It's balancing work load and evolving all while having fun and not being over trained and burnt out.
  8. My team mate Jason Sayre beat Reece 13-2 the weekend before at SS as well.. Sayre big big waste of talent being a 2x state qualifier before being kicked off team his senior year ranked #1 in the state. Reece went on to win it that year while Jason was never the same again..
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