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  1. R.i.p young man, my condolences to his family.
  2. With a few more on the way with their big boys potentially!
  3. Glad to see him stay in state, I wish him the best!
  4. Imagine next year at 97 with Penola,Davison,Allred and that's just Indiana ties
  5. Np, the young man obviously trains like a champion constantly and every time I have ever seen him, he's better than the time before.. Looking forward to seeing him the next decade plus and all the greatness he achieves, y'all are doing a fine fine job with him and I know high level talent when I see it.. Not trying to put no unneeded pressure on him but I can't see him not capturing his share of IHSAA state titles and beyond.. My dear friend, has a stud son is younger than Evan, and we both always talk about how tough he is and the growth each time out.
  6. Evan Stanley impresses me every time I see him, that young man could contend at 106 in HS right now for a state title, imho.. He's not built like a middle school kid and wrestles like the national champ he is! Congrats to everybody.
  7. Congrats, they gotta legit bad bad dude! Give it hell young man.
  8. Great opportunity for any level of wrestler to be part of.
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