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  1. Good for him and for our upcoming kids to have a great leader and role model to tech fall them every now and again all while teaching them how to be great human beings.
  2. Helen is a lot easier on the eyes than Kyle js
  3. Thanks for the info and Dedication y'all put into keeping us informed.
  4. Man that's heavy, R.I.P and God speed comfort and Prayers to his family and friends
  5. Love seeing so many familiar family names on this list, pedigree is passed down from generation to generation when the passion is shared.
  6. Yessir, Mendez is only a season or 2 away in that OSU room, from developing that man strength, His technical prowess, having ppl to really push him to heights maybe never seen by anybody from Indiana.. He's really becoming a scary scary talent anybody on the planet will have problems with... Gross knocking of world silver medalist Fix speaks to the enigma Mendez really is!
  7. Jesse " teen phenom having success only a world class grown Man Does" Mendez
  8. Rest in peace,y condolences to his family and friends.
  9. Rest in peace and condolences to his family and friend
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