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  1. Hoosier Heritage Conference Had 14 total State Finalists, 9 total state placers,4 being Semi finalists with 1 State champ!!! Not too shabby at all! @106 /3rd,6th,SQ @120 /4th,8th,SQ @126/ State champ @138/ 6th @145/4th, SQ, SQ @170/8th @220/5th, SQ,
  2. Yes here there are https://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1677278216501&pageName=%2Fpredefinedtournaments%2FBracketViewer.jsp&twSessionId=mxtnwepuye
  3. On top of being a he was enjoying himself and did it with style, class and a big smile on his face!
  4. Whomever is blessed to aquire you, will be very happy, I see the 1 common train all great coaches have, The unwaivering ability to always keep the Kids and their best interest #1.
  5. The Human Ty-Lite Reel, Ty "The Valen" Thrine beat 5 out of the Other 7 medalists with wins over the podium members who placed 2nd ,3rd,5th,6th,7th(2x) And pinned the 2xSQ/ 2022 4th placer Wolf 2x..Pinned State FINALIST Aquino- Morales 2x, beat Nasir C. As well.. So he beat 7 of the 15 Guys who made it to The state finals... Overall he had ranked wins over #1,2,7(2x),13,14(2x),17,22.. Morales was top 15 when he pinned him 1st time.. And smiled all the way through it having fun! That's def top 3 best Freshman campaigns without a doubt!
  6. I'm the finals they said Rioux has 19 so he's about there!!
  7. Great breakdown buddy, I can attest to the EMD teams, as I was on the receiving end of a Mauer Mauling, they were unreal.. CP, BB and CG were all unreal squads.. I'd love to see how these squads match up in Dual format, but I'll tell you this The 96 EMD team was great as well with 11 State qualifiers/placers.. those LN teams Were awesome.. 2 PM teams that were great.. I'm just glad we have this kinda discussion going because it means we're thriving as a state.
  8. Always A a Torres fan, even though he broke Me and my guys heart multiple times in Middle School and now HS in the semis he's a class act and a to boot! Looking forward to watching his next phase and be rooting for him all the way!!
  9. You're right it might've been the year before, Your brother was a hammer too.
  10. He lost it the conference Finals when he was very sick but no excuse he was beaten by Huntington Norths Nick/logan Randle at the NCC championships keeping BC from being a four-time conference champion! BC had beaten him pretty handily earlier in the season for losing to him at conference. What's even crazier is that was Randall's only loss going into State at 41-1 and he would lose a heartbreaker 4-3 to Mason Todd in the first round... That 112 bracket is one of the most loaded brackets I've ever seen in the state finals history... What's even more wild is semi state that year Campbell won, the top four were Campbell, Todd, McKinley and Harvey. That is three state champs and a two-time runner-up all in the same semi state LOL.. Campbell lost to the state champ back 2-0, but that bracket had so many legendary guys that I'm going to have to post it.
  11. NC Trojans Alone B. Campbell-3, 2,2 Fargo AA #8 all time Indiana wins@201-6 C.Mullins-4x placer- 5, 3,2,8 20+ ISWA state titles, Super 32 AA #16 all time wins@191-11 AJ black-2x Runner up didn't even get wrestle senior year Matt Jagger's-state runner up 4xSQ/3xplacer 7,5,2, #5 all time@210-12 Terrell Coatie Perry/NC-didn't start wrestling until High School, and became one of the most feared athletic specimens I've ever seen, went on to be a new Castle semi-state Champion pinning two time state champ Danny Williams, and then beating the state runner up Conkling and the same season, placing at the state finals himself and hardly three years of training. Mac Taylor -4x medalist 6,5,3,3, held national wins record And now #4 in Indiana @221-8 Then A few my favs from other schools.. Aaron Sessa-2x runner up and who Tylin reminds me of doing stuff you can't teach, and fireworks every time he was on the mat. Then here's few my other favs. Andy Uhl, Nick Hobbs, Logan Boe, RayRay Rioux, Timmy Bradley
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