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  1. I'm a 2004 New Castle Grad that wrestled 160 my Senior year and would be 220 class now weighing 210..I just tech falled a large pizza and majored a cherry Sprite from Pizza King!
  2. HHC 120 #8. White beat #9 Robinson 6-3 then previously unbeaten Freshman Thrine 8-0 in a great match that was better than the score indicates with great scrambles but Whites length, experience and skill was the difference.. He looked really good today and I'm proud of my Boy Brev for wrestling tough and showing he belongs with the big dogs even if this match didn't go his way!
  3. Or judge a person from their avatar or throw shade because they don't what they're talking about.
  4. Lol when in doubt pull some insults out..Idgaf where you have homes or what you think about my cognitive skills.. And I'll def be watching the fights tonight...Monster energy drinks are trash just like your assessment of Indiana wrestling.. I've learned that when people don't know what they're talking about they start trying to belittle a guy to mask their own lack or knowledge.. The only thing you've proven is that you can't spell Nostradamus and are a typical Wifi tough guy.
  5. Idk.. they changed the criteria this year and had it to where they didn't even count Forfeits in their total wins.. Brev was the only undefeated guy and got the 1..I know what you're saying about returning Winners being the 1 but 11-1 robinson will meet 18-1 White on same side if they both advance.. Regardless there's 3 studs in this bracket that should be fire works.
  6. Dang it my psychic abilities you anointed me with must've ran out.. And I hope your son does awesome and i'm not being a smart ass..I ws saying you might know a guy around his weight you root for that you're hoping challenges Mendez... Again In state he WILL NOT BE CHALLENGED the rest of his HS career..if you root for him and want him to be the best ever you'd think you'd realize how dominant he is and idk if it's because you're in Iowa and haven't seen or know his in state competition but I'd love to hear who you are so certain will challenge him..You keep saying this but don't list 1 possibility of who it could be.. it'll take a top 3 nationally ranked stud that's already familiar with mendez through past matches to "challenge him".. and to the point about somebody wanting to rise to the challenge there have been more than a few in state studs already try and gave him a match last year but as the season went on mendez got even better and widened the gap on his competitors.. He goes to the best out of season tournaments every year and that's where he gets his challenges but this pipe dream you keep bringing up about in state kids beating or challenging him is over.. He's only getting more mature and better and steadily putting himself ahead of anybody in his weight now, next year and the year after.. and for a guy that says he's NOT OPTIMISTIC you're awfully dead set on Mendez getting a challenge and that sounds more than optimistic to me and more like Bon Jovi "LIVING ON A PRAYER ".
  7. Exactly.. sounds like he or she has a guy around that weight and are just being optimistic which I can understand...but to their comment I don't need to predict the future when the present is showing us who's top dog!
  8. Lol you call me NOSTRADAMUS then turn around and give your prediction... and i'm sure every guy he's wrestled tried to "meet the challenge"..He won't be challenged in Indiana as much as you wanna believe it and will be "unscathed" if he's remains healthy.. and next time you want to be funny or throw shade at least spell my name right, NOSTRADAMUS!
  9. And Silas is the same age as a junior and only lost once as a 13 or 14 year old freshman 170 pounder beating state placers..So realistically he could be going for his 2nd state title as a Jr. And def could've been a potential 3xer with his talent.. Nothing against anybody but he's on another level than everybody at 195 and beyond and is up there with mendez p4p great guys in state and among other all time greats.. Also with his work in the classroom and support he gets from many ppl especially his father, there's no limit how good he can be... Big 10 bound with world class aspirations!
  10. When there's 3 different 4xers during your era is why I think, as crazy as that sounds with his accomplishments...I know how good Wesley ws though and Kevin ws a stud fighter as well.. Never fought on a card together but know he was legit.
  11. Coughlin beat him in FS as well.. but If I remember right most of English points were escapes.. i'm not sure if he took him down.. English ws an animal though and 1 of the most underrated guys cuz of the legends during that era..
  12. I don't recall anybody testing Alex Tsirtsis and can't see anybody in Indiana within 10-15 pounds doing it to Mendez.
  13. At HHC @120 potential semis match up #7 white vs #9 Robinson And the winner could face 30-0 stud freshman Brevan Thrine in the finals if the seeds play out accordingly.. Best of luck to everybody this weekend.
  14. Mendez gives Shute and Freddy Kruger nightmares!
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