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  1. Cosgrove

    Al Smith vs MD Classic Champs

    Al Smith champs take the dual
  2. Easy how to solve this... have EVERYONE shave their faces and heads coucould even shave their eyebrows LMFAO
  3. Cosgrove

    Toughest Regular Season Tourney

    We FINALLY get our heavyweight back. Too bad al Smith will be his first competition of this season lmfao could be a LOOOOONG two days for him
  4. Cosgrove

    Toughest Regular Season Tourney

    Al Smith!! More 4 time state champs in Indiana than 4 time champs of al smith
  5. Cosgrove

    Al Smith Predictions?!

    The toughest tournament in Indiana hands down!!! Glad to be back in this
  6. Cosgrove

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    So we can all agree we would want something like this added to our state finals?
  7. Cosgrove

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    That's AWESOME!!!
  8. Cosgrove

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    Shhh dont tell everyone!! But this is a real good idea. Would put on a better show for the future wrestlers, parents and the fans.
  9. Cosgrove

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    Pfff I'm sure "barbie girl" "oh baby it's cold outside" would play
  10. I was sitting down talking to a few kids parents and another coach and came to the conclusion that one thing that our state finals could improve on is.. the introductions of each kid coming into the finals. Set it up just as how the ncaa finals go on. Wouldnt that be cool to have introductions songs, smoke machines lazer shows?
  11. I think mishawaka and Culver can beat Franklin. Not taking anything away from Perry. But these seeds are set to avoid conference match ups first round.
  12. Cosgrove

    Not eating

    I still to this day like to do a 24 hour no food. I dont know about the no food for 3 days anymore though
  13. Cosgrove


    Opening day of gun season
  14. Cosgrove

    Morning Practices?

    Every practice you do and your opponent doesnt do you gain or keep separating yourself from the field
  15. Cosgrove

    Lifting in season

    NEVER stop lifting!!!! Always work to become a better athlete

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