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  1. Devils lettuce, running, working out and good ole wrasslin does great! But.... having a tan with some vitamin D ALWAYS does your body good.
  2. Sooooo if they donty allow us in can we air the matches at every single local bar hahaha cause that would be AWESOME!!! It will suck if spectators will not be able to go in and watch these matches happen for viewers and also while you compete. It is BADASS hearing people scream and cheer for you and boo at you. Just open it up full capacity
  3. They better allow us in or..... ALOT of people will be dressed up as janitors.
  4. Fairhaven is tough!!! They have some solid wrestlers. Wish they could compete for that dual state meet. They have 2 to 3 state qualifiers on their team right now. That would make it through the east Chicago semi state.
  5. Shadow wrestle but get your ass kicked by your own shadow. Get headlocked, double legged, snapped down and cradled. It's a good warm up to get your ass kicked.
  6. Not directed at then but just ole Joe saying since I said something it should be done. But I am not the only coach who thinks this.
  7. Can make fun all you want but Fairhaven is a tough team.
  8. Fairhaven should get voted in for 1A they are good and have a full lineup
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