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  1. IHSAA should allow fairhaven to join in this 1A team state dual. They are tough!!
  2. Do potentially dangerous move... gets the 2 takedown though have a guy run full Nelson may be able to get some back points but give the other guy one.
  3. Cough kids ranked in the nation.... D1 commits Al Smith is deeper. Mark down the champs and places from the Al Smith and the MD classic and see where guys place come state tournament time.
  4. Such a AWESOME tournament
  5. Needs to make weight. Not sure what the guys problem was. Didnt seem to motivated or something when weigh ins were going in he was still down by me walking around the mats on his phone. BUT! I will say this I see us and brownsburg going for that individual state title this year and not the monster team from Evansville that EVERYONE should be fearing
  6. You'll get to see some match ups at the state tournament possibly
  7. Our 220 took carmel 220 into overtime and beat the Portage 220 who is now ranked. Hes learning how to wrestle would be fun. Favorite match would be 138. We will see that this weekend.
  8. Needs to be more heated!! Check the illinois wrestling page hahaha this Is the pg13 version of theirs. Got parents cussing out 4 year old kids and stuff lmfao it's crazy.
  9. Eh we will see scoring at the Carnahan this weekend with brownsburg and then following weekend at the Al Smith. Should be two great back to back weekends!! State tournament is ALSO a individual tournament. We have some DEEP runners there for that. Going to be a good year. 3 years from now we will be even better with our 6th grade coming up.
  10. The 5th and 6th graders are going to be more talented
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