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  1. Wrong Diaz. Also, while the score ended up lopsided, it was 2-0 Diaz halfway through the match.
  2. Agreed! Hope to see a raucous crowd and guys gettin' after it. The fact that this meet is here in Indiana is a testament to the entire wrestling community. Joe, you deserve to feel proud for being the catalyst behind this great event. Go TEAM INDIANA!!
  3. Wow, Rumph got hosed. He was the superior wrestler today. Definitely questionable on the back bow, seen far worse than that not get a call, and the referee wasn't on the right side to see if it was over the hip or toward the head anyway. Regardless, very few coaches would allow their guy to take a win that way.
  4. Wow. Clearly all RTC's are not created equal.
  5. Truly moving. Adds a little perspective to the things that are most important.
  6. Subjective...apples to oranges...depth vs. top heavy...on and on and on. All Semi-States are tough.
  7. Thought the same about Iowa wrestlers...and along came Darrion Caldwell.
  8. Is there a way to quickly determine the total numbers of all sectional entries? Overall and by weight? (Aside from tabulating sectional by sectional on Track?
  9. I'm not getting into an argument with you, but no I didn't miss your point. I just don't think it matters whether the implication is about sectional misalignment or not.
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