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  1. It’s on this site. Top of page.
  2. Are there any 75-80 peewee’s out there. If so where? Trying to find matches. Posted here because of possibly more views. Thank You
  3. Any 80 pound peewee’s. If so where you wrestling?
  4. Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to rotate the sectional sites? That is as long as other schools wanted to host. And of course have the facilities to do so.
  5. Just curious what sectionals have the fewest entered wrestlers?
  6. Or maybe it’s someone that’s a control freak. That was never a wrestler, that wants to DICtate how things are to be done. Hypothetical scenario of course.
  7. Let’s hear some picks. Not sure anyone is clear cut champs here.
  8. Feel like a second class citizen compared to every other event there. I'm assuming this is another IHSAA decision? Phil Cook
  9. Gonna be 14 champs that could careless about the draw Saturday night. Like mentioned above paraphrasing of course. Those worried about that draw most likely won't be one of those champs. Wise man once said "if you ain't first you're last". We all know every year there are kids with different draws that would have been on podium. Part of it as of now. Good luck to all those competing and safe travels to all. Let's not forget the first competition of the evening THE GREAT SEAT RACE OF 2018. Don't forget your blankets.
  10. I was noticing him sucking air early. I was wondering if he was sick.
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