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  1. How many of you old wrestlers remember this tournament? I competed there in 1978. There were teams from several different countries. It was not in the best area. The canadian team was in our dive hotel. They were headed to the meet one morning and was robbed. Yes the entire team. They had to return home. I don't remember how many different countries were represented. I know canada, austria,austraila, and germany. I know theres several more. Come on it was long ago give me a break.
  2. Curious???? What would be the rule if you travel your 300 miles? And another team is at a meet 301 miles from your home address?
  3. Previous placement maybe used more than anything. Be one hell of a seating meeting to attend.
  4. What would your seeding criteria be?
  5. KY does have true wrestle backs to 3rd. 2 full days of wrestling.
  6. Joey With all the emissions and fossil fuel use you might have a great idea. Not to mention the budget issues the schools have.
  7. Might need to redirect some teams in these sectionals again. The last realignment seemed to water a couple sectionals down. Still not sure why they made schools 15 minutes from sectional drive 1.5 hours. I'm positive there's an outstanding reason.
  8. your 2 cents has been around since the first state meet. However, it's still holds true.
  9. Where did Faulkens wrestle??? Not sure he did. But, you don't hire a chef thats never been in the kitchen. Theres your common sense theory!!!
  10. We knew our regional draw before sectional finals. 1978 And only top 2 advanced.
  11. Back in the day we knew the draw before way a head of time. I believe there were a few take a dive in the finals to be in opposite brackets. To avoid someone they felt they couldn't defeat.
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