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  1. indianmorg

    Folkstyle State Finals

    Crown Point
  2. indianmorg

    RSN covering parade live

    Region Sports Network will be covering the parade live this year, IHSAA limits any other live coverage but RSN will have interviews and highlights on tape delay
  3. indianmorg

    The Indianamat meet and greet

    Kyle Ayersman? Who is that ? ................Can't wait to see your babyface Ky Ky
  4. indianmorg


    Lake Central johnny 106 and sebastian cortez 126 isiah 113 and christian ponce 138 all 4 in ECSS
  5. indianmorg

    EC semi state prediction

    Maybe just a little, how could you ever tell? Bettich fan?😉 All three of my LC picks have legit shots based off of draws and ECSS rankings
  6. indianmorg

    EC semi state prediction

    106-Cernus, Hall, Roberson, Bailey 113-Moran, Cruz, Diaz, Tattini 120-Bettich, Finnearty, Haskins, Alexander 126-Mendez, Mark, Peele, Schammert 132-Moreno, Brooks, Hegedus, Hickman 138-Alexander, Ponce, Nisley, Johnson 145-Maldonado, Douglas, Burford, Park 152-Ellis, Turley, Cervantes, Beehn 160-Washington, Welch, Verbeek, Johnson 170-Calhoun, Walker, Pack, Warmick 182-LaPlace, Donahue, Walton, Castro 195-Donavan, Potosky, Hurley, Rodriguez 220-Fowler,Bailey, Kidwell, Stoner 285-Cartwright, Garcia, Atria, Crider
  7. https://www.regionsports.com/2019/02/02/watch-live-wrestling-regionals-presented-by-metropolitan-steel/ cp
  8. indianmorg

    Who is sending the most ?

    Lake Central 13
  9. I love seeing small school wrestlers do big things, but toughest of schedules is a thing
  10. indianmorg

    Repeat champions? Freshman Champions?

    Word in the Reg is Diaz at 113
  11. indianmorg

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    RSN will be covering the finals of the DAC conference tomorrow
  12. indianmorg

    #11 Port @ #16 CP

    Region Sports will cover this dual tonight but will be on a tape delay later this evening, @ontherise219 and @indianmorg on the call, if lineups hold up 126 should be a good one #3 Mendez vs #5 Peele
  13. Catch @ontherise219 and @indianmorgtonight on RSN’s facebook pege or at regionsportsnetwork.com
  14. https://www.facebook.com/regionsports/videos/345572069592383?sfns=1

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