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  1. IMO, absolutely zero chance Jesse goes to Purdue
  2. My thoughts and prayers to the Myzak family........what a fantastic obituary
  3. What also is impressive is that the article says it will be done before this wrestling season starts
  4. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28832122/vermont-josh-speidel-overcomes-traumatic-brain-injury-score-first-career-points
  5. Shout out to the 2012 Heritage Hills coaches Gelen Robinson was beating Jared Boehm first round Saturday morning at state and was called for an illegal slam. Gelen was up big and there was only a minute left in the match. Jared was deemed unable to continue and instead of allowing him to win by inj. default, the HH staff and Jared decided to give the match to Gelen. Us coaches went on to praise the nobility and selflessness of the HH staff and Jared for weeks to come. Its terrible to see injuries happen and ones bad enough to not allow a kid to wrestle, but when things like th
  6. I thought in the spirit of it being the greatest weekend of the year we can share the greatest experience/story that we have encountered during state weekend. Mine has to be my first year as head coach and being FORTUNATE enough to coach such a hardworking kid that earned earned every bit of his state championship. I say fortunate because I know some coaches go there entire careers (my dad being one of them, 20 years) without having the joy of coaching a champ under the lights. Going down 5-0 in the first period, Jake wrestled his tail off to score 9 unanswered points to take the 195 title.
  7. This is their policy, BUT how many kids miss school Friday of state so that their team can get down to Indy with ample time to get ready? I know most if not every region team leaves before 9 am (CST), so essentially missing the whole day. This has to be true for most if not all of every corner of the state, right? So what would be the difference of having the tourney start earlier Friday? Teams could leave Thursday night or really early Friday morning (pretty much every tourney their whole life) to get down there.
  8. Hurt it in his first match of the day, it may be broken, could not put any weight on it. Barely made it through the ticket round
  9. Chesterton-Cheesetown Cedar Lake-Cedar Tuck or the Tuck- always liked this one *Just realized you said Animals JCJCJC
  10. Little bit south down 41, but Pepinos in Schererville 1/4 mile north of Lake Central has probably the biggest and best beef sandwich in the Region
  11. I know nothing of Tankersley, but i will say that Winland is wrestling a whole lot better now than the beginning of the season. I based my 160 projection soley off of his performance now, his toughness of schedule and who he competes daily with in the room
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