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  1. indianmorg

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    RSN will be covering the finals of the DAC conference tomorrow
  2. indianmorg

    #11 Port @ #16 CP

    Region Sports will cover this dual tonight but will be on a tape delay later this evening, @ontherise219 and @indianmorg on the call, if lineups hold up 126 should be a good one #3 Mendez vs #5 Peele
  3. Catch @ontherise219 and @indianmorgtonight on RSN’s facebook pege or at regionsportsnetwork.com
  4. https://www.facebook.com/regionsports/videos/345572069592383?sfns=1
  5. indianmorg

    State Rankings Update #2

    Was told he weighed in at 218 last night and was slotted to wrestle 220 at last nights dual but was held out......I am assuming because he is not fully healed
  6. Link should be available today at some point, not sure when producers will upload it yet
  7. We will now be covering Chesterton @ Crown Point tomorrow night, it will be on tape delay do to CP rights not allowing live coverage
  8. indianmorg

    An Idea to Think About.

    This is a great solution, Lake Central does this right now with our football program. 3 middle schools feed into the high school and for some reason 2 out of the 3 the past couple of years could not get more than 15 kids out (crazy I know, 4000 kids in the middle schools, cant get 30 at one middle school to play ball). So they combined them into one team, where they practice and play together and now they have a solid football team. Gets all the kids that want to play an opportunity for minimal travel costs (schools are 15 minutes away and corp buses them). Win win for all involved
  9. indianmorg


    He was battling injuries all year, and if you look at his scores, all of his matches were close. Wrestled a tough match against #2 see Rasheed from PSU at the Big Ten's, had a cradle locked up, just couldnt turn him. Jake got his butt whooped his freshman year of high school then won a state championship his senior year, not comparing college to high school and not saying he is going to win a national championship one day, but keep and eye on him and watch for him to make some noise. His determination, attitude and work ethic will get him somewhere
  10. indianmorg


    On fire is a stretch, he started off the first period slow Friday night and he only beat Montgomery 5-4 in the quarters, no way he wins this bracket in my mind, at best loses in semis to winner of cummings/curtis/phillips
  11. indianmorg


    Better invite Cosgrove #mustacherides
  12. indianmorg

    Big 10

    Ill be up there checking out the region boys
  13. indianmorg


    Micic wrestles 133, Cummings 125
  14. indianmorg

    Big 10’s

    Not sure, I was wondering the same thing

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