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  1. 106-Goin 113-Frazier 120-Bettich 126-Torres 132-Mendez 138-Kaiser 145-Ellis 152-Johnson 160-Hegwood 170-Layman 182-Walton 195-Williams 220-Bates 285-Dancy CP-winner RSN will be covering the finals
  2. There have been duals that have ended 84-0, now some of those matches were forfeits but I am not sure if there has been a dual with 14 matches, all ending in pin
  3. Yea i talked to a couple of coaches of teams that finished top 4 and all said that they had some guys out of there lineup, which is expected early in the year
  4. Harvest Classic 106-#3 ECSS Johnny Cortez (LC) over #7 Jeff Bailey (RF)- 1st period tight, 2nd and 3rd Bailey takes control winning 15-4, scramble ensues Cortez pins Bailey with 10 seconds left. 152-James Smith (Penn) over #6 (IL) Tom Bennett (Brother Rice) HWT-#2 Yehezauel Devault (PENN) over #11 Damari Dancy (PORT)- Dancy was in control 1st and 2nd periods, Yezzy starts third period on top and pins Dancy
  5. After the brackets came out and being there Saturday it definitely was a down year for the Harvest, but I think awful would be far fetched. Still had some real good matches, including 106 and HWT final.
  6. One year there isn't 2 or 3 ranked kids at each weight and it's taken a crap? This tourney is still tough, pretty much every year I have been told by a coach that they actually don't like coming because their kids end of coming home like they were in a street fight (not sure if this is a good thing 😂). A lot of tough storied teams (Hobart, Penn, Portage) here, the only real change is Perry not being there this year
  7. Lets not drag this on like the Epstein story, nobody is going to entirely agree on it. Get back on the topic, this is a great thread and this concept can definitely generate numbers and keep kids that might be on the brink of quitting more interested by having more mat time and skill equality
  8. Dominic Murphy was a senior last year
  9. Didn't see any kids from Flossmor ranked but Brother Rice has some notables 126-Emmett Connelly- SQ 113 (19) 138-Nathan Chirrilla-SQ 126 (19) 145- #7 Tom Bennett-SQ 145 (19) 160-Thomas Crane Should be a tough day, as always
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    Downers Grove Invite

    12/13/2019 11:00 PM
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  12. 12/04/2019 12:30 PM
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    Luke Triveline

    Luke Triveline
  14. I think that he was just home helping out at that time
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