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    One thing that might resolve some issues is expanded sponsorship of ISWA teams. If ISWA can line up sponsors so that "Team Indiana" events are virtually free for the wrestlers and their families, then you would take away the cost argument and may start seeing some families that have earned a spot but can't afford the trip begin to participate more. Wrestling has a lot of successful, extremely loyal alumni. I think it would be appealing to know you are sponsoring the official "Team Indiana" and be able to show a lineup of events they are raising money for.
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    MANHEIM, Pa. – Juniors Ben Harvey and Cael McCormick of the Army West Point wrestling team added to their academic honors for 2019 by being named Scholar All-Americans by the National Wrestling Coaches Association on Friday. https://goarmywestpoint.com/news/2019/4/26/wrestling-harvey-mccormick-named-nwca-scholar-all-americans.aspx?path=wrestling Congrats Ben and Cael! #studentathletes
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    Ya-Sin has only played six years of organized football. Wonder where he comes by such amazing athleticism...maybe it is those two high school state wrestling championships he won in Georgia. Rock, stop in to see the IHSAA Wrestling Finals in February.
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    We worked with the table workers to help find these videos, these are not even close to all of the awesome moves that occurred during the weekend, but these are some that those table workers thought were awesome. I may be putting together one for freestyle, so if there was an awesome score that you just can't believe I missed, let me know at twg0ph3r@gmail.com
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    We shared this video with our families. Wanted to share with all. FUN trip. Thank you parents! 2019 AAU Elementary National Champs #Indiana #CompoundStrong #MFFM Kenny Harden
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    I have had the opportunity to coach at Kingsport twice for Team North Carolina when my nephews (Who wrestle at Campbell now) were on the team and have coached both the elem and middle school teams at Heartland over last couple years. Both tourneys has their shares of studs but I would say for the depth and overall talent level of the teams Heartland wins it going away. Kingsport is a neat tourney and I agree would be a great meet to introduce our kids new to national level competition too.
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    US Open - Yianni puts on a show!

    How impressive was Cornell sophomore Yianni Diakomahalis at the US Open? He runs the a murderers row of Frank Molinaro, Jordan Oliver and Zain Retherford to win the title. His ability to turn an opponents attack into a scoring opportunity was just incredible. Now the question becomes who will fight their way back to challenge him at the WTT? After the match against Oliver, I gave him a chance against Retherford, but thought Zain would have too much - I was definitely proven wrong! Also impressive was Daton Fix taking out Thomas Gilman, Bo Nickal winning his weight class, and Northwestern wrestler Ryan Deakin beating world team member James Green on a last second score The World Team Trials are May 17-19 in North Carolina. Should be some excellent rematches!
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    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    100 percent. I was actually on the board when we passed the qualifier requirements. And yes... I voted for it. Free style was dying here and we needed to do something. It was worth a shot (in my mind). The rule was passed to encourage kids to wrestle freestyle. It was NOT a money grab. If a kid trains enough freestyle that they feel that they can do UWW then that kid absolutely has put the work In and deserves to wrestle at our state tourney. Absolutely should count. The spirt of the rule was to get kids to the come back to freestyle by encouraging more freestyle participation, not to exclude kids. Especially kids that are doing national freestyle events. With that said, it is good to support local freestyle also.
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    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    I’ll be watching my back all day now. Dang it!!! And if Allred shows up.... I’m running!
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    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    It was nice knowing you Matt. I'm sure the Muncie Mafia will be visiting you soon.
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    Jay County Summer Trip

    Wow. That sounds awesome!
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    Marian University will be hosting Knights Wrestling Club practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 pm all summer long for Schoolboys, Cadets, and Juniors. These practices will be specifically geared towards furthering our success in Schoolboy, Cadet, and Junior duals, as well as Fargo. The majority of these practices will be ran by Marian University Head Coach Steven Bradley, who was a 3x Cadet All American, 2x Junior All American, and a UWW Junior All American. These practices will start on Tuesday, May 7th. We will provide a full schedule for practices soon. These practices will be free of charge, as the goal of the club is to improve the success of Indiana wrestling on the national stage. All participants will need a USA Wrestling Card, as well as a waiver filled out on the Marian University website (link provided below) Enter through the west doors of the P.E. center, the wrestling room is located on the second floor. If you have any further questions, contact Steven Bradley. 317-374-4825 sbradley@marian.edu Waiver Form- http://www.muknights.com/d/Marian_University_Policy_for_Protecting_Minors_on_Campus--Parent_Version_Short_Medical_Form_2019.pdf You can find the paper work on MUKnights.com under wrestling.
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    Freestyle State by the numbers

    God I remember seeing bracket of 65 78 kids in state bracket while being In vertical pairing. Good ole Indiana state fair grounds.
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    Another great workout last night! Thanks to Kyle Hatch for showing some sick funk to score from a Russian Tie. Nasty stuff. Next week will be our last RWO. After next week, we are going to turn our attention towards preparing for the Disney Duals. We are going to use that Kyle Ayermsan guy we found walking around Brownsburg...he won a few State Championships in Indiana, but did lose TWO times in high school - half of his losses were to my wrestler - just saying...wrestled in the Big 10...that's okay, but it's not the CCIW... Take a ride on the #PainTrain next Thursday in the #BoneYard Snyder
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    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    IMO.... any USAW or UWW sanctioned event should count as a qualifier. I think the rule was put into place to ensure our wrestlers were training and actually learning freestyle. Hats off to the kids that went other national regional events and to any UWW events. It would be a shame if any of these kids were left out of state. For being short on qualifiers.
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    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Final X If you are a World medalist you automatically advance to Final X. In freestyle Colon, Burroughs, Dake, Taylor, Cox, Snyder, and Gwiz all qualified this way. If there is no World medalist in your weight the US Open champion goes to Final X. In freestyle Fix, Yianni, and Deakin all qualified this way. US Open and other qualifiers Wrestlers qualify for the World Team Trials by placing top 7 at the US Open or via other qualifiers. Those include being a current NCAA champ, previous World medalist, highest placing American at the Dave Schultz, etc. World Team Trials The WTT will determine the second person at each weight for Final X. If there is a World medalist in your weight the US Open champion has a bye to the finals on Sunday. For instance Bo Nickal, Kyven Gadson, etc are already in the finals for Sunday's best of 3 format. To determine the opponent there will be a bracketed tournament on Saturday with the winner facing the person who is sitting out. If there is no medalist there will be a bracketed tournament and the finals of the bracket will be best of 3 on Sunday. Saturday's wrestling will be a bracketed format with usually 8-12 wrestlers competing. On Sunday it is just the best of 3 finals that will take place. Note that not only are Final X spots on the line there is also a National Team spot on the line which is the top 3 at each weight. Being on the National Team gets you paid(a little) and advantages for camps and travel overseas. Everyone wrestling needs to make scratch weight both days, that includes the ones with byes to Sunday. Flo put out their projected seeds with who has qualified and who is expected to attend. There is one more qualifier this weekend that will allow one more wrestler to enter WTT. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6468234-projected-seeds-for-the-2019-world-team-trials-challenge-tournament
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    Agreed, I think we should be able to land a corporate sponsor for Heartland teams.
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    Another packed room last night! Thanks to Coach Smiley for showing some excellent technique. Next week we have Kyle Hatch: Multiple time State Placer 2X All-American at Wabash (and still two years left!) You never stay at the same level. You either get better or get passed. It's that simple. Come chase your dreams with us next Thursday at 6PM! #PainTrain Snyder
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    They just said on FRL today that the U17(UWW Cadet) specifically will be earlier due to U17 Worlds being a lot earlier next year. There will be some big changes due to an earlier than usual Olympics. Indiana may have an advantage with our folkstyle state series being so early and we can start training earlier for that event.
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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Indiana wrestling program and IU head coach Angel Escobedo have announced the addition of Brock Hudkins. Hudkins, a native of Danville, Ind., started his collegiate career at Northern Illinois where he twice qualified for the NCAA Championships at 125 lb. At Danville Community High School, Hudkins posted a perfect 83-0 record as a junior and a senior. Hudkins was a four-time state qualifier and two-time State Champion. "We are excited to bring Brock Hudkins back to Indiana," IU head coach Angel Escobedo said. "A two-time NCAA qualifier, Brock will add national level experience to our team." Brock HudkinsDanville, Ind. | Danville Community High SchoolWeight Class: 125Intended major at IU: Pre-Physical Therpay2X NCAA Qualifier4X State Qualifier in High School3X State Placer2X State ChampionWon Sagamore Conference, Hendricks County, Sectional, Regional and Semi-States titles all four years.Team captain from 2013-16, MVP three years in a row "I think what Angel is doing at Indiana is special," Hudkins said. "I believe in what he is trying to accomplish and I think he's the guy to do it. He can get me to the next level I'm looking for. Angel has been to the highest level and knows what it takes. A big thing that stands out is the culture change he is trying to make. Not many people realize what he had to do as far as isolating himself from the culture he was surrounded by, to accomplish his dreams and how much time and effort he had to put in by himself. I can relate to that on many levels and believe he's making this place better for all the guys who are tired of dreaming and ready to be something greater than their thoughts. "I really connected with the coaching staff and believe it's the best fit for me," Hudkins added. "When I think about IU I see myself not only accomplishing my degree and graduating, I see myself not pursuing my dream of a national champion, but accomplishing it. I believe with this team, these coaches, the academic staff I will have, I will be put in a situation where I'll have no other choice but to win and be successful in all aspects of life."
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    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    The UWW should have counted. I believe if you represent your state on a National level...it should count. Just my opinion, but qualifiers where you are lucky to get a match isn’t bringing the numbers up. I believe it is the exposure of the sport via Flo, Track etc.
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    Asa, Carson , Rioux, and Nathan Conley all take titles. Some good wins. Proud of my Avon guys!
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    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    Asa with an 8-7 win over former state champ Viduya!
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    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    B. Lee takes the runner-up spot. Sasso with takedown then converted to a nasty leg lace that just racked up the rest of the points for a 10-0 win. Lucas Davison take the Junior Open title though with a 6-3 win in his match. He has earn a finals spot for the Junior World Team Trials. Not sure if it was mentioned earlier but for anyone wondering the age groups for international Juniors is different than US Juniors. It usually includes older HS wrestlers through younger college level guys.
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    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Big win for B. Lee over J. Teemer in the semi’s. Score was 9-9 but Lee has criteria from a 4pt move early in the match. He will advance to Junior Freestyle finals vs. an old rival S. Saso.

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