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  1. Keaton Grider Fort Wayne south side over Cooper Harris in UTB-2. I believe his only loss was up at 220
  2. FWwrestling1996


    Matthew Morris
  3. It seems like the states “wrestling In masks” is code for not wrestling this year
  4. Is folkstyle state still on? Or does anyone know a time that we'll be updated. Idk if i should register my guys or not
  5. 106 ‘19 Cernus 113 ‘19 Moran 120 ‘20 Seltzer 126 ‘19 Mendez 132 ‘19 Garcia (doesn’t let him off his back(my controversial take)) 138 ‘19 Rooks 145 ‘19 Lee 152 ‘20 Kervin 160 ‘19 Slivka 170 ‘19 South 182 ‘20 Walker 195 ‘20 Alred 220 ‘20 Bates 285 ‘19 Keys most excited for 182 145 and 132 .. 120 and 13 would be fun too
  6. They wrestled last year in the fresh/soph state finals he started to cruise, and Stroud came back with a fierce pace on him. I figured to take Stroud this time around
  7. Id say Chesterton. Lucas and Andrew Davison, Eli Pokorney. Fargo and state champs that are wrestling D1. Jack Tolin did well. Now Evan Bates is a top ranked guy in the country
  8. We're praying for you General! Get well soon. A part of me will be wrestling for you at ISWA
  9. I'm a BIG SAC guy, but a tough mountain to climb for the panthers overall with some of the matchups they drew into
  10. 106- Cornewell, Brady, Ford, Crowder 113- Lewis. Herman, Weimer, Sloffer 120-Ester, Veatch, Heath, Cornewell 126- Humphrey, Kuhl, Shearer, Reister 132- Heath, Shelton, Hoy, Forester 138- Sotero, Chacon, Burns, Tippman 145- Ulrick, Mudrack, Sheets, Jackson 152-McCune, Hilger, Saylor, Herschberger 160- Pettigrew, Kreager, Roemer, Custer 170- Fielden, Morris, Parrish, Mckinley 182- Saylor, Knight, Walden. Everett 195-Lepper, Harris, Vanwagen, Mills 220-Wicker, Martz, Miller, Bergman 285-Muncie, Busch, Hathaway, Miller I think 1
  11. Josue Sotero FW Wayne 138lbs 19-0
  12. FWwrestling1996


    Matthew Morris
  13. FWwrestling1996


    Matthew Morris
  14. Nice magazine! The only thing i noticed was State Qualifier Cody McCune was omitted from the rankings
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