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  1. Davis vs Early in the semis was a 1 or 2 point match, If I’m right. I don’t think Watts would be Watts in the field that Early wrestled in think that’s a close match as well
  2. So an In state qualifier at 182 is assumed better than a world class 160 lber who already is a state champ, world medalist, and will go whatever weight to whatever D1 school he wants based on size alone? If That’s the only counter argument you have you haven’t watched Facundo wrestle. Laplace kept It closer with him than the senior going to Oklahoma state at Flo’s ‘Who’s Number One’. Only Silas Allred is a comparable athlete out of our wrestling pool, as he’ll be #1 in the country after the seniors leave the rankings. Good luck to Brewer I expect it to be a close match
  3. Give me Alex Facundo freestyle world bronze medalist and Mi state champ with a head to head win over Cam Amine in the finals, Over IN SQ Carson Brewer any day any weight. No offense
  4. Facundo is the #8 P4P ranked wrestler in the country on Flo. If Laplace can hang with him I don’t see him getting majored. This is going to come down to the wire IMHO
  5. Shouts to that kid I saw him wrestle everywhere in the offseason
  6. ?Great kid. Will do well at the next level!
  7. Since he's a 4x state champ, cadet world bronze medalist, Fargo champ, Who's number one champ and has controlled the series against Joe Lee he gets the Nod. But there isn't much separation between those 3( Carr, Lee,Teemer) as they are all 3 ranked in Flowrestlings top 5 pound4pound high school wrestlers in the country
  8. David Carr from Ohio cut to 152 for the state tournament. Sasso is #1 at 145
  9. imho 106 Moran '18 dec Curtis '17 5-4 113 Curtis '18 dec Viduya '17 5-2 120 Watts '18 dec Rooks '17 3-2 126 White '17 dec Garcia '18 6-4 Sv 132 Bailey '17 dec Rooks '18 4-2 138 Rumph '18 over Black '17 6-5 145 B Lee '17 over Slivka '18 15-5 152 J Lee '17 over B Lee '18 7-5 160 Laughlin '17 over South '18 4-2 170 Warren '18 over Stock '17 5-3 182 Gray '17 over Graber '18 4-1 195 A Davison over L.Davison 8-4 220 Parris '18 over Parris '17 5-4 Utb 285 Ellis '18 dec Pokorney '17 5-2
  10. I think Whitman is too small, Parris is wrestling Heavy in college give him Nevills or Cassioppi
  11. Jamari Price 17-0 @138 South Side (Ticket rounder) Dakota Ault North Side Heavyweight (SQ) is undefeated as well
  12. I'd say Evan Ellis! State champ, beat the runner up from last year in the semifinals.Handled the #1 guy in the finals, 3x state placer. And only loss in high school last 2 years was in the semis to Mason Parris his junior season. A true All American got 2nd in country at junior folkstyle nationals as a sophomore and got 2nd last year and didn't give up a point until wrestling a beast in Gable Steveson in the finals. Lost to Mason Parris last year at ISWA state14-7. The grades are there he's wrestling in the Ivy League next year. He's a class act, great young man and wrestler. Believe he's the first state champ from his school?
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