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  1. As a result of @CoachSnyder making my job harder, we have 49 at Brownsburg West Middle school, with more coming soon. Brownsburg East will probably have more, and this is for preseason workouts. Our season doesn’t officially start until the 2nd week of December. The tough part is we don’t have a room, or gym access yet, so we had a couple mat strips in the hallways, a couple in the cafeteria, a couple on the stage. Thanks a lot Darrick.
  2. I know my view is colored by “being there”, but I vividly remember the shock of Devon Nelson from Mishawaka getting pinned in the finals as a junior and a senior. His senior year, he was something like 55-0, and I’m pretty sure he had the match well in hand. May not fit the criteria as the best to come up short, but it’s definitely the biggest in my personal memory.
  3. I found it, but there’s no dashboard. So, results it is.
  4. I can’t find the tournament on track.
  5. I’m usually pretty good at this, but I can’t find the HCC tournament on track! Gotta know how my Brownsburg Bulldogs are doing! Help please!
  6. I’ve been waiting for a comeback from North with all of the Elementary Dual success. They lost to PH by 60ish last year if memory serves correctly, and had a ton of holes. Good for them!
  7. It was really impressive to watch both Avon and EMD! Well trained, hard working kids. Congrats!
  8. This kid walked on the mat for the first time as a “chubby” 180 pound 8th grader who thought he was going to be a soccer player. I can’t overstate how hard that kid has worked to put himself in the place to be a 174 lb college wrestler! Congrats TJB! Super proud of you!
  9. Coach Snyder is a Bulldog, in more ways than one. I’m certain he knew the ramifications not only for Blake, but for the team. It was a bad call, and if all is true above, it was a poor job mat assignment. I’m not questioning the integrity of the ref, as I don’t know him, but if he has a connection to the kid or the program, he should not have been on that mat. Sometimes familiarity and human nature can unintentionally override judgement. That’s a stalemate all day, about 10 seconds earlier.
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