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  1. MattM


    A pancake festival that Fort Wayne hosts each year at Carroll High School. They have some wrestling tournament on the side.
  2. MattM


    With the quarterfinals going Indiana currently has 11 Juniors still in Freestyle. But all are now in the consolation side of the bracket. Go to this link. Click on the TM & Competitors tab (on the top right) Then scroll down a little and click on the Indiana name to find out who is left. https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/66d175eb-5506-e144-0729-fe780268e840
  3. MattM


    Chesterton going into his Junior season. Last year at state he lost to Brewer in semi’s then won in consols for 3rd. Lost in the ticket round of semi-state as a freshman.
  4. MattM

    Casey Kenney

    Another one! What’s with you northeastern counties and Pygmalion statues?
  5. MattM

    Seymour Teaching & Coaching Openings

    Current openings with interviews starting for some soon. HS - Alternate Education, Industrial Tech (PLTW), Math, & Language Arts MS - Industrial Tech (PLTW). Also a Language Arts position will be posted as an opening sometime after next week.   Multiple Elementary openings. 
  6. MattM

    Casey Kenney

    Until sunset!
  7. MattM

    Casey Kenney

    I’m pretty sure he has some Judo in his past along with wrestling.
  8. MattM

    Brennen Cernus Transfer

    That’s assuming they would be paying full price. Are options available to reduce that cost? I’m sure the price is still high, but more appealing to perspective applicants.
  9. MattM

    Brennen Cernus Transfer

    Is Culver turning into an underclassman prep school to help gain entrance into a different prep school?
  10. MattM

    Mendez Gold at Pan Am's Greco-Roman

    Scroll through this group and you will find some videos featuring him. One of the mom did a great job trying to cover the boys. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1036054269938696?tsid=0.6635298145836878&source=result
  11. MattM

    Mendez Gold at Pan Am's Greco-Roman

    He was already a stud, but what a break out year he has has in the national level this year. And now showing his internationally ability too. Way to keep to keep stepping up and pushing yourself rather than be satisfied with the clout he already had. If I recall correctly the US only ended up sending one Cadet representative to PanAm’s to participate in both style. So he still has Freestyle yet to go.
  12. MattM

    Disney Duals

    JT Young used to run it like a professional BJJ player.
  13. MattM

    Disney Duals

    Found it.
  14. MattM

    Final X - Nebraska

    Lets add another Hoosier wrestler to this years world team. Sarah’s Hildebrandt makes her 2nd world team with a 8-0 win. With silver medal last year, Sarah is a medal contender again.
  15. MattM

    Final X - Nebraska

    Round 2 Miracle going to Worlds 4-0 Velte was a Bronze medal winner last year after topping Kayla in 3 matches. So Kayla is definitely in medal contention with her improved takedown IQ.

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