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  1. I’ll take it. Although seems more logical to go in chronological order.
  2. Looks like the evening is more pro-wrestling but at least we have the afternoon time slots.
  3. This afternoon ESPN is running a marathon of wrestling related shows if your interested.
  4. I’ve not read all of the info about this so forgive me if this has already been said. While I realize this is all in fantasy land it would be kinda neat to hear an actual play by play match for the final few competitors. A period by period breakdown of how the match may play out. Maybe highlighting each wrestlers style, mentioning a signature move, and maybe even throwing in a big moment that helped them in securing one of their real life state titles. Sure you would have to pretend they are all at a similar weight, but it all imaginary anyway.
  5. Someone tell Harper to not choose down.
  6. Well it’s not the only stand along wrestling complex in the Midwest, but it has to be one of the few in the nation. Especially for a public school. About 10 years back Edwardsville High School in Illinois had a very impressive stand alone complex built for wrestling, but I believe it was fully paid for by a donor. Skip to about the 2:30 mark to start seeing the main tour part of it. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/5001759-john-davis-wrestling-center/videos?playing=5160826 But back to the main topic, as I mentioned previously the JEnnings Co. room has been a long time coming for their program. Major set up from the basketball gym shelves. Glad to see Coach Jones and the wrestling programs supporters staff finally have it put it together.
  7. As much as I’d like to believe it could happen I don’t believe Steveson goes a whole match vs. Parris without scoring a single point. Only possibility of this would be that he’s put straight on his back and pinned in the opening period, but that’s not how the “fantasy match” went.
  8. Use those Schrute Bucks right and you can get a nice turnip, a nights stay at Schrute farms, or a private dinner with Mose. But oh man those Stanley Nickles are where the real buying power resides.
  9. How the Hildebrandt family navigate the corona virus https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6741419-yes-wrestling-how-the-hildebrandt-family-navigated-the-coronavirus
  10. Well at least Per the Governor all schools are now out until at least May 1st. So it’s likely a possibility of going e-learning for the rest of the school year if things don’t subside close to that date.
  11. Several of the Indiana college have recently made similar decisions after originally expecting a small hiatus.
  12. At one point the IHSAA was selling copies state finals videos though their website. I’m not sure info on this is still listed on there or not, but I’m guessing they may still sell the videos if contacted.
  13. Some may want to take you up on that. I hear any exposure to the Madison water supply could practically make you immune to anything.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised if NCAA basketball either pushes their whole entire event back several weeks with limited fans still, or possibly more likely canceled the large field and guest straight into a Sweet 16 bracket in a few weeks rather than running the whole tournament. Wrestling may likely do some thing similar to follow that lead.
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