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  1. They do have one heck of a faculty for a DIII school now.
  2. Schoeff, Purdy, Carroll, And Jones were also very highly touted coming out of MS. But, based on Goins recent results he may have the best shot of a title from the Freshman group.
  3. DI Signings for Indiana wrestlers and for Indiana Colleges What I found from a quick search. Purdue Jacob Rundell (OPRF, IL): 133 Ranked #11 on Flo. Gerrit Nijenhuis (Canon-McMillan, PA): 174/184 Ranked #2 by Flo and recent Super 32 Champ Nebraska Silas Allred (Shenandoah, IN): 197 Ranked #2 on Flo Indiana Jacob Moran (Portage, IN): 125 - Took a “grey shirt” OTC year this season. Santos Cantu (Crescent Valley, OR): 197 - Changed to IU from his commitment. Ranked #7 on Flo and recent Super 32 Champ
  4. Last I heard he was considering taking a “grey shirt” year out at the Olympic Training Center before starting at IU. Not sure if that is still the car or not. Could be an attempt to help in grow into a true 125, as well as, give IU an opportunity to make a lineup spot and/or scholarship available for him.
  5. I just recall his senior year that he fell victim to part of the Eppert vs Wright finals trilogy. Pretty talented bracket that year.
  6. Justin made it to the 3/4 match a couple times.
  7. The Rebels still living on in memory.
  8. Not to say the 4xers didn’t have some good competition, but off the top of my head I can recall many of those 3x champs losing to an eventual DI wrestler in their none title year.
  9. I’m interested in how Hudkins vs. Schroeder goes. They are both projected in the pre-season to finish decently high in the Big10 standings.
  10. From what I’ve heard the word in West Laf. is that Patriott has spent some time cleaning up a few thing and should make a big impact this year. Based on his expectations out of HS that is something I’m sure the Boiler faithful like hearing.
  11. https://twitter.com/TAdams_Wall/status/1180208299465158657?s=20
  12. Flo has Wabash ranked #2 on their pre-season rankings.
  13. This brings up the old side argument of later achievements proving it vs. achievements at the time. Don’t get me wrong Riley had some solid HS achievements and losing a close final to a stud like Bobby Steveson is definitely worth throwing his name into this debate. But, I’m just saying there are two different ways to look at these achievements which I would say keeps the “conversation” open.
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