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  1. Been waiting for this one to be made public for about a week now. Hard work paying off, great job kid.
  2. Was hoping the weight cut down this year was in part due to a better diet and cardio routine. But, not quite seeing the cardio part as much. Not much time left to get the cardio in place now but, hopefully the right game plan is in place to last through several deep matches in Conference and the grind of a NCAA tournament.
  3. He's pretty much settled into a Greco routine, which has been his international strong style. But yes he will be around for awhile if anyone wants to test him in upper body positioning.
  4. I can see him and Feldman of Ohio State have a series of battle for the top spot as the current crop of talented heavies graduate. And hopefully sneak our own Christian Carroll in there too.
  5. Davison definitely could ruin one of their quarter or semi-final hopes if he has the right plan and can stay healthy through that grind of a tournament.
  6. None of these compare to the greatest rivalry of all though. Grandma's home cooked Thanksgiving feast vs. the weigh-in scale at the tournament that Saturday.
  7. Ah the White Book, the only none in-person scout you could manage to do before the internet truly evolved.
  8. Imagine if all the coaches honestly tried this approach which is a long standing directive in the Winter Bulletin before all the other criteria. 5. Coaches should strive to keep open minds when seeding assignments are being decided. The main objective of seeding is to have outstanding wrestlers separated in the brackets so that they will not meet each other until the finals. Seeding shall be based upon the wrestler's proven ability and not upon the desire for unwarranted advantage. If they did it would solve several debates about seeding before any of those other interpretations were necessary. Fighting for your wrestlers is one things but trying to get an unwarranted advantage which hurts others is what causes someone to ask for clarification and then we get left with a poor interpretations from someone who does not understand seeding. That what the issue was even 5 or so years ago when someone at the IHSAA decided to hand down this weird interpretation and and why it is still floating around today.
  9. It’s seems strange the IHSAA wants to keep wrestling brackets so secretive and wait until as close to the event to create them Wed. and release them Fri. Yet are also putting our the basketball sectional pairing (same with football and volleyball) almost two weeks before the first games start. Seems like our brackets could be done by Tuesday just to make sure coaches had a couple days to input everything and the IHSAA if they really want to look over any weight data. Then release them to the public by Wednesday. If any mistakes are noticed after that then adjust them then or at the Saturday coaches meeting as has always been they case. The IHSAA acts like they are going through everything with a fine tooth comb but it never seems like they catch anything and it’s usually the coaches who would first.
  10. I would assume most meetings weren’t scheduled to start until around 6 or 7 tonight. Hopefully a quick turn around once they wrap things up after a few hours of “debating.”
  11. Or at least gain enough trust with your tournament director (usually an AD) to ensure they ask you or the sectional coaches for clarification before getting some outside sources involved who is not fully aware of the best way to handle the situation. Even if a coach would have called it may have turned out to be a better interpretation based on how things were asked and talked through than an unknowing tournaments director with little concept of a seeding meeting process.
  12. I would love to know how they determine the second part of the head to head criteria in their version of head to total sectional interpretation. "If they have beaten each other an equal number of times, then the winner of the last match gets the seed." This wording clearly indicates an individual vs. individual not a group head to head determination.
  13. That was updated very recently. Likely due to the questioning of the change. If you internet search and find a previous version of the 22-23 Bulletin posted via the IHSAA website the meeting date show Monday. 10/26 Edition Pairings and Seeding A. Sectional pairings and seeding will be made at 7:00 p.m. at the center school on the Monday preceding the sectional tournament. Point being that Wednesday was not the originally posted plan by the IHSAA, and it was not the norm from past year. Thus why some people were unclear/uncertain. I’m sure the IHSAA sent something with the Sectional information to ADs and coaches. As usually, with any notable change in the process, it is always best to communicate as early as possible and make sure the change is noticeable.
  14. The decision was either made after the Winter Bulletin was released or someone forgot to update it from last year because it still indicates Monday.
  15. Not sure where all your going with this data, but it maybe worth distinguishing between teacher in the HS building and a teacher that is just within the corporation. It's much easier to find possible new wrestlers and keep tabs on the current ones if you are in their building rather than just part of the same corporation.
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