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  1. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7125845-whos-1-super-match-announcement-nick-feldman-vs-christian-carroll
  2. 220 #1 ranked Christian Carroll will face HWT #1 ranked Ohio State commit Nick Feldman of PA at Who’s #1 in September. Hopefully we will hear soon if Jesse Mendez will agree to appear for his 3rd go at this event.
  3. I can’t recall much of the details, but I do know most were judges decision.
  4. Elkins with a TKO win in the 2nd to get back on a winning streak.
  5. He had a series of loses that pushed him from being a big part of PPV cards for a bit. He fought on several of the Fight Night Cards in the last few years including twice on the ESPN cards last year.
  6. I just read an article last night saying that wrestling is getting full coverage on the main Olympic Channel (there are a few of them for the game) and on the USA. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/July/09/NBC-Olympic-wrestling-coverage-on-The-Olympic-Channel So hopefully that means they will be showing most of the event without cutting away much to other sports. With YouTube TV it asked me what Olympic events I preferred and then added them to my record library so hopefully anything miss live will be waiting in my library. I know in previous Olympics I was able to watch a lot of events through NBC’s online feeds. It had every event live and on replay. I’m not sure if a similar set up is available for free or on a trial based for this year.
  7. Gotta like a young man that rises to the occasion. Stay humble yet hungry Veazy, you have a bright future. General you were definitely ahead of the pack on your support of this young lion.
  8. Christian Carroll Junior National Champion! 12-0 final. Smith and Lemley finish as Runner-Ups. Several All Americans to boot. Great showing overall by our Junior Group.
  9. The first set of Dollamur Velcro we purchased (right when they came out) are still in pretty good shape for as much as we have transported them. Those seemed to have a harder surface and had a more stiffer connection than the current model. They were not everyday use but there have been only two point of damage on them since purchase. A 6in rip on the vinyl mat along the Velcro flap from what really was the wrestlers trying to pull the apart as quickly as possible at the end of a roll up to get done. That is somewhat correctable if you have someone useful making sure the start of the mat separation is done with a little care before rolling, as well as, ensuring a clean separation before moving the mat at the end of the roll up. From what I gathered the wrestlers ended up trying to turn and lift the mat before the separation was complete and the tension up on the stiffer edge caused it to tear some. The other point of damage was a part of the Velcro coming loose, likely from again the wrestlers trying to pull the mats apart in a big rush. But that was easily fixed with some epoxy glue. We did purchased another set of the Dollumur Velcro about two years ago and have to say I think they tooled with the product since the first edition. They surface has a little more give to it (though still harder than a traditional foam coated mat). The Mat connection edges are a little more flexible with what seems to be a sturdier coating (seems less likely to tear). The new ones are currently use as practice mats too, although we do not take them up everyday. Obviously the upside in convenience of assemble and transport. The down side I have see as a practice mat are: While they are generally giving when thrown on them it does take your knees a little time getting used the the harder too surface. If you are running sprints on them the mat may slide around a little depending on what’s under them. And like I said earlier, even with the new model I would take some care in making sure the start and end of the Velcro separation is done with a little care to ensure they last longer without develop a edge tear. One last piece of advice if you are going to roll and unroll the mats regularly. Get a market and number the mats in order on both sides. That way regardless of which side you start rolling them they will still be easily identified for when they need rolled out again.
  10. Seymour HS has an opening for Biology, Business, Spanish, and one for Social Studies. Seymour MS has an opening in Language Arts, one in Science and one in Math. Seymour 6th Grade Center has a Science opening. There are also a couple Elementary teaching openings, as well. Plus, the additional HS Assistant Coach and Youth Coordinator positions available. We also have a HS and MS Assistant Football position if you are interested in helping there and encourage some more guys to come out for the wrestling team. The school is looking to fill these positions very soon, so if anyone is interested please apply at the link a the start of the thread, as well as, contact me so I can help move along the process.
  11. The obit posted at the top also denotes that he had passed in Nov. 2020
  12. Solid investment in the upper weights.
  13. He said in a Flo interview that it was a lingering issue that didn’t work out that day. But he’s going through physical therapy and expects to be ready for Junior Worlds. Hopefully, he’ll be able to preform without it hampering his ability.
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