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  1. The Russian Federation has final approval of their team. While they heavily weigh the results of National Tournament they also look at the last year worth of competition and how the other wrestlers stack up against their prior years World Team member. It’s give them a little wiggle room to occasionally pull an audible if they feel their is a better option out their than who showed up to win Nationals. As for the U.S. World team trials neither Snyder or Cox were technically seeded. Criteria that moves you to a higher part of the tournament system is based on placement at t
  2. Seymour High School has posted a Head Wrestling Coaching Opening for next season. As well as a youth coordinator position. https://www.applitrack.com/scsc/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Athletics%2fActivities
  3. Lemley stock should be going up on the national level with his showing in decently talented 126 bracket.
  4. We have 2 young women from Indiana on the Olympic team. Micic will be there representing his fathers home country of Serbia. Plus, Steveson at least has his roots in Indiana. Not a bad showing at the world level for the Hoosier state.
  5. Great job young lady, it has been a long time coming. It may have taken a 3 match battle, and I’m sure didn’t ended the way you would liked due to an injury, but you still put in the work to earned the spot. Now it’s time to focus on that Olympic medal now.
  6. Awesome job. The life adjustments you have made to become an world level athlete are paying off. Now go get that Olympic medal.
  7. Well the semi’s coverage isn’t the greatest. Was hoping for at least a split screen or at least bouncing between mats to catch some of the action. NBC must be hoping everyone wants to buy their Peacock network to get more mat coverage though.
  8. That’s crazy, especially with him up a weight from his regular Worlds weight class. Must have had something majorly amiss with his preparation.
  9. In a similar vein Dan Gable was recently on the Joe Rogan Experience pod cast.
  10. I think our states talent at the next level is getting to the point that we can start having two categories. The best HS wrestlers in state history? As well as, the best college/International wrestlers in state history? Some may overlap of course.
  11. Gable made sure to step it up this year so he wouldn’t be denied his title. Mason is definitely a step above the rest of the field, but Steveson has shown he is just another step past even that.
  12. 4 titles maybe a record for a team runner-up. Strong statement for next year.
  13. Penn State at least showing Iowa it won’t have a walk to a second team title next season. Caels new wave of young talent would like multiple titles too.
  14. He mentioned in his post match that he’s going to start preparing for next year on Sunday. But, I think you’ll be fine if you waiting until Monday to start Nick. Take a solid day to enjoy it with your family and friends.
  15. My wife asked me if I had money on the match since I was moving around so much. No but when you’ve seen someone work at a craft since elementary and have had several good conversations with his dad over the years you have a little more vested interest in the outcome.
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