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  1. Bo get the Hodge Lewis MVW of NCAAs Foster most unlikely champ.
  2. Didn’t know that one. Thanks for the info.
  3. Ok so 132 was his junior year. Make me feel a little better about the extreme weight jump to college. He was part of that early Monster Garage/St. Bosco crew that once included Aaron Pico.
  4. Foster maybe the most unlikely national champ but good for him.
  5. What’s crazy to me was watching Zahid wrestle as a scrawny 106 stating HS and then grow into a monster of a 174lber now. I think he was 132 for his HS senior year. He could definitely move up to 184 after his OLympic Redshirt next year.
  6. Zahid is a little bit of a big moment gamer that seems to put on his best performance in front of the big crowd. I’d like to see Red follow a similar path of stepping up most night and then finding a way to grow from his couple defeats along the way in order to be at top form by the big show.
  7. I’d be good with a 2 of 3 decision if it was made quickly. Ref, assistant ref, and an independent video review ref. Kinda like they do in freestyle.
  8. This is the action most hoped to see from Fix vs Soriano but didn’t. Glad these guys want find a way to earn some points.
  9. This is my match of the night. Hope for a multiple scoring occasion on this one.
  10. Lewis was a junior world champ, but most wrestling fans didn’t know his name until this weekends. He ran through all the top guys in his bracket (Marinelli, Wick, Joseph) and earned the title. On a side note he only beat Cael McCormick 4-1. So in retrospect a decent showing by the Golden Knight and Yorktown grad.
  11. Lewis just pulled a Joseph vs IMar on Joseph.
  12. Joseph may need another freak TD to back points move to possibly win this one now. Lewis has become a household wrestling fan name over the course of this weekend.
  13. They said awhile back they have tightened up a little more with who gets an Olympic Redshirt compared to previous years where a ton of wrestlers got them. I’d say Hall and Manville (Greco) likely gets one, but Lee may have to finish decently high in this years Senior Trials to get his. Love to see him advance far at the senior level, but I’m not sure where the new line is to get the Olympic year. However, if it helps him and Joe get a year to together on the PSU starting lineup I’d be all for it.
  14. Yeah the “grey shirt” group will help since they are getting some additional college room seasoning. But that still a younger group with some college growing pains to get through even if they are at the penn state talent level. It will be interesting where they put some people and who ends up with a regular redshirt. But if it doesn’t all fall into place with the extra year guys, a down year for PSU at this point is still likely a top 5 finish.
  15. Yes they are especially with losing the other seniors, plus possibly a starter or two to a Olympic Redshirt year.

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