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  1. I’m still waiting on IU to announce they have brought in the Russian National coaching staff to help increase their chances.
  2. Seems like Michigans recent move to bring in Kevin Jackson to further bolster their already solid program would keep UofM in contention.
  3. Well unless he has recently cut down the list more his last Top 5 schools on his visit list were Indiana, Iowa, Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan. And in a recent interview as part of Who’s #1 he was pretty clear about finding a school with a solid RTC program to help him with his international aspiration.
  4. Waynesburg entering would be cutting the IN schools participation about as close as the travel rules can allow.
  5. Yes, Lemley said he was heading back to Illinois now that things are somewhat back to normal. I would have loved to see him stick around the Hoosier state, but he’s able to attend some pretty high level national tournament by going back to his old school.
  6. Carroll falls 3-2 in his match. But both young men represented Indiana. Mendez and Carroll’s work ethic and determination to seek out too competition will inevitably shine as they reach the college ranks and hopefully beyond.
  7. Mendez ana Casey sound very similar in their work ethic, passion for the sport, and game plan. Both of them should do great things with that attitude. Much respect to Mendez I’m not sure he’s has ducked anything in his life. Dude welcome all challenges and know he needs to sharpen his skills all the way to an Olympic run.
  8. Sounds like he’s hanging it up to follow a new path. He had a very solid college career and has always been a great representative for Indiana wrestling. https://www.instagram.com/p/CT2Vr1UFIAA/
  9. Yes, he has a part of his set about his past wrestling experience. It depends on his audience how much he uses, but if he knows it’s a wrestling friendly crowd you get a lot of it. Search youtube and you can usually find parts of it.
  10. Can Bishop Sycamore attend Connersville instead. I feel it maybe our best shot at getting any coverage of that one.
  11. They probably have some USA Wrestling Masters class event to attend that weekend.
  12. Did Eppert ever wrestle Wright? I feel like that’s one I could still watch again and again and again.
  13. I haven’t double checked the names, but I’d say a very small few have ever made an appearance 3 time at the event as Mendez will do when he faces #2 Swiderski of Michigan. As well, only a small number being able to claim two “finals” wins (Jesse has some prelim wins too). Hopefully Jesse adds his name to those ranks at the event.
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