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  1. Keep those updates coming I’m at a wedding for the rest of the afternoon. Why a wrestling coach would schedule his wedding on the WTT weekend is beyond me.
  2. Mendez looking great against the well seasoned Gross. Mendez almost ends it but Gross catches him gets trap arm, turning him several time to get the lead. Unfortunate ending from Mendez trying to push the offense to wrap up the match. I think the final was Gross 13-12
  3. Alara Boyd is seeded 3rd at 68kg WF Former IU wrestler Nate Jackson seeded 2nd at 92kg MF Former IU wrestler Lucas Sheridan is seeded 2nd at 97kg MG
  4. Seymour Community Schools has a few teaching openings currently available at different levels of our school system. Current teaching positions includes: Multiple Elementary Positions Middle School Science Middle School EL/ELS High School Business High School EL/ELS High School JAG/Career Specialist High School 1/2 Day Latin Athletically we are also looking to file positions for: High School Wrestling Assistant Middle School Football Assistant (would love to see a wresting friendly coach in this position) High School Assistant Boys Soccer High School Assistant Girls Soccer (the head coach was a formers wrestling assistant) High School Assistant Cross Country If you are interested in getting an interview for any of this positions please fill out an application at this website https://www.applitrack.com/scsc/onlineapp/ along with marking the position/positions you are interested in. Some more positions will likely open up over the next month or two, so check back often to our job posting website regularly. For further information on our program, a specific job posting, or to make us aware of your interest in getting an interview please contact Seymour High School Head Wrestling Coach Daniel Rasey at raseyd@scsc.k12.in.us
  5. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/05/01/ihsaa-board-directors-consider-proposals-annual-meeting/9607926002/ Among a few other potential all sports rule changes these two topics seem to have the biggest potential impact on our sport. - Designating Girls Wrestling an official emerging sport. -Keeping the Indiana schools travel restriction, but eliminating the part of the rule which prevents competing against teams who travel from outside of that radius.
  6. One of these days I’ll recognize her by her married name. I’m still stuck in maiden name Katie more, and was trying to rack my brain from where I have heard Kriebel before. This is a great opportunity for her and the women's program.
  7. Plenty of room for a multiple dual meet event(with movable bleacher seating) or good off season event, but definitely not what we need to highlight the IHSAA state finals.
  8. Unless they build some type of new stadium seating arrangement I’m not aware of then it shouldn’t be. Their main indoor soccer field has a seating capacity of 2,500 and the rest of the complex is scattered small bleacher section seating or bring your own bag chairs.
  9. The next closest arena semi-centralized location after Butler's Henkle Fieldhouse would be IU, Purdue, or Ball State. But that again means working around their basketball schedules. Thus why I hope the IHSAA is being proactive and trying to see what these type of arrangement can be made now. Most college ADs try to keep almost a year ahead on organizing their schedules so the IHSAA isn’t going to get much headway waiting until next year to solve this. Unfortunately the State Fairgrounds Colosseum is a little to small seating wise as a realistic option as well as several more none centralized options. If the IHSAA end up dragging their feet to long or feels securing a nice college venue isn't a major priority they we will end up setting on a cramped HS gym that barely holds 8,000 or even less participants/fans. If the state finals are suppose to be an honored experience I'm not sure a HS gym is the way to go (even if they would do a solid job hosting). Some of the centrally located big HS gym AD would really get my respect if rather than jump at the opportunity they first kindly asked the IHSAA to first exhaust every possible scenarios of making it into a semi-centralized college arena.
  10. Have Butler hit up some road games that weekend and I’d be good with Henkle Fieldhouse as a replacement. It still in a center Indianapolis location, its an arena over a Hs gym, and it’s seating capacity hits around the regular finals attendance.
  11. Does Nick have any eligibility left? No redshirt year taken, 4 years of NCAAs (5th, 5th, 1st, 1st) plus the Covid year when NCAAs were canceled. This super senior things got confusing but that seems like 5 years of competition with the given cancelation bonus year.
  12. Oh man that sucks. They brought in a new coach a little over a year ago Tom Malony. He wanted to fix the culture of the program and increase recruitment of some solid “region” wrestlers. Sounded like he was making some progress in that department but not much time was really given him to right the ship with this announcement. Looks like I’ll be wearing my Crimson Wave wrestling shirt tomorrow in the programs honor.
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