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  1. I can say the biggest issue Covid safety protocol we have had with football this year have been with opponents fans. Our schools football protocol was to limit seating to just immediate family members and require masks when not distanced. However, most of the visiting schools brought what I would consider their typical traveling fan base that was beyond immediate family and many were not wearing masks at any point. Not sure it resulted in any more cases occurring, but it definitely was some type of communication/enforcement breakdown between the ADs and fans. Luckily for our ind
  2. Great honor for him and well deserved after his showing at Who’s #1. Though I’m guessing Jesse would like another shot at Van Ness in order to solidify that ranking.
  3. Remind him that mat retuning the kid running in front of him is generally frowned upon.
  4. Which national rankings are these from? Flo, Intermat, OpenMat, WIN, one of a couple Rofkin guys. There are a few of them out there to choose from these days.
  5. Who’s #1 occurring this evening. Lots of solid matches on the card. Jesse Mendez it set to hopefully get two matches in as he makes his case for the top wrestler at his weight in the nation. Let’s go Jesse!
  6. Gino comes from good peoples. His mothers aunts cousin loaded me up with extra cheese whiz for on my Philly cheese steak when I was traveling through once. Get in good with the family and they maybe able to hook you up with a bridge or a hockey team when one become available for you in the future.
  7. IndianaMat was the high bidder on the Golden Girls House auction today!?!?!?! Shelling out 4Mil is quite a lot of cash, but that pre-season open has been doing well.
  8. Seymour Middle School has a English/Language Arts opening for this school year that needs to be filled in the next couple days. As well, Seymour has an Assistant Wrestling Coaching opening at our High School as well as a possible Middle School coaching and Elementary Coordinator openings. We are looking for a young, energetic, passionate, and hard-working coach to help with our middle school program continue to grow and improve. The ideal candidate would be someone with head coaching aspirations at the high school level. Please get your applications in via the school
  9. Jesse again is set up for possibly two matches as the featured weight of the event. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6761648-full-whos-1-lineup-set-for-october-3rd
  10. Some of the warm weather states will have a lot more options for shifting their sports seasons around since they are not constructed as much by winter weather. Those state probably could find a way to get all their sports in without shortening the season too much or even overlapping most sports seasons. If the rest of the rest states move seasons though they will run into those types of issues. Which as mentioned above could cause some multi-sports athletes to make some decisions on what to play. That would suck, but at least it’s a better option than not getting many of the sports seasons
  11. Seymour still has openings at: Elementary Edudation Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies. High School Math
  12. It’s sad this generation of children will never experience the amazing world of Geocities sites. I mean look at all the color, the animation, the content. How could someone let this resource fall apart.
  13. Some updates to the job board already. And a few new ones coming this week.
  14. MattM

    Casey Kenney

    Nice. Missed the prelims. I’ll have to catch the replay of it.
  15. To help honor America BTN wants to show America’s greatest sport all day long.
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