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  1. Not going to lie I love single class! Wrestlebacks will definitely be an improvement, but keep the single class!
  2. There was a kid that went to Boonville, named BJ Little or something? He was an absolute monster! Anyone remember him ?
  3. The legend continues! I am blown away!
  4. I’m from Evansville and he’s still a mythical figure down that way!
  5. Good stuff was there for that as well. Radnovich ran through everyone!
  6. For bonus points add in the score as well. *‘20 listed first followed by ‘21 * 106- (43-2) Miller vs Jackson (35-2) 113- (41-2) Cottey vs Cottey(36-2 both inj. def.) keep in mind he was coming off of injury default. 120-(43-0) Seltzer vs Lemley (37-1) only loss bumping up to wrestle Seltzer, so same weight and a year difference may make all of the difference (arguably the match of the hypothetical). 126 - (40-2) Lowery vs Seltzer (33-0) 132- (40-1 undefeated in state only loss in high school) Mendez vs Montgomery (31-3) 138- (39-3) Boarman vs Mendez (34-0) round 2
  7. Could’ve easily been a 2x with talent being a 3x!
  8. My hat goes off to this kid and I had the pleasure of watching him all the way from Texas for 4 years. This kid could’ve went up once he saw Mendez was in his weight class, but instead he stuck around and competed like the warrior he is! He gave Mendez his most competitive match all year and earned his respect. He’s on my Mt. Rushmore of favorite MD wrestlers and I know the kid will go on to do great things in the future. Once again thank you Blake Boarman it was a pleasure watching you compete for past 4 years!
  9. Leighton may have something to say about that.
  10. Man what a match and respect to Baumann for going for the win and not just trying to hold on. The tires on that kid to go for the lat drop!!!
  11. What are the odds now between Perry and MD?
  12. Ben Dalton always seems to be in funky barn burners.
  13. Enter Sandman, I’m shipping up to Boston, Seven Nation Army.
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