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  1. And before Papa Garcia comes after my head Asa is by far one of my favorite Indiana High School wrestles of all-time. Cernus looked other-worldly at State and Red was ranked # 1 in the country. Asa had some tough matchups in this hypothetical. And if he wound up pulling either off I wouldn’t be shocked because he is a gamer!
  2. Guess that Purdue prediction on live air was off!
  3. I admit that was a tough one. South just seems to be a gamer so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
  4. I will take the bait. 106: Cernus 8-1 113: Moran 8-3 120: Littell 3-1 126: Mendez 6-1 132: Red 5-3 138: Lee 8-2 145: Joe Lee 7-5 152: Rodgers 5-0 160: Covaciu 3-2 OT 170: Hughes 4-3 2OT 182: Rypel 8-5 195: Allred Tech 220: Parris Fall 285: Streck Fall
  5. I was there at Semi’s when the younger Ritchie went chute box with I believe the kid from Terre haute south who went to on to become a state champion, possibly Purdue as well? Forget his name but he was as jacked as a human could be at 152!
  6. Didn’t get to see it, but that makes sense!
  7. Sounds like a darce choke!
  8. If you are an Indiana native and saying that , I don’t know what to say... IU !!!
  9. Please lord! Man that be huge for our program, could start a domino effect and land all the in state guys!
  10. Where can we get the brackets ?
  11. Let’s just hope we keep him in state for his last 3 years...
  12. Anyone know if Matt Lee is sticking around ?
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