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  1. Jayruss

    Disney Duals

    I was there at Semi’s when the younger Ritchie went chute box with I believe the kid from Terre haute south who went to on to become a state champion, possibly Purdue as well? Forget his name but he was as jacked as a human could be at 152!
  2. Jayruss

    Disney Duals

    Didn’t get to see it, but that makes sense!
  3. Jayruss

    Disney Duals

    Sounds like a darce choke!
  4. Jayruss

    Jesse Mendez

    If you are an Indiana native and saying that , I don’t know what to say... IU !!!
  5. Jayruss

    Jesse Mendez

    Please lord! Man that be huge for our program, could start a domino effect and land all the in state guys!
  6. Jayruss

    2019 UWW Cadet and U23 Nationals

    Where can we get the brackets ?
  7. Jayruss

    Jesse Mendez

    Let’s just hope we keep him in state for his last 3 years...
  8. Jayruss

    New Flo Rankings

    Anyone know if Matt Lee is sticking around ?
  9. I like his upside
  10. Jayruss

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    How the hell do I get a flo arena link to flo nationals? This mess is turrrrrrible, I hate flo arena!
  11. Jayruss

    Scholastic Duals

    Found it, Littell over Rundell is huge for the national rankings.
  12. Jayruss

    Scholastic Duals

    Couldn’t find it with that link.
  13. Jayruss

    Class of 2021

    I agree, sorta a logjam all around, and can wind up as the best who never won it. Kid is an amazing wrestler, just is in a tough spot.
  14. Jayruss

    2019 IndianaMat Disney Duals

    I am interested, but I am 17 years past my eligibility and have the weight of a heavy, but the cardio of a 600lb man. Let me know if I make the cut.
  15. Jayruss

    All Indiana College Lineup

    That would be a top 10 team, easily.

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