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  1. Love the kid, just hate to see any kid leave the state!
  2. It was Shockman who I was referring to. Guy is a widow maker indeed!
  3. Shockley, my bad. Apparently ive met him long ago he used to train under my pops.
  4. Sparred Josh Shockman (UFC) and a former Bellator guy today at Nice Guy Submission Fighting, couple of killers. Man it was a great time, been 10 years since I’ve sparred and more than held my own. Loved every minute of it!
  5. Can some post our boy’s records so I don’t have to lose my eyesight going to flo arena?
  6. This video was also shared by Chael Sonnen! https://twitter.com/highlighthump/status/1328869653070942210?s=21
  7. Mauer vs Sollars would be , and thanks for translating it over to the current weight classes.
  8. Most refer to the 2003 MD team the best team in Indiana wrestling history, but 2021 MD broke the state record for team points. (2003 listed first followed by ‘21). I considered taking out a weight class so that they align better, but if someone could make it more equitable and possibly list each ones placement that could help this hypothetical a lot! 103/106 Brian Bittner vs Evan Seng 112/113- Bryan Williams vs Reed Egli 119/120- John Hillenbrand vs Cole Ross 125/126- Craig Macke vs Jacob Pierre 130/132-Matt Coughlin vs Alec Freeman 135/138- Aaron scott vs Blake Boarman 140/145 -Joe Lehman vs Ashton Hayhurst 145/152- Craig Weinzapfel vs. Scott Fitts 152/160- Nathan Weinzapfel vs Brody Baumann 160/170- Dustin Nosko vs Blake Weidner 171/182 Sam Wildeman vs Gabe Sollars 189/195- Blake Mauer vs Clay Martin 215/220- Thomas Unfried vs Nick Boots 275/285-Chad Schwartz vs James Ralph
  9. Kid is a stud! I am glad he committed to my alma mater!!
  10. Who does Zach Rotkvich wrestler for ?
  11. If it’s Schaefer I believe he also holds a victory over him.
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