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  1. Can someone breakdown this recruiting class with high school credentials? Outside of the Indiana guys I don’t know much about the rest.
  2. 106 Hockaday- kid is on another level and puts on a takedown clinic and scores a fall. 113 Brooks- tailor made for that weight class. Brooks loses a point once he tries a mma moves. 120 Wilson- all 3 matches go to criteria but Wilson edges Kyrell in the 3 match series! Funk city and a barn burner. 126 Micic- Assuming Harper is healthy Micic wins 5-3. 132 Zeke- this one hurts my soul, but a 132 Zeke is equivalent to a 132 Red, but Lee goes on to beat this Zeke in college. 138 Alex - Jackson gives him problem, but no T-shirts gets beat by Devon. 145 Lee- Cody was tough, but 145 Lee is too much of a gamer. 152 Brayton- although Joe is coming off a win over Carr I still think Brayton finds a way in criteria. 160 Conway- Conway always pulls off the close matches, but Jordan is the upset king. I bet on Conway to win, but Jordan probably takes my money in a win per usual. 170 Baumann- I am betting on offense to win this match. Brody stays too offensive to get ridden out by Hughes. 182 Rypel- Confident Rypel rolls to a major. 195 Silas- Sollars puts Bankers Life on their feet when he throws Silas to his back for .5 seconds. Silas recovers to put on a clinic, but doesn’t finish Gabe and wins by major. 220 Caroll- Parris comes in as the slight favorite, but Caroll pulls off the upset. They trade-off wins in the Big Ten and are 5-5 against each other. 285 Chico- Streck is cruising to a victory until Chico does a backflip to an ankle pick and catches Streck off guard and lands a fall with 3 seconds left. main event Mendez vs Tsirtsis- undecided, my heart gives out from the anticipation and electricity in the room. I wake from a coma only to learn the match wasn’t decided on points nor criteria and the wrestling gods shut off the lights to the building prior to criteria kicking in!
  3. OOOOhhhhh I like that, Rypel vs Mauer who wins? I have Blake escaping and turning around and facing Rypel to win in OT!
  4. But at the same time how many women are competing? You have to factor in the level of competition and competitors. She’s the women’s GOAT of Indiana, but similar to mma you can’t compare this as apples to apples.
  5. 2x NCAA champion in a super tough bracket, is he the of Indiana ? We’ve had this conversation a couple times already, but is he the goat for winning 2 titles, or do we have to wait for freestyle and international and Olympic results?
  6. Tyler Jones (Warren Central) is a physical specimen who seems a little raw, but best wrestling days ahead of him.
  7. Yea I had it coming down to the heavies as well, pretty close to my match by match prediction.
  8. Macke is the perennial winner of best who never won it, and Brandon James has a stake there as well.
  9. Yea these young pups don’t realize how good Weinzapfel was!
  10. Mauer still wins at 220 and Coughlin wins by fall at 195!
  11. I have it coming down to Heavy 28-25 CP and the newly crowned best Indiana team to ever do it. I adjusted for eras as well, and being a guy from Evansville this was hard to admit. CP gets the nod.
  12. Oh boy! I appreciate you doing this!
  13. Someone has to do it who wins ? (‘21 listed first followed by ‘22) Bonus points for predicting the score for each match. 106 - Jackson vs Hockaday (I give hockaday the nod 3-1) 113- Cottey vs Jackson ( sounds like I’m disrespecting Jackson, but Cottey 4-1) 120- Lemley vs Leavell ( Lemley 5-2 with a lot of action scrambles) 126- Seltzer vs Frazier (Zeke 5-1 and competitive) 132- Montgomery vs Seltzer ( Zeke by major flirting with a tech) 138- Mendez vs Mendez (‘22 Mendez gets the nod) 145- Wagner vs Watson ( Watson 2-1) 152- Conway vs Goin (double OT Goin) 160- Baumann vs Conway (Fireworks with a Baumann lat drop in OT to secure it) 170- Baumann vs Hall (Most competitive match for Brody all season escapes 5-3) 182- Sollars vs Buchanan (rematch, you can’t deny senior Buchanan and destiny 3-1 Buchanan with a takedown in OT) 195- Filipovich vs Sollars ( Sollars a little too much 6-2) 220- Ruhlman vs Carroll ( Wowzers, Ruhlman puts Carroll to his back for a scare a la Weinzapfel vs Tsirtsis and Koontz bs Mendez, but Carroll regroups 7-5) 278- Muncie vs Fishback ( battle of the unknowns goes to Muncie who had arguably a tougher bracket)
  14. I believe Ev Central sectional had guys alternate 1-4 all the way through state. If anyone could confirm that, it was quite remarkable
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