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  1. Jayruss

    Freshmen Class

    He’s angling himself to possibly be the best ever to come out of Indiana...
  2. Jayruss

    Freshmen Class

    I don’t know about the depth of this class, but it is amazing at the top with Seltzer and Mendez.
  3. Jayruss

    Mendez or Littell

    Mendez. Kid will wind up on our state of Indiana’s Mt. Rushmore.
  4. For all the guys streaming the state finals, what are you guys knocking down for food? I am doing wings tonight, and Pizza for the long day tomorrow. And of course quite of few adult beverages. Am I missing anything?
  5. Jayruss

    Link to tonight’s matches

    What time do intros begin and the approx. start time for the actual matches?
  6. Jayruss

    Mendez vs. Watts

    Tons of hype all season long. I don’t remember any other senior vs frosh hype like that.
  7. Jayruss


    this is the least amount of undefeated wrestlers coming into state that I can remember. This is possibly attributable to our best wrestling outside of the state and other nationally ranked guys.
  8. Jayruss

    Toughest weight

    I am going with 120 and 132. Disgustingly deep!
  9. Jayruss

    Semi-State Broadcasts

    Anyone else having trouble with the east Chicago stream ?
  10. Jayruss

    Nick Lee takes down #2

    Helluva match! McKenna emptied his tank in the first. Good decision for Lee to cut him at the end.
  11. Jayruss

    Semi-State Broadcasts

    Pretty sure evv is the highest attended so I’d imagine viewship would be good as well.
  12. Jayruss

    Semi-State Broadcasts

    Makes me blood boil that evv is the only one not streaming!
  13. Was hoping to keep him in state
  14. Jayruss

    Semi-State Bracket Links

    B. south kid has been tough and KT is much better than his ranking.
  15. Jayruss

    Semi-State Bracket Links

    If this stays, Cole Ross has a brutal path to the finals. Every guy he would wrestle on the way to the finals would be top 15.

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