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  1. it would be nice if we could get a breakdown of the final national rankings for each class, that should help us determine.
  2. Is this class the best in the past 10 years with Mendez, Conway, Baumann, Sollars, Seltzer, Carroll etc? Give me your thoughts.
  3. Im guessing Jett is Jeff Goldsberry's boy? If so, great genes.
  4. Where did this Marcello Milani come from ? Dude is a straight hammer! Saw he got 3rd in Greco, but no prior high school results?
  5. Elijah Anthony was really impressive and has the look of a solid collegiate wrestler.
  6. Spoke about Hockaday being a frosh who could make a state run and was met with some backlash.
  7. He seemed like he was always a tough match during regular season as well!
  8. Where are we at in the team race ?
  9. Love the kid, just hate to see any kid leave the state!
  10. It was Shockman who I was referring to. Guy is a widow maker indeed!
  11. Shockley, my bad. Apparently ive met him long ago he used to train under my pops.
  12. Sparred Josh Shockman (UFC) and a former Bellator guy today at Nice Guy Submission Fighting, couple of killers. Man it was a great time, been 10 years since I’ve sparred and more than held my own. Loved every minute of it!
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