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  1. I was there for Leavell vs Cannon, great call! Market Square Arena I believe. Or the Dome I forget.
  2. It’s a different era…
  3. I created a bracket of 4 time state champs (exception of Nick Lee) and the most recent 3 timers and made it a single elimination bracket (sorry i couldn’t figure out how to fit the bracket on one snipit)with everyone the same weight. No consideration to college, and strictly their junior or senior years of high school. Top 4 can only place. I also used a randomizer to mix up the bracket. Attached is the bracket roster and bracket. Fill out it to the best of your ability.
  4. I heard Thrine went 8-2 and beat some nationally ranked kids.
  5. What would be IU’s best lineup and what would be Purdue’s ? And how would they fare if they squared off ?
  6. Just a solid addition for close duals, I’ll take it.
  7. Yea he was definitely raised right!
  8. Valid argument, and I feel like T-shirts is Mendez in disguise or vice versa. Jason probably has the best high school resume.
  9. I am revisiting this conversation after he US Open championship, is Nick the best ever from Indiana ?
  10. I am tracking the transfer portal for potential wrestlers that may end up at IU , Purdue, or other in state programs. Bryler Hall will be one to keep an eye on!
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