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  1. Man it would be nice if they had state at the Ford Center. I bet it will sellout and Evansville always has a packed crowd because of MD and the southern wrestling crazies.
  2. Yea I can usually only make either Semi or State because I live in San Antonio. And EVV leaves me feeling as if I attended state. Heckuva wrestling fix there.
  3. Finally got the chance to watch him. One of the most physical frosh I’ve seen, kid is the real deal.
  4. Penn State vs Nebraska this Friday and another Lee be Red matchup. Predictions?
  5. I counted a legitimate 6 guys who could be crowned 126 champ. Possibly the deepest In the last few years. Someone refresh me on the deepest weight ever.
  6. Boarman had a rough day. Was he battling illness or injury?
  7. Sounds right. The other Hopf’s were that height at pretty good basketball players.
  8. I remember watching Nick Mayer from MD and he was 6’6 and i think he wrestled 160. Any other super tall guys who wrestled, and guys who were very tall for their weight class ?
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