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  1. Man I wanted him at IU! But congrats to the kid.
  2. I agree but when you take top 4 vs top 4 the 3 timers have a better resume and body of work.
  3. Asa just might continue that trend.
  4. An argument can be made that 3x state champs do better than the 4x state champs. Reece Humphrey, Andrew Howe, Stevan Micic for example. Thoughts ?
  5. My brother wrestled you a few times. You destroyed him. (Moxley, Central)
  6. Can someone give a match by match scores for our top guys. I can’t stand FloArena
  7. And before someone makes the accusation, yes I’ve dabbled in my share of adult beverages this evening. Doesn’t mean I won’t hop on here in the a.m. to see if there’s any bites.
  8. There’s a bunch of you fellas don’t like hypotheticals but I like it to fill the time until the season kicks off. All wrestlers at the same weight. The Lee’s Joe and Nick versus Brayton Lee and Jesse Mendez. Sorta tag team event. Two matches and overall score wins the dual. Nick’s Jr year vs current Mendez and Junior Joe Lee vs Junior Brayton Lee. Who comes out on top with the combined scores?
  9. And before Papa Garcia comes after my head Asa is by far one of my favorite Indiana High School wrestles of all-time. Cernus looked other-worldly at State and Red was ranked # 1 in the country. Asa had some tough matchups in this hypothetical. And if he wound up pulling either off I wouldn’t be shocked because he is a gamer!
  10. Guess that Purdue prediction on live air was off!
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