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  1. I think he’s going to have a bright future. He’s a kid I see that could’ve flourished at the D1 level
  2. You mind giving us a breakdown ? I don’t subscribe to flo ?
  3. Liam Cronin transferred to Nebraska even though he was a NCAA qualifier. Goes to show the depth at IU lighter weights and the fact that Hudkins is an absolute stud. I’m really curious to see how the logjam at 133 shapes out with Asa, Rooks, Luigs, and another logjam at 141. They may have too much depth in the lighter weights, thoughts ?
  4. Great kid, great wrestler. Unfortunate draw this year.
  5. Awesome, that kid absolutely brought it in the state tournament.
  6. With Mendez, Seltzer, Watson, Koontz etc is this the best class in Indiana history ?
  7. Ah man I was hoping IU for him as well. Kid is an absolute stud!
  8. Who wins this heavyweight bout ?
  9. Hey Angel and IU is on their way. Look at all the guys who redshirted or sat out this year for IU. Great things are a coming!
  10. During that time period that was an understatement. Outside of that really good Central team mid 90’s MD JV would’ve dominated the Southwest and probably top 10 statewide. They were dominant, but more than that the state has come a long way. MD was just far ahead of the curve.
  11. Whats the odds he transfers? I hope he lands at IU
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