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  1. Definitely agree. For Team State qualification evaluation, it was always one of if not the weakest--but now it's firmly middle of the pack statewide in terms of depth despite having so many small schools.
  2. Also of note: ex-IU Hoosier Lucas Sheridan is in the senior greco final at 97kg and current Boilermaker Matt Ramos won the senior freestyle 57kg title (many stars were missing, but he positions himself with a very strong seed at World Team Trials)
  3. Lucas Davison beats NCAA 3rd place Jordan Wood 9-4 to secure a World Team Trials bid as well.
  4. Jesse wins 8-4 over the #6 seed to get into top 6 position and lock up a World Team Trials bid. Par for the course that a couple top 6 consi guys now scratched so he's into the 3-4 match in a rematch with DeShazer if it happens
  5. Mendez into the senior level consi quarters, guaranteeing top 8. If he wins one of his next 2 matches to earn at least 7th, he qualifies for the senior World Team Trials May 20.
  6. In younger results, Veazy takes 5th and Dickman 8th in U17 Greco. Makenzie Smith is in the conso semi's in the girls HS showcase (guaranteed at least 6th).
  7. Wyoming later in the day too. Make it 36: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2022/April/28/WHSAA-sanctions-girls-high-school-wrestling
  8. I don't know the percentage, but I can confidently say less than 25%. Only 6 per graduating class will ever win a title. With 14 high school weights, I'd suspect maybe 2 or 3 of those eventual 6 NCAA champs come from guys ranked #1 at the end of their senior year.
  9. While we're at it, did you know you have a 1 in 6 chance of being in the big pro roundball league if you're born in America and you're at least 7 ft tall? That's 1 in 6 for the population..not just roundball players
  10. B10 guys win 60% of the titles with less than 20% of the schools. Assuming all roster sizes are equal, B10 kids have a 3.2% chance (1 in 30) at a title sometime in their career and all the rest have about a 0.5% chance (1 in 200).
  11. There have been 6 first-time champs per year the last 10 years. That means 6 per graduating class will ever win a title--about 1% of D1. So 1% of high schoolers make D1 and 1% of D1 win a title (1 in 10,000 high school wrestlers).
  12. Micic competed last week in his first really meaningful competition at 65kg, going one and done and finishing 9th of 13 at the European championships. No Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, but everyone else had their best seemingly. Stevan falls 6-4 in the round of 16 to an Armenian, who immediately fell in the quarters to the guy who ended up 5th. Myles Amine won the title at 86kg
  13. Welcome to the world of 4A, where you need virtually your whole team at SS and 7-10 ticket rounders and state qualifiers to get an automatic bid. The Warriors are going to be the best they've been in many years, maybe ever, but it's cutthroat getting an auto bid or even scoring enough to be in the wildcard vote in 4A. Don't forget we choose the 8th team in December before Christmas after you've proven yourself for a few weeks. Anyone can prove then that they belong and get chosen.
  14. 4A has only 33-35 schools, 3A has roughly 60 and 1A/2A roughly 90 schools each. We proportion it so there are exactly 2/3 the number of schools in 3A overall as there are in each of 1A & 2A. Therefore, there are two thirds the number of Team State teams in 3A as in 1A and 2A. Then 4A is its own animal, with most of the Top 10 overall best teams in the state found there--so we still send 8 despite the number of qualifiers being nearly 25% of the total number of 4A schools.
  15. I'm not galagore, but I'm guessing he's in part referring to the fact that 95% of 1A kids would have a one-weekend postseason. It's hard to get excited about a sport when no one on your team can get past sectional.
  16. What you're calling a massive regional is what he's calling super sectionals. Only 2 sectionals feed each regional currently: 16-20 teams. By either name, you're combining current sectional/regional weeks into one.
  17. And B Lee and L Davison, among others. It will still be a very intriguing year next year.
  18. Must be what he meant since the event info has Jack headed to Pitt
  19. Some background on the Western PA All-Stars our Indiana boys faced: Final results: And Seltzer and Mendez' results in the big USA vs PA matchup (Chletsos headed to Rutgers; Priest going to Pitt):
  20. Very cool that historically we've had 3 or more AAs in a single season every 9 to 10 years. But we've got a streak of 4 tournaments in a row with 3+ AAs right now. Next year with Parris, B Lee, Davison, etc seems promising to potentially keep it going.
  21. It's worth saying too..Red was wrestling at a very high level this weekend. He comes an eyelash from beating Rivera and would have been one of four left in a very wide open bottom half of the bracket. He very well could have ended his college career in the title match facing the same guy he faced finishing high school.
  22. Final 1A leaderboard is below. Rochester through West Central earn automatic bids. South Adams, Manchester, and Winamac will be considered for the vote-in wildcard. All unqualified teams will be in consideration for the final wildcard in December.
  23. Final 2A leaderboard is below. Western through Heritage Hills earn automatic bids. Maconaquah through Centerville will be considered for the vote-in wildcard. All unqualified teams will be in consideration for the final wildcard in December.
  24. Final 3A leaderboard is below. Roncalli through Floyd Central plus New Haven earn automatic bids. Terre Haute South and Columbus East will be considered for the vote-in wildcard. All other teams will be in consideration for the final wildcard in December.
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