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Everything posted by maligned

  1. The NCAA finals are a different beast. To have some good discussions going, it might be worth doing a discussion thread on the main board (one will inevitably start there anyway since most people don't check out this page) and then just maintain results on this thread. But whatever you want to do...you're the results guru.
  2. maligned

    Purdue Year 5 under Earsland

    He was 7-6 last year against THIS year's NCAA field and every guy he faced is seeded better nationally or has a better record this year except Stoll. He was just outside the 16 seeds last year and was most likely a #10-ish nationally type of guy this year. Him finishing anywhere between 3 and 8 in the Big 10 would have been a very reasonable picture of his hypothetical status in my opinion.
  3. Linked here are the procedures for qualification for next year's Team State event. The only rule change is the increase in the number of wrestlers required per team for classification consideration. It is now 7 instead of 3. Classification will be finalized after forfeit data are finalized this weekend. IHSWCA Team State Duals Qualification Procedures 2019.pdf
  4. maligned

    Brock Hudkins

    True. 93 career wins and 4 NCAA tournaments. Very solid career. I think sometimes his performances have felt maddening because he was a top 15 guy as a freshman and it was hard to pinpoint why he's struggled to get back to that. But you look up today and we're talking about a 4-time qualifier with several NCAA tourney wins and 10 B10 tourney wins. Much better than par for the course for IU's other weights in that period.
  5. maligned

    Campbell sending 6

    Oof...that's tough. It's true they got 6 through, but 3 are seeded in the 30s--meaning they're guys that probably got in because of the automatic bid the NCAA is required to give the very thin Southern Conference. Getting those two Top 15s and a Top 30 back in addition to the other returnees is nice--but it's still bottom 3 or 4 in the Big 10. It's basically Purdue, and maybe not quite as good. Purdue brings back 7 qualifiers that are all seeded 11-19 except for one 2-time qualifier seeded 30th. There is just such a giant difference between having 6 or 7 qualifiers seeded 10-30 than having 5 guys seeded top 15--which is what the top 6 or 8 Big 10 teams all have. Campbell's problem is the same as Purdue's right now. No matter how amazing your coaching, you have to be able to stockpile blue chip talent year over year to have any chance at top half of the Big 10.
  6. maligned

    NCAA Brackets are released

    My understanding is that once they've put together the somewhat subjective coaches' panel ratings post-conference tourneys, they just do straight one vs. one matchups of everyone using the criteria below. Whoever has more the most criteria point wins gets the top seed. Next most gets second, and so on. So you nailed it. No recency bias and machine-like objectivity once the coaches have given their opinions for the panel ranking.
  7. maligned

    All Indiana College Lineup

    Good catch! I was going off of an outdated version of the SWINfan master list of Indiana collegiate wrestlers that he's since updated. Bam would be a really nice possibility at 157 for this lineup. NAIA/D2/D3 All-Americans tend to wrestle at a D1 starter level based on open tournament results.
  8. maligned

    Campbell sending 6

    You might be overstating it about the Mongolian Batkhishig. He was 0-6 against NCAA qualifiers this year and the only close-ish losses were twice to the #31 seed from Ohio. However, I TOTALLY forgot about Jere Heino at 285, the Finnish national teamer who redshirted this year and was a blood-rounder last year. That means 6 NCAA qualifiers with a blood rounder, a top 10 seed, and another 2-time qualifier sitting out the year. They seem to be in pretty good shape.
  9. maligned

    NCAA Brackets are released

    In my view, he could be. He's been rolling now that he's been back a number of weeks. He would definitely be my first choice for someone that could upset one of the "Big 3." White has to be pinching himself over the seeding/draw he got with all 3 of those guys on the other side. He gets Wood, who has zero good wins this year, a possibly overseeded Parris, and unproven Thomas and Stencel on his side while probably the two guys that should be 1-2 (Cassar/Steveson), 2 AAs (Dhesi/Hemida), and Hillger maul each other on the other side.
  10. maligned

    Campbell sending 6

    That's with two-time NCAA qualifier Quentin Perez redshirting this year too. He just obliterated the field at the national collegiate open, tech-ing a really tough Brad Laughlin of Army (22-11 unattached this year) as one of his three TFs along the way.
  11. maligned

    All Indiana College Lineup

    By the way...no seniors in your proposed lineup or the other options I mentioned. I'd peg that team as a top 10, possibly top 5, duals team next year and expect them to get at least four 2020 AA's with a chance of as many as seven.
  12. maligned

    NCAA Brackets are released

    The committee must have put a lot of stock in Parris's big wins (5-2 vs. Top 10). The early one over #9 Stencel (27-4) looks big now. He gives #6 Dhesi (10-1...many would have picked him over Cassar or White in the pre-season) his only loss of the year, and he just beat #10 Hemida, who I'm sure the committee regards as much more of an AA candidate than Jennings or Jensen, for a second time. And I'm guessing committee discussion probably considered the 3 losses to Jennings as partly a match-up thing when you look at all the wins. Seems they weren't sure what to do, and they ended up weighting the good more than the bad. #5 Parris is 7-7 overall against the field, but again 5-2 over the Top 10. Wins over 6,7,9,10,10,16,31. Losses to 2,9,12,12,12,16,17 #6 Dhesi loses the head-to-head to Parris and is only 2-1 vs. the field with no Top 10 wins this season. #7 Hillger went 6-6 vs. the field, including 1-5 vs. the Top 10 compared to Parris's 7-7 & 5-2, plus loses the head-to-head. #8 Thomas is 6-3 vs. the field but only 1-1 vs. the Top 10 and lost to a D2 guy. #9 Stencel is 8-3 vs. the field and split with Parris, but only 1-2 vs. the Top 10. #10 Hemida is 5-5 vs. the field, 1-4 vs. the Top 10, and 2 losses to Parris. Anyway...you get my point when you start comparing with these guys...which one do you push ahead of Parris if you're weighing the whole season's body of work?
  13. maligned

    All Indiana College Lineup

    At 149, I'd take a full-sized Brayton Lee over an overweight Red. He was 26-7 this year wrestling unattached for Minnesota and just beat two WrestleStat Top 30 guys (including the Cal Baptist guy who was the D2 national champ last year) while winning the National Collegiate Open. I'd leave McCormick up at 165 where he belongs over a sucked down Hughes. McCormick is rolling right now. Finding a 157 would be the challenge. You could be right that it would maybe have to be someone who sucked down (maybe Brad Laughlin with his 18-10 record backing up McCormick), but Kasper McIntosh had a winning record wrestling unattached for Minnesota and Mason Gaines and Brett Johnson were NAIA national qualifiers. At 184, our best option might be Thomas Penola, who looked tough in open tournaments for Purdue this year (16-7).
  14. maligned

    Brock Hudkins

    Went 125 freshman and sophomore years before his redshirt this year. Bio from his first two years at Northern Illinois: 2017-18: Qualified for the NCAA Wrestling Championships (Mar. 15), going 1-2 … Defeated Ibrahim Bunduka of George Mason via a first-round pin fall, 2:21, in the NCAA Championships … Wrestled to a second place finish at the MAC Championships (Mar. 3-4) earning a spot in the NCAA Wrestling Championships at 125-pounds …. Posted a 17-12 record including a 6-3 mark in the MAC … Won second place at the Harold Nichols Cyclone Open (Nov. 4) and the Eastern Michigan Open (Nov. 11) … Went 4-1 on his way to a third-place finish at the Lindenwood Open (Nov. 18) … Got his hand raised once at the Midlands Championships (Dec. 29) by defeating Joshua Kramer of Arizona State, 5-3 … Recognized as NIU Scholar Athlete of the Week twice (Jan 8-14) and (Feb. 26-Mar. 4) … Was named to the NWCA All-Academic Team for the second consecutive season … Earned MAC All-Academic Team accolades … Suited up for eight duals … Improved his career mark to 38-23 as a Huskie. 2016-17: Finished his freshman year at 125-pounds with a winning record (21-11)…Placed fifth at the Michigan State Open (11/20) …Shutout No. 30 Cory Simpson from Kent State in a 5-0 upset…Was ranked nationally in the final week of the regular season…Captured third place at the MAC Championships (3/5) after a 3-1 run…Qualified for NCAA Championships (3/17) and upset No. 11 Josh Terao from American in a 5-2 decision…Notched three wins at the National level to advance to the Round of 12…Was named to the NWCA All-Academic Team.
  15. maligned

    Big Ten Tournament Thread

    Covaciu of IU and Limmex of Purdue get at-large bids. Danishek of IU left out. Zeke Moisey, Malik Amine, Chase Singletary, and Sam Stoll are notable names among 9 other B10 at-large selections.
  16. Zeke Moisey, Malik Amine, Chase Singletary, and Sam Stoll are notable names among 9 other B10 at-large selections.
  17. Updated below with conference tournament results, bids earned, and at-large bid possibilities. RPI/Coaches' Panel rankings included 125 Drew Hildebrandt, CMU 7/19 (finished 2nd in MAC for auto bid) Devin Schroder, Purdue 19/18 (finished 8th at B10 for auto bid) Elijah Oliver, IU 23/28 (finished 4th at B10 for auto bid) Jose Diaz, Franklin & Marshall, was 0-2 at EIWA. 133 Stevan Micic, Michigan -/1 (FF to 6th at B10 for auto bid) Ben Thornton, Purdue 10/20 (finished 7th at B10 for auto bid) Paul Konrath, IU goes 1-3 at B10. 141 Nick Lee, Penn St. 6/2 (finished 3rd at B10 for auto bid) Chad Red, Nebraska 19/23 (finished 2nd at B10 for auto bid) Nate Limmex, Purdue 20/27; finished 10th at B10. Receives at-large bid. Nathan Boston, Campbell finished 3rd at SoCon. Blake Mulkey, Gardner-Webb, finished 4th at SoCon. Kyle Luigs, IU goes 2-3 at B10. 149 Parker Filius, Purdue, and Fernie Silva, IU, both go 0-2 at B10. 157 Griffin Parriott, Purdue 19/13 (finished 9th at B10 for auto bid) Jake Tucker, Michigan St. 28/-; FF out of all B10 matches. Jake Danishek, IU -/22; goes 1-3 at B10. 165 Bryce Martin, IU 26/21 (finished 7th at B10 for auto bid) Cael McCormick, Army 25/27 (finished 2nd at EIWA for auto bid) Cole Wysocki, Purdue, goes 2-3 at B10. 174 Dylan Lydy, Purdue 9/10 (finished 5th at B10 for auto bid) Ben Harvey, Army 18/18 (finished 5th at EIWA for auto bid) Jake Covaciu, IU 32/25; goes 2-3 at B10. Receives at-large bid. Drew Hughes, Michigan St. 33/28 (finishes 7th at B10 for auto bid) 184 Norman Conley, IU 31/-; goes 2-3 at B10. Max Lyon, Purdue 30/29 (finished 7th at B10 for auto bid) 197 Christian Brunner, Purdue 5/12 (finished 5th at B10 for auto bid) Jake Kleimola, IU, B10; finished 8th at B10. 285 Gable Steveson, Minnesota 2/1 (finished 2nd at B10 for auto bid) Mason Parris, Michigan 5/5 (finished 7th at B10 for auto bid) Jacob Aven, Purdue 26/-; finished 8th at B10. Connor Tolley, UT-Chattanooga, finished 4th at SoCon. Fletcher Miller, IU, goes 0-2 at B10.
  18. Jake Covaciu is in! Limmex of Purdue also gets a bid. Danishek of IU misses out.
  19. maligned

    Big Ten - Flo article - Chad Red

    Really cool article.
  20. At 285, it's obscenely close between the three when you dig deeper. All 1-1 in head-to-head, 12-12-11 in quality wins, 1-2-3 in coaches' rank, 1-1-2 in conference placement, all 100% against common opponents, 27-1/26-1/25-1 against D1 competition, and 1-2-3 in RPI. My best guess from published data pre-conference tournaments is we'll end up with Cassar-Steveson-White in coaches' rank and White-Cassar-Steveson in RPI. If so, here are the criteria point results: Cassar over Steveson, 75-25 Steveson over White, 75-25 White over Cassar, 55-45 I guess you then total up those head-to-head "criteria points" since they all three are 1-1 again?? Don't know how they'll do it for sure. But if all my assumptions from above hold and they just total criteria points from those three matchups, you'd end up with 1. Cassar, 2. Steveson, 3. White.
  21. Below is the criteria. My understanding is they literally take it item by item for each guy vs. each guy as a pseudo matchup. Whoever has the most "wins" gets the top seed, then second seed, and so on. The missing pieces for us are the updated RPI and Coaches' rankings, which I'm guessing will come out today. In the case of 285, I'd guess they'll go Cassar-Steveson-White in the coaches' ratings, which will probably be enough to push Cassar into the top seed. I haven't looked closely enough at all the schedules of the 125s to know how that would shake out. (A quality win, by the way, means anyone that won an automatic bid when they're trying to determine at-large spots and then anyone that is in the field of 33 when they're determining seeds. Lastly...they ARE seeding all 33 this year. I read it in the selection process manual.)
  22. 3pm today for at-large bids. Top 2 seeds for all weights will slowly be revealed from 4-6pm on Twitter tomorrow before the brackets are revealed at 6pm. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/2019-03-11/ncaa-wrestling-championship-qualifiers-be-announced-3-pm-tuesday-march-12 Also, do I read it correctly that ALL 33 will be seeded?? That would be new of course.
  23. According to this, at-large selections will be announced tomorrow and brackets on Wednesday. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/2019-03-01/ncaa-division-i-wrestling-qualifier-allocations-2019-championships
  24. Check out the college board discussion about Indiana's own NCAA Division III national champ: And a full rundown of conference tournament and NCAA qualification results for every NCAA Division I starter with Indiana ties (10 ex-Indiana high school/middle schoolers and 7 more IU/Purdue guys have already qualified!):
  25. maligned

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    Y2, could you alert Coach Seltzer that Slivka hacked his account?

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