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Everything posted by maligned

  1. maligned

    World Team Trials

    Also...if procedures from this year carry over to next year, being our World Junior rep automatically qualifies them for the Olympic Trials.
  2. maligned

    World Team Trials

    Davison rolls in 2 matches. Lee rolls in the second match. Parris loses match one but comes back big in matches 2 and 3. All 3 guys will be repping the United States of America at the World Junior Championships in Estonia in August.
  3. maligned

    World Team Trials

    Against Hillger of Wisconsin, who took 8th at NCAAs. Parris beat him in their only meeting in the regular season.
  4. maligned

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Saw that too 😕
  5. maligned

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Miracle breezes into the final.
  6. maligned

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Closest thing might be multiple-time NCAA qualifier, IU grad Lucas Sheridan. He's in the senior greco 97kg final vs. a very tough Hancock.
  7. maligned

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Kayla Miracle has the top seed at 62kg. If she wins, it would give her a bye into the World Team Trials best-of-3 final at WTT's. If she won that, she would then move on to face Mallory Velte, who awaits the WTT tournament winner in the Final X best-of-3 to see who gets the World Team slot. Summary of her path: Option A: 1) Win the US Open, 2) Win the WTT best-of-3 final, 3) Win the Final X best-of-3 against Velte. Option B: 1) Lose at the US Open, 2) Win the WTT challenge tournament AND best-of-3 final, 3) Win the Final X against Velte. Sarah Hildebrandt has a much easier path since she medaled at worlds. She is in the Final X already at 53kg.
  8. Linked here are the procedures for qualification for next year's Team State event. The only rule change is the increase in the number of wrestlers required per team for classification consideration. It is now 7 instead of 3. Classification will be finalized after forfeit data are finalized this weekend. IHSWCA Team State Duals Qualification Procedures 2019.pdf
  9. maligned

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    Because it's finished now, u have to go down to "results". It's there in the first few items of April.
  10. maligned

    Chad Red

    In my opinion 141 was a little stronger, but the "125s moved up and did well" argument is not the reason. HUGE difference between an in-season 125 bumping up and a previous season 125 taking advantage of all his off-season weight training and different in-season diet to be an IN-SEASON 133. Completely different body composition. Ask Micic if Suriano felt like a 133 or a bumped up 125.
  11. maligned

    NCAA Wrestling TV ratings

    Fyi, that article is from 5 years ago.
  12. maligned

    Purdue Year 5 under Ersland

    Just for clarification, it was 7--and 8 if you count Aven. Tied for 9th in qualifiers if you count all 8. Tied for 14th if not. Same system of qualification for everyone in the country. The allotment system works well. The performance of guys across all conferences reflects the fairness of the quota system used. There's a definite criticism to be had for the lack of high-end talent at Purdue; but they have a good dual meet team and they legitimately had a top 15 total of qualifiers, no matter how you look at it. All 8 guys won matches and they were 16th in individual match wins among all teams at NCAAs.
  13. maligned

    Purdue Year 5 under Ersland

    He is...Oklahoma State University. You probably read it and thought of the one in Ohio. There's a third OSU too, by the way: Oregon State University.
  14. maligned

    Purdue Year 5 under Ersland

    Thanks for chiming in. I realize looking back at my post that it was confusing. Someone said it didn't seem reasonable to suggest you would have been 4th at Big 10's this year if you'd wrestled. I was trying to suggest it WAS reasonable considering you had so many good wins last year and all those guys you beat made big strides forward. I had you at 7-6 against this year's field though, which was wrong. However, I think you might be off too. I think you were 7-5 unless all those in-house wars with Aven count..ha. Either way, it's clear you would have been an All-American candidate and will be next year for the Cowboys. We'll be pulling for you. 2-2 vs. Stencel, 1-0 vs. Gilliland-Daniel, 1-0 vs. Parker, 1-0 vs. Gunning, 1-0 vs. Jensen, 0-2 vs. Jennings, 1-0 vs. Miller, 0-1 vs. Stoll
  15. But somehow Zahid always look like he has 10 pounds on Hall. That short, explosive trunk with long limbs, a la Jordan Burroughs, is about the most ideal physique you could ask for in wrestling.
  16. To add to SWINfan's preview of local guys' paths: @125 Hildebrandt: Drew starts with 19-seed, unranked Alex Mackall of Iowa St., whom he has never wrestled. Should he win, he would have 12-seed McGee of ODU or 22-seed Verner of Wyoming. McGee is ranked just ahead of Drew and is 4-0 in their head-to-heads the last two seasons, including 5-2 at the MAC. If he won those two matches, Hildebrandt would have the loser of the ultra-tough Glory or Piccinini. Tough road, it seems, but Drew has looked better and better the past couple months and had a legit shot to win that match against Bresser yesterday. @165 McCormick: Cael first has #26 Gunther of Illinois followed by either 16-seed, #17 Bullard of NC State or 18-seed Wolf of Lehigh. Cael is 2-1 in three crazy matches against Wolf the last two years, where the average score was 10-9, so fasten your seatbelt if we're lucky enough for that one to happen. He hasn't faced Gunther or Bullard. If he wins 2, the blood round would most likely be against 11th-seeded, #10 Steiert of UNI, who upset Logan Massa last night and could crack the door open for an interesting day for McCormick. @285 Aven: Honestly, Jacob's playing with house money this whole weekend and any more victories he adds are icing on the cake. Interestingly, he does own a tiebreaker win this season over his first opponent, 20-seed Elam of Missouri. If he can beat him again, he'd have 27-seed Miller of App State or, more likely, 12-seed Jennings of Northwestern. Jennings pinned him this year and beat him once 3 years ago as well. If he would pick up both of those upsets, he'd see the loser of the Hillger/Cassar quarterfinal in the blood round. Cassar majored Aven twice this year, but he somehow never faced Wisconsin's Hillger.
  17. maligned

    NCAA DI Championship Starts Thursday!

    Day 2 thread is live: https://indianamat.com/index.php?/forums/topic/56995-ncaa-championships-day-2-friday/
  18. Reflecting again on Parris's loss: man, it sure would be nice if they could fix seeding in situations of switching weight classes or injury-shortened seasons. It seems all you'd have to do is build in 10% for "previous season NCAA placement" that counts in those head-to-head seeding matchups they do. If both wrestlers were at NCAAs or in their conference tournament the year before, that criteria comes into play and whoever advanced furthest or placed highest at NCAAs gets that 10% like all the other categories. Stoll would have gotten that 10% against many people in his weight and been seeded more appropriately. In the case of Smith at 165...I mean, why do you have to have a certain number of matches if you're down a weight? Up a weight I get. But if you're down a weight, you should just have your win%, quality victories, etc., stack right up against everyone else. You're at a disadvantage, so just count those in the seeding matchups instead of giving 0 credit and putting Smith vs. Marinelli in the round of 32. Really silly stuff.
  19. There aren't many ways to know for sure how our state stacks up against others in terms of the quality of wrestlers we're producing. You can count the number of kids we have ranked in national rankings, but that is subjective and our high school travel rules limit our exposure. Some people like to count NCAA D1 All-Americans, but there are so many socio-economic and just practical barriers and advantages in play, that it feels like a limited assessment tool. A broader post-High School evaluation might be this: How many "high quality" college wrestlers is our state producing? It's tough to take into account all redshirts, injuries, flunkies, etc., to create an evaluation like this. However, for the sake of simplicity, we could simply do a count of current-season Division I starters and D2, D3, and NAIA All-Americans (because AA's at those levels tend to perform at a D1 starter level). The cool part? That's exactly 1000 wrestlers in the country (76 D1 programs x 10 starters and 8 small-school AA's x 3 levels x 10 weights). It doesn't take a math degree to know that the average state would earn 20 of those slots in a given year. Indiana has 29 this year: 19 D1 starters and 10 small-school AA's I haven't done the research necessary to know how that stacks up exactly against others, but I know from past research I've done, that more than half of those 1000 "high-quality" college wrestlers would be taken up by only a few states. I'm guessing that 29 number for Indiana would put us in the 10-15 range when compared against other states--a similar spot to where other attempts for assessing our quality have landed. What's your feeling on the current quality of Indiana wrestling?
  20. He somehow had a little more to offer on his feet at 165 in my opinion. He doesn't seem to have the horsepower and explosiveness to bang on his feet at 174.
  21. Just waiting on Aven and Parris to wrap up the day
  22. Lyon of Purdue advances
  23. Lydy with the SV takedown for the 3-1 win.
  24. Hughes falls 2-1 and is eliminated.
  25. Bryce Martin of IU is eliminated

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